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Fatcat, I just tried emailing you, but it came back.

Posted By: just me on 2009-08-12
In Reply to: NorCalMT - fatcat

Could you email me, please?  Thanks! 

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Fatcat is back
no newbies have responded at all. 
Whoops! I meant to address this TO fatcat, not FROM fatcat. Sorry Fatcat!
Fatcat correcting fatcat
I meant to say THEIR face, not THERE face. Have been up since early morning working and it shows. Sorry.
Emailing everyone
You go!! Don't forget Lou Dobbs...he loves to talk about the evils of outsourcing...this would give him LOTS to talk about.
Try emailing QA sm
I was off QA after about 3 days.
I would like to know also, why emailing you?
This is what this board is for, to post so others can see and make decisions on places.
Maybe try emailing
I would try emailing again and checking status of what they are doing. I know they were very busy with a lot of applicants. Wouldn't hurt to just get your name out there again and email to see where they are at.
Maybe instead of emailing...
If you have a phone #, give them a call and hopefully you'll get someone to talk to and get some kind of explanation.

I think I'd be a little concerned because, as KYM points out, you're not getting a response from more than 1 person/department.

I'd definitely be polite but proactive and find out what's going on.

Good luck :-)
as far as them emailing me...
I've had 2 companies tell me they were interested and wanted to set up an interview date, then heard nothing after I responded so I can't help but wonder what will happen with any other company from now on.

Testing was on the typical mttest site-real easy. I don't know if I'm supposed to mention what specialties I had on the transcribing part, but I had 4 files that were actually pretty good.

I saw 2 old posts about them before and it just mentioned that people were happy with them. I didn't see anything negative.

Sorry I can't give any work experience with them. Good luck to us and anyone who applied though.
Would you mind emailing me?
I'd like to reduce the hours I work and/or pick up another IC job.  Thank you.
Emailing daily log........ sm

Do yourself a huge favor.  If you don't have a scanner, buy one!  I keep a handwritten log and at the end of the day I just scan it into an email.  You certainly don't need another screen to contend with. 

would you mind emailing me.... TIA nm
Do you mind emailing me regarding
Are they very strict on the requirement of having 5 years experience as an 'editor'? I have been an MT for 8 years but have only edited for a few months.
Would you mind emailing me too... sm
I've been thinking about applying there myself... thank you.
Try emailing or calling your former STM. nm
No communication? They are calling and emailing me
Allegiant MT - Would you be interested in emailing me?
I'd like to ask you some questions.  Thanks
Why don't you call your manager instead of just emailing? nm
Why only emailing you for answers, why so secreative?
Good luck with emailing that one
like a 12-year-old IM'ing her pals. How professional or NOT.  Unfortunatley this situation is not isolated as there have been many before you and surely will be many after.  No no communication, no nothing.  Some of us were just smart enough to get out while the getting was good. 
Hey shortcake, would you mind me emailing you about JLG?
They contacted me within 30 minutes of emailing my resume!! nm
Did any of you try emailing or calling D herself? Perhaps things have changed sm

since I worked there, but it used to be you could talk to her and she would listen and make things right if she could.  Maybe she is not as much involved in those things anymore and it is mostly C handling things.  It just seemed worth a shot.  It is sad to see so many people unhappy and scared for their livelihoods. 

Good luck. 

Have you tried emailing Instant Text tech support? sm

Sometimes if it doesn't work exactly perfect they can send you a fix to make it work. The link is on their webpage somewhere and they have a forum where you can search, too.

Only took 5 min & my post re:dont waste time emailing
I do not do homework for others unless they want to pay me. I am too busy makin my lines, and apparently you could be makin more lines too by getting off your high horse on this board and spending more time making your lines!!! You are so funny....
Fatcat ......... sm

Not sure where you live, but my local YMCA offers kickboxing classes, free with membership.  Also, i just recently bought a Kathy Smith Kickboxing DVD for $2.99 from eBay.  I haven't tried it yet because I'm afraid I might destroy the apartment -- coordination is not my strong suit!  (ha)  The class at the Y is fun ... I'm sure you'd enjoy it!  Plus, if you're like me, after sitting all day, it is nice to get up and move the legs and get some circulation going.

She is a known troublemaker on this board. 
Well said, fatcat (NM)
Tell me where fatcat.

I need part-time, 24 to 32 hours per week.  No one wants to hire part-time.

I have applied at 15 or more places.  Pass every test, get offered a job for 7 cpl  or when I give my schedule, they say NOPE.

The stress is killing me.  I think I have an ulcer.  The migraines are back and I spend the better part of my shift crying.

Looking for Fatcat
I would like to ask you some questions through email.  Thanks.
The first letter of the company i work for is T
To fatcat:
I'm just wondering if you could tell me anything about your company:  things you like/don't like, pay, platform, etc.  I am also interested in this company.  Thanks for any info you can give!
Thanks you so much, fatcat. It does seem
like most companies require you to have your own computer. I guess I worked for MQ too long....They provide the computer but too many other down sides to working for them. I think I will see if I can pick up a used computer to start with.

Thanks for the info about the statutory status, too! I was thinking it meant you were sort of on-call employee. I get it now. THANKS again!
Thanks to all and Fatcat ...

I awoke with basically the same feeling.  I work for a wonderful company, have a wonderful husband, kids and grand babies so I have a lot to be thankful for.  I know that there are many of our fellow MTs who are struggling out there right now, I wish with everything in me that I could change that for them but since I cannot, I was hoping that a positive post would help to uplift everyone at least someone.  Like you and probably most on this board, I have had some pretty horrible experiences but seem to be on the right path, which I hope continues.  Hopefully I have kissed the right frog this time, lolol.

For those of you out there who are struggling I wish you the very best and lots of luck! 


I'm not sure if this explains anything, but I remember a few weeks ago getting an email telling us they had a new account coming on and had hired about 30 MTs to cover it.  Unfortunately, the account didn't start when expected and those MTs were training on the other accounts.  I thought the account started last week, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

There was also a lot of talk in the last few months about adjusting our schedules to accommodate the evening/late night and early morning work flow.  They may have ended up hiring more MTs to cover if the work wasn't getting done.  Unfortunately, I think that SE/IC companies are forced to hire more MTs than needed sometimes because they can't enforce a work schedule like the employee status companies ('cept for MQ; they overhire and then send all the work overseas.  I think the Indians just like to watch the Americans scramble).

I think the work flow also ebbs and flows more in the summer months due to holidays, vacations, etc.  My accounts have been low also, but I don't really mind.  I like an unexpected day off.  I expect things to pick up again soon. 


After being brainwashed for so many years by the Q, MDI has been a breath of fresh air!  I wouldn't think of changing companies, either, and since I'm not the breadwinner in our house and I have a second income myself, I won't fight for the lines.  If the work is there when I'm available, so be it, but if not, then I don't worry about it.  I check back throughout the day, but I won't sit and wait for the work.  I know there are others not as fortunate and I'd really rather see them get the work. 

LOL, Fatcat!
Your friend had it rough too, lol! I'm about an hour north of Bakersfield, more in Fresno territory, but I certainly relate to his difficulties with that two years. I believe Fresno and Bakersfield are cut from the same cloth. I had to move back from this area from a gorgeous northern coastal town (Pacific Grove, if you're familiar with it), about 6 years as my mother was ill, and I think I'm still in the throes of culture shock!

I just don't understand what's going on with MDI-MD at all, Fatcat. Normally when one of their MTs reports having no work, they bend over backwards (and IMMEDIATELY) to rectify the situation. This time the pleas are met with silence. It arouses my suspicions that something is going on behind the scenes of which we are unaware.

I might be WAY off base here, but you know D pretty well. Do think there's any conceivable possibility that perhaps they're brokering a deal to sell MDI-MD? I hate to even think that it's just one of a few unpleasant possibilities that has crossed my mind during this disheartening time.

Your email went to my spam folder. I found it and just now replied (and made sure to mark your emails as NOT spam, lol!).
Fatcat -
Grab those lines while you can, because I'm sure they'll mysteriously disappear VERY quickly!!!
Fatcat -
In the case of the Q, I do hope that is followed by the old addage:

The bigger they are...
The harder they fall.

And I truly hope MDI hasn't fallen into the evil clutches of the Q!!!
Fatcat, if it were me, I would definitely keep the second job. It would help my
peace of mind tremendously to know I had a second job to fill in the financial gaps if my workload dried up again.  As long as having both jobs doesn't overtax you, I'd definitely keep it, at the very least for a few months to see what the ebb and flow turns out to be at your MDI job.  Just my humble opinion.
Yep, we actually do work together, in a manner of speaking. 
Hey, has anyone heard from Fatcat lately? Unless I've missed her posts, she's been absent. I know her account had seemed to pick up, but then it apparently dried up again.

I'm an MDI-er too. I checked my account earlier and, again, only a handful of jobs availabe on there.

I've seen a few post that they've emailed D and the other powers-that-be at MDI.

Has anyone heard anything back?

I know what you mean, fatcat
With so many of us sitting with no work, I just can't understand why these new accounts aren't staffed by the current ICs and hire on new ones to train only a few days before the account goes live.  I'd gladly work a little extra to be sure the new accounts are properly staffed while judging the need for additional MTs on a live basis.  I guess what's worse is that there is no communication.  Just because we're ICs we still work our tails off when the need is there to keep the jobs within TAT.  But yet don't we deserve the decency of some communication so that we can make advance planning on what *we* need as well?  Isn't that what makes a company successful?  The happier the workers, the better the company runs...the more successful the company is.  At least that's the way I always looked at things.
Um, yeah, no kidding!

Wait until Transcend drops the ball in about 2-3 months (when everyone's comfortable, thinking there will be no changes) that they ARE going to VR, there WILL be massive paycuts, and they find themselves another statistic, just like those dedicated MTs over at MQ.

Sorry, but we were betrayed by MDI-MD. If not by the sell-out (hey, it's D's company, she can donate it to charity if she wants to).


And, I don't know about you, Fatcat, but my money says that's whwere all that work has been going, over to Transcend to be fed into their VR system in preparation. The reason you got that windfall of work one night (ONE WHOLE NIGHT, lol!) must have been because the Transcend system was down.

You and I were most assuredly on the right track a month ago, as discussed via our emails. We saw this coming. We KNOW what the end result will be.

While I applaud the loyalty of those trying to '15% isn't that much' and ATTEMPTING to remain loyal to MDI-MD at this point, I also pity them, because they are now ducks in a row, getting ready to be FORCED into VR, FORCED to take paycuts, FORCED to adhere to a RIGID schedule.

Their lives as they know them have just irreversibly changed and sadly I don't think the realization has sunk in for some of them.

I'd high-five you for you and I being SO on target (although our guess was 1 week off, it's still AMAZING how accurate we were), but sadly I don't feel it's time for a high-five. It's time for an MDI-MD group hug as we all part ways.

Fatcat -- I wonder...

I wonder if the rest of MDI mgmt supports this merge.  I know when everything went down at MQ, it seemed mgmt supported the changes at first, but then one by one, they began dropping like flies.  They just quietly left, not to be heard from again.  I wonder if this is how it will go with this merge. 

Another thing that cracks me up -- everything that was stated in the conference call was followed by the statement until January.  I don't think I'm going to stick around to find out what all that entails.

My husband and I have been discussing me returning to the real world for a full-time job for the last several months (since April or May when we got the first State of the Union address) and up until now, I've been very reticent to do so.  This seems to be a sign that maybe that would be the best option for us.  I have a few opportunities to pursue, outside of the world of MT.  It might be kind of nice to work a straight 8-4, M-F, holidays off, kind of job again. 

Wherever I end up, I wish you well.  This just feels all too similar to the way things went at the Q.  But this time, I'm not going to hang on as long.  I'm looking at this until January thing as my window to search other avenues of employment. 

You tell it Fatcat!!!!!!

Thanks fatcat!! sm
That sure is nice. If you were here I would take you up on it too!! It will be ok. I am ok right now and a job will come!
I think that's what fatcat was referring to (sm)
Notice how she capitalized the word YOUR for emphasis?
fatcat... you are one in a million.

I really do appreciate everything you have told me.  There are so many people on this board so quick to judge and then every now and again you come across a genuine, quality person such as yourself. 

I know my schedule is difficult to work with, but these companies never seem to give anyone a chance to explain them, not that it would really matter.  They expect 1200 lines a day for full-time, but I have always done that in part-time hours (5 to 6). 

To me, that is all that should matter.  They want 1200, I will give them that, but I cannot be put on a schedule for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. 

I have only had 2 transcription jobs in 13 years, the most current one with the Q for over 11.  I have always done well on testing, from what I am told my last test I took for a company was 99%. 

I just don't understand how all of you girls can comit to working every Saturday or every Sunday. 

Ok, I am done complaining.  I am hitting the job search full force again.  Thanks so much again for your kind words and thoughts.  You are in my prayers.

PS... I am probably way older than your daughter, I am going to be 39 in May.  :)