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To MT at Home - I tried to send you an email

Posted By: Jessie on 2006-11-08
In Reply to: Does anyone know of a smallish MTSO that uses Olympus recorders - Jessie

but the delivery failed. Of course, I'm very interested in replying to you, but just do not know how.

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send me an email
I may know of a place for you
Send an email and ask
someone in the office who does the time sheets.
I always send an email sm
and ask all those questions before testing.  If they don't want to give me that info before hand, they aren't worth it.
I think there are 2? send them email and ask
.Just put you message in the portion where is says Apply Now (or did you see info elsewhere?
It's always best to just send an email and let them know - regardless what day.
If I send you an email to let you know
the person you think you are talking about is NOT me, then would you post on this board you made a mistake? I would be more than willing to do this. I am not an owner, I am not a boss, I guarantee you you do not know me. Want to take me up on this or go ahead with posting false things?
anything you need....send email. NM
I work there, but cannot send an email.
How can I help you
send me a private email
I don't discuss this company on the board and you will find few who do.
Send me an email and I will answer you :) nm
How is this better? I do not want to send my email address to anyone as sm
I end up on some strange lists when I do but I really am interested in Keystrokes. I have heard good things and bad and have weighed it out but this kind of cryptic message intrigues me. I just know that whatever happens, I am happy to go with a company that does not outsource and is very open about being against it. I have been burned by two hospitals and two services with offshore transcription.
Send them an email to ask and see if it comes back. nm
Debbie - please re-send the email
Maybe you should send AA an email informing
One answered below. Otherwise--I'd send an email see msg
asking who they were before I sent a resume.
If you send an email and it is not returned as (sm)
undeliverable, would you kindly pass the email on to me? Mine just came back as undeliverable. Hmmmmm. Feeling not to sure about this place......

Thanks in advance.
Why not send this to her email directly?
I think you should take this to her via email. Its easy enough to create an alternate ID so you would not be identified if you are trying to be anonymous.
Pumpernickel, could you send me an email too.. sm
I am the original poster and would love to hear any other information. Incentives would help and might make my decision to stay or go a bit easier! Thanks.
I could send an email saying how I love VR
I have seen reports of mine transcribed by humans which have errors on them. I am glad to be using VR so still want to send emails?
have tons to share - send me email
acute care or radiology?
Lol ! How in the world are we supposed to know who to send such email to ?

We do not know the account supervisor nor anything!  Strange . . .

We have been told NOT to call the office nor email for the last few days because . . . I did get that email !  Convenient when there is no work, isn't it?

I'd tell 'em, 'From now on, send me ONE email/day -
And I'd turn off the IM if they abused it like that.
I not able to send an email to you, info not available on server.
send em this open letter in an email!
I worked 2 weeks at Transcend for 2 weeks, didn't know this is what was being hired to do. I quit when I realized what an absolute mess this was to completely completely reword the ENTIRE report for pennies. What a good deal for THEM. NOT ME!!!!
Send me an email and I will respond. I'm packing up and getting the**** out of Dodge. nm
Find the root file and send by email? ...sm
There should be a directory for it - that's what you will need to send to the tech for conversion. Good luck!
i'd like to know too. i did send an email back before wasting more of my time to see if the work
they email you some voice files to type and send back
Sine you have access to the address book in Outlook just send the email to the entire team?
In the early days, MedQuist said working at home was a benefit, therefore at-home sm
employees did not receive as many benefits as those working in-house.  As I believe, it was something like at-home employees got 3 days off a year versus 10 days for the in-office employees -- WHAT?!!!  I told them it made no sense to me, since by working at home I was saving them money -- no need to provide office space, equipment, references, utilities, etc. -- yet I get shafted.  I was only part-time when they took over the previous company with their great policies, and I told them to kiss where I can't. 
Ditto! Also add that they ignore e-mails you send and send endless IMs!
Hey OrthoMT.. tried to email you back but the email was returned as undeliverable..
Basically, this is what I'd like to know.. You can email me the information if you like..First off, are they hiring for ortho? and what is their scheduling like, FT or PT, IC status or employee etc. I would like to find a company that is pretty flexible. Also, what platform do they use? I have worked at some like you were saying, took forever to get the line count and I want to work 8 hours and be done. Oh, do you have benefits, and what are they like if you have them? Thanks for any information you can give..

No, but I will email the Moderators as soon as I find the email. You know it's the truth, Becky.
Administrator- could you email me. I never posted that message about Netmed, yet it came to my email
address and I figured it out when someone from Netmed contacted me about my post. Is it possible for someone to steal and use your email address to post things. I thought there was some validation in place.
I am reposting email address, not sure why you cannot email me. nm
They email everyone a copy of the newsletter. Email and ask
and they will email you one if you haven't been receiving it.
did that at home...
worked for a court reporter service typing depositions at home for a while. The biggest problem was that it seemed there were often 2 or 3 people talking at once and it was hard to tell one from the other. Things had to be verbatim to the letter, with absolutely every word spoken included in the report. I can see where it would be easier to do that in an office setting where you would be able to ask questions about things you were unsure of. The pay was excellent, but I found it really difficult to do it at home.
About MT at home

I am - or hopefully soon to be - was on eof those recruiters, and I coul dgive you a heads up on what they are thinking when they advertise, and what they really expect.

First, not all companies are making 14 cents or more a line with so much off shoring - BUT that doesn't mean they coud not give more. I have been asked to low-ball on many occasions. What a company needs to realize is that without MTs, there is no company. After soul searching, I will be leaving my inhouse job for an at-home MT position NOT WITH THEM. Now that I know what they do, I am hoping to cope, and work around it to make what I need without the stress. Cause the stress is making me physically ill, and I am too old and too professional and too qualifed to be treated the way they do. AND I wont be a part of their antics with the MTs. I mean how many times can a bank possibly make an error. MTs are smarter than that. Them leaving would only make my life more stressful in the office.


Yup. Only 2 at home still, 12 & 17 NM.
No houseboat just a floating home with the sun rising and setting over Mt. Hood. 
PT at home with benefits
Does anyone know of a good company to work for part time at home that offers insurance?
New at home based...

I would like to get some feedback on a few companies.  I have been offered positions from AccuScribe, Cymed.  I am an IC now and have been in a hospital setting for several years, now at home working for a local company that does not pay well. 

This newbie really needs some help! 

Thanks in advance!


At home positions
DTS America Brentwood TN has at home positions awesome management group there.
Used to work for them at home--sm
You don't work for any certain facility. They now have the MTs working on all their facilities depending on the region you are in. They have heavy ESL.
Thanks. I am used to working at home
and not having to deal with this.  This hospital has opened up a new surgery center which is its own entity and that took away a lot of our transcription plus a good majority of our radiology has gone to templates so in other words we are now very over staffed.  They pulled some of us in-house to work on other stuff when transcription gets low which it frequently does so when I work on other things I get paid an hourly rate.  I make more typing.  Some of the other transcriptionists refuse to do anything else but type and one of the supervisors made a comment that that is not the right attitude to have.  I have considered the nationals mainly due to my pay cut and gas prices and of course this coworker doesn't help, but am afraid of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.  I have read horror stories on this board.   Its hard to decide what to do.  There is little opportunity for transcriptionists around here.  The ones that have a job are holding on tight.  One of the local multispecialty clinics outsource to India  and another one of our big multispecialty clinics do voice recognition and templates. They still have transcriptionists but let a lot of them go.  I live in a remote area also and never thought I would have to worry about India, templates, VR since big city people claims we are soo far behind but it has happened.  Oh, well thanks for letting me vent.  I feel like I did this on the wrong board though, probably should have been on the main board.  Sorry.   
radiology at home

MDI-FL pays 10 cpl for radiology and acute with Meditech experience.  Good company.


Trying to adjust to home

I've had a tough time working at home.  It takes more discipline than in an office and I applaud anyone who can do it and make money. 

Hospital at home now.

Please forgive me but I really need to vent.  I think  I am at my lowest now.  I have worked in local Hospital Radiology dept. for 10 years and was told I must work at home, or no job.  I must provide high speed internet and pay for it, I provide space in my home and desk and chair, must show proof that my homeowner's policy will cover their computer equipment, and must show picture of area in my home showing a door for HIPAA compliance, they say.  I get 9 cents per line, only what I type, one line each for headers and footers.  They won't tell me how they determine a line, they won't say if macros and normals are included. I went to personnel and they say my department head determines what and how she pays and they won't interfere.  I have a one year old mortgage so can't say no, and my pay is down to 8-9 dollars an hour, and that is before I deduct what I have to pay to work at home.  When I told my supervisor that the new program they put in is not Transcriptionist friendly, she said, no it's not, it is mainly designed for Voice Recognition.  I can't check my lines, they give me a paper with total lines for the last two weeks on it with my paycheck.  I feel abandoned and abused.  I called local labor board and they said if I was getting minimum wage and overtime pay as required by law, then I should be thankful I have a job!

I am about to default on my mortgage, and have three kids to worry about too.  Can it get any worse than this?

Will likely still pay hourly, even at home.
But I agree; 1200 lines will be required at minimum.
Working at home
If you compare working at home to having to get up and go into an office somewhere, rain or shine, that is a big plus. The only drawback to this profession is the declining line rate. Guess thats really up to the MT I guess. They will pay what you are willing to take. Just have to keep shopping around until you get what you want. Much better alternative than getting all nasty about the company you work for, there are plenty more out there, and they all pay different.
You would not be sorry to work for them. Like any @ home job, it is a job and to be taken serious (
The pay is good, it is based on a line rate and bonuses for tier levels. You would not be sorry. A good group of people, excellent technical support and communications within the management!