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Oh, please, just stop with that crap right now and tell the truth.

Posted By: Another TT MT on 2009-04-23
In Reply to: BALONEY - Going thru

YOU are the one who cannot do!  Straight transcription, that is.  If you type like 5 lines per hour, I can see how VR would benefit you.  Otherwise, it is a waste of time and money--to the MT.  Admit it, you type very slow with no macros or templates, don't you? 

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Stop the mudslinging crap about all companies. If you have a legitimate complaint and

can BACK IT UP, then feel free to post, however if all you want to do is consistently mudsling with no real facts, take it somewhere else.

if someone puts up with crap for 5 years... they deserve the crap!! good grief... grow a set and get
Sure thing...M.M. Hate to trash a person personally but the truth is the truth. nm
Star Stop works better than express scribe. If you want start Stop, yea it is kind of sm
expensive. I wish they did pay their QA hourly as I think they would see better quality work, but they per line and it is higher than the other person posted.

I have never had a problem with management, so I am unfamiliar with what the other person experienced with management.

Pay is always on time (most of the time early). I like the software. I guess you just have to see if it fits for you.
Stop taking these insulting wages and they will stop offering them.
or they know the truth and the truth hurts. NM
Sad but true. You're asked to work NOW, then asked to stop NOW, then go again and then stop
If you dont get off the minute the hospital asks, even if you have no idea that they have requested that your to be off, then the hospital MTs steal your work right out of your queue and I mean reports you have already done. I dont understand the concept of having a contract with a hospital and then having to fight for work with the hospital MTs. We should have guaranteed work during our shift and enough of the the hospital wants you to help right now and then a few hours later they want us to stop working as the work is too low. It is crazy and I couldnt work like that so I had to quit.
Most hospitals don't know anything about the option of using overseas MTs. The MTSOs who offshore try to sell the hospitals on it by glorifying the savings. The MTSO benefits because they earn a higher profit margin.

You say that most MTSOs only send out work that their US MTs cannot do?????? Do you hear yourself? If an MTSO has an excess of work that their current staff is unable to complete in a timely manner, all they have to do is hire more US MTs. There is no excuse of offshoring. MTSO offshore because they choose to...bottom line. This gives them more money to line their pockets with.

I have worked as an Editor for a company who offshores. The quality of the work was laughable. I absolutely could not believe my eyes. The work that the overseas MTs produced is not wort the half a penny per line that the MTSOs pay them.
Crap. Yes with an E :) nm
They are Crap
They dont have any management skills, they are loosing every one these days. SO CRAPY ..
I don't think of them as crap
I think of them as human beings who provide bread and butter for me and for my family.
You know what - they do look like crap

The few I've seen that have been computer generated look utterly different than the way we typed 'em.  Actually its pretty infuriating that all the things that QA picked at us about have just been thrown out the window along with our jobs.  Obviously the facility never gave a hoot about consistent report format, BOS rules, etc.  Its demoralizing  that we worked so hard to make those reports perfect and now the facility gladly accepts messy garbage from a computer in order not to pay us, and the heck with patient care and accuracy.  The computer won't save their butts when they say the wrong thing in a report - the error will just stand as dictated.  I hope they enjoy presenting those documents in court for all the lawsuits they'll get down the road - and I'm sure it'll cost them more in court costs than it did to pay us.

Why is it that they'd rather pay ANYBODY - IT people, lawyers, wronged patients, etc. than to pay an MT?

Vianeta = Crap
I don't buy the $33+ an hour crap.
A lot of the crap schools do

take that as truth.  I know I certainly did not.  There are schools that cannot get you a foot in the door, let alone promise that you can make those amounts.

Then there are schools like Career Step who have information about grads who did/do make that amount...but they don't promise it and have never promised that their grads would make that wage. 

It is very possible, but for a lot of us, it's not. We cannot really blame that on the schools. We need to blame ourselves and the companies for the the 5-7 cents a line that we settle for because, like all families, we need to feed our children and pay our bills.

I see it with colleges. You can make this much in this field, you can make that much in that field. It all depends on where you work, how productive you are, what state you are in, tons of factors. Same is true with MT, too many factors.

Nothing is ever promised, especially in this line of work.

I am just happy to have a job that I love, that I am able to have the opportunity to stay at home with my young daughter, have deductions come tax season. 

Hey, I made more waitressing than I did doing transcription my first year, but does that mean I want to go back to waitressing? Not a chance.  I could have made more at McDonalds, in fact, but do I want to deal with that crap?  Not really. 

I am thrilled about being an MT and would not trade it for the world and certainly didn't buy into the get rich scheme that a lot of those schools throw our way. 

It's a shame that schools have to use that as a way to get people to attend, but it works..and let me tell you, I have plenty of people that have never ever done transcription that tell me what a cake job my job is, you've all heard it before.. I CAN DO THAT, ALL YOU DO IS TYPE

...and THOSE are the people that get backed into the corner by these schools thinkin that this is going to be something that they just type and can throw out lines like crazy and make that $40,000 a year....because we all know, MT is EASY... psshhh.  Those schools should have to provide proof and stats.

A crap shoot
Trust nothing from Spheris. You could luck out and get a decent manager and account, but it's a crap shoot. I don't have enough time, energy, or room to describe that circus. I can't believe most of them can sleep at night. Certainly you could find a few nice people and accounts to make your life tolerable, but suffice it to say, the culture is atrocious. I don't believe I ever received a straight answer from anyone in that place about anything of an important nature, and usually, the inquiries are just blatantly ignored. They could give a rip about the quality that goes to the client which made me crazy. Everyone is managed en masse. The platform I worked on was friendly. I can say that.
Sorry, but would not put up with that crap for any amount of $$$
I believe that everyone else is dumping the crap on you
That should not be allowed but I think MTs are skipping jobs. The same thing happened to me lately. I don't think it's TT management. It's just lazy MTs who don't want the bother, so they cancel the job and keep trying until they get a better one, or sign out, blaming internet problems. Maybe today will be better.
The same crap is happening to me - sm
You wouldn't be working a company based out of Chicago, would you be?
Exactly!!! the archives are crap for sure...nm
Im with you. I came to TT from the MQ crap and would love...
to make it work, but I dont think it is going to happen. I have questioned a few things and feel from reading elsewhere that I have been blatantly lied to. Last week was my most frustrating. I did make line count, but 2 accts, a mix of VR and traditional, and no kids or family, so I sit and wait all day every day pretty much. My pay check makes me cry. I am taking a second job today, AAMOF. It wont pay all my bills, but Im going to try anyway.

I have not been at TT long enough to be a fave of anyone, let alone mentioning initials. How would anyone know if they have faves or if there is just way less work or the work is being done way faster?
What crap. I get so tired of someone

who says you must not be very good, are slacking, etc. when someone complains about their company.  I worked for KS and there were whole weeks where there was no work on one of my accounts.  They account was an overflow account only, which I wasn't told about when I was hired, and if things were slow then we didn't get any work. 

Just because you are overwhelmed with work on your account, doesn't mean another account isn't slow.  We have been on daily OT for months with my current company, but this week we are running out of work, most likely due to the holiday.  But prior to the OT there were accounts with very little work, with other accounts having more work than there were MTs trained for the account.   Just because someone doesn't have work doesn't mean they are a bad MT and I think even saying it when you don't know the facts reflects very badly on you. 

True, the economy has taken a whipping for the last 3 quarters or so -- recession as of last fall, less than a year, so how do you blame the continuing DECREASE in MT salary since the last 10-20 years?  Or maybe figure we dumb MTs can't add or put 1+1 together.  You middlemen/suits/MTSOs have been making a FORTUNE off of the back and sweat of hard-working, underpaid MTs or years and years (otherwise, you'd be in a different line of work, wouldn't you?) and you darned well know it.  So stop blaming the current economy!  What was your excuse 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 years ago?
Crap. I saw M-F and was going to apply. nm
It's true that the new MTs get stuck w/ crap
I found that to be true and got nowhere when I asked to be moved. The person who started this thread is making the right decision by leaving and so am I.
Well, crap. I was just recently hired

by DSG and have heard only good things from folks nice enough to answer my posts on here.

I'm quitting my full-time job (with a steady paycheck) to work from home with DSG. Gosh, I hope and pray that I make enough money!!! I committed to 1000 lpd and will be IC status Monday when I start.

HELP!! Now I'm scared!! Good luck to you, though.

This sounds like the crap they used to pull
They would constantly run out of work - making it impossible to make quota, then would mail out nasty little letters about not making quota and threatening to reduce me to part-time and take away my benefits - when it was THEIR fault in the first place for not having enough work. Finally they lost all of my accounts, a chain of hospitals in Tennessee, so I quit. That has been a few years ago. It used to be horrible working there, and this sounds like the stuff they put me through.
What crap! I get my lines in and they ask me to work
extra all the time.  There is no way to indicate OT, just total lines, at least on my accounts.  Everything I say can be documented.   You need to get your facts straight before you start throwing that BS around.
I get the same crap here all the time & Sick of it! nm
It's basically a crap shoot, IMO

It sounds like you have a good impression of both companies, but the one seems to be more organized than the other.  Go with your gut.  I find that's a tactic that usually works well for me.

Good luck.  Hope whichever one you choose you end up liking it there.

Crap, what a slap in the face. nm
yes, and the ones i have area piece of crap..sm
i spend MOST of my time  resetting the receiver thingy...same goes for my cordless keyboard....uggg, that is frustrating.  I think I am going back to corded.
Crap! You should pay more attention to your commas!...sm
She was just venting.

And, how do you know that there are not employers with a mental problem out there?
No way to prove this.

BTW, nobody is interested in your life story!
I agree - bull crap.
Know what I have taken to do, I email saying May I ask before proceeding to resume, testing etc,

What is the lowest to the highest line rate offered for the position, are spaces paid and is the position for VR. I feel this saves valuable time on both sides don't you? Thanks etc.

They do respond most of them.
Yep and only management posts CRAP

about VR being great for the MT!  You'll make a million lines per hours!  You'll be wealthy beyond Donald Trump!  You'll feel like you won the lottery! 

OK, now go back to counting your money.  Only a few of the more naive and ignorant believe your claims, so you can save your breath--or your typing fingers.  Hey, I know, why don't you, Management, try living on the money that VR brings in?  Then come back and post here.  Until then, like I said, go back to counting your money. 

I see a load of crap when it is posted

 This IS an unineducated statement.

Really. Uneducated like you not reading IRS regs?

Stuff like paying (giving them) them an interest free loan (business loan) to pay for their capital improvements-

I didn't improve their capita. They had it down pat before I came along.

they want you to use their PC and want a way to pay for it interest free. 

Old news. BTDT the last 15-plus years. p.s. their PC is actually as server. Look it up.

This is bull. Plain bull. 

Old news, accoriding to you.  Facts please.

Hey you want to pay for some things that will only work on their PC, go ahead. Hey jump at the chance.

No jumping involved.  Same ole', same ole', been going on since you were born. I just learned how to make it work for me, how 'bout you?


Holy crap - one heck of a cut . sm
One of the reasons I first went with WMX was the 35 hour work week for FT with bennies. They stopped that.

The health insurance was decent, but if you chose to use it and had the option of another policy available you had to pay a penalty/fine or whatever they call it.

The ASR rate was better than other companies - now they fixed that.

I guess they will do away with our 12 hour windows next. Though I understand now everyone even has those.

I was disgruntled when I worked for MQ, but they did cut our wages in a more gradual manner.

This is a HUGE percentage and right here going into the holiday season. --

We are all going to have to hit it harder to make any money at all. You think work is short now --- just wait.

Crap!! I forgot to punch in !!!! nm

Not much. They offshore, too. You'll get all the crap work.

and if you can be satisfied with being treated like a piece of crap
Yep, elite and STAR=CRAP ACCOUNT-nm
Make them give you the skinny before you go through the crap. (sm)
Their recruiters are probably the rudest you will meet, simply horrible and so unqualified or uneducated. They are a small company trying to look big. Probably have about 400-500 employes.
You are exactly right. It is the crap companies paying by the line. (nm)
i get unsolicited crap email all the time
I must get 10-20 a day telling me to enlarge my p-nis for better whatever...

SHEESH.. i dont HAVE p-nis
Download Crap Cleaner free
Great program and has uninstall program for free. Make sure you uncheck the MS Word box cleaner or it will get rid of your normal settings. Otherwise, best free program ever.

I left SPi 8 months ago and still get crap from them in the mail
I recently got a huge packet from them that took up half of my mailbox. It was a bunch of forms they wanted me to fill out and send back to them (tax forms and other SPi stuff). I haven't even worked there since last February! They really are incompetent and have no idea who is still working there and who is not.
And if find one that treats you like crap, LEAVE
But I think this is the poster who got fired and keeps posting crap(sm).

just trying to stir the pot.

Benefits suck, pay sucks, they will bug the crap out of you!
i am not full of crap, sorry. cpl and hours inside
I just answered a post asking for ppls salaries. I most definately am not full of crap. I don't work 14-hour days or 7 days a week. I work 6 days a week totalling 48 hours a week if that, usually less. My cpl is 0.12 and as I said before I type 500 lines an hour. You do the math.

I did fail to mention however that is before taxes, which as an IC I have to take care of myself every year and I do not receive health benefits either, paid time off, or sick days.

Still, that kind of money IS possible regardless of what the Naysayers seem to believe is possible. It's exactly that type of close mindedness that keeps a person from succeeding or expanding their horizons to better things. I guess some ppl won't believe the truth when they hear it....

YOU are full of crap! I don't know what your email said, but mine said
due to the ongoing banking crisis, we will be discontinuing direct deposit at this time.  I smell a management rat ---> named Vicki.