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I hope Debbie "outs" the entire greedy -nm

Posted By: healthcare industry. on 2007-06-18
In Reply to: This survey does NOT ask for any -nm - personal information, it's anon.


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    He is GREEDY!!!
    From his name, he is not an American born citizen. He's helping their poverty. They speak EXCELLENT ENGLISH?? LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot BELIEVE you would expect a Christmas gift from your employer. I have been in healthcare for 30 years at various institutions and companies and have NEVER gotten a Christmas gift or bonus...
    I agree with you. This What's in it for me attitude is disheartening. How many of us think of giving to or doing something FOR our employer? I am just grateful to have a job in this economy. That is my Christmas present.
    Sue and Debbie
    Maybe if Sue would actually LEAVE things would be okay, but right now the company is going downhill FAST. Debbie is back AGAIN and with her disorganization things will NEVER change.

    If you want to be happy with where you work (at least most of the time) then you need to continue looking because these two companies are not the places to work. Think about it, why are they always hiring more and more people? Itís called HIGH TURNOVER!
    when was Debbie gone??nm
    You should ask Debbie
    Any concern especially with regard to below.... ask.
    Is the air time card also called an express card? Do they have cards that you just pay a monthly fee for and not through your cell phone but like through a satellite dish or something?
    oops...not about GREEDY but... sm
    My subject line looks like I'm saying Who isn't greedy? LOL ! My post is referring to the Acusis CEO not being an American. (Whether or not he's *greedy* remains to be seen.)
    What's greedy is when people
    are always thinking about what they can GET rather than what they can GIVE. Gimme, gimme, gimme......

    And MTSOs don't have greedy CEOs??  Who pushes outsourcing, VR, MT pay cuts, etc?  Not the hospitals!  The AAMT, et.al. have been around a long time before the MT industry went sour.  And who is the greedy middleman who saw a fast buck to be made with MTs?  Not the hospitals. (Guess who the middleman who's making that buck is.)  Does it makes sense that hospitals would pay their other employees the going wage for their respective positions and have a hand in undercutting only the MTs.  They (hospitals) have no direct say in our salaries.  Sure, they will try to obtain the most cost-effective contracts, whether MT, cleaning personnel, cafeteria workers, etc.  Who wouldn't?  Do you hear their employees blaming the hospitals when they're not paid prime wage?  They're making top $$$.  Let's put blame where blame is due!

    You state that if hospital CEOs weren't so greedy, the poor MTSOs could pay their MTs more.  DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THAT, IF THAT WERE THE CASE, THE MTSOs WOULD PASS ON THE EXTRA BUCKS TO THEIR MTs???  Really?  Don't you think they'd put it in their own greedy little pockets?? ( If you're not a MTSO yourself) ... think about what makes more sense!


    I don't think MTSO's are greedy
    I think some may be greedy, but many others are probably trying very hard to juggle variable workloads with variable staff.

    I know. I am an MT now, but was an MTSO - it's not nearly as easy as people might think.

    We have to remember not to paint them all with the same brush...
    Debbie is a schemer, nothing more!
    I could swear when we first checked out her pay me to take surveys MLM scam site before she had previously worked at Bloomingdale's or Nordstroms, but I do not recall that she had worked there for 20 years or had worked anywhere for 20 years. Seems to me she had references from several people she had supposedly worked with from several different places all swearing up and down what a wonderful and qualified employee she was (too much so, if you get my drift). I don't recall ANY of those said jobs being QA positions, more like sales or clerical. She seems to have had a lot of jobs for someone her age who worked for 1 company for 20+ years.

    My point here is that this gal was operating a pyramid scheme just a couple months ago. Her original site was Join here and pay $20 to take survey's about our MT business, and then refer people to me and you will get $5.00 per person who signs up under your name. I don't believe she is interested in any of this information being factual, she just wants to collect it (along with our personal data) so she can make money by selling it to God only knows whom, probably costing us our jobs or at the very least a whole lot of aggravation with e-mail boxes being filled with spam from other companies. Her only goal (in my opinion) is to make money in a marketing scheme. I guess she thinks the national MT companies are going to pay her for this data just because she collected it? She will claim its accuracy because she did a survey? I also find it odd that while she talks about QA this and QA that, it seems to me what she really means is quality control - and that is a big difference, odd she would not know the difference, isn't it?

    Being a former Spheris employee myself, if she was as all that in the QA field, she should have started with them. I do wonder if she is still with them and, if not, then my guess is this is how she thinks she can make a living since, apparently, no other companies will have her?

    One thing we all noted before, and it is rather apparent on her new site too, is that for someone who has been an MT for 3+ years and is supposedly as good as she claims herself to be, she sure makes a whole lot of errors.
    You don't happen to know. Ask Debbie if you don't believe me! n/m
    I am really not sure, but I would contact Debbie and just ask.
    her point is to thank Debbie.
    Did you ever see Debbie Downer on SNL?
    transcend used to be good but they got too greedy -
    too many Indians, too much crappy voice recognition that is not even close, a horrible platform that has multiple problems, line counts that are always a hours to a day late (reminds me of another company where no matter what I did I could never get over 1000 lines over the required minimum counts), and the nastiest ROMs in the business. You can have your transcend.
    So you DO expect something - even a card. GREEDY !!
    Fortunately, not all companies are so greedy that they
    use VR to cut the line rate for MTs. Hopefully these experienced MTs who make more money doing straight transcription rather than the pay cut that comes with VR will find a better company to work for. For those like you who apparently never made that much doing straight transcription & enjoy VR, then more power to you, but why freak out on those who don't want the pay cut? Let them find a company who isn't trying to screw over the MTs by cutting their line rate for the same amount of work.
    Which companies aren't that greedy? nm
    Now that the greedy corporations who offshore
    our work have driven down our wages, not to mention risking patient safety, it really makes me rethink/regret my career choice. This used to be a great job.
    It's not that they are greedy, they are bidding on jobs to low
    The one company I worked for literally bid 7 and 11 cpl for a VR account and were only paying the MTs 4 and 8. That is the real problem. These docs/hospitals want rock bottom rates and there are so many MTSOs out there competing for these accounts that they are bidding us all into the poor house. JM2
    No, it IS that they're greedy! These people want
    ALL the accounts! At all costs! They think by 'dominating' the industry by taking as many accounts as they can get, that it makes them a better company. But how do they make a profit with those lowball bids? Off the backs of the MT.

    Greedy, greedy, greedy, GREEDY!
    All the big (which means GREEDY!) MTSOs
    there was some way to blow the whistle on these guys and either get the rules for the MTSO industry changed, or else have these oinkers put out of business entirely.
    Only problem is, the big greedy fish are
    or undercutting them so badly they can't compete. And when you finally wipe out all the competition, what do you have?

    Debbie is no longer the owner.
    The previous COO from Heartland is now the President and COO! Watch out! Major outsource lover...
    No, higher. I think like 6 or 6.5 cpl. I would call Debbie and ask her.
    E-mail your supervisor or Debbie and ask them!! nm
    Debbie - please re-send the email
    Debbie told me when she hired me
    that she is more interested in the total line count than the hours. Pam I Yam and the other poster is correct - just put your regular shift instead of all the signing in and out stuff. The time card needs to show 40 hours but how many people take bathroom breaks and actually eat during the day? It's not a big deal!!!!! Put your regular shift in.
    Look what greedy, inept management and lack of
    Greed is NOT good.
    Debbie - there IS a slight glitch on the 2nd page - sm
    where after you complete it, and click on CONTINUE, you get a message in red at the top left-hand corner stating answering that question is required. (Even though it HAS been answered). I figured out to just hit exit survey at the top, but was not sure if my answers were recorded or not. Anyway, that might need to be fixed, because it might cause people to give up and not finish or send the survey.

    Thanks for publishing it - GREAT idea!
    I find it hard to believe that Debbie "promised" you
    So is Transtech the first company you ever worked at that had slow periods? Didn't think so.
    If that is not what she meant, and she was just talking about greedy business people, then...
    why did she feel the need to say that the business person was Arabian? If she was just talking about greedy business people, then why would his nationality matter?

    See my point?
    Ha -- good for you. If more people stood up to the greedy cheats, maybe sm
    we wouldn't be facing this now.  I miss the day of the gross line, but that's hard to find anymore, and if you do find it, even then sometimes they try to cheat you and make it a 100-character line .. sheesh (okay, I exaggerate a tad, but only a tad).
    Ha -- good for you. If more people stood up to the greedy cheats, maybe sm
    we wouldn't be facing this now.  I miss the day of the gross line, but that's hard to find anymore, and if you do find it, even then sometimes they try to cheat you and make it a line with no margins  .. sheesh (okay, I exaggerate a tad, but only a tad).
    Debbie Hood is the HR person -- give her a call. nm

    If you want to know the real scoop, always better to just ask.  Someone might pay me $20 a report (okay, in my dreams) and someone else something else.   I understand when people come here and want to know things a recruiter or HR person cannot or will not tell you, such as quality and quantity of dictation and dictators, reliability of being paid on time and such.  But if you want to know specifics of how much per report/line, what kind of bennies, direct deposit or no, etc ... why not just write an email or pick up the phone and ASK?


    This is not meant to be rude or anything.  I just am curious.  When I signed on with a company, I saw posts saying 10 cpl was the ceiling and a bunch of other user-specific information that had nothing to do with what I was offered.  I made 11-1/2 cpl AND they paid my long distance.  A lot has to do with bargaining skills and what you have to offer.



    Might I suggest that you adjust your hours a little and talk to Debbie. (sm)
    see if that helps get you through the crunch.  I guarantee it won't last long.
    Call the office and ask to speak w/ Debbie Hood
    Any current info on Debbie Hicks/Psychtrans?

    Couldn't find anything in the archives that hadn't been deleted.  Any info on this person/company? Good/bad or otherwise? TIA

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    MTStars Team

    What's greedy about it? Have always received xmas gifts/bonus as employee
    No one will post account names here. Call Debbie or your supervisor. nm

    I think it is the entire company.
    Starts at the top. I am truly amazed they are still in business.
    IMO, I think the ENTIRE MT INDUSTRYhas become
    Yes they did. However, should expect it, since entire co is
    The entire ad is an insult - nm
    well it's kind of taken over the entire

    how about listening to an entire conversation -
    either on the telephone or to someone else in the room, you have to listen to make sure he doesn't remember to start back on his note.  I even heard a conversation about myself when I was in a hospital setting. They haven't a clue what is recording.
    You need to read the entire thread
    then you would know that I only drew the difference in what I made and what my weekly unemployment amount was - and applied for other jobs - offered a lot of IC work, but I already had that.
    For the entire 8 weeks you've been there?!

    Speaking strictly for weekends, she's probably not working, and has forwarded her calls to the help desk, where they could put you in touch with the weekend supervisors, if need be.  But I truly doubt she's ignored you the whole time you've worked there.  She's simply not like that.  She has answered every email I've ever sent her, and always answers her phone during her normal weekday.  My supe has an usual name that starts with D, same as yours, right?

    I still have never run out of work the entire 1.5 yrs I have worked sm
    there (with the exception of the holidays), and every single time I have asked to be put on another (additional) account, they have happily done so.