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Thought I sent to I donít think they type at all

Posted By: Older broad on 2009-04-24
In Reply to: If you emailed the one who called you - ?

and said they smell management. That is who I tried to send to but then again could have sent that to a host of messages here, couldnít I? Go back and count just how many people are accusing VR people of being plants, management.

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I actually thought of that. I even thought of trying to go back to MQ part-time!! (sm)
I just wonder about hours at a second company.  I work days (and some nights) with this company.  I have a set schedule but with the no work situtation I've been on the computer at all hours of the day and night.  Right now I have no work, so I would love to jump on at a company #2 and start working.  Do you have to have set hours at your company #2?  Thanks for the suggestion.
Webmedx watches every min you type or don't type.
I personally didn't like logging off to go to the bathroom or get a drink or whatever. Drove me nuts. They were too regimented for me. Not sure if you are aware they do that. Part of working at home is the flexibility and they just weren't. Good Luck
All Type
Would you please share what you love about working there? Enough work, flexible schedule, good people to work with, fair pay scale??? Would like to hear more specifics, if possible. Thank you.
Can you type?
You did not capatalize the first letter in a sentence and did not put an "s" on a word that needed it.
wow, you type?
If I were you, I guess I would love any company that would hire me with that spelling, grammar, and punctuation!
so you get 2 cpl if you type ....
16000 lines plus quarterly bonuses?  Do you have to meet 99% accuracy and have you been able to get the 2 cpl ever? The reason I am asking, lots of rumors that quaterly bonus will be cut, I don't think so, just think they are going to give extra incentive for accuracy, but will be difficult to get. (like spheris)
i type on both....
my favorite is Extext. Fast program in word-based platform.
USA type
Please give info on this company . TIA
The absolute worst....don't go there!!
Do your best to type everything you sm
can understand, and blank the rest. We are transcriptionists not interpreters. If they are going to live and work in the US, they need to learn how to speak our language correctly (although some do a better job than some US docs). They have no trouble with dollars and cents, or with the universal salute (which is what I think of all of it and globalism)
Can anybody tell me what type of
software you use for you line counting when billing for doing a private acct? I am so confused. Thanks. I would appreciate it so much.
and I cannot type
sorry, should have been directories
All Type
A friend of mine has worked for them for years.  From what she says they are an honest reliable company and she enjoys working for them.
All Type

I have heard, from a friend who works at All Type, that it is a good company.  They have a lot of accounts but mainly ESL dictators.  Some accounts have so many rules it is hard to keep track of them all, i.e., certain dictators use this form and then others use that form, etc., etc.  Also, they off-shore work, they will tell you if you ask but it is not something that they voluntarily reveal. 


I did a search for Probity: 

Probity Medical Transcription
3719 Falkstone Dr, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
(717) 732-5302


Probity lists membership in both MTIA and AAMT. I do not see any information relative to how long they have been in business, which is something I always want to know before signing up.   



Does anyone have any current information about All-Type?  Thanks.
Could anyone give info about All-Type?
Does anyone have current information about All-Type?
All Type is looking for QA, too. nm
TRS vs All Type
I'm hoping to find help in deciding which company to switch to - All Type or Transcription Relief.  Can't find archives on either here.  Wondering about ESL percentage, pay, etc.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks
All Type

All Type is a good company to work for.  I have read the posts and know of no such situations at this company.  The owner has an open door policy and she will listen and address any concerns anyone has about her company. 

The bottom line is, when you apply for a job from an ad, READ THE AD, its specific about what companies need to fill their openings.  If you can't work that shift, don't apply.  And realize that acute care is not 12-24 hour turn around times, not Monday-Friday, and certainly not hop on and hop off, who ever said it was?  Go back to the doctors office where there's no formal QA process, oh don't get me started on that one! The people out there that think they are MTs because they worked in a doctors office, and apply to nationals, and then get upset when they fail their QA because, oh gee I have 15 years experience, but I never knew the difference between trade and generic!  And you've been at this hour long????  Or tell me your an acute care MT and you don't transcribe op notes, then you're not an acute care MT!  Acute care is defined as BASIC 4, which is OP NOTES!  Or tell us you don't type ESL!  Where you've been?

MTs in this country have brought offshoring on themselves by being divas, and wanting to work Monday-Friday 5 a.m. to 1 p.m., refusing to work weekends, refusing to work a holiday, refusing to work in the evening, and wanting to get up in the middle of the day and go to soccer games, or some other event that in a normal setting you would plan your JOB around your life, and because we work at home, for some reason, people believe that gives them the license to do their laundry and dishes all day, clean house, down load jobs, and then leave and go shopping.  Working at home is no different than working in a hospital, clinic, or any medical facility, you work your scheduled days and hours, and plan your life around your job.  Everyone wants to get up and go get the kids, do you see people working in offices going to get kids from school, and then coming back?  That's what they made school buses for, or car pools when buses are not around.  Or any other activity, it seems having a good work ethic in this country has gone out the window, and most do not take their jobs seriously,and when things do not go their way, they get up here and post on these boards, information that is highly suspect, embellish and down right lie to make a company look bad because medical transcription is not what they were promised in school with the kid hanging over your shoulder while you type, and being able to make a gzillion dollars your first month.  MT is like any other job, if you work you make money, but you have to keep you BUTT in the chair and work!

I was never one for offshoring, and was totally against if for years, but at least the offshores SHOW UP FOR work, work their shift, and provide as good or better quality than what we are seeing from what we have on our home shores.  We created offshoring, so all of you MTs out there who want Monday-Friday, won't work weekends, nights, holidays, and want to take off in the middle of your shift because it's game season and expect the company to work their work flow around your schedule, get a life or another profession, and then, just maybe offshore might go away.  This is a real job !

I work 2nd shift for All Type, work my scheduled hours, and I make good money with this company, and I get my PTO, and my benefits, which are better than most companies.  Some companies are not for everyone, depending on what your needs are, but All Type is for me because trust me I've tried them all!  The ones that have the platforms that you have to literally wade thru different screens before you can type, the ones that promise you're getting paid for spaces, when you aren't, the ones that have platforms they own that were developed by the IT departments that are clueless when it comes to transcribing, the ones that want you to 'work off the clock' to get your lines, forget that, you pay me overtime or I don't work!  The ones that have managers that are control freaks, and are nasty day in and day out, the ones with the QA programs that no one could pass, need I go on?  All Type is fair and honest, and they pay a living wage.  They value their good MTs, and have gone out of their way more than once for me, and I am staying put.


All Type
Pay is always on time. Tech support not good. Always running out of work.
All Type
QA pay is production, I believe 3.5 cpl (will not be easy to make a living). You might want to take a look at the previous posts; sounds like a lot of people were not happy with them.
All Type
I have been with them a little over a month now.  I'm an IC.  I am very happy so far with this company.
Type Right
Anyone have any info on Type Right?  Good, bad, pay?  TIA!
type right
Mine dont either. I ever tried opening them up in express scribe and it says they are corrupt. Did anyone get any files that open?
Type Right?

Has anyone heard of a company called Type Right?

Type Right
I couldn't open their voice files either.  I sent them an e-mail stating that, but have not heard back.
Type Right
I tried to open files and my computer froze up, actually to control-alt-delete.
Type Right
I just got a pop up invitation to test wav files sent to me and I don't remember applying with them. I went looking and I found them way back on MTStars Job Seekers Board...they waited long enough to contact me..LOL!
Type Right
I got mine to open with Express Scribe and they were 4, 6, and 7 minutes long. Sounds like they are trying to get us to do their work for free by having us test. No thanks! I think I will skip this testing process.
Type Right
I got 2 test files that I cannot open and they send me an email back just stating I don't know why you can't open the files.  You would think they would send the files again or as it looks they may want someone to do the work for them.  Your opinions??
to type.
Been there over a month, lack of work has not been an issue at all
All Type, Inc
Any one know anything about All Type, Inc?
All Type

I have just been recently offered a position as an Editor for All Type and would like some feedback from current or past editor employees of this company.  I have checked the archives, but would like to find out more regarding pay as i have never been paid per line, but only by report.  What is the normal rate per line for an editor?  I would appreciated any information.  I can also be contacted at cafrank6@neo.rr.com.  Thank you in advance.

All Type
Eek! Please keep looking! I worked for them several years ago and it was awful. They were so nice while I was training in office, then Jekyll changed to Hyde!
All Type Inc.
I currently work for All Type Inc. since 08/2007.  I have been a medical Transcriptionist since 1982 and, like most of us, have gone from job-to-job due to being unhappy with one thing or another.  I have to say, I have never been treated better by any other company as I have been with them.  The benefits, pay, plenty of work, overtime, with great management, in-house staff, and QA staff who are always there to help out in any way they can, I couldn't ask for more.  But, I was given more a few weeks ago, a fantastic pay raise, which of course added to my already overall happiness with the company and I hope to be with them for a long time to come!  
All Type
Hey Sassy - I will see you there. I just started 30 days ago actually exactly today! They are fantastic and I love the platform - easy to get to the demos and everything! I have worked for 20+ years but I hate QA so I am glad you will be there checking my work! Please go easy on ol' Nanny, lol Can't wait to 'see' you there, again, they are great at least so far and I have never read a bad thing about them - they beat the 'suits' all to heck, lol
All Type
Does anyone work for All Type?  I have seen their ad and would like information on them.
All Type, INC
Anyone ever worked for this company?  Any infor on it?
All Type
I work for them now and I highly recommend them to anyone including a member of my family.  Straight typing, no voice recog., lots of work, good pay, great company!  9/10 rating by me - no company is a #10 but this comes close.
all type
I met someone a couple of weeks ago that worked for them.  She said they didn't give time off for anything and if you took time off you had to make it up.  She finally quit.
I mean 5.5 cents a line. Duh!
All-Type Anyone?

Anyone have any recent info on All-Type and RAD work?  Good, bad, ugly?

All -type

They are coming back to me with all kinds of offers so I think they are desperate. Thanks for the info.

anybody out there work for all type?  How is their platform.  Do they pay on time? Do they pay any extra for working holidays? How is the QA staff and the insurance?  TIA. (I know lots of questions, but I would like as much info as possible before leaving current employer).  TIA.
all type

Question:  How is the work load at All type in Radiology? Do they constantly run out of work?

All type
She is the recruiter for All Type. She's the one who tested me and whom I sent all my paperwork to. What the frig? What a bunch of whack jobs y'all are.
All Type
I have worked for All Type for years and there is no better place to be!
All Type
Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with All Type?  I am an Editor looking into employment with them. 
I've been reading some horrifying claims about the recruiter at All-Type.  In general, though, are the All-Type MTs happy there?