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Focus Infomatics uses Indians to edit Americans' work

Posted By: deb on 2007-03-29
In Reply to: Americans edit Indian work, never Indians - Silvie

They do make mistakes. But if you point it out to them, at least they are willing to learn, they don't get all huffy like Americans do, and the Americans should have better grammar, etc. in the first place!

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Americans edit Indian work, never Indians
I was asked to sign something that said I would not tell that I edited Indian work. I would not sign that. Indians cannot edit Indian work.
Americans have to do it.
not sure of the exact # but there are more Indians than Americans
I'd rather edit Indians than VR because sm
I did that and made a lot more money on it than VR. They actually get all the words right except our slang.

Anyone work for Focus Infomatics?

Good afternoon all you hardworking finger flyers!

Does anyone have any information, good or bad, about Focus Infomatics?  With what's all going on in transcription and the flurry of mergers, etc., it's hard to know what anyone's name is anymore! 

Thanks for passing anything on you might be aware of, you know the usual, pay on time, SR, QA, upper management, etc.

Anyone work for Focus Infomatics
What is the pay range for MTs and editors? The pros and cons.  Any info would be appreciated.
Focus Infomatics...low work load

I have been working for Focus Infomatics since January....just trying to build up my experience.  Hard to make money at this at 8 cpl and often no work load whatsoever.  Anyone know anything about them? 

Focus infomatics... Good company to work for?

I am considering accepting a position with Focus infomatics.  Does anyone have information on this company? Their website is pretty impressive.  Any comments would very much be appreciated. Thanks.

The Indians gobbled all those accounts up! Try Focus. nm
Anyone with Focus Infomatics?

Please tell all the good and bad!!



focus infomatics
Horrible, horrible. Stay away. I went with them in between jobs and did not know at first that they were from India. The netcare system is down almost every day. I worked there for two weeks and left, but was still on their email list for months later. All I ever saw was apologies from "management" about netcare was down and how the transcriptionists had to add this to their lists and that to their lists of doctors and protocol. I ran from there and they never paid me.
Focus Infomatics

Are you with FI right now?  Just wondering if your full time or part time.  I would only go on part time and wonder if that would keep the work consistent?


Thanks, again!!

Focus Infomatics

I've taken part of the test at Focus Infomatics and they called me asking why I hadn't finished it, if I needed help, etc (I was just putting it off).  I have 2 years hospital experience.

Anyone worked for them? After some of the archives I looked at I'm starting to get a little nervous... and their website has minimal information about them.

Pros, cons? Benefits? Any input would be appreciated!

Focus Infomatics
Definitely Focus Infomatics
Focus Infomatics, Inc.
Any info on Focus Infomatics, Inc. in MA would be greatly appreciated.

Focus Infomatics
Anyone working for Focus Infomatics? Are their bosses and training people in USA? Are the companies they staff for the same?
Focus Infomatics
Does anyone have any info about Focus Infomatics?
focus infomatics
If you like your sanity, do not apply with this firm. The manager, Bobbi, is a horror!! I applied because it was out of Massachusetts, and that is where I was born, and all my relatives are. She does nothing but put you down. The Editor position is $.03 a line. Who can live on that?
Focus Infomatics
Does anyone know if they pay QA an hourly rate or line rate? Is the pay decent?
Focus Infomatics - QA Pay

Hello - I interviewed with a very nice woman; however.... the QA pay is 3 cpl, they have absolutely no benefits, no PTO plan in place, no shift differential, lots of no's and the 3cpl - I believe that, if memory serves, there is a quota as well !!!  However, according to the woman I spoke with; their VR software actually increases the MTs line production up to ---- ARE YOU READY ?? ---- 400% (yes, that is 400 percent)!!!  Wow, and I'm not impressed as that is not realistic .... you be the judge.

They don't mention they outsource work either  - Most all of the Transcription Companies are outsourcing work because the MT work force is slowly dwindling - there are no young women or young men taking the places of those of us who have been working since just after the chisel and stone.  I just want to know when I inquire that a company is telling the truth.  If they hide information or provide mis-information up-front what do you think your work relationship will be ??? 

Focus Infomatics
Does anyone work for Focus Infomatics.  I started today and am having trouble with the software.  I cannot get the patient information to pull up.  Does this job get easier. 
Focus Infomatics
Focus Infomatics
I've been offered a job with Focus Infomatics Inc. as a newbie. Any comments about working for this company?
Focus Infomatics
I work for Focus and I think they are as good as any other company out there. They always answer the phone when I call the office. Also, they will work with you for whatever your needs are. I never get IM. They are very flexible as well. Most transcription companies do outsourse overseas, so just because they are an Indian company don't let that stop you.
Focus Infomatics

I just started with them this month.  They do IM, but not to death.  Only when there is a stat job that needs to be done, they will let me know it is coming up next.  They are very flexible with my work hours.  So far I have no complaints.  Yes they do deduct for errors, but they let you know that before you sign on with them in their contract, so there are no surprises.  They want an accuracy of 98% and above, and any good MT can maintain that.  Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Focus Infomatics
They do not IM me and I am not management. What I said is true. They do email me about every other day, but they know that I dont do stats. I dont know why they would IM you all the time unless you are making huge mistakes.
focus infomatics

Just curious, thanks.

Focus Infomatics
I have worked for Focus Infomatics. It is hard to make any money with them. Also, all their team leaders, managers, QA are all in India. You will be reporting to people only in India. You have to tell them the same thing over and over.
Focus Infomatics

Just to clarify; my only problem is that I am not making money. Otherwise, I have no complaints.

Focus Infomatics

Okay, I read the posts below on Focus Infomatics and seems some were not happy with them.  Is there anyone who is happy with them?? Just wondering as I was offered a job opportunity.  Thanks for the input.

Focus Infomatics
I can only see 1 prior message on Focus Infomatics, it being a moderator asking people to stop speaking about the company.  If anyone knows why, I'd appreciate it as I've applied.  They were rated very high as a transcription company. Thanks
Focus Infomatics

I have been waiting 2 weeks now to be trained. I get excuse that they are having technical problems. If they are having technical problems, how is the work handled? The person who trained me on Dictaphone was rude. I am still waiting to be trained. I don't recommend them.

Focus Infomatics

Has anyone ever heard of this company - Focus Infomatics?   Any info would be great.  Thanks. 

Focus Infomatics, Inc
Anyone work for this company?  They've made an offer but I'm not hot on the deduction of pay for errors (not that I'm prone to making big ones).  How's the insurance coverage?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Focus Infomatics

Say - i work for Focus Infomatics - been there about 2 months now - I get paid on time always - never got my pay docked - seem to have work when I need it - true 4 cents for editing and 8 cents for transcription for acute care which might be a little low but plan on asking for a raise in 6 months - anyway, everything I've been reading is not true - pay isn't the greatest but then most MT companies the pay isn't that good - unless you work for a physician direct you are not going to get big money doing MTing - I receive soc sec so this job is just a supplement but for younger people who want to support themselves doing MT I would say get out of this business - you are not going to make big money to support yourself doing this unless you work direct - I dont know where this profession is going - but we are definitely ALL underpaid - and one more thing - there is so much negativity of companies on this board - why dont the happy MTs share where they work so a lot of us can apply to good companies - instead all I read is how bad every company is - if this is the going trend and that there are not very many good companies - it's time to leave the MT profession and go on to greener pastures - we work very hard - these words are not easy and we are all UNDERpaid - but unless we all get together and unionize i don't believe this profession will ever improve.


Focus Infomatics
Does anyone have any information on working for Focus Infomatics? Thank you!
Focus Infomatics
Anyone had any dealings with Focus Infomatics?  If so, how is the compensation?  Thanks.
focus infomatics
They sent me an E-mail...any of you heard of or had experience with this company? They say they pay up to 9.5/hour. I wonder!
focus infomatics
Thank you, each and every one!
Maybe Focus Infomatics? nm
Hello, I was just hired by Focus Informatics near Boston and had a lot of start-up questions, of course. I found threads here, they were about 50/50 in terms of positivity, so I thought I'd start another string. I am mainly concerned about gaps in my my income while I learn the initial MT (and later, the editing), and I am also concerned about the difficulty level I am going to have when I graduate to editing the VR text--is it as simple as they profess? Lots of MEs complained of inconsistent work so that has my concerned, and then the last thing, I guess, was they were super motivated and super fast to hire me, which is always a bit of a red flag...they tell me a story of a woman who was just an average Editor and MT and in no time flat she was earning over $4000/month--does this sound feasible at all?

I made the commitment and am too burnt out to look for another MTSO so it's going to be Focus for me. I'd appreciate any positive and whatever negative comments there are to share. Oh--one last thing--they are adding offices to their main headquarters near boston, one in LA...I perceive that, of course, as a good thing, and your comments on this and comments on my post in general are very welcome. Thank you very much for your guidance!
Focus Infomatics
Does anyone here work for Focus Infomatics?  Do you like it?  How much are you working and earning per week?
Focus Infomatics...

Considering accepting employment with Focus Infomatics...Any information about them?  Good?  Bad?  Experiences?  Do?  Don't?  Any advice would be good.  Thanks in advance...


Focus Infomatics
I have recently started working part time for Focus Infomatics.  I really enjoy the editing, transcription and format.  So far, all of the QA people and team leaders are very nice and helpful.  Is there anyone out there who actually works for this company full time and manages to make a decent living?  I have a friend who is considering quitting her other job and doing this full time.  Please advise.  Thanks
Focus Infomatics
Does anyone know anything about Focus Infomatics?
Focus Infomatics
I can't believe that they contacted me to work for them.  I asked them if their techs are still working in India?  They said yes, so I turned them down.  Years ago I worked for them not know all this and now I guess I'm a little smarter and wouldn't do and couldn't understand what they were saying, anyway.
Focus Infomatics

I just passed my course and I am looking for experience.  Does anyone know anything about Focus Infomatics?


Focus Infomatics???

I just received an offer of employment as a QA with Focus Infomatics.  The only information I can find on this company is two years old.  Anyway have any recent comments on them? TIA

Focus Infomatics
I have been working at Focus as an Editor for a little over a month. Overall I am happy with the position. Sometimes EXT is running slow and sometimes I run out of work, but the work is fairly easy and I have no ESLs on my account. I am able to make a good wage there.
Focus Infomatics
Just don't count on them for your only paycheck. I had no problem for the first six months of editing voice recognition (could fly right through them and was making good money).

Then (there's always a then), they needed someone to do rad/onc, from scratch, which I'm trained in, then I got nothing but that, then everything dried up--for months on end.

I eventually just quit and every now and then still get an e-mail begging me to return.

And they maddeningly contract all of their management (and IT techs!) overseas to folks in India who, sorry, but it's true, can't speak (or worse, understand) English--yet editors from the same place constantly send back reports with ridiculous (and sometimes even inaccurate) grammatical corrections for every little if, and, and, the.

Would never work for them again.

Again, though, especially if you can get the voice-recognition reports, it might be worth it, but only as a second, very part-time job.

Good luck,

Clifton T.
Focus Infomatics
I was just wondering if anyone else that was recently hired with Focus has had problems getting trained.  I've been waiting for a couple of days now and still nothing.  I have everything ready to go but no idea what to do with it...lol.