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Do you have proof that JLG outsources offshore? If so, please email the Administrator.

Posted By: Thank you. Administrator (sm) on 2005-10-30
In Reply to: JLG does - good luck


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If anyone has definitive proof that OSI is outsourcing offshore, please email the Administrator
and I would be most interested as the owners of OSi say differently.  My email address is admin@mtstars.com.  Your responses will be held in complete confidence.  Thank you.
Only if administrator of board can be given proof.
Amphion outsources offshore to Trinidad.
Administrator- could you email me. I never posted that message about Netmed, yet it came to my email
address and I figured it out when someone from Netmed contacted me about my post. Is it possible for someone to steal and use your email address to post things. I thought there was some validation in place.
Do you have proof that they offshore?


Please email the Administrator regarding CorTMedical
Do you know if DTS outsources?
Yes, DTS outsources a LOT. NM
Thanks. Do you know if TT outsources overseas?
OSi outsources, pay is never on time
and don't go there. Good luck.
spheris outsources also nm..


I agree 100%. Wonder if she outsources her

What a horrible American attitude to have. Perfect sample of why we are all going downhill in a handbasket.

Anyone know if Axolotl outsources? nm
SPI outsources and Medical Bazaar does too. nm
Does anyone know of DocuMed outsources overseas? nm
I believe I believe Cymed outsources overseas also...sm
Unfortunately, we are going to continue to be in this same boat as long as medical transcription is outsourced to overseas countries. I used to think it wasn't a big deal (outsourcing), but I can see now that our jobs (and pay) are going to continue to deteriorate as long as outsourcing overseas is in the picture....and it is going to be in the picture for a very, very long time. :-(
It's never been a secret that Transcend outsources.
They are very proud of their overseas partners as they call them. The only reason the work is more steady and not all going there is that a lot of their hospital contracts state that they cannot outsource their work. So I applaud those hospitals because without them taking a stand, we'd be having no work..again. I remember waking up in the morning and finding there is no work and this is because the Indians are opposite us. When it's night for them it is day for us. So technically while we slept, they worked and when we got up, there was nothing left. It still happens on occasions but we have gotten a few new accounts so that helps. Also, whenever they ran out of work, people would quit and that would leave more work for whoever was left. It's just the nature of the business I guess. I've gone elsewhere.
So your saying you're a Bush follower since QT outsources? nm
Do you happen to know which companies HUP outsources to other than MQ. I suppose the best thing
would be to call HR but will they give out this information. Not sure who to call at these hospitals.
Every American MT should boycott working for any company that outsources! n/m
Sheeple!!! LOL - I agree. I wonder if Germany outsources it citizens work out of the country.
how horrible but Acusis/DRC outsources to India, just what Spheris will do with that easy account. n
offshore overseas.... not outsource .... correct term is offshore.
So administrator..is OSi done for here now??
I wonder why the Administrator
as she so frequently does? Question for the Administrator...Is it true that any negative posts of companies who advertise on this board are deleted??? If so, why is this? If this is not true, why was the string about Transcription Matchmaker deleted?
Is there any way that you can make a requirement that MTSO's who post on the job board list the name of their company.

I have responded to some of the anonymous posts by sending my resume and never ever hear a word back. It makes me uneasy because my address and phone number is on my resume.

After giving this some thought, why would a legitimate company post anonymously. On all other sites, companies who post jobs must list the company name.

Please consider making this a requirement.

I have received unsolicited email from this site and do not like it at all.

As the posts get older, will they eventually drop our 'email me' link?
Way to go, administrator!!
Thank you for speaking for all of us!

What does a little hand pointing in front of a post mean?  I am searching for a post of mine that looks as if it has been deleted.  While searching I came across a reply of mine to a post, and there is this hand in front of it, and you cannot open my reply.  I feel as if I am being boycotted or something - - LOL!  Seriously, what is going on?

It's great you removed the post, but I didn't get to see it. Wondering if it wouldn't be fair to name the company so those of us who didn't see it will know what type of company we are dealing with if/when they repost an ad?

You could leave the ad and the company up as an example of how to get your ad deleted... what *not* to post.
Do you have proof of this buy out?
Very interesting stuff here
That is no proof.
There is proof - as there was proof for OSI
There is validity to the MTs on this board. They provided the proof for the administrator to oust OSi from here, and if need be, they will be able to provide proof regarding Transcend. You just have to weigh what is important to you. I personally will not give my time or talents to any company not willing to go with 100% US based help. That's my preference, yours is up to you.
100% proof
Actually, you are to proof 100% but you are not requird to proof to voice 100%. However, I always did that anyway because if my name is going on it, it is going to be correct.
You have proof?
I'd love to see the proof. I heard they use US MTs only.
Do you really have any proof of this? I think if not, you are getting a lot of people upset, especially with the holiday season coming up. On the other hand, if you do, please provide what you know so others can make decisions about what to do.
I think you need some proof that it is bad -
you are probably going to have to deposit it at your bank and wait for it to come back to you. Be forewarned though, your bank will charge you a fee when it is returned (usually between $5-10). Then you can take it to the magistrate court and take out a warrant for a bad check.

Good Luck!
This seems to be pro-offshore board. Messages against offshore often just disappear.
Administrator-just curious
what was offensive about my post that caused it to be deleted?  Not a regular poster but wondering what is considered offensive?  No name calling, no swearing, yet....the rude and aggressive posts are allowed to remain.  Makes no sense to me. 
I will pass that along to the Administrator. Thank you. (NM)
No. Only the Administrator and moderators. NM
Administrator, question, pls. n/m
The administrator said she would post when she
Looks like administrator removed the ad
ADMINISTRATOR and others regarding TPJS

I just thought I would let you and others know about a job that is posted on the job board.  It was a ACUTE CARE MTS/EDITOR position that offer hourly wages.  To me this sounds like a BIG SCAM.  They send you an email stating that they are delighted to offer you a transcription position within a certain hourly range but then as you read further it states Please remit $25.00 for your independent contractor background check. We
accept credit cards, debit cards, money orders, money grams and cashier
checks as a form of payment.

Please note: We do not accept personal check.  They go by the company name of Telecommuting Personnel Job Services or TPJS, Inc.

The ad never had the companies name in it as well.

I would think that if a company wants to hire you and do a background check that they would pay for it!

Do you think this sounds like a SCAM??

Administrator - Another job ad w/o company name
E-mail the administrator.
company name identified. 
How about they added an ad. I proof all day, can't seem to
do it when I don't have to. 
Where is that published? Need PROOF!
what kind of proof do you want:?
and still have proof of it ALL after 2 years!  There will always be those who have a good experience at a company and assume that it is the same for everyone at that company.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not the case.