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as far as them emailing me...

Posted By: hmm on 2009-02-23
In Reply to: What was the test like? - Workaholic

I've had 2 companies tell me they were interested and wanted to set up an interview date, then heard nothing after I responded so I can't help but wonder what will happen with any other company from now on.

Testing was on the typical mttest site-real easy. I don't know if I'm supposed to mention what specialties I had on the transcribing part, but I had 4 files that were actually pretty good.

I saw 2 old posts about them before and it just mentioned that people were happy with them. I didn't see anything negative.

Sorry I can't give any work experience with them. Good luck to us and anyone who applied though.

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Emailing everyone
You go!! Don't forget Lou Dobbs...he loves to talk about the evils of outsourcing...this would give him LOTS to talk about.
Try emailing QA sm
I was off QA after about 3 days.
I would like to know also, why emailing you?
This is what this board is for, to post so others can see and make decisions on places.
Maybe try emailing
I would try emailing again and checking status of what they are doing. I know they were very busy with a lot of applicants. Wouldn't hurt to just get your name out there again and email to see where they are at.
Maybe instead of emailing...
If you have a phone #, give them a call and hopefully you'll get someone to talk to and get some kind of explanation.

I think I'd be a little concerned because, as KYM points out, you're not getting a response from more than 1 person/department.

I'd definitely be polite but proactive and find out what's going on.

Good luck :-)
Would you mind emailing me?
I'd like to reduce the hours I work and/or pick up another IC job.  Thank you.
Emailing daily log........ sm

Do yourself a huge favor.  If you don't have a scanner, buy one!  I keep a handwritten log and at the end of the day I just scan it into an email.  You certainly don't need another screen to contend with. 

would you mind emailing me.... TIA nm
Do you mind emailing me regarding
Are they very strict on the requirement of having 5 years experience as an 'editor'? I have been an MT for 8 years but have only edited for a few months.
Would you mind emailing me too... sm
I've been thinking about applying there myself... thank you.
Try emailing or calling your former STM. nm
No communication? They are calling and emailing me
Allegiant MT - Would you be interested in emailing me?
I'd like to ask you some questions.  Thanks
Why don't you call your manager instead of just emailing? nm
Why only emailing you for answers, why so secreative?
Good luck with emailing that one
like a 12-year-old IM'ing her pals. How professional or NOT.  Unfortunatley this situation is not isolated as there have been many before you and surely will be many after.  No no communication, no nothing.  Some of us were just smart enough to get out while the getting was good. 
Hey shortcake, would you mind me emailing you about JLG?
Fatcat, I just tried emailing you, but it came back.

Could you email me, please?  Thanks! 

They contacted me within 30 minutes of emailing my resume!! nm
Did any of you try emailing or calling D herself? Perhaps things have changed sm

since I worked there, but it used to be you could talk to her and she would listen and make things right if she could.  Maybe she is not as much involved in those things anymore and it is mostly C handling things.  It just seemed worth a shot.  It is sad to see so many people unhappy and scared for their livelihoods. 

Good luck. 

Have you tried emailing Instant Text tech support? sm

Sometimes if it doesn't work exactly perfect they can send you a fix to make it work. The link is on their webpage somewhere and they have a forum where you can search, too.

Only took 5 min & my post re:dont waste time emailing