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Transhealth'ers...need some info on pay rate and how they are to work for....TIA

Posted By: Sara on 2006-07-06
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How is Wedmedx to work for and pay rate?? Thanks for info

Just curious..

Any TransTech'ers have new info on new line-count
Need current info on ETransPlus i.e. work load, line rate (ballpark), cost of benefits, SM
and overall treatment of their MTs.  I found archived opinions but all old.  Is anyone there now that can comment?  Thanks!!
Don't you TT'ers have any work to do?
Geez, stay off the boards and go to work.
old DDI'ers,anyone work for Proscript?
Just curious.  Are there any old ddi people who have recently gone to work for Proscript (out of Sarasota, FL).  If so, how is it?  Do you enjoy it the way we enjoyed ddi?   Thanks
PT'ers work part time because they are....sm

working on other private accounts....sheesh.......I spend half a week working for private mds and the other half working for MQ......what do you want from us PT'ers??????

Are you calling all PT'ers malingerers?  How unfair is that?  I work my arse off 24/7/365 and since I'm a young teen......so that's about 40 years!  The only YEAR I took off was to have a baby 25 years ago.

AGAIN, POSTERS, consider the source of the perps posting!!!

How rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Does anyone have any info on TransHealth?
I have just received an offer from TransHealth.  I would like to hear from anyone who is currently working for them or has in the recent past.  Is there plenty of work?  Are there any concerns?  Are their any problems about which I should be informed before I make my decision?
Medware or TransHealth info

Any info on these companies, specifically the cost of benefits for a family in Michigan and what your average line counts are?  Thanks!

Any info on Transhealth or TC-Transcription? nm
Any info/opinions on TransHealth?

Looking for TransHealth info, good, bad, honest opinions.nm
Anyone currently working Webmedx/Transhealth radiology would care to share info on them - sm
Are all of the dictators ESL as in the test on the website?  If you sign on as a radiology MT are you still allowed a 12-hour window.  Has workload been fairly consistent? Any info would be greatly appreciated.  I took the test and would like some info before I am contacted.  TIA. 
Any info on pay rate with Chronicle? nm
I currently work for TransHealth. sm
Pay is accurate and always on time.  Benefits are very good (for full-timers).  Most of their accounts are acute care I believe, so you need to be adept at the basic 4, and able to transcribe ESLs (but that's the case anywhere nowadays).  I've always found the office staff and QA to be friendly and helpful.  I'm happy, but I realize that not every company is a perfect fit for every MT.  Good luck in whatever you decide. 
Do you work for TransHealth. You like?

Does anybody know what Transolutions hourly pay rate is and any info.. sm
I see that Transolutions is hiring and they are paying an hourly rate.  Am currently looking for a new job and was curious as to the rate, also any info. on the company.  I did an archives search but all posts are a year or so old.  Thanks you.
Does TransHealth require you to work one day sm

of every weekend (such as Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs) or do they have M-F with rotating weekends?  TIA 

Any info about Medscribe, line rate, etc.? smsg
I checked archives but only found very old posts.  Any new updates?  Thanks.
Plenty of work at TransHealth. As far as communication goes...sm
QA email is staffed round the clock and they are usually pretty quick to answer emails.   There is always someone to answer the phone at the help desk etc.  I've not run into any lack of communication.
What's the work flow situation at TransHealth these
How is the work load at Transhealth? I'm thinking of
Anybody work for TransHealth as an employee and how do you like it? Is the insurance affordable?
TransHealth does not send work offshore. Hires only US MTs. nm
High turnover rate with good reason; email for info.
I also work for Transhealth and love it. Most ex-employees do gripe if they were fired for some rea
You cant always believe what you hear. If they are disgruntled, they will say anything about a place to try to get back.

Some people just hold grudges.
What spell-checks work with Transhealth, Precyse and Medquist? nm
Transhealth editors? Anyone with information on pay, work schedule, benefits, platform
I would appreciate any information before taking their test without knowing the scoop.  Thanks!
Hey all you TT'ers out there..

Hey have had my first talk with TT.  Checking out hardware issues.  May be coming on with ya'll.  How's it goin'



For FT'ers, that's another way of saying they pay OT (as they should).
help any MDI'ers...
did you do the dnr changes?  Did they work for you? did you proceed past the certificate warnings?
MDI-FL'ers, can you do 250 LPH, even with heavy
DSG'ers...are you happy?
Thinking about coming to work with DSG and I would just like to pick up on the feel of the company before making a definite decision.  Everything sounds good.  Is it easy to get lines on DocQscribe?  Can you see your line count at all times?  Are you treated fairly and honestly?  Work load okay?  Any info appreciated.  TiA
The MQ'ers just don't like to admit that (sm)
they are working for a company who abuses them, and they stay there and put up with it, kind of like an abused wife.  I for one believe you, cause my company is also hiring a lot of MQ'ers.  There really ARE companies who values good MT's.  It's really sad they can't believe this, but I guess it makes them feel better for putting up with the abuse.  Who knows.  Congrats on your new job.  BTW, I have never worked for MQ - came close, but didn't.    Thank the Lord.
Hey former MQ'ers. Question for ya.
How much do you miss DQS?  How does your new platform compare?  I guess I'm looking for reassurance that after 12 years, I too can learn new tricks.... ty!
TT'ers, how can I put -yo right after a number
Former D&L'ers **Please read**

While the message board here at MTStars is a great portal to spread the word, at the same time, this is a public forum that allows anyone access. 

We've decided to move our discussions to a PRIVATE forum solely for former D&L employees and ICs involved currently in the nonpayment situation.

This is a private group created for us.  It is a moderated group, and you will be asked to prove your identity before you are permitted access.

D&L'ers please join here:  http://groups.msn.com/FormerDL

Calling all MDI-MD'ers...

I have just been contacted by MDI-MD for interview.  I could sure use your imput esp if you are an old MQ'er.  If you would like to respond, could you please E-mail me?


Thanks so much!

Hey MDI-MD'ers, newbie has a...



I am getting used to some ESL guys and have to go back to listen to blanks that I have left.  Could you E-mail me with any tricks of the trade where I can book mark or note where, timewise, I am in the report at that time so I can go back more easily and find my blank area?



Thanks for letting TT'ers know...
I have almost 40 years of experience and was quoted 4.5 cpl on editing, AND I have been with TT for a few years already.  Now I know I have a bargaining edge since you are being paid 6.5 cpl.  How in the world did you manage that?  I would definitely try editing for that, with the incentives and all.  So glad you posted this.  I really do not want to leave the company. 
I do not work for that rate of pay either
I have posted time and time again about people being scared about losing their job due to VR. They were told so fast, so good and on and on. I have told them no worry at all. The same platform, the same account for 5 years now, and still major mistakes made. I understand because I do this each day I work. For instance a dictator said food yesterday and foot was put in, well a person has to be an eagle eye to catch. I am graded at my job every 3 months and always maintain 98 or above, 99 this month in fact. I can make over $20 a day, usually do but I have to stick right at it and no time for this and that extra. I do not make a low salary such as 10, most on VR do not I would think. It is not for everyone. If you cannot do it, then maybe will have to find some work that you can do but I think this much even if you find another job not using it, VR seems to be the thing going and it might mean a lot of moving year after year trying to find a fit or else another profession.
How are the DRC'ers doing? Any changes for you guys? Things okay? nm
So what do all you QT'ers think: Will they/have they sold the company to them? nm
I was told they are not currently hiring PT'ers
JLG'ers wanna take a bet on which day checks
and the 10th is on a Friday ?? Maybe on the 15th???  Still no word on DD??
MDI'ers we need to join forces
I am brand new to MTStars and can't seem to figure things out. I am floating the idea of maybe we join forces, perhaps try to form a Co-op, and maybe if we combine we could start our own company. Maybe a pipedream, but I believe it can be done. We all have resources, we all have brains, and we have been told we are the best in the business. Please help me spread the word, please contact me privately, and let's figure out a way that we can get off of MTstars, start communicating privately so that we can actually be productive. We do have options but time to do away with the anger and starting thinking out of the box. Will you guys please help me?
A welcome to MDI'ers from the Transcend trenches

This is addressed to all the MDI-MD MTs who are still spinning from the news last week of the merger with Transcend.  I am nobody special, but just someone who tries to find the positives in any situation.  WELCOME ABOARD to what will hopefully be a great next stop in your career. 

            I know many of you loved MDI and are leaving for greener pastures rather than seeing what Transcend has to offer.  But things were obviously not all red roses and rich, dark chocolate or the Transcend/MDI-MD merger would never have come about.  Nobody just woke up one day and decided it looked like great weather for upending hundreds of lives with a corporate merger. 

            I don't think there are many people out there in our profession or in any other profession who like change.  Change is uncertain.  It eliminates any sense of knowing what is coming next.  I do not handle change well.  It is for that reason that I began immediately scouring the job boards when I learned that my company was merging with Transcend earlier this year.  Transcend is a big company.  We were their second merger of 2009.  I believed BIG equals cold and impersonal, all about the profit margin.  They send work offshore.  I had only been on board with my company for 4 months, and my benefits had just started.  (Why is it you seem to need your insurance the most when you DON'T have it?)  I was scared because I had left a large MTSO and did not want to work for another one.

            We were invited to a conference call hosted by my company president and the president of Transcend, Larry Gerdes.  I was not prepared for the warmth nor the sense that what we wanted and needed from our new employer was important to Transcend.  During the call, Larry gave nearly 200 people his cell phone number.  When the conference call was over, I called Larry's cell phone.  He answered on the second ring.  He had no idea who I was, but he answered immediately.  He was as warm and genuine one-on-one as he was in the group call. 

            Starting all over with benefits paperwork was challenging.  We do what we have to do for our families, however.  The Transcend HR team was prompt with calls and e-mails, explaining the process and making it more than bearable.  The benefits include dental, medical, vision, and flexible spending.

            The technical support crew was quick and responsive with software installations and continues to be very helpful.  I believe the technical support offered at Transcend is the very best I have ever experienced in my career.  They are professional and know what they are doing and they get the job done, even at 3 in the morning.

            There is a lot of training available for everything from logging the time you work to using text expanders.  We are called medical language specialists, not medical transcriptionists.  It took a little while to get used to MLS instead of MT but it really is an accurate description of this very specialized work we do.  The training is available ongoing, not just once with a followup call and then you're on your own.  For those who do not want to venture into new territory with a different platform and facility, staying with a familiar client and platform has not ever been discouraged.  Some of my coworkers and I were transferred onto BeyondTXT because our primary account had gone with another MTSO.  Those who have not thrived and are not happy are transferred back to prior accounts and platforms.  No one is forced to work on a platform or an account.  When work is low, we are encouraged to learn new accounts, secondary, tertiary, even quaternary for those who are brave enough to take on that challenge.

            The subject of offshoring was my biggest objection to this merger.  What I have learned is that offshoring is used only to cover the third shift and weekend hours where domestic coverage cannot be adequately obtained to keep accounts in turnaround.  Our profession necessitates 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year.  It is a challenge to find adequate coverage for the overnight shifts and weekends.  I worked second shift including Friday and Saturday nights for many years and I was thrilled to finally get a first shift.  I am working a weekend shift again, now, and while it isnít my preference, it beats not having a job at all.  Recruiters report nearly every candidate wants first shift, Monday through Friday.  Hospitals unfortunately do not work only those hours.  Transcend has contracts which require them to write checks back to customers for failing to meet TAT.  Substandard quality is not acceptable from domestic MTs and it is not acceptable from offshore MTs so all reports done offshore go through an arduous QA process.  I like knowing that my employer is not having to pay back its clients because the work wasn't completed and returned in a timely manner. 

            It's not a perfect world we live in but it's up to each of us to play the cards we're dealt.  If you have decided to hang in there and give Transcend a chance, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  I did, and I'm really glad I did.

Is ER work clinic rate?
I was hired to do clinic wotk but over half my work is ER with ESL doctors and interns.  Shouldn't this be paid at a higher rate, or am I dreaming.
Reduction in rate for ASR work. (sm)
I know Medquist does 20% reduction for ASR and I have heard some do 50%.  I can't imagine doing this for 50% less on my line rate.  There must be something more to this.  Info? 
better rate if work fast

You also need to take into consideration the correctness of your work with that speed!

XQ'ers - that does explain the gross paranoia.
MedQ'ers, can you answer a few questions for me?

I've reviewed the MQ board but I don't work there and I can't post on the MQ board, so I'm posting questions here.

1.  Is there any grace period about clocking in on your proposed schedule?

2.  What happens if there is no work when you're scheduled; can you make it up without hassle?

3.  Can an experienced MT consistently average 200 lines on MT?  What about ASR?

Thanks for your help.  E-mail me privately if you're more comfortable.