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It is on the JobSeekers board in a little round button

Posted By: :) on 2007-06-05
In Reply to: where is the job bank? please? nm - maie

There are 3 and the one on teh far right is the Job Bank.

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There is no report button on Job Seeker Board.
Not JobSeekers, but the JobBank. One job listed.
This round is QA
The original story was that they were just getting rid of smaller accounts, which would supposedly explain getting rid of American MTs.  They told the QA people first that some shifts were being done away with then changed it to being based on production.  There was one Editor yesterday called to work OT and when she tried to call in she couldn't, so she called tech support and when she did, she found out she had been terminated!!
Still going round and round with this
Why? Does anybody read this board before they accept a position? This subject has gone round and round and round and many people quitting and then another round of people and the same thing over and over again. However, you cannot blame it all on one company. It just so happens these are the ones that happen to recruit heavily from this board that are mentioned here. Check the archives, go back a few pages and do your research before you make a decision. Granted there may be some sour grapes out there but if you see the same thing repeatedly beware!
ROUND 2 - This is getting fun now! SM
So, if we DID have a recruiting board and I was a recruiter (or an MTSO owner, IC that needed help part-time or short-term, had a temporary position, or say I even was a hospital HR person and I said hey guys, I have the need for somebody to type some Radiology for 30 minutes a day for a week or I have a full-time opening for 10c a line for cardiology, how many of you skeptics WOULDN'T respond?  I think otherwise. I think we could use it our advantage.  We don't have to believe evreything they say; we're not looking for facts on how many of their MTs like their job, etc., we're just looking for an environment that is two-way instead of them just posting an open job and all of us expecting that they can respond in a timely manner to the 500 of us who send our resume in at one time. 
I see the search button now
Thank you, but where is "Copy" button? (sm)
Then, where is Save button?

Thank you - I obviously need help! ha! Thanks!
SPI in another round of layoffs
Last week they announced they were dropping the smaller hospital accounts that used domestic MTs, today they emailed QA staff and had them call in on a conference call just to tell them they no longer had jobs.  So this nice big foreign company who came in and assured everyone how the company would be bigger and better only took 6 months to start weaning out all domestic staff. I wish the facilities knew this.
You can drag and drop, but under the more button you
have to check the box that says remember player position. HTH.
Tape cardboard over that on/off button :) sm
I had to do this when my grandkids were over ... too fun to push that little button on the front of the computer!
Go to the contact us e mail button and
Good luck!
Well that is just silly, unless you are getting round the clock pay.
And I highly doubt that. I was a recruiter, doesn't pay all that great.
They're hiring for the next round
of MTs.
Um, yes. Gather round and let me tell you a story...

I was hired by Focus in QA, paid hourly.  I sat around for three weeks and no one contacted me about loading software, training, etc.  I emailed the person who was supposed to do my training and was told I haven't forgot about you.  I promise we will get together tomorrow.  Tomorrow would come and she wouldn't call.  Meanwhile, I'm not getting paid.  Finally, I emailed the head of HR and cc'd one of the VPs in the U.S. office.  I was told my supervisor was very sweet, but she didn't know what she was talking about when she said I would start immediately.  My supervisor then told me that she would sign off on any hours I put in the timeclock system.  For three months, I timed in and sat at my PC and waited for training that never came.  At the end of the third month, I took matters into my own hands and called the IT department directly, bugged them with email after email, and they installed the software on my PC.  I then emailed the tech department a list of accounts I wanted access to and it was given to me.  I started training myself only to be called up and fired.

Fired from a job I never actually started!  It was the most infuriating experience I have ever had with an MTSO.  I have never seen so much disorganization, outright lying, and complete disregard for their employees than I have seen with Focus.  I am not just talking about myself here.  I am also talking about a number of employees that had been with them much longer than I who had been unceremoniously fired after being hired to build a U.S. based QA dream team.

I won't go into all the empty promises that were made.  That's another bedtime story for another night.

My advice, if you have another job, hang on to it.  If you don't, starting looking.

Hit the refresh button in your Internet browser and you should see it.
The direct link is below as well...
I googled it and hit I'm Feeling Lucky button and...


Larry Gibson's name is attached to article at website......

See button "Apply Now" at the bottom of post.
thought--grrr--we need an edit button :-! nm
You deserve a round of applause for your post!! sm
I have been at this for almost 20 years. I work a mid size company and it is a company that is bashed quite regularly on here. However, it works for me and I love it!

I have the opportunity to work with MTs with all types of experience. I have some older MTs that I wonder what have they been doing on all these years! and I have new MTs that try their hardest, but even some of them that are trying so hard are just never going to make it.

I agree with all the whining on this board. I don't mind it (as I don't bother to read the actual post most of the time), but I hope when people read these posts that they take what is said as a grain of salt. Form your own opinion of companies, etc.

Also when you say when you are going to work, then actually DO work those hours.

Hats off to the original poster!
Use the Google box on this page & the mtstars.com button to search.
With Webmedx you can hit history button and it shows who has been in that report. (sm)
Of course, there is always the possibility they pulled it up and power went out or the report was a really long one and they had to go pickup kids or something. Though in that case I think they are supposed to put it on hold until they get back.

When I was training I was told if you pull the job up you are expected to type it. I personally do this, but evidently some of those truly horrible audio ones are just too much for some primadonnas.
Has anyone who has applied for last round of Lee Perfect openings heard from them yet? nm
Other than the obvious MQ and Spheris, what companies round out the top 10 in terms of size? sm

Which offshore out of those?  I want to go with a big company for a few reasons, but I do not want MQ or Spheris.  I'm also just curious.  It seems like they are very big and the rest are much smaller.  Am I right or just assuming?  Which company or companies do you think are growing and will catch them or close?  Are there any out there that have that potential?  I would love to get in for chance for advancement but not ground level because I want stability.  Easy to know what I want, hard to articulate it clearly.  I have read previous posts, tried to research other sources and want to put together a good list for myself.

Axolotl- Are you eligible to retest if you didnt make it the first round?
It's embarrassing to have 15 years experience and not pass. I really feel it was a sound quality issue but that is just my opinion. I wondered if they gave second chances.
Typical year round. They overhire. I left due to lack of
work.  About 6 other MTs left when I did, that I am aware of, due to lack of work.  There are accounts with a lot of work and frequent OT, but I was told they couldn't be worked on as a secondary account.  Made no sense at all to me. 
NO paid holidays for us all year round. If there is any work on the holiday, you get

lines and a half, but usually there is no work.  They usually clear out the work before the holiday so there is no 1-1/2 line pay remaining.  Transtech names 6 holidays each year, but the MT takes those holidays off WITHOUT pay.    I am sure the office staff and all other non-MT staff take off WITHOUT pay, too, aren't you????   LOL

Which MT companies DO pay an MT for holidays.  I don't consider a day a HOLIDAY unless it is PAID.  They can call it 6 holdays, but have to take off without pay . . . . just another day, i.e, get sick -- NO PAY.

MedQuisters, topics from the Company board are being moved to the MedQuist board. MQ posts on

the first page of the Company board will be removed to open up space for other companies to post.  Enjoy the new Medquist board set up for you.

Thank you,


Are you the same condescending person the word board? I thought this was called "Company Board.&#
Didn't you post this on 03/04/06 on both the Company Board and the Hospital/Clinic MT Board?


This was moved from main board to company board. Replies don't transfer. nm
This is the Company Board. You should have posted on tech board. nm
there is a board for local talk. this is company board. thx
Posted on wrong board. Plz see Seekers board.
Sorry! Wrong board. Reposted on Main board. NM
There is a comedy board...put your remarks on that board. nm
Then this is the "Unprofessional" MT board. Pulic board,
I can't give you the name of the message board, but it is not a free message board (HINT). There
Monitor, I hope this post is okay.
You already have your own board. Now you want a board for the ones who leave??
Never Not on this board.
I'm on this board again because I keep
I've been donig this for 10 years and can't remember running out this time of the year.  Is anyone else slow. 
Sorry, this should have been on the MQ board. nm
probably more for another board, but...
In response to the posts about Christmas, I remember the good old days when the Jewish radiologist I worked for took the whole staff out for a big Christmas dinner and gave us all generous bonuses. We in turn gave him and his wife Hanukkah gifts. It's called mutual respect and being big enough to accept and respect each others' differences without taking away anyone's right to celebrate according to their own beliefs.
Where is the MQ board? (SM)
See the links to specialty boards to the left. Medquist is the 4th link from the top.

TT's ads all over job board!!!
Look on the job board
someone on this board once said that they (sm)
give you a line raise after you are taken off 100% QA.  I was never told that and did not get it. 
Board changes (SM)
We have condensed the number of board forums to reduce the confusion on where to post what topics.

You can view archives of any of the removed forums by clicking on the Home button at the bottom left and then scrolling to the end of the web page.

If your topic does not have a specific board currently, the Main board will accommodate it.

Thank you.


there was a job on the other board sm
that was paying 7 cpl for MT and part time supervisor. I don't think so.
I was just on the La. board looking for La. MTs.

I never see any postings from MTs of Louisiana and when I asked a question concerning LA MTs I would never get an answer.  What part of Louisiana are you located.  Do you work as an IC or employee or for a hospital?  I have been trying to get an estimate on what Louisiana MTs are paid as I think the amount that I was told by the hospital was too low.

If it is the one from the Job board

Then that is Terry and they are out of St. Louis MO.  I currently work for them.  Good company to work for.  Terry is very enthusiastic about MT.  I enjoy the accounts, very low ESL if that is a selling point for you.  We also have always had plenty of work and if ever I've run out I just let Terry know and she hooks me up with another account to fill my time. 


MQ has their own board because they are the
BIGGEST MTSO. Spheris will not allow employees to post anywhere anytime anything about them. Spheris joined up with Indian forces long, long ago in a HUGE volume. I have even read articles from Indian papers and Spheris, with Spheris wanting to reduce its US workload by half at least in order to use Indian labor. I have heard Spheris pay per line is very low. Not putting MQ up on a pedestal.  I have worked for both, and Spheris is evil #1, though they keep a very low secretive profile.