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She's their recruiter. That place.... don't get me started.

Posted By: yes. she is. on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: TTS (Transcription, technology, support) - sm


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I just started on eScription and it's pretty good. Higher than the last place I was
at. Starting base at 4 cpl, which is 1 cpl higher than I was making at TTS.
The person I am talking about started the second week in October for HR but the recruiter has been
with us since late summer.

I am going to dig into this, so thank you for the information. There is too much back and forth going on here to sort through what is true and what is not, so I am going to take some time and take it to my coordinator.

It might seem petty to a lot of you that we are willing to do this, but reputation is important and we have all been working too hard to let things like this happen.

I know that there will be flames here but the truth is that the Keystrokes Management Team has been working very hard to reverse a lot of things that happened in the past in order to make KS the best company in the industry. This takes time.

I do know that there are a lot of happy MTs at KS as we do not have a lot of emplpyee turnover, but I also know that one unhappy person can be like poison. Rather than attacking that person or persons, we are working on the reasons that they are unhappy and working to change that.

If KS was such a bad company, it would not grow as it has. I am not saying that they are perfect, just that they are not as this board portrays.

Another thing is that so many people attack the owner and say that she is unprofessional. You obviously have not met her. She is all business with her employees and customers and actually a fun person to be around as well. I have never met someone who gets as much done as she does and her customers love working with her.

I just think everyone should form their own opinions.
Thank you, Spheris recruiter! Anybody wanna place a bet that there are lots of Spheris
HELP WANTED ads on the job board?? So funny!! Out of the blue, Spheris, we love you!! Lets all run and apply NOW!!
Not me. I hope there is a special place reserved for them in a very hot place.
I was hired and started in 1 week. That is not a long set-up time. When I started with our local h
I needed to get a physical and go through orientation at the hospital which is only given two times per month. This is a 900-bed hospital, so it cannot be an unusual process. MQ took 2 weeks. KS took 1 week. SoftScript never got me started even after repeated calls and emails.

I have only been with KS for 9 months but would never put them in the same catagory as the others you mentioned. They are the best company I have worked for, and unfortunately, I have bounced around a little in the last 5 years.
I was hired and started in 1 week. That is not a long set-up time. When I started with our local h
I needed to get a physical and go through orientation at the hospital which is only given two times per month. This is a 900-bed hospital, so it cannot be an unusual process. MQ took 2 weeks. KS took 1 week. SoftScript never got me started even after repeated calls and emails.

I have only been with KS for 9 months but would never put them in the same catagory as the others you mentioned. They are the best company I have worked for, and unfortunately, I have bounced around a little in the last 5 years.
I was hired and started in 1 week. That is not a long set-up time. When I started with our local h
I needed to get a physical and go through orientation at the hospital which is only given two times per month. This is a 900-bed hospital, so it cannot be an unusual process. MQ took 2 weeks. KS took 1 week. SoftScript never got me started even after repeated calls and emails.

I have only been with KS for 9 months but would never put them in the same catagory as the others you mentioned. They are the best company I have worked for, and unfortunately, I have bounced around a little in the last 5 years.
No - one place is the same as the next.
Don't use yours all in one place!!!!!
SPREAD the joy!!
Me neither. Bad place IMO
I think so, from the second place.
Bad Place!!
If you like to get paid for your work, then I would suggest not working for her!! She still owes me quite a bit of money, the pay is ALWAYS late and not always correct. She is also extremely moody and will take everything out on you if she's having a bad day. She says that her VR is really good, but I couldn't make much with it, and usually ended up typing the reports over for 6 cents/line.
Don't know why they ask in the first place if they
aren't going to take into the consideration what people have to say.  There have been a few others that did the same thing and came back here to post how sorry they were they didn't listen to the negative posts. 
This place is not for you then.
to have you and your strive for excellence attitude.  Try another company right now so that you don't lose your touch.  Best wishes...
If MQ MTs are looking to that place, .
Run from this place!
If you have what a place is looking for, it should take
There is a place for everyone, though you are still
in the honeymoon phase.  If you're happy I'm happy for you. 
Is it possible to try a third place?
Third might be a charm. No matter what you choose, trust your heart. Good luck!
Why would someone place an ad SM
and use an address like that?  You have to wonder.  Same goes for people who use completely unprofessional emails to communicate with companies about jobs, mommy2joey, lovinmama, all that stuff.  It's ridiculous.
My place
I just had an email tonight asking about where I worked because of another posting here and like I told them, was chatting on here with a lady, told her where I worked and about a month later she applied there, got hired, received the foot pedal and then nothing. She asked me to talk to this person (we both knew her) and when I did, my company got in a twit, saying they could do their own hiring??? and all I did was to ask them about getting back in touch with MS X as she was waiting to go to work. That was probably about a year ago and I never did that again. I feel almost 100% your low count is exclusively because of Chartscript. I have always since the 80s done straight at least 2000 or better a day whatever system I was on UNTIL in 2000 and something started and dropped like a leaded balloon. I gave up a job that was not hard work at all, but was not going to work for less lines than I knew I could do. Immediately went back up in next job.
Re: Your place
I would not want you to get into trouble w/ telling me anything about where you work. However, you have given me encouragement that looking for a position at another place that does not use Chartscript is a good idea. I have been questioning whether learning a new platform would be worth it or would I still be in the same situation. However, now I'm excited to think my line count could double or more!! Thanks for the info and encouragement!
I think this is the right place, but I don't know if I can help you.
Maybe try testing on their sites. I only ever got an interview after testing for the companies, not just forwarding my resume.

Good luck and sorry not much help.
Still there but looking. This is not a place
to hang out if you want to be happy and productive. It is pretty political and either you are in tight with your boss or you get the worst of the worst. The favorites get the best dictators, work, accounts, and the rest of us are the swabbing crew. I cannot live on what I make here a day. And the Beyondtxt program really sucks.
where is this place at and who is the sm
supervisor. We use to have a Med Trans wehre I live and they moved. If it is the same company, forget it.
I think we were at the same place.
I think we may have been hired even for the same account, which vanished...at first fed 'hang in there', then excuses, and finally they just quit mentioning it entirely. The alternate I got (which of course wasn't what I really was looking for days-wise or hour-wise) is similarly dwindling so that I'm chasing reports and it's a rare day that I can actually make my line count, even flexing to the wee hours. Fortunately, I'm getting better at reading between the lines, so I'm not going down with the ship like I have in the past.
From what I see, VR will never take the place
of MTs. I work on Escription and really love it but really according to the report, some might not have very many, others could have more. However, having said that I have stated before and will state again, do not like to type straight anymore and, and- we have so many ESLs now that our platform is really good about getting theirs so my head does not ache so much in trying to figure out most. If no errors on VR, then where would we be? I am not complaining at all.
I could tell you more about that place
I know a woman who walked out when she got emails, 2 of the managers emailing back and forth and accidentally sent to this woman, and talking bad about her. Can we say oops!
Yeah, same place.
I'm sure it's legitimate but I just didn't like the tone of the documents they sent me - a little heavy handed, a little too much emphasis on being "flexible." And of course the business about not paying the transcriptionist until they get paid. Search the archives on wahm.com. I think some of those gals had worked there.
Would you shell out $25 to place that ad?
Not me! I'm halfway tempted to apply just to see if this Gilbert gil is serious!
It's a great place...sm

It really depends on what you are looking for in a company.  This is a very different company to work for.  For example, you don't work in pools, you are not constantly being bumped around, and there always has been plenty of work, even around holidays where everyone else is fighting for work because there is none.  I was so shocked that after Christmas there wasn't a major slow-down.  It's mostly clinic accounts, so you if your work is caught up, you don't have to work holidays.  There is no deciding which holiday you want off or which you have to work because if you just do your work, you get off.  Of course, if you want to work the holiday, there is always something to work on if you speak up.

Anyway, I have worked for just about all of the nationals.  I have been with Wordzxpressed for over a year now and plan on staying.

The best place I have worked
Then Transcend is the place for you
They have plans to switch all their accounts over the VR.  There will be some typing, but no guarantees as to what kind of dictators or how much you will be getting.
A new company would not be the place to be then. nm
WebbScribe - Is this the same place that
supposedly ripped people off by not paying them.  They have an ad floating around and I was wondering if there was anyone around who knew about them.  I couldn't find anything on my searches.  Thanks all.
Not a good place

I had a 30-second interview and was told my team leader would be contacting me.  He never did.  It took me DAYS to get somebody to send me the account specifics, samples, etc., and it was never management who did it, it was a lady I met on here who faxed me what she had.   They throw you in there head first without the information you need.  They promise bonuses if you don't take a day off and make production...well I never ever saw it EVER.  Right before I left they sent out an email saying there would be none for that particular period because they didn't make enough profit.  The account managers get paid based on how many lines we do and if the account stays current, so expect constant emails from them saying how they didn't make anything this pay period and there are bills to pay, etc. 

Insurance:  The one person doing insurance is something else.   You get a big packet in the mail and you have to figure out yourself which you are eligible for, what percentage for life insurance, etc.   If you email him and ask him about anything, he doesn't answer.   I had been there 5 months and still did not have insurance cards for insurance I had been paying for all along.  I had to go to the top person in the company to get him to email me back.  He just doesn't do anything.

QA:  There were 2 on the accounts I worked on.  One was pretty nice and helpful but extremely overworked.  It was actually her who told me what I needed to know regarding account specifics because the first two months I was there, I never so much as got an email from my account manager.  The other one once sent me an email telling me I needed to go back to school and how STUPID the mistakes were and turns out it wasn't even MY report!!!  I called her on it and told her that is NOT the way to talk to people, especially new hires who have no information to start with.  She was just on a huge power trip and talked to people like dogs.  Had I been the actual person she meant to email and talked to like that, I would have been gone right then and there.

PLATFORM:  It's okay when it works.  When tech support, and I use that term loosely, installed it on my computer, he wiped out my Stedman's that was associated with my MSWord.  Years of adding gone!!  You don't get paid for what you have to fill in on the header page.  It froze up a lot and sometimes would get stuck on all caps.  It was very very slow.  I had to highlight and copy every single report because 2 out of 3 times, it would freeze and I would lose it and the backup retrieval feature didn't work. 

The accounts were very good, best I've had, but a combination of the management, system, etc., just wasn't worth the trouble.   They would tell us the profit margin was low and then send out an email with pictures of them partying somewhere, patting themselves on the back for the work their MTs do.  You never got a thank you for anything.  A bunch of the management members are married and/or related to each other which would be fine if anybody had experience.  Our account was assigned a 21-year-old manager who had never done this type of work before.  I don't think you should manage people if you can't do the work yourself.  I would send her mistakes in the automatic templates, doctors list, etc., and she had no clue what to do with it. 

Getting the required lines was difficult for some reason.  At other jobs I would do a minimum of 1500-1800 per day and with this system, I was lucky to get 900.  I know the system freezing up was part of it, but on the rare occasion when it worked, it was still very difficult.  

They constantly call you to help with this account or that account, which is okay if it's within your time frame to work.  I would get calls an hour before shift start from the secondary account person saying are you working today?   I never missed a single day while I was there and always worked OT, so there was no reason for this and I found it quite annoying.



No place I could recommend!!!!!!
You know what-OSI seems like a great place to me, but - sm
i have over 10 years experience and they offered me 7 cents a line to start!!  That is quite low for someone with the experience that I have.  A starting rate of 9 cents a line would win me right over.  I wonder why there is such a difference?  Makes you wonder.  well, if something has changed since I was offered a position, within the last 6 months, let us hear about it.  TIA
Yep! Every place I ever worked for except

for the place I'm working for now.  My very first job right out of school was for a woman who owned her own company, and she had a son and a niece working for her.  The niece did more than her fair share, and in fact we became good friends after our dogs started having play dates together on our days off.  Her son, on the other hand, did all the easy psych work with all the templates and then went on to steal the ER work (also only docs with templates), and surpise... he always had the highest line counts of anyone.  Those were the days also when we got paid for headers and footers, patient info, everything, so he was making out like a bandit. 

Also worked for MQ in-house when they had an office here close to my home.  Some people sat there and typed the hardest account we had all day, every day and barely made their minimum lines, and there was this one person who would type nothing but ER notes that had very long templates and ended up being an average of 3 pages each.  Then she had the nerve to brag about how big her checks were with all her bonuses and incentive.  I got a chance to type those two days in a row and I made 1400 lines a day more than I usually did on my main account. 

I say share the fortune, be it good or bad.  The sooner we all get the bad work out, the sooner we can all get to the good work and start making money.  I also had one supervisor tell me that I do the harder work because I make more cpl, but hey, if you are sitting there typing easy stuff all day and using templates, you are making more money in the long run. 

first we have to find a place who has
work, then the flexibility will most likely come.  Most of these places just want to know that you will work when you say you will.  Most important is to find some paying job!!!  LOL.  That's seems to be the million dollar question...who has work?  and to expound, where is the work going?!  Used to be we had so much work that it was a relief to be low once in a long while, like a vacation, now it's been so that I can't sleep at night wondering how I will pay bills.  VERY SCARY!
How did MT pass QA in the first place?
You have to remember your place

I work for OSi part time as what used to be IC now called statutory. 

When work runs short, my coordinator actually calls me and asks me not to work in order to allow real employees to get their lines.  Work is generally short from now until around mid-January.

You will not get a raise in line rate beyond what you start at.  If you want/need to make more money, be more productive.

You are not eligible for incentives.

Having said all that, with the attitude that ICs get the leftovers, I also take the attitude that OSi gets my leftover time.  I have never had a problem in that regard.  I generally don't call in in advance when I won't be working since they don't call me in advance to tell me there is no work.  I try to make my line count, but I don't lose sleep if I don't. 

I found it very disconcerting that during a full week when I signed in daily to find no work available there was an OSi want advertisement on MT Daily.  That was when I decided that OSi needed to be my backup account.

It works well for me.  Haven't heard a complaint from OSi.

Their quality department is a disaster.  Absolutely no organization, constant e-mails that don't apply to your account, nonsense reviews.  Be a duck and let it roll off.  There is a bonus ($100 savings bond) quarterly/semi-annually for 100% quality reviews.  I get it most of the time, and that's nice.

Very nice place - sm
A bit disorganized when I was there but worthwhile to work for.  Super nice lady and understanding.  Really work with you and what you can/want to do, how much, etc.  I would go back in an instant if need be.
good place to try

DRC in California. Never heard a bad word about them. Pay is decent, not exceptional. Good benefits.


Why were we sold in the first place?
And why weren't we given any warning that this was potentially taking place?
I have hands on experience with this company and every negative post that you read about them is 100% truthful. There were and appears still are many many times when we didn't get paid on time, and the funny thing is it was ALWAYS somebody elses fault. She even went as far as having the bank call us one time and tell us it was their screw up.

I used to be able to make okay money when I first started, but then some things happened and we all got screwed out of work for some time and then things have gone down hill for her ever since.

The other thing that bothered me is the fact that we invoice her on one day for a two week time frame and don't get paid for that invoice for like four weeks. That is not right! Linda is using that money of yours to take care of Linda first.

She is a business run out of her basement, which shouldn't matter because I currently work as an IC and it is totally a different set of circumstances. Totally honest.

My best advice........unless you like to work for free stay away! Things will not change with her and I suggest not even giving her the benefit because you will regret it in the end.
My place of employment
is sending reports to Transcription Connection, Inc (ohio) right now.  Their work, is to say the least, not good!  Rumor at work is they are going to get rid of in-house transcription and send solely to this company.  Thus, I sent a resume.  Now mind you I have been the transcription supervisor/coordinator for this mental health facility for more than 14 years.  I know my stuff.  No answer back from Transcription Connection, Inc.  Sort of weird if you ask me.  I did not know they outsourced.  Interesting!
good place
i've not been there too long but am very very happy -- decent platform, decent work, great people, direct deposit on time, flexible work window, work on a line committment rather than an 8-hr day.
2 years for me - Best place ever.
No, they were never special enough to have their own in the first place.
They are the most unorganized place ever. sm
had to send paperwork 4 times because they kept losing it. Crappy attitudes. Do not know how to treat people nice.