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Moderators, please explain

Posted By: wussup? on 2008-07-30
In Reply to:

Why do you keep deleting posts from MTs who are trying to help other MTs by letting them know what companies may actually be worth working for? The board mentions a lot of negativity about a lot of companies--I'm sure we don't mind seeing a couple good ones every now and then. Wussup!?

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No. Only the Administrator and moderators. NM
Moderators or programmers
Something is wrong with the reply box. Could som someone please check it it? The Breaking News
box overlaps and screws up the typed reply, as in mine above. Thanks.
Attention Moderators: Still Having Problems
Still having problems with the search box. When I type something in the search box (even something that I can see within the first 5 threads of the page I'm on), I get a COMPLETELY BLANK PAGE with no search results. Is there something wrong with the search engine???? Thanks!
Wow now we have MTSO moderators handing out advice
get outta here!
Are moderators on this board various different company officials?
People have asked moderators for VR board, not just this
particular company.
really nasty comments are deleted by the moderators..
and sometimes they are even checked before they make it to the board and deleted.
Guess the moderators didn't like it for some reason.
And only the original poster would have gotten the e-mail stating that their post had been removed.

I had a post flushed once. I wasn't happy about it. But it's their board, their rules, their say-so.
Provide it to the moderators along with TB's phone number to call. :)
The moderators have already requested that you stop with the grammar police stuff.
This is not the forum for you to try to be queen of QA.  I am not insecure about my grammar skills, but I certainly am not going to get all in a tizzy if I make a mistake while posting on a message board, nor will I get all bent out of shape if I see an error in someone else's post.  This forum is here to network with each other about various companies, hence the name COMPANY board and not GRAMMAR board.
The moderators said stop correcting people's posts - not questioning medical reports -
The OP was talking about in actual medical reports, not on these posts - or at least that is the way I took it.

I too am concerned about the way medical reports are looking and being put on charts. It is ridiculous and dangerous!!!
No, but I will email the Moderators as soon as I find the email. You know it's the truth, Becky.
Please explain what that should tell me.
I'm thinking of applying with Spheris.  I also know someone who works for Transcend and was offered a job with Spheris.  I don't want either of us to make a mistake.
right - have tried to explain this before and

Being paid twice a month will have an average period of 15 days on each check (usually averages 11 working days if you work 5 days a week).  Being paid every 2 weeks will have 14 days on each check (10 working days if you work 5 days a week).  At the end of the year your total gross for the year would be the same either way, you would just either get 26 checks a year or 24 fatter ones.

Can you explain that, please? nm
pls explain

I have all but been hired by Amphion, and would like to know why I should not take a job with them before I quit my current job. 

let me explain
They had a position 2nd shift but needed this person to do 1-2 dys 3rd shift as well. I was hesitant about this but was considering it and told them so. They SD they knew someone who liked 3rd shift and they were going to see if they could get that person to do the 3rd shift hrs and give me just 2nd shift hrs. When I did not hear from them re this job for a few days I emailed and she told me - oh, we hired someone who would do the 2nd & 3rd shift hrs.

Did not bother to let me know at any point on their own that they'd decided to hire someone else - I had to contact them. SHE offered to make this adjustment in order to accommodate me, I did not ask and had even sd that I probably cd do the 3rd.

It was just all to reminiscent of irresponsible mgmt for me.
Please explain????
I'm looking at an ad for a Transcriptionist and it says full-time position in subspeciality group medical/surgical practice. Could you help me out and tell me what kind of practice this might be. Thanks so much!!
Can someone explain this to me, please?

What is the point of a company telling you that you are hired and giving you a start date, but then you have to remind them to get the materials to you in order to begin working?  This just happened to me for the first time in my career.  I am sitting here waiting for the second day now.  Is this a sign that if they cannot even get me into their system to work that they are probably unorganized and uncaring?  I already e-mailed them and am awaiting a response.  Not sure what else to do!  I am not used to being treated this way. 

please explain this
there are jobs posted on the job board with the posted by  name and then once you click to get more info several of them say contact place is Webmedx.  Is Webmedx like a chain??
Please explain DD because when I was there

I had DD and pay dates were the 15th and 30th but my check never made it to the bank until a week later - sometimes more.  I always thought DD was a faster way to deposit??

Could you please explain why...

I am the only one you come back at. The 2 posts above mine are derogatory, but it is only me you accuse of stirring things up. I once worked at QT but I do not now. I did not ask any questions about pay or whatever.

You're wrong, ha ha.....how old are you???

Could you please explain this...sm
Just getting ready to start applying for some escription work, but now I am confused as to how it works.  Thanks for any details you can offer on this pay scenario. 
Please explain then
Why -- when I had questions the ops manager seemed to be in the dark, never gave me straightforward answers but the runaround. Can you explain that one please?
What I would do is to explain to her that sm
you do not know of anyone and leave it at that. If she keeps asking, let her know that you have a policy against referring anyone anywhere so as not to get caught in the middle and you do not compromise on that for anyone. If that doesn't work, tell her that she is out of line and not to contact you. Try tactful twice and if she is dumb-as-a-post after that, be blunt :)
Can you explain?
How can you cross one of the QA people?
Well then explain....
Let us all in on it.
You don't have to explain anything
Some people just don't have anything nice to say and like to judge others. Good luck with your situation.
Let me explain...sm

I was not in any way talking about a typo at all...just saying that if you have the correct spelling of the company name, then you'll have success in getting past posts to come up on the search function.

There are a lot of posts on DR in the past few months, they should come up if you try again with the correct spelling.

Let me explain a bit...
Yes, you can discuss any topic you like for as long as you like within reason. However, there has been a trend on this board with attacks directed towards TT. We are not affiliated or sponsored by TT, so you can be assured we're not simply taking their side as some have nicely put it. In monitoring these threads we have become aware of the fact that all of these negative threads have been started by 1 poster. The basis of our closing these threads or removing these threads entirely is not on the direct question at hand. Merely stating that your deposit is later than usual, as you usually get it earlier than payday, is fine. These threads have gone beyond that point and made such accusations as the company is going out of business, that they're going bankrupt, etc., etc. These are all accusations that are completely outrageous and are simply an attempt to either get posters fighting or attack the company itself.

As well, these threads have ALL spiraled out of control to be completely off the subject at hand and turned into name-calling, abusive battles, which will be deleted regardless of what you're posting about.

I personally very nicely shut some down yesterday, and the same poster came back on today with more of the same. Certainly, we could delete those immediately rather than see where the conversation might be, but that would be a little higher on the censorship scale.
Why? Please explain. nm.
can you explain what you mean pls?

Not sure what you mean by *doesn't follow through on anything.* 


Someone please explain this to me..
Cardioscribes is supposedly so busy that they do not have time to respond to prospects, but yet they just posted another ad on the Job Seekers forum. LA dee da dee da
Can someone explain to me why there are

to keeping MT jobs in the U.S.  I did a search/find and came across a company who swears they are dedicated to keeping jobs in the US - no offshore need apply.  ????



Not that I have to explain
myself  to you I will respond.  I decided to join Iridium 4 weeks after I was contacted by them.  I also was told that Iridium outsourced, which was the reason for my original post.  I would never work for a company that outsourced and I wasn't going to jump ship before I had some information.  I worked on the account for 8 years at my previous employer, and like most professionals give notice of their intention to leave.  I left my previous employer with the understanding I would be transcribing the same dictators, which has NOT happened.  I have one, and that decision came from the account administration because it was the DOCTOR's choice.  Do you feel shafted by everyone that started working after you because you were there first, or do you just have something against me?  So much for the teamwork I keep hearing about, and how great everyone is.  Maybe next time you'll reveal your true identity so I can respond to you directly.
Can somebody explain this to me?
If, according to SO many MT companies, there aren't enough 'domestic' transcriptionists to take care of all of the work here in the US, why am I always effing out of work?

Three companies, three jobs at the same time - and all through November, up until this very moment - there is NO work! I flex my rear off, and I'm still scraping by to make my needed number of lines.

How can this be, if there's such a shortage of US MTs?

Please, someone, tell me how.
WHY ARE THEY OVER? How did it come to this? Please explain, nm
can you explain further please
what do you mean it's official? what have you been notified of? I am missing it somehow.
Can you explain to me what 9/4 is? I
have never read that phrase and I have 11 years' experience. Is this straight type/VR line rates or something? ...and what does the averaged out line thing mean as well that other people are saying on here? I just want to understand.

Being paid 9 is about as good as it gets these days for IC. The good ole days are gone.
How to explain s/m
Those who are doing well are those who will not tolerate being treated like slave labor.  After nearly 50 years in the business I was ready to retire but if I should want to go back to work (which I don't) I would get a job and I would do well.
How can I explain this?
If you are admitted to the hospital through the ER or other means, a record is created. After you come home, you have the right to ask the hospital for your record. Once you obtain that record, you are free to let anyone of your choosing to review it. And guess what? There is no problem with legality because you handed it off to the dog catcher if you wanted to. Get it?
please explain
How could you work 6 days a week, 10 or more hours a day if you were out of work? Doesn't add up.
You will not be able to explain to some
about VR, especially if they have retired and never been on it in the first place. I work on it, you work on it so we are in the know unlike some others on here.
Let me try to explain this one more time

I never said that my posts about Spheris or Keystrokes wasnt bashing.  The point was, and the difference is, I told everyone publically exactly what the problems were.  I also had no problem posting my name.  Also, when asked specific questions about my posts, I answered them.  I didnt get on here and post vague bashings without proof and specifics, just to ignite people and then skate out leaving many unanswered questions. 

Anyway, I still stand behind the company.  They are a great company and I think the majority speaks for itself. 

Would any Rad Keystrokers explain
how they jump from screen to screen, keep their log and still maintain a high productivity level? I am boggled about this. Any information greatly appreciated.
What does that mean? Care to explain?
Did they cut your pay or are you talking about new hires? I was hired 4 months ago at .10/line. Sorry if that bothers you.
Please explain. I went to that website sm
and saw nothing about MTs being eligible. For health insurance (which appears to be available in very limited areas), one must be a member of the Arts and Entertainment union (I didn't check there, though, but will now).

A chain??? Please explain...
could you explain what back end SR is? Thanks. nm
Explain that you accepted the job
on their initial offer, since they went back on that you decided to stay with your old job. If they really want you, maybe they will go ahead with the what they promised you in the first place.
Could you explain what was dishonest?
I got an email saying that I could not sustain my life with 1 doctor - so they would have to let me go - that = you aren't working here anymore. So, the next step is to call your unemployment office - they determine whether you are eligible to receive benefits or not - and because of the emails that the lead MT sent - she is the one who hung KS - it was determined that I was eligible. Then you look for work - for which there are many different aspects of what you apply for and what you do or do not accept - there are not so many employment positions for MTs -more IC jobs which do not count as employment. I did everything as layed out in the guidelines. KS just didn't want to be responsible for their part of the unemployment - siting laws in their state - which are not the same as those in the state where I live - and you state's laws are the ones that count - not theirs. Please tell me what is dishonest about this. I did nothing dishonest while working for KS - all I did was work. Oh, I did miss one TAT because my broadband was down - and that was in a year.