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If Americans are a little thin-skinned and anxious right now, (sm)

Posted By: Kirsten on 2007-03-29
In Reply to: Focus Infomatics uses Indians to edit Americans' work - deb

it's certainly not without good reason! All of us, either directly or indirectly, have been affected by offshoring of ALL American work.

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TT thin skinned?
What exactly does that mean? Just asking.
I don't really thing that is true. I think people like to jump all over TTers who praise TT because they are happy with their job. I do think people have a tendency to be kind of cranky and nasty when they are not sitting face-to-face with someone, and are posting anonymously. If you have any questions, ask away. I would be glad to answer them.
correction to thin-skinned
I meant I don't really THINK that is necessary...
Maybe they wouldn't be so thin-skinned
if people like you didn't think they had to make a funny of someone asking a serious question.
I think that company is WAY to thin-skinned.
TransTech seems to be extremely thin skinned
PS: I meant, 'NOT so thin-skinned.' - nm
A little anxious....
I am a little anxious I must admit, and considering I'm testing with some other companies too, I would just like to have an idea where I stand. I would really love to get in with OSi, but at this point, I just need/want a job!

Thank you. I'm anxious to start a new job
for the new year. I am hopeful about Focus.
It seems they should be anxious to hire people on, and get right on it.
I guess some of these companies think they are the only fish in the sea -- NOT
Thanks...I'm anxious to try it out today! I hear (sm)
you about the Meditech!  I was disappointed that that was the system I was going to use on my new job because I had it for one of my accounts on the job I just left...YUCK!  Oh well, I'm just happy I got a new job!  Thanks again.
Confused, Anxious, Frenzied, & Disgusted....no, this is not a new legal team, see message!
I have been trying to muddle all this out on my own and am really suffering from a nervous breakdown.  I really need to work, bennies are not a point of contention, and I am thinking of switching from MQ, where I can bet super pay and schedule, but go crazy with anxiety from all the mess, to either Softscript, Integrity Systems, Transolutions, Advantec, or New England Transcriptions....the offers are similar, but I have been at this SO many years, need to work at home now versus hospital (have done both), and just want to find a home, work hard with pride, make a decent pay, be treated as a human with dignity......PLEASE, any and all input, either here or by e-mail, would be soooo appreciated, I am really under the gun to make a decision, and sooooo sick of regrets!!  Thanks so very much!
You can't be here with thin skin
The world we live in isn't pretty.  Most take offense to the smallest things, and that sounds like what has happened here with you.  Good luck!  There are other forums that might be friendly, but none more honest than this one, and I can tell you when I ask a question, I'd like an honest answer, not a sugar-coated one for fairytale princesses.  Bye bye!  Good luck on your forum search with no negativity!  Let us know when you find one! 
I just picked that out thin air. nm
Agree with you wholeheartedly. Need to start making Senior Citizens and Boomers aware. Go to AARP and scream about it. We need to find out the best way to make Seniors aware of all the facts, especially in places like FL - they have a huge voting block. Any suggestions on ways to do this, ways that we can all help?????
Americans are bad too
Here is the problem. If American MTs were perfect there would be no competition. I've edited Indians and Americans and some Americans are great!!! But some are just as bad as Indians.
So why shouldn't the MTSO outsource, pay an Editor to clean the mess and keep the change. I don't agree with it but that's the way it is. I think it's horrible. The pay should be better for the good Americans, that's all.
Any MT Companies that have only Americans?
Any companies in the US that hire and keep their American workers and do not outsource to India?  How about Spheris?  Anything?
not sure of the exact # but there are more Indians than Americans
Indian MTs also pay much less to take the test than Americans do. nm
It is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act
to ask any health or disability-related questions (including to see your medical records) until a definite, firm offer has been MADE. If this occurring, I would recommend the person it is happening to call any disability rights lawyer, who would take it in a heartbeat.
I think you are right, but if us Americans jumped ship as soon as
it gets rocky, they would sink, but we hang on and on and wait for it to get better and then it doe not!
Must be a skinny person who thinks it's that easy. If it were, trust me, we'd all be thin.
No one wants to be overweight, noone what to contemplate surgery, but I think there is a conscious choice to want to live and will do anything to keep doing that with a decent quality of life. It's not always by choice that people are overweight. All I can think of here is ....empathy.. and I applaud anyone who cares enough about living to do whatever it takes, no matter how drastic. For some, it's their last chance to live so spare us all with the Just diet and exercise speech.
It's wearing thin, and I'll sign onto class action!
Right now I'm working full-time for one of the Axis of Evil...where, as we know, the recent denied-until-it-happened pay cuts and global equilibration of account levels screwed me, so I'm trying to get out of that hell hole, where the only thing left after VR gets done are the crappiest of the crap. I saw light at the end of the tunnel, and it turns out it was a train coming through to smack me head-on.

So I guess I'll hang onto the 2 jobs I have now, while I continue to look for 1 or maybe 2 that will be more amenable. I don't mind working hard and I don't really even mind the account job #2 has me on (although it has been NWA all week...must have hired some more bodies), but I hate the perceived sneakiness of it while they've got my back against the wall. GRRRR
I have heard that some savvy Americans are moving
I am American. Are you helping Americans get jobs? nm
Americans have been working in Saudi Arabia
for a very very long time. Where you been?

you would live in a security compound with all Americans around you...sm
not in the Arabian desert on a camel!

Read the manual!

Well, I fall above the average I guess. Would rather not post as not to make others feel bad or thin
Americans edit Indian work, never Indians
I was asked to sign something that said I would not tell that I edited Indian work. I would not sign that. Indians cannot edit Indian work.
Americans have to do it.
American, yes I guess we still count southern as Americans
Just to let you know, doing grammar or spelling policing here can get you tossed off. Not being ugly, just knowing.
Focus Infomatics uses Indians to edit Americans' work
They do make mistakes. But if you point it out to them, at least they are willing to learn, they don't get all huffy like Americans do, and the Americans should have better grammar, etc. in the first place!
Toyota factories are in the U.S. and hire a large % of americans, my sibling works in ...sm
motor assembly division, and has never worked for a more respecting, generous and thoughtful company. Anyone who thinks buying a Toyota makes them guilty of buying a foreign made car, this is certainly not true now days!  They are right here in the US and have one of the most dependable, long-lasting vehicle on the road. I think your analogy was a little off-base with all due respect.  Have a good day!
By chance, are these people calling "non-Americans" I worked for a company
who shall remain nameless but their supervisors were in India and would IM me constantly to do a STAT. Even though, I would try tellin them I was not working that day or that I was going somewhere. They continued to ask. It was bizarre. I kept think, what part of English DONT you understand..NO..I thought meant the same everywhere. They are just the only poeple I have dealt with that just doesnt comprehend rejection of any sort, but that's just me.