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What companies have straight transcription

Posted By: only. I cannot think of one. on 2009-04-23
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What companies are offering only straight transcription jobs?  A list of these would truly  appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Companies with Straight Typing
Does anyone know of any companies that only do straight typing, no VR? I just started doing VR and I can't believe the cut in pay!
Any companies left with straight typing...no VR?
Any recommendations for a good company who does not use VR?
Straight Transcription vs VR
If anyone has gone from straight transcription to voice recognition, what was the expected increase in LPH, 50%, 75%, 100%? And how realistic was expectation?
Straight Transcription/VR
Does KS do ASR or is everything straight transcription?

I absolutely hate ASR, just can't seem to make as much editing as transcribing.

As far as I know they do straight transcription. I don't know
what shifts are available, you'll have to ask them about that. 
When you have to go from straight transcription...sm
to a VR account it is a big deal. I have worked on my second choice and I really am not thrilled with it. The only reason I have stayed with TT was because of TO, as I really, really liked that account and now they are gone. I am glad you are happy with your alternatives, but some of us are not.
Looking for a company with straight transcription. Cannot make money with ASR.  Any suggestions?
MDI-MD is straight transcription....n/m
straight transcription
JLG. The only problem is that they do not have direct deposit right now. Other than that, great company to work for.
OSI - do they have just straight transcription? see msg
How are the accounts/dictators?  I'm thinking of testing but will not do SR/VR - just looking for part time multispecialty clinic work to fill some gaps.  Any info is appreciated.  Thanks!
Straight transcription here...
... and I much prefer it that way. I have never even been asked if I want to learn speech-wreck. I've been at this 37 years, I'm very good at it (if I do say so myself) and I'm fast. It ain't broke so nobody better try to fix it.... :)
good list of companies for straight typers
1. Keystrokes
2. SoftScript
3. Digital Transcription Systems, Inc. (DTS--Oklahoma)
4. TRS, LLC (N.Carolina)
5. Silent Type, Inc.
6. TransPro Medical Transcription, Inc.
7. New England Medical Transcription, Inc. (NEMT)
8. Southern Transcription Services,Inc (Georgia)
How many companies/MTs still doing straight typing??? (reply anon of course) nm
Looking for a co. that does not use VR/editing, rather straight transcription

Is there is such a company?  Must pay on time.  Don't need insurance.

Would consider clinic work after 15 years of acute care experience.

Don't like my pay cut in half -- cannot make up for $$$$.   DQS was the only VR platform that was good to me $$$  wise.

ASP is their own platform they use for straight transcription.
I should also mention that I do straight transcription, not editing.
I have never run out of work.
I prefer Dictaphone doing straight transcription. sm
When I worked on eScription I liked the platform but doing VR made me insane correcting so many little things like he to she, not to mention I made about $200 less a month.  But, that's just me.
I am very happy at Axolotl doing straight transcription. SM
I have found them to be an excellent company.  Yes, QA is tough - and some people have said that the supervisor is rude.  However, I have had no problems with QA (they do stick right the account specs, though), and no problems with the supervisor or manager. In fact, they have been more than gracious to me.  Now, I don't really know if they are hiring but maybe as there has been a TON of work lately.  Please email me if you want to ask more questions about them.
Do you mean only SR people terminated, straight transcription ok? (Sm)
Surely they would give editors a chance to change to straight typing. Maybe I am misunderstanding this.
Transcend pays more. There is editing and straight transcription. Let's just say..they pay more
than 9 cpl, double of what people will be making at RC Transcription.
Hated VR. Made less money that straight transcription..sm
I was extremely boring and mindless work.  People say they doubled their production/lines with VR.  That is true but remember if you make 0.08 straight typing and 0.04 doing VR, you are making the same amount of money.  I made about 150 bucks less a month because the dictators were horrible and I had to end up typing almost all the reports over.  I will never do it again.
I despise it. You will never ever make as much money as on straight transcription.
how many PRN transcription companies are there?

More transcription companies

I just posted a message about TTS, and I have several more companies that I would like ANY information on. So, instead of writing several posts, I'm going to list them here and if you have any info about any of them, please share. I am currently working full time as an employee for a hospital, and I'm interested in becoming an IC for the flexibility. The companies are:

USA Medical Transcription

Iridium Services, Inc.


Sten-Tel out of Mass


Medical Records Corp of Maryland

World Wide Dictation

Grace Transcription

CTS: Complete Transcription Services


Thanks in advance for any information!

More transcription companies
Yes, I did searches on all of these and didn't find anything except Medquist. I admit I didn't mean to add that to my list.
Are there any transcription companies who

refuse to use ASR?  It seems to be the wave of the future.

What is wrong with these transcription companies
I cannot believe the lack of communication with the company I worked for for 13 years and the new one that I just quit, after not even completing training.  They show you something for less than an hour and then you are on your own, stuck in your own mess.   Then you go to quit and never hear from the manager who was supposed to call you between 24-48 hours after starting.   I had sent an e-mail asking if the person could call me and no reponse.   I decide to call and leave a voice mail and no response.  I think I am just going to give up transcription.  I had done this for many, many years and really am thoroughly disgusted. 
urr!! frustrated with transcription companies!!!!!!
... I am not a person who believes everything posted.. I believe the truth usually lies somewhere between two extremes, so when I would read about all the complaints transcriptionsist would make about companies, I factored in that perhaps there was more to their story not told, i.e., less than optional work produced, whining, not meeting scheduled times, etc. Now here I am experiencing what most are saying about companies and I hate what I am experiencing! I am in school now, and can handle about 6 hours of work a day. I looked high and wide before I accepted a subcontractor position with a small company. The work is good, but darn if after three months, they didn't start dicking around with my expected work flow. It seems the pattern I am experiencing is that as soon as I get going pretty good with one of their accounts, the carrot gets taken away. They cut back on my work, and put me back on crappy account that pays poop. I am a highly experienced transcripitonist, do professional work, love challenging work and can do well at it, do whatever I am asked, I am not a complainer, I don't whine (except now), and have even received feedback from the company on how good my work is, but here I am after a few months making a paltry $200 a week!! I guess I either have to go to school full time to rapidly complete my schooling, or get a job in another field without all the politics!! Just venting, just venting......
Letter to Transcription Companies

To Transcription Companies:

We are Transcriptionists or MLS.  We are faces unseen, but hearts that beat.  We are NOT a piece of machinery, but if you choose to think of us such, then I suggest you think of your machines as following:  In order for you to have your company, you need us.  We perform best when well treated.  We don't require much care, but the care we do require must be gentle.  Like any well-oiled machinery, we need gentle hands and warm touches.  It gets lonely, very lonely being a machine by itself.  Most of the time, the only contacts we get from you are your emails or IMs to us.  The wording of those emails is critical to the functioning of our machines.  A quick, thoughtless brash email lends our machinery to slow down and run boggy.  (Many a personal relationship has been broken by email and IM communication.  It's not a good way to run a business.)  Just like any piece of equipment, maintenance is important.  That maintenance comes in the form of our pay, and we only ask that it be on time and correct.  We produce for you.  We need our maintenance.  Sure, some of us may require a little more maintenance than others, but you end up benefiting from the results.  A little thank you now and then would be nice.  And, certainly at the holidays, we don't expect you all to be able to give us a complete overhaul, but certainly a card, a pen, a special little pad of paper, a calendar, or coffee cup would be much appreciated.  When feeding us input (or QA as you like to call it), we learn much better and produce more when it is given with tenderness and teaching.  Some machines learn best with a variety of teaching methods.  (Even speech recognition needs not only the voice, but the typist's words as well.)  We Transcriptionist machines may need some visual, as well as verbal teaching; and if we only get one, it may take us longer to learn.  It doesn't mean we are stupid; we just each have different methods of learning.  We will give you many years of service and perhaps a lifetime guarantee, if only you would follow the manufacturer's instructions.  Thank you.

A Transcription Machine

Same way you did...just googled some transcription companies.
Thanks for your input!
Benefits from transcription companies

I'd like to hear opinions on companies who say they offer insurance to their employees.  Just today I was offered a position by a company who said they offered benefits and then when asking for details, I find out they don't pay a cent toward the monthly premium, it ALL comes out of my pay.  I am sorry folks, but that is not benefits to me.  I may as well be an IC and get my own insurance.  Probably would be cheaper too.  I counter offered to them asking them if I could work IC status and just get a higher line rate........they wouldn't go for it.  Another thing is they require you to type 12,000 lines in a pay period to be eligible for the insurance.  What in the world for?  They are not paying out a red cent toward those benefits so why would it matter how many lines you transcribed if you are paying for the insurance yourself.  This is the first time I have ever heard of something like this and I am pretty ticked about it (I know you can tell).......  In my opinion, there would no benefit at all to being an employee other than they would take your taxes out for you!!!

NOT SO MUCH! Why do so many excellent MTs stand for the terrible treatment? Experienced MTs deserve so much more.
My Dear Angelica,

In my opinion, USA transcription should stay in the United States.

Transcription companies in general
AMEN SISTER!  couldn't have said it better
Transcription South and TSI are 2 separate companies
That is true of most companies, not just in transcription. Benefits are usually sm
only for full-time employees. It only makes sense for a business owner to offer to only full-timers; they do not make as much profit on part-timers, so there is less money to spend on those benefits.
Why do you think hospitals pay less for transcription companies who outsource or do VR?
These stinky companies do not want the hospitals to know that is what is going on because they charge the hospital the same rate whether it is a towel head or a machine typing their work versus a real MT. The transcription company just makes a bigger profit margin and finds another way to take money away from the MLS who live and work in the United States.
KeystrokePro and Keystrokes Transcription Service are two different companies. sm
I have worked for Keystrokes Transcription for 4 years. They are in Illinois and our hospital uses them for both Radiology and Medical Records. The other one is on the east coast and called us this week at work. If you are looking for a company to do your radiology work, the "real" Keystrokes' web site is www.WeTypeXray.com.

Any other companies besides United Transcription use MPWord software? nm
Any national companies out there that allow at-home radiology transcription?

Transcript USA and Transcription Relief Services are 2 different companies
I have an interview with Transcript USA on Thursday. I will pass on what info I find out then. I am pretty sure that they do provide the computer though. Don't know anything else right now.
Holistic/homeopathic/complementary transcription companies?
Does anyone know of any holistic/homeopathic/complementary transcription companies? Or, for that matter, what kind of standards these practitioners are held to in terms of documenting patient encounters? Do they even do transcription?

I'm just finding more and more that I really disagree with a lot of straight orthodox healthcare, and I'd really like to step outside of it and work in an area that I'm more comfortable with.

Any ideas?
I have no main squeeze companies and Transcription Matchmaker isn't even a sponsor
so I cannot see how you justify that I show any kind of favoritism to that company.  You are grasping at straws to put down this site.
Phoenix MedCom and Phoenix Transcription in CA are 2 different companies
Phoenix Med is in NY. The posts seem to confuse the two at times.
Let me get this straight
I would guess this relates to the post about changing jobs on people without notice.  Interesting to me that Heartland had a pitiful reputation here and they at least gave people some notice.    I don't think I will be calling Medware.  I can't afford for a company to take my job away in less than a week. 
Ha! S/B look them straight in the EYE when getting
lied to. I am a good judge of people face-to-face, but I really feel the lying recruiters or HR dept or whomever get away with it a lot easier cause we are not face-to-face. Might make it less painful for them to live with themselves as well. They don't have to see the hurt and horror they cause in our lives. Mind you - I can handle any and all ESLs, etc, and any work type, but its the misrepresentation that burns me. Tell me upfront the garbage I'll be transcribing, and then show me that garbage during my early days - don't lie and deceive me.
Let me see if I got this straight --

1.  The recruiter hired you and knew that you hadn't done acute care in a while.

2.  The recruiter told you that the account manager would be made aware of this and take the time to train you on acute care.

3.  The account manager then rips you a new one and basically fires you.

4.  Now, the same recruiter wants you to call this account manager and explain it to her.

Shouldn't the recruiter have done #4 herself and had the account manager call you to apologize?  Sorry, but I gotta say forget this company.  Take the 4-hour loss on the training as a lesson learned and move on.

I get 6.5 for SR and 10 for straight, but that is not what
I finally got the straight scoop on this.  My friend said that the recruiter interviewed her initially, followed a few days later, after testing, by a supervisor.  She said that both of them were very formal and rather abrupt, not very personable.  My friend asked the second caller/supervisor about the situation with the supervisor with the bad behavior causing MTs to quit, which was posted a week or so ago here at mtstars; apparently, this supervisor denied knowing anything about that.  However, my friend said that it seemed to her that the supervisor on the phone call was likely the very one that had caused the trouble.  My friend declined the position.
No, 4 for VR and 8 for straight but
the biggest part of my work now is VR. I love it myself, just do not want to work fulltime.