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Toyota factories are in the U.S. and hire a large % of americans, my sibling works in ...sm

Posted By: toots on 2006-01-28
In Reply to: And stop buying foreign cars for crying out loud. sm - American

motor assembly division, and has never worked for a more respecting, generous and thoughtful company. Anyone who thinks buying a Toyota makes them guilty of buying a foreign made car, this is certainly not true now days!  They are right here in the US and have one of the most dependable, long-lasting vehicle on the road. I think your analogy was a little off-base with all due respect.  Have a good day!

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Toyota is opening right outside of Detroit get over it.
Honda is 11 years old, 190,000 miles . Toyota was 15 years old and 279,000 superb
Agree with you wholeheartedly. Need to start making Senior Citizens and Boomers aware. Go to AARP and scream about it. We need to find out the best way to make Seniors aware of all the facts, especially in places like FL - they have a huge voting block. Any suggestions on ways to do this, ways that we can all help?????
Americans are bad too
Here is the problem. If American MTs were perfect there would be no competition. I've edited Indians and Americans and some Americans are great!!! But some are just as bad as Indians.
So why shouldn't the MTSO outsource, pay an Editor to clean the mess and keep the change. I don't agree with it but that's the way it is. I think it's horrible. The pay should be better for the good Americans, that's all.
Any MT Companies that have only Americans?
Any companies in the US that hire and keep their American workers and do not outsource to India?  How about Spheris?  Anything?
not sure of the exact # but there are more Indians than Americans
Indian MTs also pay much less to take the test than Americans do. nm
It is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act
to ask any health or disability-related questions (including to see your medical records) until a definite, firm offer has been MADE. If this occurring, I would recommend the person it is happening to call any disability rights lawyer, who would take it in a heartbeat.
I think you are right, but if us Americans jumped ship as soon as
it gets rocky, they would sink, but we hang on and on and wait for it to get better and then it doe not!
I have heard that some savvy Americans are moving
If Americans are a little thin-skinned and anxious right now, (sm)
it's certainly not without good reason! All of us, either directly or indirectly, have been affected by offshoring of ALL American work.
I am American. Are you helping Americans get jobs? nm
Americans have been working in Saudi Arabia
for a very very long time. Where you been?

you would live in a security compound with all Americans around you...sm
not in the Arabian desert on a camel!

Read the manual!

Americans edit Indian work, never Indians
I was asked to sign something that said I would not tell that I edited Indian work. I would not sign that. Indians cannot edit Indian work.
Americans have to do it.
American, yes I guess we still count southern as Americans
Just to let you know, doing grammar or spelling policing here can get you tossed off. Not being ugly, just knowing.
Focus Infomatics uses Indians to edit Americans' work
They do make mistakes. But if you point it out to them, at least they are willing to learn, they don't get all huffy like Americans do, and the Americans should have better grammar, etc. in the first place!
By chance, are these people calling "non-Americans" I worked for a company
who shall remain nameless but their supervisors were in India and would IM me constantly to do a STAT. Even though, I would try tellin them I was not working that day or that I was going somewhere. They continued to ask. It was bizarre. I kept think, what part of English DONT you understand..NO..I thought meant the same everywhere. They are just the only poeple I have dealt with that just doesnt comprehend rejection of any sort, but that's just me.
Me too. As soon as there is a little extra work they hire and hire and then noone has any. This
goes on all the time.  I get sick to death of it.  I think having 2 part time jobs is better so you have 2 jobs to count on.
The platform is Word. Their program works with Word but does not change how Word works. nm
The benefits just changed the first part of this month. I don't have them but I remember them being reasonabl for a single person. Family and spouse was not reasonable in any way (in my opinion).
I can't tell you, sorry, but it is a LARGE one.
large comp

I agree.

They have taken on several new large accounts over
the past several months.
been with 2 large nationals; will never do that again.
Much better with the smaller companies.
I have 22 employees, which is not large, but had to do the same. sm
Our state unemployment division did an audit on me and determined that the ICs are actually employees. I had to pay unemployment on everyone who works for me or who did work for me back 5 years to present and make them all employees. I had to pay fines and penalties too.

The IRS has their list of 20 checklist items but the states can have a few of their own and they have the right to enforce them.

One from our state (Missouri) states that if you perform the same type of duties as employees at the company, even if you fit the 20 items from the IRS, you are an employee.

I appealed the decision and lost. It cost me $5000 for a lawyer but still have to pay the $218,000 to them (the total with the fees, penalties, interest and payments that should have been made). It is going to force me to close our doors.

If it is a large account
your email may be one of nearly 20+ she gets per day. When you are a lead you are getting many calls and emails daily. Address the issue with the head and go over his/her head if things don't improve.
these were supposedly large sm
companies that have been around awhile.  I am hearing a lot of MTs going through the same thing.  Its getting ridiculous!
It is hard to get a large
group of doctors at a hospital to ALL do VR and their own editing. Smaller clinics are more likely to completely do away with MTs, as they are more inclined to do their own editing; plus doctors in clinics do not go into as much detail as hospital dictators. Clinics usually stick to a fairly standard normal template, whereas doctors in hospitals dictate all kinds of ways...That is what I have seen..
Does KS only hire employees or do they hire ICs too? nm
I have found that large places
like hospitals, banks, insurance companies offer the best benefit packages to part-timers. In fact I once worked 10 hours a week at a bank just for the benefits package. PT MT at home with benefits, however, I don't think you will find. It's hard enough finding FT with benefits and the premium isn't $800 a month.
Yes, 2 large hospitals. Both accounts out. nm
When I worked for a large national, they
had a gal from New York using a steno machine.  She consistently turned out over 20,000 lines every 2 weeks/pay period.  So if you know the steno machine, you can make megabucks in transcription.  She always won awards at this biggest national.
The accounts are so large you get them some days
and other days none. I too have had days when that seems like all I get. Sometimes I will go 3 months before I get the same doctor. She should have asked them to route her a variety that day or try another account. There really is a break in period with any new account but Transtech really is the best company out there and they are willing to work with their MTs.
Um, not exactly - some of the VERY LARGE companies do the same thing!
Trust me. lol
I do a large number of ESLs and usually

don't have issues, but when I worked at SS their ESL dictators on at least 1 account were horrendous.  They were bad dictators on top of the sound quality being the worst I've encountered in my 20 years of MTing.  Management was a joke and you couldn't believe a word the CEO told you.   I worked in QA and the quality of the transcription was very bad.   Someone asked me if the work was done in India and I said it may very well be because it was so bad that it pretty much had to be done over.   I had some suggestions on how to better run things and was offered a management position to implement them, but I declined. 

The reason there is a lot of work is because they can't keep MTs.   I agree not all companies, not matter how good they are, are a good fit for all MTs, but if a company has constant turnover there has to be a reason for it.  I work because I need the money and I don't see any reason to waste my time going with a company that has the reputation that SS does.  There have been a handful of MTs who despite all the negatives about SS decided to accept positions.  A couple of MTs have come back about a month layer apologizing for not believing us and said everything we said was true.  

I would not refer my worst enemy to this company. 

Would anyone work for a large national co, with a

I use the company provided computer.  They had a change in computers and I was sent a new one.  Since that time, the foot pedal provided has not worked.  I can hear reports, but I cannot backup or move ahead using the pedal.  To hear something again, I have to bang my foot on the pedal. To move ahead forward or go backward for any length, I must go to playback page and manually move the cursor to where I need to be. 

I have put up with this for five years. Yes, that is right, FIVE YEARS!!!! I have called our so-called Help Desk numerous times and I have been sent two more pedals, neither of which work, or, rather, work the same as the original pedal.  I have asked for help from countless people.  The Help Desk states I am the only one having the problem.  The supervisor says I am the only one having the problem. I know one other person on my team who is also having having the problem, but we are too  ashamed to really raise heck.  I am disgusted. 

By the way, it is the most commonly used foot pedal. Even their ad states it works with any computer.  I just had to vent. 

Large nationals don't like radiology because of TAT
I was offered a very large rate of pay, so you
I know they just got a large hospital account near me.
They have recently gotten a very large account. Probably
Large deductible and everything out of pocket.
A REALLY large system with several hospitals. nm

Is this a large hospital with MANY Hispanic
dictators, probably over 75%? I heard they only had 1 account on DQS, a new one they picked up in August. I am working on that account and would love to switch.
It's a large company, Passing, SM
offering a variety of opportunities and mixed experiences. Different platforms, different managers, and different accounts all over the country. Transcend kept me happy with lots of good work for a long time before my account went offshore without notice. I was then switched to another very good and interesting account, where the way the lines were counted was adjusted down again without notice (by the same account manager). If that hadn't happened, I'd be there still, and I have no doubt that the many people who say it's a great company are honestly reflecting their own experiences.

Knowing what I do, if I were you I'd go ahead with the training but, as with any company, be firm up front that as a pro you expect to be assigned to good accounts with lots of work. Then call on them immediately (first 2 days) to correct the situation if they are not, and mean it. I've never been in MT personnel, but I imagine they hire a lot of people who don't pan out, engendering an attitude that adversely affects the way many others are treated before they have a chance to prove themselves. If they allow it. Best wishes.
Usually MANY battles, both large and small,
Food for thought.
All the large companies do the same thing.
I don't work for WMX. I'm amazed this is the first anyone has heard. I suppose Webber Inc. keeps things quiet.

Really, don't get upset. Just business as usual.
And what large hospital did they lose? (nm)
As someone who has worked for many large companies, sm
I've seen this many times before. Companies downsize or streamline or whatever they want to call it OFTEN, especially management level positions. I wouldn't blow this out of proportion.
Anyone currently working for DSG know if they have a large turnover of MTs there and how is it
to work there at the present time.  Just looking!
Yes it is, and ANY percentage is too large for my comfort
ANY percentage is too high. There's no excuse for it except profits for greedy American MTSOs.

There are literally HUNDREDS of US MTs more than willing to work these odd hours that Transcend and others claim they are 'forced' to offshore because they cannot get sufficient help here.

I strongly disagree. In fact, I disgree just short to calling it out as being a bald-faced LIE.

The purpose is nothing more to increase profits for the powers that be, while all of the time hammering down the pay of the American MT.

I hope I am not alone in my stand on this. I would rather somewhere else for less money who DOES NOT offshore and who respects their MTs. Respect is something MDI-MD obviously chose to cast aside when they began negotiating their moneymaking deal while we starved, lost sleep, wondered how we would pay our bills, and yet STILL tried to be loyal to these yahoos.

Nope, not happy and checking out before my work goes to India.

I've worked too hard and am too advanced in my career to be a sitting duck.
Unless she can provide large volumes of
eventually the big co's with their guerilla business tactics will stomp on her little business, too.