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You don't happen to know. Ask Debbie if you don't believe me! n/m

Posted By: Fact outsourced in past for sure on 2007-10-20
In Reply to: You're definitely out of the loop (sm) - TTer


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Sue and Debbie
Maybe if Sue would actually LEAVE things would be okay, but right now the company is going downhill FAST. Debbie is back AGAIN and with her disorganization things will NEVER change.

If you want to be happy with where you work (at least most of the time) then you need to continue looking because these two companies are not the places to work. Think about it, why are they always hiring more and more people? Itís called HIGH TURNOVER!
when was Debbie gone??nm
You should ask Debbie
Any concern especially with regard to below.... ask.
Is the air time card also called an express card? Do they have cards that you just pay a monthly fee for and not through your cell phone but like through a satellite dish or something?
Debbie is a schemer, nothing more!
I could swear when we first checked out her pay me to take surveys MLM scam site before she had previously worked at Bloomingdale's or Nordstroms, but I do not recall that she had worked there for 20 years or had worked anywhere for 20 years. Seems to me she had references from several people she had supposedly worked with from several different places all swearing up and down what a wonderful and qualified employee she was (too much so, if you get my drift). I don't recall ANY of those said jobs being QA positions, more like sales or clerical. She seems to have had a lot of jobs for someone her age who worked for 1 company for 20+ years.

My point here is that this gal was operating a pyramid scheme just a couple months ago. Her original site was Join here and pay $20 to take survey's about our MT business, and then refer people to me and you will get $5.00 per person who signs up under your name. I don't believe she is interested in any of this information being factual, she just wants to collect it (along with our personal data) so she can make money by selling it to God only knows whom, probably costing us our jobs or at the very least a whole lot of aggravation with e-mail boxes being filled with spam from other companies. Her only goal (in my opinion) is to make money in a marketing scheme. I guess she thinks the national MT companies are going to pay her for this data just because she collected it? She will claim its accuracy because she did a survey? I also find it odd that while she talks about QA this and QA that, it seems to me what she really means is quality control - and that is a big difference, odd she would not know the difference, isn't it?

Being a former Spheris employee myself, if she was as all that in the QA field, she should have started with them. I do wonder if she is still with them and, if not, then my guess is this is how she thinks she can make a living since, apparently, no other companies will have her?

One thing we all noted before, and it is rather apparent on her new site too, is that for someone who has been an MT for 3+ years and is supposedly as good as she claims herself to be, she sure makes a whole lot of errors.
I am really not sure, but I would contact Debbie and just ask.
her point is to thank Debbie.
Did you ever see Debbie Downer on SNL?
Debbie is no longer the owner.
The previous COO from Heartland is now the President and COO! Watch out! Major outsource lover...
No, higher. I think like 6 or 6.5 cpl. I would call Debbie and ask her.
E-mail your supervisor or Debbie and ask them!! nm
Debbie - please re-send the email
Debbie told me when she hired me
that she is more interested in the total line count than the hours. Pam I Yam and the other poster is correct - just put your regular shift instead of all the signing in and out stuff. The time card needs to show 40 hours but how many people take bathroom breaks and actually eat during the day? It's not a big deal!!!!! Put your regular shift in.
Debbie - there IS a slight glitch on the 2nd page - sm
where after you complete it, and click on CONTINUE, you get a message in red at the top left-hand corner stating answering that question is required. (Even though it HAS been answered). I figured out to just hit exit survey at the top, but was not sure if my answers were recorded or not. Anyway, that might need to be fixed, because it might cause people to give up and not finish or send the survey.

Thanks for publishing it - GREAT idea!
I find it hard to believe that Debbie "promised" you
So is Transtech the first company you ever worked at that had slow periods? Didn't think so.
Debbie Hood is the HR person -- give her a call. nm

If you want to know the real scoop, always better to just ask.  Someone might pay me $20 a report (okay, in my dreams) and someone else something else.   I understand when people come here and want to know things a recruiter or HR person cannot or will not tell you, such as quality and quantity of dictation and dictators, reliability of being paid on time and such.  But if you want to know specifics of how much per report/line, what kind of bennies, direct deposit or no, etc ... why not just write an email or pick up the phone and ASK?


This is not meant to be rude or anything.  I just am curious.  When I signed on with a company, I saw posts saying 10 cpl was the ceiling and a bunch of other user-specific information that had nothing to do with what I was offered.  I made 11-1/2 cpl AND they paid my long distance.  A lot has to do with bargaining skills and what you have to offer.



I hope Debbie "outs" the entire greedy -nm
Might I suggest that you adjust your hours a little and talk to Debbie. (sm)
see if that helps get you through the crunch.  I guarantee it won't last long.
Call the office and ask to speak w/ Debbie Hood
Any current info on Debbie Hicks/Psychtrans?

Couldn't find anything in the archives that hadn't been deleted.  Any info on this person/company? Good/bad or otherwise? TIA

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MTStars Team

No one will post account names here. Call Debbie or your supervisor. nm

TransTech is a good company. Debbie is the owner and a good one at that! nm
I don't think that could happen at....
Heartland, only because they already have 2 Indian facilities plus a domestic team? Do you think?
It can happen anywhere...
We were told so many lies by the woman who owned our company, who stayed to run it after she sold it.  And the lies told by the company who bought the company were just outrageous.  I never would have believed this could have happened, or that the former owner would have become so dishonest and manipulative.  It was to the point where no one in the company trusted people we'd known and worked with for years.  It was really awful and it can happen in any company.  I hope it doesn't happen to you at Heartland but look at what's gone on there in the past few years.  How much turnover has there been in upper management?  If the president, who founded the company, was fired, why do you think anyone at the parent company cares about you?  They care about one thing and that is $$$$$$$$$.
When did this happen??
I have been with them for quite a while and have not heard anything yet.  Would not surprise me though....I'll have to think about whether to cooperate with this or not.  I already know I'm nuts....ha :)
That did happen....

.....at the end of 2004 into 2005 that did happen with my company.  It was not an issue of the company not being able to pay, they were trying to get set up with direct deposit at the time.  I was a fairly new employee and my first check arrived without problem.  My second and third ones did not arrive but when I brought it to their attention, they immediately wired the money to me.  Once all the paperwork and computer set up was taken care of for direct deposit, we've had no trouble since.  I was rather upset and concerned at the time too, but the people were so down to earth and kind I just knew they would make it right and they did.

If you'd like to email to see if we are talking about the same company, please feel free.

Will NEVER happen
Does this happen often??? because
I was going to use their online application to apply for a job today!
Unfortunately, what seems to happen
on these boards is that certain people feel that it is their way or no way. We are all entitled to post our opinion about a company. I personally would prefer to hear all of the comments, good and bad. I won't base my decisions on what others say but will certainly pay attention to what is said. There is no point in any one getting offensive. If you don't like what is said about your company, then don't read it, but just because you don't like it does not mean that it is a false statement. We each have the right to express our opinion on this board; that's what we do and there is nothing preventing you from not reading it. There is no point in beating the issue to death.
Did this happen to all QA
Did this happen to all QA or just a few
Would you happen to know if (SM)

you must use their computer euipment?  TIA. 

Does this happen often?
I just started with TT and so far I haven't run out yet, but I'm only part time. I was thinking about going full time, but not if there isn't any work to do.
,,,it can happen. nm
When did this happen? sm
When I was there they only had one plan that was hugely expensive and no one bothered to ask if you wanted to sign up, although perhaps they assumed (rightly so in my case as a newbie) that one would not be able to make the minimum lines in 30 days.
How did that happen?
had this happen too
first time gave the benefit of the doubt, they replied to my second email regarding the test saying someone else did better - then sent another test needed back right away - and lo and behold someone else did better but did I want to test again on yet another account. I called them on it - and even questioned here about this particular company but no one said a word except of course some people who worked there for years although I never heard of them before. Wonder if it is the same company??????
did you happen to
a job with DSG, Presynct (CMT Corp), OSi, or Transcend? I wish someone would be willing to give me helpful info about these companies.
not going to happen
Acusis US does NOT outsource to India.  The account they are taking from us will not allow them to outsource to any country but the the good ol' USA.
Would you happen to know
Is there a way to put a backspace before a ShortHand entry? For example a backspace before -year-old female? Thanks for any help--very appreciated.
Had the same happen..
Have vonage phone line (not cable) and same thing happens.
Like that is really going to happen. nm

Here is what I think will happen
Qualified US MTs will leave the profession due to low pay which is the result of EMR and VR. The clients who want quality will be left with overseas transcription companies. They will find that unacceptable and will come back looking for those qualifed MTs who left the profession and offer more money. It will take a while but this is what I see happening. Just my $.02 worth.
Did something happen
to make you think you are being let go? I had a friend that was just let go last week. She got an email from the Manager asking why her phone call wasn't returned. She never received a call, nothing on the caller ID or voice mail. When she emailed the manager back, you got an email saying she was being let go because she didn't return her phone call, what the heck?? I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the emails myself. I saw below where someone else was laid off from the same company recently, so maybe she is just using different tactics - crazy!!
how did that happen?
I thought it was hard to get fired from TT. What'd you DO?! (Hoping to avoid the same fate.) Thank you.
well it did happen and you could have sm
knocked me over with a feather because I didn't expect it either. Personally I didn't say a word until fair warning put her post on here. That clicked that it wasn't just me. Then a couple more people had the same problem.

I guess the real clincher is the person who called the Labor Board and then LM wound up sending their check. Who knows why these companies do this. Just because it hasn't happened to you, doesn't mean it didn't happen. I am living proof that it did!
YES this will happen sm
I use WP12 I think it is, to open up my Word documents while MedRite is open. This version allows you to save your files as a Word2000 file, very quick conversion too. I have done this for about 3 years in MedRite. I build normals in WP12, save was a Word2000 document and then I can insert them into MedRite as needed, always works.
Exactly. Plus what will also happen is the (sm)
experienced MTs will be flying through the reports just to be able to make SOME kind of money for the day, not giving any attention to quality. I have to admit I have done it before, just so I can get in my lines. And there again, medical records are in jeopardy. It just seems like a vicious cycle they (the MTSOs) are creating.

What do you think would happen if.....

eventually NO American MTs or QA people worked for any MTSO, and American MTs were ALL independent contractors?   Hospitals and clinics would have only 2 choices:  

1)  A cheap MTSO, which meant 100% Indian transcription and Indian QA, or

2)  Using ICs for their all or certain portions of their work.  Possibly several, sending cardiology to cardiology IC specialists, radiology to radiology IC specialists, etc.  It would cost them more up front, but the work would be far higher quality. 

Black or white.  ONLY choice.  Obviously some would go with the McMTSOs, but don't you think the more highly respected clients (large clinics like Mayo, Scripps; teaching hospitals like UCLA, etc.), would want the quality and accountability of an IC?


I wonder what will happen...
with the new VR system? It is supposed to have continuous adaptation and learn after every report instead of only when it is done manually every once in a while. Management touts this as a great tool to improve quality, but it seems as though we will also have to be cleaning up everyone else's garbage a lot more often (reports done by MTs with poor quality).  
What will happen? Well,
I expect we'll be treated to another lecture on not using the mouse (frustrating, because I never use the mouse unless forced to, unless there are literally no Keystrokes available for the task I need to perform), as if that were the magic bullet to solve all problems.

Forgive me! Feeling a little cynical this morning. It'll pass. :D

One thing I'm certain of: There is no way to do 500 lines/hour of VR when the VR software is underperforming like this and has omitted significant portions of the report. At that point, an Editor not only is not editing (there being no material to edit), but is having to slow down his/her listening in order to catch what went missing.

Production speed isn't everything. It'd be nice to see more support from mgmt for emphasizing quality, imo. But that's a whole 'nother can of worms, isn't it?