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Makes sense

Posted By: Just me on 2005-10-01
In Reply to: This thing about working 40 hours for benefits is garbage. - See fair

Your point is valid! I would take it up with corporate or your supervisor immediately!

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Ah-so! That makes sense.
Hope you get the answers you're looking for--pass along any info if you would, please. I'm interested, too!
Okay..that makes a lot of sense..
Obviously, you are a bit off your rocker. 
What you say makes no sense.
Why would you resent getting more work when you're FT?  You make no sense.  A PT person isn't going to do as much as a FT person, so I don't get why you'd resent anyone.  Why not worry about doing your own work instead of what PT people are doing. Jeez!!
Oh, that makes more sense.
I'm just an ex-heartlander who was curious. I still have some friends that work there.
Thank you, Kim. That makes sense. sm
I thought it had to do with Direct Deposit.  Geez, it's been a loooong day!!!
makes sense
k now that makes sense, but..man
I would still hate them to do that, though
Okay, that makes sense(NM)
Makes sense now.
I see. You don't do many LPH. Makes sense.
Makes sense
However, I guess everybody doesn't think like you and me. I also think some people have the mind-set that they should be paid the maximum for doing the minimum amount of work.
Thank you. That does makes sense. NM
Sure it makes sense, but why do they lie about it first?
What is the big secret about this...why lie? Many people do not type for a reason. They should make this known up front instead of stating that you will not have to type and then told that you must type on the account first?

Not every company requires this. It is my right to know all requirements BEFORE I accept an offer. Many of these MTSO folks are worse than used car salesmen. Is it too much to ask to be told that I have to type up front...instead of being lied to?
makes no sense
What I dont get is why would someone make a referral off of someone when the recruiter knows she doesn't know this person....as she says she does. I mean, really, a referral is really supposed to be paid to someone who recommends someone who knows this person's work and work ethics. Makes no sense to me as to why this person wants to take a chance with her work reputation for a few bucks.
now it makes more sense! you were sm
wrong about MQ! Well I guess you didn't listen huh? I worked for MQ for 23 years leaving in 2006 when they changed to employee status and got really bad. MQ use to be a really good company to work for and I made a ton of money with them, loved working for them but had enough sense to get out. Obviously YOU didn't listen to what others were posting about MQ huh? So why do you think you can judge me by what I am telling you? Just because you haven't experienced it yet doesn't mean you wont and I hope you don't. But whatever MDIs practice is, it is NOT the way it should be for hiring ICs!
Now that makes more sense......sm
It's the poverty that is killing me. Work is work but when you are getting lowballed for what you do, it makes no sense to stick around.

That makes sense
Thanks for clarifying for me. That makes so much more sense, and I agree with your egads! :)
That makes no sense
Why would a company look for new employees when the ones they had were doing a perfect job? How would they know you were retyping? Also I don't believe your VR is so perfect. I've heard that and then when I got on to edit, it was a mess and they told me, oh can you please mark the ones that are real bad? oh yeah take more time for that BS with no pay.
That makes no sense.

I don't think you're quite understanding.  Let's say VR isn't even in the picture and you've been straight typing on your account.  Don't you save certain doctors' procedure notes (without the patient data, of course) as a short-cut so that when the doctor dictates that particular procedure again you just enter your short-cut and the whole report pops up?  Let's say Dr. Blue dictates an appendectomy.  You save the whole report as blueappy. 

So now you have a really, really bad VR report.  It is a lot quicker to erase the whole thing, type blueappy, and the whole report pops in.  Then you follow along in the VR and make the changes as he dictates.  Chances are that it is going to be very close to what you have already saved, since Dr. Blue dictates most of his appendectomies in the same manner, and you have a WHOLE lot less to correct than if you did the editing in the VR.  You're actually saving yourself time at 4 cpl than if you edited the really bad report. 

I have literally hundreds of reports saved as short-cuts.  For me it was always easier to erase the bad ones, enter my short-cut and correct from there than it was to fix all those stupid errors.  My line count was much higher that way on the bad reports.

At least what I am saying makes sense.

Don't know what you were on about in that long message of yours.  I am sure it makes sense to you. 

The current state of VR is mostly GARBAGE.  An excuse to get MTs to work for EVEN LESS in these tough economic times so that the MTSOs can put more money in their pockets because we all know they are hurting so bad.  I agree.  I wish I was able to make the money I made 10 years ago--and so do the MTSOs, obviously.  And this is their way to do it--by RIPPING OFF THE MT. 

None of this makes any sense to me.

I think they are working with each other to help get this work all offshored. 

Didn't Medquist just sign a deal with SPI?  MQ is sending SPI enough dictation for 2 million lines a month.  I guess SPI is taking it and farming it out to the Phillipines?  Or India?  Just can see now it is not America.

It is hard to tell, reading all the postings here, where one MTSO begins and one ends sometimes. 

Bottom line is, if you are an American, then you are shid out of luck. 

That makes no sense. Don't do it. nm
Sorry but this makes no sense
Your post seems to imply that one would know *in advance* that different values could be ascribed to different keystrokes...

Virtually no one would think of this unless they knew such manipulation was possible on a particular platform...

So if you are told the rate is x/65 character line including spaces, it would be reasonable to expect *all* spaces count the same. If it was any different it is incumbent upon the administrator of the platform to advise in advance that some characters count for more- or less- than others.

In the case of these platforms that pay VBC (black characters only)? When/if that becomes the norm, I will hang up my headphones for good. If they won't pay to hit the space bar I won't hit it !! LOL
that makes sense. sm
Your tone is highly condescending. Many MTs are working in jobs that pay low because that's all there really is out there! There are MANY, many MTs looking right now. Most MTSOs receive hundreds of resumes upon placing an ad. There aren't many MTSOs paying much more than 8 cpl these days (and many not even that). In order to make any kind of actual living on that, you have to get a high line count. That means you're either A) working so many hours, you don't have time to do anything else, or B) settle for less money and not being able to do anything else because you can't afford it. Let me also pose another question to you, since you apparently have such a rosy outlook - why it it that the line rates keep going down and down? What other profession has a wage that continually decreases? Even with the recession, the minimum wage increases. Not so for MT. Honestly, you might have a great job and know what's best for YOU but do not assume you know anyone else's life. If they want to vent on this board, they are free to do so, just as you are free to spout off about the view you see from your rose-colored glasses.
Your first line makes no sense.
Now it makes sense why so many are coming out
They had an announcement offering an increase in the recruitment bonus and telling them to go to MTStars and MTChat to let people know about Transcend.  LOL  Well that explains all the "endorsements" and being happy with $13.50 an hour as the poster below said.
The post makes no sense.
better explanation than that. Makes no sense ....... nm
That makes absolutely no sense at all.

In this business there are no guarantees so I don't want my insurance tied to my job.  If my spouse has a steady/secure job and we have insurance through him at a reasonable rate it makes sense to have his insurance.  Besides with most insurances you can't cancel it until the next enrollment period so potentially could be paying double premiums.

Also, unless KS or any other company, starts a screening process where they say unless you take our insurance we can't hire you they have to work with the numbers they have.  They can't make people take their insurance.  Besides if they need 100 people and only have 50 and a new MT wants a quote on rates before deciding and the rates are too high then of course if they have other options they won't take it.


BTW this was not for poster saying makes no sense.
This is for the poster she is responding to. Sorry about that. I agree that it makes no sense. Couple this with my comment just above this and you will get the picture
That makes no sense. Nice try though.
Get a life.
Sorry, but it makes sense to type on the
account first, easier to learn the client's preferences. Granted, they should tell you up front, but still I think it would be easier to type first.
Makes absolutely no sense why they..sm
are hiring but won't give you a backup account. What gives?
Makes sense. The new plan will cause a bunch of us (sm)
to leave rather than take reduced rates/benefits/whatever. Of course the ones that will be going will be those of us with higher rates per line. Yet another way for them to reduce overhead.

Has anyone heard more about when the plan is coming out?

I think we should all bombard Human Resources with inquiries.
Your post makes perfect sense to me!

Someone who completed a court reporting course already has the skills and could easily use them in MT.  I just never heard of somebody who already does MT taking the time and effort to learn Stenotype.  It can certainly be self-taught, but I'm sure you know that it doesn't happen overnight.

And I don't see at all how Stenotype could help much in VR, which is what a lot of companies are moving towards these days.

Of course, anyone learning Stenotype has additional employment options open to them in the court reporting field, which can be a pretty lucrative field.  (And I TOTALLY share your feelings about work clothes!!! LOL.)

It's a wonderful skill to have, but it's far from easy and takes a long time to achieve a speed that would help with MT, don't you think?

You're absolutely right! Makes no sense at all.

I THOUGHT I was posting this under the Dictaphone Transnet post.

I apologize for the confusion.

Well, this just makes no sense at all. Are you saying that TT management are sitting
posting positive things about their country to lure us all in?  I know there are plenty of reasons to be paranoid about MTSOs these days, but isn't that taking it to a new level?
Yes, it makes sense. Here's anothing issue:
Where I used to work, a large portion of the problem in the cheapening of services (both MT & the healthcare they provide) boiled down to the management hierarchy and the greed of many of its members. Middle management was the worst, and often gravely incompetent. Yet there was such a protective cloak of secrecy in management; upper managers who hired middle & lower managers who were horrible at their jobs don't want that poor choice to reflex on them (and THEIR 'way too large paychecks!), and so they do nothing, and continue to deny and/or cover up the mistakes of lower management. This happens in transcription, medical records, reception, nursing, you name it. And top management does nothing because in order to keep THEIR overstuffed pay envelopes, they have to be sure their hospital maintains a squeaky-clean public image. It's all smoke and mirrors.
No...the post from Moving On makes no sense to me
Well this sorta makes sense but the MTSOs
If they knew about it. No company wants to pay a person to work if they are -working- on another job or 2 at the very same time they are supposed to be working for them. I think they should be reported but the MTSO's never listen to the MT's anyway. Maybe they should look at these posts starting keeping a tight rein on their managers the way they teach the managers to keep a tight rein on the MT's. The thing about salaried jobs is that they are nothing but glorified goof off jobs and companies are always paying people for doing nothing or, worse, working for other companies on company time.
This statement makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!!!!
In a way, I bend over backwards to avoid anything other than OPs, but because of my willingness to be flexible, they bend over backwards for me

Bend over backwards to avoid doing anything but OPs and you call yourself flexible??? I think not.
I don't like it, but makes good business sense (sm)
Why pay OT to us when they can farm the overflow out at a lesser rate. I know some accounts have a $ penalty involved if companies run out of TAT.

So far WMX has been fair and upfront with me and as long as they are providing me with enough work to get my hours/line I feel they are keeping up their part of our business arrangement.

I was born in Roswell so that makes sense
30 drops to 20 an hour on VR - that makes sense! nm
Lara, your statement really makes no sense
It is about knowledge? If you type 50 wpm and know everything you need to know about transcription, I guess you could be 1 heck of a money maker, right? You should not even make such a remark. You and I and every one else on this board knows you have to not only know what you are doing but to be fast is the name of the game. Transcribing slowly only leaves you with no job.
Now it makes sense. You were let go because of quality or missed deadlines. sm
Those are the ONLY reasons your doctors would be taken away and given to others. You were obviously under the Orthopaedics Lead who is the best of the best.

Funny thing is, I sent an email to the owner about the posts on here and that I was defending Keystrokes, and her response was, verbatim, If anyone was let go during our weeding out process, they are problably bitter. However, those MTs that are with us and have been with us know that we care about our employees and strive to improve continously. Don't pay attention to the boards. They will drive you crazy and the more you defend KS, the worse the crazies will react. We have talked about it a lot in the office and have decided it that it is too time-consuming and even addicting to watch the boards - almost like a soap opera, especially as the same people hop from job to job and hate the last one they left or were let go from. I used to read them and obsess over them and even cry at the lies but had to stop even going there. Too many great MTs out there that see through the B.S. to worry about the ones who are out to cause trouble.

I'll leave it at that. The CEO knows the real scoop here.
Well that makes sense because had they really ever worked at Transcend that would know the pay rate
for editing has NEVER been 3 cpl. They have paid me more than anyone has EVER offered so that poster (Be Careful) is not a legit person who has worked for Transcend.
It sure makes sense to add a VR board. It is a daily converstation!

Makes no sense - They hire only inexperienced MTs for acute care
such a joke.
That makes sense...I always give positive feedback and am very pleasant...
and have even had compliments given to my supervisor from other MTs about my job doing QA that I am pleasant...but I understand your frustration about some QA feeling they are better than others...:)
Business trip to Vegas makes absolute sense
I agree  with the above poster.  Management told us in an e-mail that the new accounts coming aboard were clients who pursued TT.  Being that TT has a major account in Las Vegas,  ... now another potential client in the same area.  I have seen this happen many times with services I have worked for.  It is called word of mouth and not that unusual to get clients this way.