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Posted By: Carlotta M. Buckley on 2008-08-27
In Reply to:

It was brought to my attention that there have been some very negative and disparaging comments made recently in this forum about MDI’s business practices, our owner/CEO, account liaisons, and QA editors.  

I would ask any MDI MT that is having a problem of any type regarding their commitment, account assignment, liaison, or any other concern regarding their relationship with MDI, to email me directly.  If you do not wish to email me at my MDI email address **** you may email me at my personal email address ****.  I cannot and will not respond directly to anonymous complaints posted in this forum.   

On a personal note, it is unfortunate that anonymous posters choose to make libelous comments regarding a great company, a fantastic owner, and the best group of MTs and MT managers/QA editors, that has ever been assembled.  We at MDI strive to provide a work environment in which everyone is able to achieve the level of success they personally choose to achieve.  MDI has been providing transcription services for over 30 years and has many MTs who have been with the company for over 20 to 25 years.  MDI is not perfect…but we will always do what is right and fair.  Integrity is more than just a buzzword at MDI, it is how we chose to conduct ourselves on a daily basis. 

We understand that MDI is not necessarily the best fit for everyone.  We all have different personalities, work habits, and other issues, which impact what we look for in a professional environment.  That some of those who were not a good fit for MDI would choose to come here and post lies and innuendo, simply reinforces our decision to sever their relationship with MDI. 

I welcome anyone with questions or concerns regarding MDI management practices to email me at either of the above email addresses.   

Carlotta M. Buckley

MDI – Recruiter/Director of Transcription Support

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