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Posted By: me on 2007-05-12
In Reply to: CBAY SYSTEMS - a warning - concerned MT


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What do you think of CBay. Medquist has been bought by CBay.nm


Do you know if DTS outsources?
Yes, DTS outsources a LOT. NM
Thanks. Do you know if TT outsources overseas?
OSi outsources, pay is never on time
and don't go there. Good luck.
spheris outsources also nm..


I agree 100%. Wonder if she outsources her

What a horrible American attitude to have. Perfect sample of why we are all going downhill in a handbasket.

Anyone know if Axolotl outsources? nm
SPI outsources and Medical Bazaar does too. nm
Does anyone know of DocuMed outsources overseas? nm
I believe I believe Cymed outsources overseas also...sm
Unfortunately, we are going to continue to be in this same boat as long as medical transcription is outsourced to overseas countries. I used to think it wasn't a big deal (outsourcing), but I can see now that our jobs (and pay) are going to continue to deteriorate as long as outsourcing overseas is in the picture....and it is going to be in the picture for a very, very long time. :-(
It's never been a secret that Transcend outsources.
They are very proud of their overseas partners as they call them. The only reason the work is more steady and not all going there is that a lot of their hospital contracts state that they cannot outsource their work. So I applaud those hospitals because without them taking a stand, we'd be having no work..again. I remember waking up in the morning and finding there is no work and this is because the Indians are opposite us. When it's night for them it is day for us. So technically while we slept, they worked and when we got up, there was nothing left. It still happens on occasions but we have gotten a few new accounts so that helps. Also, whenever they ran out of work, people would quit and that would leave more work for whoever was left. It's just the nature of the business I guess. I've gone elsewhere.
Amphion outsources offshore to Trinidad.
So your saying you're a Bush follower since QT outsources? nm
Do you have proof that JLG outsources offshore? If so, please email the Administrator.
Do you happen to know which companies HUP outsources to other than MQ. I suppose the best thing
would be to call HR but will they give out this information. Not sure who to call at these hospitals.
Every American MT should boycott working for any company that outsources! n/m
Sheeple!!! LOL - I agree. I wonder if Germany outsources it citizens work out of the country.
how horrible but Acusis/DRC outsources to India, just what Spheris will do with that easy account. n
The hospital I worked for contracted with CBay, closed the transcription department, and a few months later rehired some MTs back due to very poor quality. When posed with the question as to how much of their transcription is sent overseas, i.e., India, the recruiter replied "more than 50%."

Thanks for the info on CBay!


Thanks for the info on CBAY!

Hopefully things have changed then. They have been known to come in, hire the existing MTs to help with the transition, and once things are running smoothly they let everyone go and send the whole kit and kaboodle over to India. Our hospital outsourced to them and it has been a nightmare for the last year. Can't wait to see what they do when the contract is up.

I can't figure out why Advance constantly promotes CBay without telling the full story. Absolutely nothing positive about this company that I know of. Our facility is dumping them and I wonder how many others are too.
i lost my job to them. they didnt offer anyone a position. they took it all to india. it is now back in house because of such poor quality, didnt take long, less than six months.
CBay does not use US MTs does it.
They must have a great PR firm though. All the articles about CBay make them sound better than sliced bread! The facility I was outsourced from went with them and it was total nightmare. I would love to know how many facilities actually RENEW their contracts with CBay.
Does anyone know what CBay rates are and do they use domestic people at all
I would like information from anyone currently working at CBay, i.e. benefits, pay for transcriptionists and editors. Thanks
My own client used to use Cbay. Let me tell you they were not happy at all!! It all goes overseas to India. Does that tell you anything??
I have no idea but the do send work overseas!

Does anyone have any info on CBay? Anyone every work there?

Re: MQ and CBay
My daddy used to say Birds of a feather flock together. The union of these two companies is a prime example.

I was wonderng if anybody who works for CBay can tell me about the company from an employee's viewpoint.  I recently got a job offer but I don't know much about the company itself.  I know they own the majority share of MedQuist.  I also know they have an India corporate office along with the USA one.  Aside from this, I really don't know much about the company operations and don't find very much info reading the boards.    Thanks

From their 2000 post on net.
CBay and Medical Transcription
Business India Intelligence - March 2000
Dictating to Delhi

CBay Systems of the US plans to use India's abundance of low-cost, English-speaking graduates to become the largest medical transcription company in the world.

CBay Systems, an American medical transcription company, has done things differently than most of its competitors, both in the US and India. While most other medical transcription companies in the US rely on American home-based transcriptionists, CBay is building its business around Indian transcriptionists.

Unlike competitors who have set up in India, CBay does not directly employ its transcriptionists. Rather, its fully owned Indian subsidiary, set up in 1998, identifies potential entrepreneurs who have the managerial capability to set up and finance production centers (data capture and data delivery are in the US). CBay (India) then provides technical assistance, including hardware and software, as well as help with recruitment and training. Once training is complete the centres start commercial operation with 100% of capacity being filled by CBay. Through the Internet, voice data (in encrypted and compressed form) flows directly from the US-based servers of the company to the production centre and the transcribed data is sent directly back.

Thank you. I know CBay is like sour grapes to some, especially when it comes to MedQuist. I really appreciate some actual information on the company and not just negative opinions.
Thank you. I know CBay is like sour grapes to some, especially when it comes to MedQuist. I really appreciate some actual information on the company and not just negative opinions.
Anyone currently with CBay? Didn't even know they were still around. Have an ad in
CBay-any new info?
A hospital where I work has started sending dictation to CBay.  I looked through the archives but there was not a lot of new info.  Anybody know if they outsource?
CBay editing
I truly hope it works out for you, but I was an Editor there not too long ago and I know how they work. They lure you in promising good editor pay, and at first it seems wonderful. But then they start pushing you to complete more and more work. My supervisor actually told me just to fix anything obvious that stood out, but otherwise just to push the reports through. Check the demographics and push them through. I just couldn't work like that, and I left. The reports were all typed offshore in India and the quality was horrible. There was no way I was returning that kind of work to the client.
Need info on Cbay please

Any current or former Cbay employees who can give me any info?  Good to their word?  Good/bad experiences?  Stay away/go for it? 

Thanks in advance!     

CBay layoffs

Where's everyone planning to go now that Cbay has laid off the rest of the editors?

CBay benefits?
Can anyone tell me if CBay offers benefits (specifically health insurance) to their full-time MTs?
I worked for Cbay.
They literally laid off ALL MTs and QAs and sent everything to India, after buying up a lot of smaller MT companies. The quality in India is so bad, it most definitely endangers the patient.
Why do you still work for the Q? When it's CBAY, etc, now? sm
And they have cut your pay multiple times, if you are experienced. Be not afraid. I only worked for them for about 10 years because it took them about 5 of that to figure out how to convert my wonderful (YOG) company to the dark side. Get out of there....girl.
Phillippines, Cbay, MQ.... enough said!
I worked at both Heartland and CBay and...sm
...CBay is the very worst.  The bounced paychecks, they laid off dozens and dozens of experienced US MTs and they treat people like dirt.  Their quality is even worse than Heartland's.  If CBay buys Heartland, my deepest sympathies to all Heartland employees.
CBAY is one of the more unscrupulous offshore
companies. They buy American MTSO's,promising to keep the employees, add those excellent benefits and seem incredibly nice. Then they gradually eliminate the MTs, keeping a few on for editing offshore work. Can't comment on the MT pay? Could be because there aren't any, they use Indian MTs. As well, outsourcing and offshoring are slightly different.
CBAY SYSTEMS - a warning

I'm not a negative person, and I have received high marks with every company I've worked for - including CBay. My opinion on most companies is that one is good for some and not for others. But my experience with CBay was so appalling, that I want to share a word of warning.

CBay has good benefits and they pay for downtime, but the positives stop there and are totally overwhelmed by negatives. The team I was a part of waited for weeks to start our accounts, and we were expected to be patient. Only if you made a point of the fact that you had to leave your other employment to be ready to work for CBay did you receive any compensation. Imagine not being paid for several weeks! Be patient? But that's what happened. Some MTs were paid, and some were not.

And this really paints a picture of the overall working environment. If you were in the know, you could get by a little better than some. For instance, when a virus wiped out the system for about a day, a supervisor said we needed to move our schedules around to compensate. But if you were smart and talked with personel, you learned this was not necessary at all. Downtime should have been paid - period. Some MTs got that downtime and some did not. 

If you are a good MT and pride yourself in your work, you might think you would never get fired, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are very quick to fire people. 

Although my group's part in CBay was very small compared to how enormous the company is, all three supervisors were dishonest in some way, whether it dealt with downtime pay or something else. A couple of us who were better at transcription were often told privileged information and instructed to not tell anyone. Meanwhile, other girls would ask for this information, and the supervisor would say, I don't know. An organization with that type of game playing and dishonesty at the supervisory level should not be on anyone's list as a great place to work.

There is much more I could say, but my hope is to say enough to protect others from making the terrible mistake I did. Sweatshop does not even begin to describe how CBay degrades its MTs. They should truly be ashamed.

Anyone heard about layoffs from Cbay? sm
Someone posted elsewhere that they had been laid off by this company.
Cbay has laid off all of their US MTs and Editors
and sent everything to India. They bought up a lot of smaller US companies and slowly transitioned EVERYTHING to India.  What more is there to say about them?  Bad news.