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Sheeple!!! LOL - I agree. I wonder if Germany outsources it citizens work out of the country.

Posted By: NM on 2006-01-08
In Reply to: I wish the majority of sheeple in this country would wake up and - C-msg


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I wish the majority of sheeple in this country would wake up and
see the reality, but they won't until it's too late.
I agree 100%. Wonder if she outsources her

What a horrible American attitude to have. Perfect sample of why we are all going downhill in a handbasket.

Work is going to India or some other country. nm
Which nationals do not send work out of the country?

Which nationals do not send work out of the country? I need to find another job.


Keystrokes is and will not send work out of the country. sm
The owners feel strongly about that.
I love your use of the term sheeple. This is ingenious. I plan on using this term from now on! I am still laughing! Thanks!
Sorry, but I used to work at one of the largest financial institutions in this country.
Thank you very much. Unless you have proof in your hand that the deposit was supposed to go in on a certain date, DO NOT go writing checks and spending money without that proof because stuff happens.
None of the ones on the Job Seekers board send work outside the country. They
would not be allowed to advertise if they did.
Sheeple is good. I usually refer to them as lemmings.
senior citizens still working
I am 62 years old, but work as an IC for two private accounts. I know what you mean by the pain and yes, it does take me longer, not because of pain, but tiredness. As long as God gives me the strength and mentality, I will continue.
Our ID thiefs are US citizens. Don't you see the news?
Our own hackers, our own citizens. Today, TJ Maxx just announced thieves right here hacked in and stole possibly 45 million credit/debit card entries.

Why in the world do you think MT belongs only to US citizens? lol
I assume U.S. citizens don't need jobs
Our small locally owned and operated, independent telephone company outsources their customer service to India after hours and on weekends.  The so-called customer service rep, who spoke English very poorly, was a bloomin' idiot.  I asked where he was located and he said, Iowa.  Unhuh.  When the phone company office opened I was on the phone reaming them a new one and they admitted they outsource to India because it cuts down on their operating costs and keeps the rates low for their customers.  Yeah, right.  Guess the Indian's got a raise because they sure went right ahead and raised our rates a couple months ago.
LEGAL citizens are one thing s/m
ILLEGAL is quite another.  LEGAL Latinos I personally know are as much against the illegals demonstrations and demands as I am.  If ANYONE is in this country illegally they have no rights.  Can you imagine Americans going to a foreign country and flying the AMERICAN flag and demanding the same rights as their legal citizens??? 
Any companies hire Senior Citizens

Just wondering how many MTs are out there who are past 60 years of age and still working full-time and transcribing more than minimum weekly lines.   I am hitting 60 soon and am noticeably starting to slow down.   Used to be able to meet minimum lines in an 8 hour day, now it is taking almost 9 hours.  Need to work full-time for the insurance, so part-time is not an option.  Don't want to go to editing or voice recognition because the problem isn't so much the typing as it is the sitting.  Tried lots of different chairs and back supports, but still get back, neck, and shoulder pain by the end of the day, which causes me to lose concentration and hence takes me longer to transcribe reports.  Getting up to move around just makes the day longer and when there is not much work, I can only work a straight 8 hours (no 12 hour window) with my current company.   I don't think I am in jeopardy of losing my job because of not meeting minimum in the near future, but wonder if it is even worth it to continue to try, or is it time to get out of medical transcription entirely and go work at WalMart. 

So, any MTs in their golden years been hired lately and with what company?  Any MTs still working at 65 years of age?   Thanks. 

Dont reply with "But Christians and US citizens.."
Do you know if DTS outsources?
Yes, DTS outsources a LOT. NM
Thanks. Do you know if TT outsources overseas?
OSi outsources, pay is never on time
and don't go there. Good luck.
spheris outsources also nm..


Anyone know if Axolotl outsources? nm
SPI outsources and Medical Bazaar does too. nm
Does anyone know of DocuMed outsources overseas? nm
I believe I believe Cymed outsources overseas also...sm
Unfortunately, we are going to continue to be in this same boat as long as medical transcription is outsourced to overseas countries. I used to think it wasn't a big deal (outsourcing), but I can see now that our jobs (and pay) are going to continue to deteriorate as long as outsourcing overseas is in the picture....and it is going to be in the picture for a very, very long time. :-(
It's never been a secret that Transcend outsources.
They are very proud of their overseas partners as they call them. The only reason the work is more steady and not all going there is that a lot of their hospital contracts state that they cannot outsource their work. So I applaud those hospitals because without them taking a stand, we'd be having no work..again. I remember waking up in the morning and finding there is no work and this is because the Indians are opposite us. When it's night for them it is day for us. So technically while we slept, they worked and when we got up, there was nothing left. It still happens on occasions but we have gotten a few new accounts so that helps. Also, whenever they ran out of work, people would quit and that would leave more work for whoever was left. It's just the nature of the business I guess. I've gone elsewhere.
Amphion outsources offshore to Trinidad.
So your saying you're a Bush follower since QT outsources? nm
Do you have proof that JLG outsources offshore? If so, please email the Administrator.
Do you happen to know which companies HUP outsources to other than MQ. I suppose the best thing
would be to call HR but will they give out this information. Not sure who to call at these hospitals.
Every American MT should boycott working for any company that outsources! n/m
how horrible but Acusis/DRC outsources to India, just what Spheris will do with that easy account. n
Must be another country, I have not
heard of anything at all like this and I try to catch all news, not just local.
What area of the country are you in?
Wrong Country
They are outsoucing to Trinidad and Guyana, with others coming very quickly.
moving to the country
I'm moving to the country and will not have broadband or DSL available for who knows how long.  I have not been in this situation before and would like to know if any of you know of any companies that do not require either of these - I will have access to dial-up and possibly some sort of high-speed that is brought in by a radio receiver on the top of my house.  It's a good move - just maybe not a good move for an MT - any help with companies that do not require high-speed with cable or dsl would be appreciated. 
and what country are you writing from?
There are plenty of MTs in this country
who WANT to work - and guess what? The work is not as plentiful as it was because of people like you who choose to support the economy of a foreign country rather than your own country. So, when all the US jobs are gone as you stated, it will be YOU who helped it happen, not us.
I understand what you mean, Country Mt,
and I'm sorry that we can't all agree to disagree instead of acting like dogs attacking each other.

It's absolutely ridiculous that grown women feel it necessary to act the way some folks on here do.

Just know you're not alone in your opinion.
Country MT, you need to move - to
You are absolutely right. Also he is from a country
My fault for staying for so long. I also stayed in a relationship which he said was situational stress, and when I got out he thought I should have stayed. I guess that was my fault too... I am going to a woman soon, but I already changed my job to a good one which I know will take care of me. So, I guess I solved problems without a shrink... how to wean off the nerve pills... or not! LOL.
how do you get calls from "all over the country" sm
if you don't advertise or anything? Wow, you must be out of this world!
depends on part of country - I will take pay cut. sm

I'm an MT x10 years, great for growing family.  Now that kids are in school going back for BSN (R.N. plus bachelors combined).  Husband thinks I'm crazy.  I make $55,000+ as an MT because of production + incentive.  I transcribe 300+ lph and have an excellent line rate with a national.

I'm in the midwest, so as a BSN who does not get paid more than RNs here, I will take a huge pay cut, to the order of about $15,000 a year less.  Why am I doing it, because I want to be a nurse practitioner or a P.A. eventually and want to love what I do - that will be more money in the long run too with the higher degree.  I like being an MT, but working from home has turned me into a fat, lazy person who does nothing but type because it's easy money for me since I know the lingo and am well educated, plus I can type fast.

If you want to be a nurse, as another poster said - don't do it for the money, do it because you feel in your heart it is what you are meant to do because it is a very, very demanding job that requires a great deal of knowledge and skill.


Are all of their accounts out of CA or spread across the country? TIA (NM)
Does Transcend outsource out of country?
I was told when I was hired that their editing is for VR.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?
I know for a fact they offshore, what country I don't know.
In an interview a team leader let slip that they offshored and that is was the good stuff that was offshored. 
Try a board in a third-world country
because it sounds like that is who is left working for them. 
And the jobs will then be shifted to another country.
It will always be about the almighty dollar and companies will always be able to find someone in the world who will outbid American MTs.
Our whole COUNTRY is full of complete
Not my responsibility to develop their country

It stands to reason if they built their own hospitals, which they could easily staff with all the Indian ESL dictators we currently struggle with (while we hand them the moneymaking easy ones on a silver platter), they then could do their own transcription for their own healthcare providers.  Why the heck won't big business invest in building them some of their own hospitals?  Because this is about profit, NOT altrusim for our fellow man!

Maybe you're going to retire in a couple of years, so you don't really care about the future of this industry.  But if not, when you lose your current job to outsourcing, will you still deny there's a problem?  Or will you take another job for less pay, again and again, until the industry completely leaves this country - then will you realize there's a problem?  When you are forced out of this industry, and find the competition for other types of work is harder than it used to be, will you see a problem then?

Its not just this industry being outsourced.  I grew up in Michigan!  Its turning into a ghost state due to loss of jobs to outsourcing.  That's an example of an entire state being affected, and its only one of many in the rust belt.  But I guess you don't know anybody there, so you'd rather sympathize with someone halfway across the world.  It is not ok to undevelop our country in order to develop others.  Maybe when our homeless shelters overflow and our streets are full of beggars, and every undeveloped company has cable TV and McDonalds on every corner, we'll quit being in denial at what we are allowing to happen under our very noses.  But by then it'll be too late for us to reverse this trend of trying to raise the rest of the world's standards at the expense of our own.