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I'd tell 'em, 'From now on, send me ONE email/day -

Posted By: as all others will be deleted w/out opening." on 2007-10-29
In Reply to: Oh I hate that! - ER MT

And I'd turn off the IM if they abused it like that.

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it's called razzle/dazzle, confuse 'em, make 'em doubt themselves nm

The real number rounds down to how much you averaged/ made an hour.

No matter how you figure, by the line, character, gross line, by the page, by the dictation minute  or whatever, it is what you can average out in a day of work.

You work 10, 12, 14, 16 hours and make $XXXX you divide your hours worked into what you ended up with

Kick 'em 2 the curb - U are 2 good 4 'em! nm

send me an email
I may know of a place for you
Send an email and ask
someone in the office who does the time sheets.
I always send an email sm
and ask all those questions before testing.  If they don't want to give me that info before hand, they aren't worth it.
I think there are 2? send them email and ask
.Just put you message in the portion where is says Apply Now (or did you see info elsewhere?
It's always best to just send an email and let them know - regardless what day.
If I send you an email to let you know
the person you think you are talking about is NOT me, then would you post on this board you made a mistake? I would be more than willing to do this. I am not an owner, I am not a boss, I guarantee you you do not know me. Want to take me up on this or go ahead with posting false things?
anything you need....send email. NM
I work there, but cannot send an email.
How can I help you
send me a private email
I don't discuss this company on the board and you will find few who do.
Send me an email and I will answer you :) nm
How is this better? I do not want to send my email address to anyone as sm
I end up on some strange lists when I do but I really am interested in Keystrokes. I have heard good things and bad and have weighed it out but this kind of cryptic message intrigues me. I just know that whatever happens, I am happy to go with a company that does not outsource and is very open about being against it. I have been burned by two hospitals and two services with offshore transcription.
To MT at Home - I tried to send you an email
but the delivery failed. Of course, I'm very interested in replying to you, but just do not know how.
Send them an email to ask and see if it comes back. nm
Debbie - please re-send the email
Maybe you should send AA an email informing
One answered below. Otherwise--I'd send an email see msg
asking who they were before I sent a resume.
If you send an email and it is not returned as (sm)
undeliverable, would you kindly pass the email on to me? Mine just came back as undeliverable. Hmmmmm. Feeling not to sure about this place......

Thanks in advance.
Why not send this to her email directly?
I think you should take this to her via email. Its easy enough to create an alternate ID so you would not be identified if you are trying to be anonymous.
Pumpernickel, could you send me an email too.. sm
I am the original poster and would love to hear any other information. Incentives would help and might make my decision to stay or go a bit easier! Thanks.
I could send an email saying how I love VR
I have seen reports of mine transcribed by humans which have errors on them. I am glad to be using VR so still want to send emails?
have tons to share - send me email
acute care or radiology?
Lol ! How in the world are we supposed to know who to send such email to ?

We do not know the account supervisor nor anything!  Strange . . .

We have been told NOT to call the office nor email for the last few days because . . . I did get that email !  Convenient when there is no work, isn't it?

I not able to send an email to you, info not available on server.
send em this open letter in an email!
I worked 2 weeks at Transcend for 2 weeks, didn't know this is what was being hired to do. I quit when I realized what an absolute mess this was to completely completely reword the ENTIRE report for pennies. What a good deal for THEM. NOT ME!!!!
Send me an email and I will respond. I'm packing up and getting the**** out of Dodge. nm
Find the root file and send by email? ...sm
There should be a directory for it - that's what you will need to send to the tech for conversion. Good luck!
i'd like to know too. i did send an email back before wasting more of my time to see if the work
they email you some voice files to type and send back
Sine you have access to the address book in Outlook just send the email to the entire team?
Ditto! Also add that they ignore e-mails you send and send endless IMs!
had 'em all going!


not if you don't tell 'em about it! lol
just keep quiet about it
You tell 'em FastRad!! sm
$78,000 last year. Want to see my 1099's?
love 'em

You tell 'em sister....

Cuz I'm just a grinch and have poverty of the soul because I didn't provide comfort and joy as what some perceive to be what the OP wanted.  Pity party is what she wanted and yes at this point I'm beating a dead horse, which is maybe what I'll call myself now.

As for the OP, I guess he got off her a$$ and finally made that call since according to all of the posters that supposedly support her claim she worked 24 hours in one day to get her lines in.  Now that deserves pity!

I stand by what I say, and I mean what I say.  If the OP wanted pats on the back and awwww so sorry, then so be it.  What I said is true when there's no work I don't sit on my a$$ and wait at all hours of the night and day, I look for another job.  Fortunately, I haven't had to do that.

And yes, NY MT is correct in that everyone wants their cake and eat it too. What took the OP so long to make that call and get those back up accounts?  It took for me to shake her up!  But you all got her back now, so she'll be just fine! 

Tell 'em sister...

if the money in the paycheck is green, it will spend. 

Furthermore, no one knows who off shores or not.  There could be companies that say they do not off shore, but they do.  How would we know?  I say if the pants fit right, keep them on and walk around like you own the place instead of worrying about something that is not in our control.

Furthermore, just because a company advertises no off shore applicants does not necessarily mean they do not off shore.  It just means they also hire US MTs.

Umm... duhh! Of course I have - I'm one of 'em.
What I was taking about is that companies use that as an EXCUSE when they're trying to make their case about offshoring. They claim that all their US MT's are going to up and retire en masse someday, and they'll need to send more and more work offshore.

Just one more strand in their big web of lies.
High five! You tell 'em!
That's just what I was thinking.
Love 'em.
Most are a lot more interesting than your usual hospital reports.  I found there were a smaller group of docs to deal with and can get really familiar with them and not searching to find doc names , new drugs and facilities as much.  They do usually talk fast but that is what my slower control is for;-)
Call 'em!
Never say never. Give the recruiter and a call and follow-up on it. Sounds like you're almost in the door, so don't throw in the towel yet.

Go get 'em, girl!!!
You tell 'em sista...
People want feedback....  Here's your feedback and I heard the same thing as you!  Not worth it! 
Go ahead and warn 'em
but all too many people get carried away and make up all kinds of nonsense.  I have worked for a few companies and do know what is out there.  I have others to compare this company to.  So, that sure isn't the case.  Anyway, its a free board, post away...just warning others to watch out and to form their own opinions.
That's what I did...left 'em off my resume. GL to you.
I'm glad I turned 'em down...
I'm sorry to hear that...last summer, I was in contact with them, they offered me a job and I purchased a pedal from them...something about them just struck me as oogy, though, and I ended up changing my mind and turning them down. So, whew, guess I dodged a bullet.
Never heard of 'em - and I live in SC!
Do they have a website?
Oh, egads, that was stingy of 'em!
That's penny-ante wages!
You should call KS and tell 'em the situation (sm)

Ask to speak to the Director of Ops, KB. 

Hang in there!  To leave no work and come to no work is not good.  Unfortunately, the hospitals and other clients take forever to assign IDs to KS MTs. 

Yikes - with the pay cuts and all? You can have 'em.
try archives, never heard of 'em. nm