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Wow! Ridiculous! I've heard it all now.

Posted By: nm on 2006-05-06
In Reply to: Testing isn't free either - Me


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Yes, six files is ridiculous. I think we've all done ..four hours of testing to find out

we're offered a whopping 7 cpl. Why waste our time. I'm not a genius but I can tell you in three files or less whether someone knows what they are doing. I've seen graduates from MT programs that have blown my mind with their no concept of punctuation or just English at all. That definitely shows up in less than six files. Let us test and move along to the next disappointing test that will come back with a joke of an offer. Gotta love it!!!

I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
I've only heard of Intellitype. Never heard of Teletype.
What the heck? I've never heard that in the 8 yrs I've worked here. sm
Go back to your STM or over his or her head.
I've been a QA 15 years and I've never heard
of any company only paying for the actual Keystrokes of the blank. You would literally make less than minimum wage that way. Waaay less.
This is the first I've heard about it...sm
and why would someone leave the company over QA problems?  If they're not a good MT then that's not the company's fault.
I've heard of them, go for it. nm
Yes I've heard of them
and worked for Tanya for awhile. She is extremely, extremely nice and amicable, but it just wasn't the job for me. Hope this helps.
I've heard both yes and no, so I'm not sure. Most say yes. nm
I've always heard...sm
that there are an average of 10 five-letter words in a 65-character line, which would mean there are also 10 (or 9 possibly) spaces you are paid for. So 55 characters without spaces would probably be about the same as as 65-character line.

I've done a few checks on reports by dividing number of words by 10 to get total lines and/or number of characters divided by 65 to get total lines and it is pretty close to a 65-character line with spaces... not always, because a lot depends on what you're transcribing, whether it uses a lot of big words or small words, etc., but I think overall it pretty much averages out. You'd have to try it and do the comparison on that particular account or work type to find out for sure. Hope this helps.
I've never heard of that (sm)
I had contacted Sprint to see if DSL was available and it wasn't. I guess I'll call them back to inquire about that. Thank you.
10-15 cpl for CMT? The most I've ever heard sm
was a half a cent or three quarters of a cent more than without the CMT.  I'd also question how much this person actually knows if she has to point out that CMT needs to be through AHDI/AAMT and not college, MT school, etc.?  I mean, last I heard there is only one place to obtain CMT cert.
thanks...I've never even heard of that before

I've never heard of that either.
We get paid per line, but like the AP said, we get credit for the full report. I have never heard of anyone that gets paid per correction. That's nuts.
I'm not really sure about PT. I've heard that they do or they used to and don't (sm)
anymore. You could go to their website www.keystrokestranscription.com and either contact them by e-mail or phone. I'm sorry, I wish I could answer you but I really don't know for sure. 
I've heard the same about them.
Plus, my company is losing several accounts to them. They do offshore quite a bit of their work which is why they can boast low rates for clients.
I've always heard it used
as in jockeying for position, as in jones'n around to strike the first blow in a cat fight.
I've never heard of them, but
I looked at their website. They say American only. I find it curious looking at the executive management page that many of the management are former Medquist people. I don't know if that's good or bad!
I've heard of them but have never worked for them.
Originally, it was a mother/daughter team in Montana.  Evidently now, the daughter's in Wisconsin but they still have an office in Montana.  Nice enough people.  I worked with the son-in-law for a while at another job.  The workload is easy, but I don't know how steady it is.  I applied with them when I was a newbie but found a job elsewhere for more pay.
I've heard the same thing..
The announcement is expected sometime in Dec - oh joy, just in time for x-mas! How thoughtful of them! not...
I've heard that about this company.....sm
it's too bad that they require new hires to work one weekend day, otherwise I'd be applying with them.
I've been there longer than that and I never heard ot it.
Really?? I've barely ever heard of them. nm
Here's a company I've never heard of ...

This is a company that seems to be hiring.  I believe they are in Virginia.  I know nothing; just stumbled across their website and thought they looked interesting. 


I'm not liking what I've heard so far!
Did this all happen recently?
no - it is true I've heard of it also nm



I've heard of the same problems with others, which is probably one

reason no one seems to work there and has no response.  It wouldn't take but one bounced check for me to leave.  I can't imagine any response they could have that could justify it. 

I would never had applied with any company that called themselves a typing company because I feel like it says something about their attitude and you are just a typist and not a transcriptionist. 

I've never heard ONE manager say that. nm
I've recently heard about

I've recently heard about companies which, when you hire, insert a hidden contract clause preventing an MT from hiring with other companies. 

Is this a common practice? 

I've heard and typed that before.
I don't really see the humor, it is just technical terminology. Just my opinion.
Hmmm - now where've I heard THAT before?
I've never heard of this company.
Maybe their transcriptionists don't frequent this board.
I've heard of a lot of companies, what was L&H? nm
Amazingly, I've never heard of one
In all my years doing this, I've never even gotten dental clinic notes interspersed with my other stuff. I still cringe if I get something from the oral maxillofacial guys because that's the specialty I have the absolute least practice with and I'm unfamiliar with most of the terminology.

I think what they do is so consistent that for the most part dentists predominantly just do their notes by hand on the big picture of the mouth in the chart and call it a day.
i've heard nothing good about transolutions
Never heard of them. I've been in the industry 30 years.
I've heard it is worse now, using their own software
From what I've heard, I'd go with MedWare and would not consider Spheris.
That's just from the reading I've done. I think Spheris used to be Edix, and my understanding is that the software holds people back from producing well.
Yes, I've heard that. But it doesn't hurt to let
And it sure as hel* doesn't hurt to let the general public know either!
I've only ever heard of them having plentiful work
and that's been my experience.  Is this a new issue?
A raise? Are you kidding me? I've not heard anything
but NO forever when I've asked for a raise, and I'm productive, accurate, work my schedule and extra if needed. And the rates are low because the extra $$$ stay in the MTSO's pocket, or they are competing with offshoring cheap-labor wages. I think you need a reality check!
I've heard good things about both...sm
but which one pays better?  I'm curious to know too as I thought about applying for eMTS.  Let us know.  TIA
Pretty good from what I've heard...
A friend of mine works for them. Said they are strict on accuracy and line counts but are also somewhat flexible in schedule.
I've heard others say they wait 2 weeks

They use ancient equipment anyway.  Get with a company that is with the times.  Furthmore KS'ers on this board seem like recruiters to me or else they get paid to put nice things about that company.  I think they're 9 cents short of a dime.  I can feel it in my gut.  No company is that great.    

Oh, I also heard they start everyone at 9 cpl, which is a lie!  That was told on this board as well.  Don't believe everything you read.  I'd rather work for Transcend or MQ!  HAHAHAHAHAHA

I've heard good things about MDI.
Sorry, I'm not part time so that's all I can offer. Felt I should write something as poster below didn't seem to realize this company board is for asking and discussing companies.
? wow, I've been here 8+years and never ONCE heard it. Wish i knew who your sm
STM was but we can't name names here.
I've heard "foreseeable future" before with -(sm)
my company too. Their foresight must have been a little on the astigmatic side, as it wasn't long before things began to change, and I can't think of a single thing that changed for the better. So far I've stuck with the company because I can't seem to find anything else that isn't just more of the same. But I'm at the end of my rope. My paychecks keep shrinking, even though Im working harder and harder, and longer hours. After I paid my bills last night, I now have a whopping $16.97 for groceries and gasoline until next payday. That's just WRONG.
I wouldn't personally want to be paid that way, but I've heard
of people that have and they didn't seem to mind. I guess it really depends on how much per page. I remember when it was $1. I think it's $2 now so if you do say 1-1/4 pages and get $4 for it, I'd say that's good. But you still only get $4 even if it's 2 full pages. Of course it depends too on the font size they use. That's why I'd rather just get a line rate. Or they might also pay you 1/4 the rate of 1 page if that's all you type. There's a lot of if's. You need to ask questions.
I've heard of it. Do you Google only or do you have MT reference books? nm
I'm surprised he is still around. I've heard he's had a rough time
could just be rumors. I heard someone was trying to buy/force him out.
Anyone heard back from TransHealth? I've applied
I have 25 years of acute care experience and great references.  Maybe it's my breath? LOL.