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TT Cheerleader

Posted By: Used-up MT on 2009-04-25
In Reply to: See inside - Explanation

You must have been blessed with a wonderful VR platform that actually works. Believe me there are platforms where you can do up to 150 edits on a 60-line report. Easier to type it. Be grateful that you have something that works. Many of us have been burned badly by programs that think presbyacusis equals please be a Q-tip, and social director is a pocket rectum, etc. Have mercy on those of us who have been dumped on by companies who don't care how many edits we have to make, just so they can make an unjust profit at our expense.

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Not a cheerleader .................
just someone who works hard and appreciates having a job. I have worked for MDI four years and over that time I have seen MTs come and go, doesn’t look like it has put much of a cramp in their profit margin. It may be hard for you to believe, but some people actually do like their job at MDI and are grateful to have one.

I did not ask you what issues you think transcend needs to “fix” with MDI, but am curious, as I really don’t have any problems with them, just do my work every day; I leave them alone and they leave me alone – just the way I like it.

I don’t understand why people think you are a “MDI cheerleader” when you don’t have anything negative to say. Why is that? Sorry you are so unhappy.

Since your such a MQ cheerleader
and so good at your job, then why don't you share your secrets with the rest of us and maybe one day we can be sittin' pretty too.
Okay...I don't know who this cheerleader is
but if you can't count at least 5 grammatical errors in this answer, you should not be an MT.

This person says the same thing every time, but I would be willing to bet he/she does not pound a keyboard for a living.
Definitely not a cheerleader.
I will never be a cheerleader for this company, but I don't think it is helpful to post blatant misinformation.  I would not advise anyone to work here that doesn't already because I'm sure pay for new employees is much worse even than the drop the old-time employees have seen.   
they should nominate you the KS cheerleader...sm
that account IS VERY BAD....and they will tell you anything at KS to keep you on their awful accounts. They play favorites with their MTs and that is nothing new with KS.
In reply to former TT cheerleader...
I agree with you. Dictaphone is one of the major cancers that is eating away at our trade. Note that when Focus stops running ads, the work dries up at TT. That is, until the people who hired on at Focus wise up and leave. Then the work becomes plentiful at TT, along with a few of the other Dictaphone puppets out there. The cure for this cancer, whether we like it or not, is for we the MTs to not work for Focus or for anyone who has their life's blood from Dictaphone. The hospitals and facilities would get sick of the crud that is typed by the offshore that Focus/Dictaphone uses. Could you imagine the offshore doing VR. Wow, Dictaphone would have the best of two worlds - cheap labor offshore doing their VR crud. Imagine the profit they would make. They, my friends, are one of the major players in the doom of our trade. Thanks for the ear.
Neither management nor a cheerleader
Just because I have no problems with Cornerstone, doesn't mean I am in anyway a cheerleader for Spheris. I have plenty of gripes about Spheris, but Cornerstone and VR don't happen to be on the list, except for the VR pay of course. I've been around for 7 years and have watched things deteriorate.
Oh my God, a cheerleader. I'm in highschool again. (NM)
Well, I said this once and got accused of being a cheerleader or an owner, but

Isn't it possible they are advertising because they are a growing company and are getting new accounts.  That does not necessarily mean a big turnover.  Sometimes people are so negative, even without knowing the facts.  Go ahead, call me a cheerleader or one of the owners.

If you posted above as "TT Cheerleader", then YOU need to
see the note from the moderator. You are unnecessarily mean and nasty.
Not a cheerleader. Just happy with my job. When did that become a crime? sm
Why is it that when someone is happy, dozens will come on to nay-say but when someone comes on to bash a company, they have all the support in the world?

I personally do not like to come here as it is depressing, and this time was no exception. I had some time with a quiet house with 3 kids at their friends' houses, husband pulling a double shift and all work and housecleaning done. I thought I would check out this site again after a few months, put a post on and BAM! attacked like everyone else.

I just wanted to give my opinion on what works for me. I am sorry if you think they play favorites, but just because a company treats the employees well who do well does not mean they play favorites. It means that they reward those who do their jobs and do them well.

For the most part, work ethic is gone in this country and what is that going to lead to???????
Never seen a Spheris cheerleader on this board
I've seen Spheris employees including myself clear up misconceptions or lies, but I've certainly never seen anyone cheerleading for Spheris, because frankly there is nothing to cheer about.
seektruth is one rabid cheerleader
Go ahead, defend Webmedx to the death of your job - its coming.  Some of us are speaking truth of what can happen to your job at this company - but you don't want to hear it.  Enjoy your trip up river denial - and find the real truth at the end of your journey.  I had a perfect romance with this company for a couple years, and it gave me a false sense of security too.  Oh well, you'll only believe it when it happens to you - and it will.  Meanwhile, enjoy your job and try to have a little compassion for those of us who no longer have a job to enjoy, because Karma can be a B.
be careful, you are sounding like a cheerleader. Dont
I don't mean to be a cheerleader but I am really tired of seeing others post "RUN" SM
Or say things like there's NEVER ANY WORK when there is work for maybe different ESL levels, accounts, etc. Sorry for being overly enthusiastic but this is such a good company, and I think a few bad apples who left the company previously cannot wait to bad-mouth it.

I think i will just butt out and let everyone go to work someplace crappy, and count my blessings.

Sorry if I came across too strong for anyone; i just like it here so darn much and have had such a positive experience OVERALL.