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If IC, co cant expect you to do ANYTHING for no

Posted By: pay. nm on 2008-02-12
In Reply to: Just wondering, did you ever get paid for YOUR - time on phone? U know management getting paid.


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I expect I and a lot of others will be also saying bye bye.
they can expect all they want,
but you do not have to comply. When they send out their pleading "we need all the team helping on this" move past it. You cannot be productive or happy working 7 days a week for too long. White collar sweatshop is only there if we allow it.
I just have to say this: What do you expect?
A company comes underfire in a public forum by what may well be just 1 employee who didn't make it. There could be many reasons why.

Now, the company cannot name employees but the employee can name employers?

So, why wouldn't you expect an owner to come out swinging? This original post to the thread has nothing wrong in it. I saw the posts that were removed and they should have been.

But you know what? They were not any worse, different, or shocking than the trash that is posted here daily.

While some know how to post appropriately - complain in an appropriate manner still showing some integrity - most do not.

I don't blame her for at least addressing the issue. If MT's don't like employers coming on here defending themselves, perhaps they should consider the ridiculous trash they themselves are handing out.

This is a 2-way street, people.

Don't expect that to last
Expect nothing and you will never be let down (sm)
Some of us got absolutely nothing from our company but personally, I'm just thankful to have a job in this messed up world we live in.
You cannot expect (sm)
to receive more than 7 cpl if you only graduated from an MT school 1 year ago.  You are still considered a newbie.  Actually, some would say you are lucky to have found a job at all, especially a job that pays 7 CPL.  My advice:  Stick with your current job for 2 or 3 years; try to work on as many different accounts possible, learn as many different report types possible; then, after 2 or 3 years, search for a company who will pay you a higher rate.  I know it is hard to make it on what you are being paid, but we have all been there; it comes with the territory.
Expect nothing, get nothing.
Oh come on!! How do you expect her to
stay in business if she isn't making something beyond what she pays the sorry likes of you??
Oh come on!! How do you expect her to
stay in business if she isn't making something beyond what she pays the sorry likes of you?? I think we'll all heard enough from you today and probably for a long time to come.
But why do it if you don't have to? And why expect
others to do it just because you have to? This whole conversation is silly.
I don't expect others to do it because I sm
may or may not do it. I expect others to not knock me or the ones who are willing to change their hours around and do what it takes to get work when there is none. If you have no work and you have no money but won't work when the work is not there because the shift is not to your liking, then why feel sorry for you?

I am glad you have what you want. some of us like it this way or are working this way because the work isn't always there when WE WANT IT.
No, and I don't expect to sm
I just could not hack it anymore. Low work, no work, big push for ASR...I left.

I am starting with another company next Wednesday. I will have the schedule I have dreamed of having. They don't know it yet, but they will have to find me at least one more account to work on because I tend to slurp up a lot jobs. I know they will keep me happy.

I took an interim IC position that is actually pretty good. I kept my very long term PT job all the way through my time with TT and am working it more while I have a bit of a hiatus between jobs.

TT people are very nice, but nice didn't pay the bills. I was suffering physically and emotionally trying to work more hours to make the same amount of money. I have taken a raise over my previous pay, will have benefits and a nice incentive program with my new company. I feel your pain, I have been there!
I'm with you fat cat. I don't expect sm
anything either from anybody. If it comes great, if it doesn't then I probably forgot there was an MT week anyway and don't CARE!

Good grief, there is a week for everything under the planet it seems. Is everyone required to send a gift out for every week that somebody makes up?

I don't know who even started MT week to begin wtih, probably AAMT. Whoever did had to have somekind of a money gimmick. You kind of like Hallmark has a holiday for everything so they can sell cards? AAMT probably did this so they could sell their junk for MT week. Folks need to grow up.
Well, I expect
that since I posted in one of my posts that any member of management who read the post would know exactly who I was, it proved to be true.  Too bad they don't have anything to do other than puruse these boards.  Otherwise, I expect it wouldn't be hard to find out identifying information for anyone.  The more I think about it the more furious I become.
So you don't expect anything during MT week either?
Since you're doing your job as is expected of you. 
As an MTSO, maybe you can tell us what you expect?

If we as MTs do not give a company 2 weeks notice, then we are accused of being unprofessional and get slammed.  I did not take it personally, I did find it offensive professionally.  If I had been trusted to work with confidential information for years, what makes a company think all of the sudden I was not to be trusted.  If I wanted to be unprofessional, I would have just left and not given notice at all.  Seems we're damned if we do and damned if we don't.  What is it that you would expect from an MT quitting their job? 

No, but they had 342 hits on their ad, so I'd expect
they took the weekend off and won't contact anyone until later this week.
Both. If you do school, expect to do OJT anyway. nm
When to expect first paycheck?
For those you have undergoine training at Medware, I am just wondering when should I expect my first paycheck?  I have been in training with Medware for almost 4 weeks now. Thanks
what do you expect. We keep saying on these boards
that things are going down the tubes, then some Pollyanna's get on and gush about how great their business is doing and you must have poor skills if you can't get paid more than 3 cpl, bla,bla,bla. Look at the big picture. MT is going to get worse, not better.
Well, *I* don't expect to get every job I apply for...

but I certainly do expect the courtesy of a reply, especially when I've spent a good amount of my time actually testing for the position.  I didn't get the impression that Mting was necessarily *expecting* to get the job he/she was referring to either.

Please back away from the coffee pot and turn off the caps.  Thank you.


Expect to be frustrated
You'll try to communicate with them in English but they will not understand and just keep pushing other issues. They do not understand NO so be prepared to repeat yourself over and over when you are unable to work a certain day or time etc. Good luck with that one. People do not stay long there and your QA is done by people in India so do not bother taking any notes on the correct or incorrect way to transcribe as what you learn will never apply anywhere else you ever work. Best wishes..
And you expect us to believe you know anything about TT? First off, it is not owned by a man,
but rather it is owned by two people. Secondly, they have never, not once, cheated me. I know because I checked extensively every single day when I started and *still* check randomly because I have had such bad experienced elsewhere.

The people are nice, they treat me well, the workload is steady, the work is pretty good. Is it perfect? Of course not. It is, though, the best job I have had in 14 years of doing MT'ing at home.

You clearly have some sort of personal problem with Transtech. Go away and wallow in your own misery.
Yes they did. However, should expect it, since entire co is
What to expect at interview?

I know this is inane, but how do companies conduct interviews?  Will I be quizzed on terminology and such? Ive been doing transcription for 6+ years and am comfortable with my ability/knowledge but have terrible anxiety and freeze under pressure, or worse, turn into a babbling, stammering idiot.  (I should have taken more public speaking classes in school or Paxil maybe LOL!)  I have an interview today and would like to prepare myself if Ill be subject to a barrage of questions. Perhaps I should stop drinking coffee....

Blessed are they that expect nothing

One of my dad's fave sayings.

Thanks for answering this though, I'm new at Webmedx and am glad to know for sure so I won't be sitting at my mailbox with my tongue hanging out.  Now I can be one of the blessed, LOL. 

Don't expect a response from them
Most of those who are the chiefs think they are too good to answer the lowly peons and slaves who work for them. The only way you get a response is to include someone near the very top of the ladder on your e-mails and then they will answer.
they expect DD to resume Oct/Nov
They are rude, and they expect
your work to be perfect 100% days after you are hired. Bad on communication, hardly any feedback. very disorganized. Faye is the rude one, very rude and uncaring.
They do expect you to hold to your

scheduled hours unless the work is slow. Then you can flex, but you need to make up your time later. 

One weekend per month is required.

Don't expect someone to do the work for you
looking for a company isn't THAT hard. You do the research, have interviews, weigh pros and cons. Be self-reliant and stop whining *oh, no one wants to help me*. IMO
Expect it no time soon
First, it's just something BO wants to do; since it would still have to get through both houses of Congress, do not look for it to happen anytime soon.

Also, it doesn't so much prevent offshoring as it changes the way taxes are paid on it. If I understand it correctly, a US-based company can write down any taxable profits with what they invest in their offshore operations. BO's plan would stop that practice, thereby taxing their pre-offshore profit, and also eliminate some chicanery having to do with countries that have a lower tax base rate than ours.
They pay 70%, and I expect they will "adjust it"
I expect I could learn it but

I can't imagine much of anything being more boring and one's ears can only hear so fast.  I know too many MTs, all working for different companies, and ALL of them are looking to get out of MT.  It isn't a matter of making it work for them, it's a matter of  them making only 50-60% of what they made doing straight transcription. 

Leadfeather, they expect us to edit VR because they can

They (management of companies who ask us to do this) know that most people who do MT are not wealthy people, or even average income-wise and are desperate for any work/income they can get.  They use this information to their advantage and always will. You said it when you said "a few measly hundred dollars".  To many MT's that's a lot of money.

Unfortunate but true.

You can expect it, but that doesn't mean you'll get it.
I still haven't hit $20,000 a year from MT and I'm not a newbie.
Well, surely you don't expect Spheris to
learn from the lawsuits the Squid is tangled in, do you? If your MTs can't get an accurate line count, then an accurate line count cannot be billed. Any time a company acquires another company, there will be changes (I'm not saying good changes or bad changes, just count on changes).

I worked at an MTSO who seriously wanted Vianeta but passed on it because of the line inaccuracy issue as they did not want their stellar reputation in the community to suffer. (smart move).
MT is a job, not a hobby that you just do when and how much you want. How do you expect an MTSO
What can i expect for (newbie) QA pay per line? Tks. nm
Correction: Should NOT expect to be paid
How long before I can expect to hear --sm
from them? It hasn't been that long, but I'm anxious to talk with the recruiter.
Do you really expect them to stop trying to maximize
No, I totally expect them to maximize
profits AT THE EXPENSE of quality. That's what corporations do: make the most money they can FOR THEIR STOCKHOLDERS with little concern for those who produce the actual work product...

Thanks for the perspective. I guess I'm doing as well as I can expect to.


If you apply, don't expect any response sm

A couple of months back, I was leaving MQ and applied to several companies. I had heard great things about Axolotl and sent in my resume. I have been an MT for 8 years, I am productive, and I will research before leaving a blank. I never heard anything back at all until I e-mailed to see if they were hiring and how long they kept resumes on file. Their response was that they receive so many resumes that they cannot respond individually and that resumes are kept for 6 months. It is complete bull to say that they cannot respond individually to let you know they received your e-mail, just set up an automatic response with that e-mail address. Oh well, their loss. I have now been with another company almost 2 months, one that has had somewhat mixed reviews on this board, and I am extremely happy.

When someone says it is my PAY DATE, I expect that to mean the day I am paid. sm

And like the poster above, every other place I have worked, if the pay day falls on a weekend, I got the pay the day before.

Congrats to you for being so quick to defend.  I didn't attack the company.  I only said I wanted to have a pay day I could count on.  If you cannot understand that, then I'm sorry you have no compassion.

And yes, they have grown quickly, perhaps TOO quickly.  They make promises to the clients without having the manpower to back it up. Then they do a massive overhiring and then the work dries up.  It is a great cycle -- flooded with work, or begging for it.

I do not have to defend myself.  I stand by what I said. 

An IC should not expect to be paid on time!
Then, the MTSO should not be expected to get her labor provided either. My goodness! What nerve! Good luck to you in recovering your much-deserved pay!
Agree totally. No one should expect a
So you DO expect something - even a card. GREEDY !!
I don't understand why people expect
to be paid early, if it is early great, but don't worry until it is late.
Sounds like they expect you to backup as QA
Sounds to me like you might be expected to pinch hit for QA on the account as well as MT (but likely with no increase in pay for doing the QA).

I might be wrong, that's just the first impression I get reading it. Someone to do *double duty*.