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ortho at DocuMed and pay

Posted By: ortho mt on 2007-07-30
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Can anyone tell me anything about about the ortho positions at DocuMed and how their pay is?  Do they pay on time?  Direct deposit?  Help if needed?

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This is what I have on DocuMed ortho.

Resume sent (date).  Test sent to me (date).  Test was too long.  Never apply again.  This lady wants to call my account contacts and sends an old e-mail from back in February 2007 for testing.  Dictators are horrible.  Hope this helps some.  Pay on ad was 9 cpl.   

Keystrokes has great ortho accounts and a wonderful manager over the ortho work. sm
I have worked with them for 4 years and will never leave unless something drastically changes. I do not post here normally as it seems that there are so many negative people, but this is one I felt I could answer without being attacked.
Documed ...sm
I have searched the archives, and there isn't much there...can anyone tell me ANYTHING about this company?  I believe they are out of NJ....TIA
Any feedback on Documed out of NJ?
I had posted a question about Documed a few days ago and never got a response either, but I would love to know what the deal is with them.
Thanks for the info! BTW - what is a cherry picker?
Does anyone know anything about DocuMed????
Could I please hear from someone/anyone who has worked with or is currently working for Documed in NJ? TIA.
Just wanted to know how you got along with the office staff. They seem like quite a nice group of people.
Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.
Re: Documed.
I do currently work with Documed and have for about over a year.  Excellent people.  I just love it there.

Does anyone know anything about this company, or where they are located?  I can't seem to find much on them.


actually, the documed in Google is a company that makes medical supplies.  however I did find the other one.  Does anyone know anything about it??

All this m.t.'ing must be making me crazy.  When I Google it brings up the company which does formats, etc. and when you look under opportunities it is all about engineers!   

I have been with them for the past nine months and I love it. The work is easy, always lots of it, and the staff are super. Pay is pretty good too, except they only pay for spaces, no headers/footers, tabs, or returns.
Does anyone here work for Documed?  If so, any feedback?
Which DocuMed ? NJ ?...nm
DocuMed in TN

Does anyone have any info on DocuMed in TN/Joy Pickett?  I have been offered a full time radiology MT position without testing and I wanted some info on them before I make a decision.  I have a couple of job offers and I need to make a decision but I wanted some info on them first.  TIA


Re: A few asking about DocuMed in NJ

I am sorry.  I seen a few asking about DocuMed in NJ but by the time I had a chance to come back I could not find your questions as I was going to answer you.  I do currently work for them.  I have been with them a few years now.  If you have any questions regarding them you are welcome to e-mail me and I will tell what I do know and my experience with them.  I know they are looking for a couple more people. 


Does anybody know any info about this company out of New Jersey?  Good or bad to work for?

I wish I had read these recent posts before I turned down another job. I tested last Thursday -- heard back from them late Monday. I called Tuesday when offered a job via E-mail. She asked me to type 3 more files for 2 other doctors. I did so, sent them back and I haven't heard a word since! I was really looking forward to a full-time job again. I hate my current part-time gig. Good luck to you! I guess I will go back to looking again. Oh Joy!
I am sorry you all had bad experiences with this company. I can only tell you it's the best company I've ever worked for. Management is fantastic, and the owner is such a nice person. This company is very personable. I've never had a situation they couldn't work out with me, such as vacation, etc. I think they had a few bugs to work out when I first started with them, and I almost quit, but I am glad I hung in there. I have been there for almost two years. They pay on time, twice a month. I've never had a problem with my check, and they do pay for spaces. Just wanted to give a positive note about this company because they definitely deserve it.
I was recently offered a job with DocuMed.  Does anyone have any experience with them, either good or bad   Thanks
I am through with this place. They offered me a job too. Said that my test was excellent. I called to accept the job -- they asked that I type 4 more reports and I never heard from them again. They never paid me either. I am not alone. Others have sent me Emails describing the same experience. Good Luck.
Was the person's name by chance Joy or Donna that runs this company. If so, they are also known as ASAP/Alliance. I had to finally threaten to take them to every organization I could think of and they wired me my money.
The pay is on time, direct deposit.  The dictators are okay.  The staff leaves a lot to be desired.
Does anyone know why Documed keeps
advertising for the same position?  Several months ago I tested and passed for the ortho account but then she never followed through. I keep seeing the same ad.
I only worked for them for a short time. When they called they said all accounts were filled and hired me to do family service at 7cpl. The reports were very long and not consistant.
I have been working for DocuMed for a couple months now.  I have seen a couple of negative posts also, but as with any comments about any companies - sometimes the negative stuff just isn't true.  My thought is - take everything with a grain of salt - you will never know until you try in out for yourself.  I love working for DocuMed so far and have nothing but positive things to say.  Could that change in the future?  Maybe, but for now I'm quite content and happy!  
Any worked on this platform before?  How is it? Easy to use, great with ShortHand or Instatext?  TIA.
I've looked back at the posts on DocuMed; about how NJ is good and TN is bad.  My question is how can you tell which place your resume is going to?  I'd like to send a resume for the jobs posted on the seeker's board, but don't know what I might be getting in to.  Do I have to wait until I hear back from them to find out for sure and even then, how will I know?  If any current DocuMed MT from NJ could respond or even email me - this sounds like a really good company to work for and I don't want to make the mistake of getting in with the wrong one.  Thanks so much!
I was wondering how many other people out there tested with Documed and what kind of response you received from them?  i just recently tested with them, typed everything the doctor said right down to the letter, and they told me I had too many mistakes.  I also noticed that the volume of the tests were awfully low as well.  What were your experiences with them?
Has anyone had any experience with DocuMed?

They posted on MTJobs Board a week ago and just sent me their voice test - just wondering if it's worth my time.  Any info greatly appreciated.


Documed solutions in Ten
Does anybody know anthing about this company?
current documed-er
I am the one who posted the positive words about Documed in NJ further down in this forum.  I am at a loss for words as I read the experiences of horror many have had.  I have been with them for nearly 2 years and I haven't had any of the bad experiences that most posters talked about, thank goodness.  I have more than enough work every single day, and they do pay 9 cpl with spaces, and have never quibbled about that, plus my pay is always on time; I never have to worry about that, which is the main issue for me, as well as having enough work of course.  I do work on their ortho account and love it.  I am truly sorry that others have had bad luck with this company.  I am not in any way affiliated with them, for those who would think otherwise, other than just a humble MT typing for this company. I'm just like the rest of you.  I just wanted to add my further words on the matter, as I just really hate for anyone to miss out on a possible good job opportunity.  Please feel free to email me if you wish.  Just me......telling my thoughts.......
Anybody out there ever work for or are working for Alliance, which I believe is somehow affiliated with DocuMed?  Had a question re: pay if you have. Need to make some decisions and would appreciate any input.  Thanks! 
Any info about Documed

Does anyone have any information about Documed?  Do they pay on time?  Are they legit?

DocuMed out of Tenn

Is there anyone out there that has worked for this company recently and hasn't received full payments for work done?


Yes, I work on Documed
and have for years. I really love the platform, though I'm not sure what you are referring to is the one I am using.
I have worked for the DocuMed....sm
in New Jersey for several years. They were actually very good people and did always pay on time every 2 weeks direct deposit. Check was never late and always accurate. This is just my opinion but you are welcome to e-mail me if you like. I did work for them a few years and did enjoy it.
Info on DocuMed out of NJ??
Thinking of applying, any information would be appreciated.
Anybody work for Documed in NJ?
I see good posts and bad posts, but some of them are do not state which Documed they are referring to, as apparantly there are a couple.  If anyone works for Documed in NJ, would you mind sharing your experience with them?  Much appreciated!
I have worked for the NJ DocuMed..sm
I really liked it. I was there a few years. I left due to different job offer that had nothing to do with them. I have found the staff to be great to work with. The pay is DD and always correct and on time. My personal experience with them was a good one. If anything ever happened in my current situation and needed a place to go I would not think twice and work for them again. Again, I have seen neg. comments on the boards but my own personal exp. was really good with them.
DocuMed of New Jersey
I worked for them briefly during a slow period with my main service.  The work they gave me was great, their pay rate was commensurate with my experience, and everyone I dealt with in their office was very helpful and friendly.
where is DocuMed located?
just curious
Documed are Jerks
Documed office staffers are rude and are not helpful at all. with new MTs they expect 200% QA from the first day. Piss-poor training and communication too.
documed transcriptionists
HI.  Are there any Documed transcriptionists out there?  I am a new employee and while everything is going fine, there are some questions I have that I am not getting any answers to.  TIA!  
Documed Medical Transcriptions, LLC
Does any one have any experience with this MTSO out of Lakewood, NJ?
documed line counting
Is there anyone out there who works for Documed? Do you know how they count lines? I would appreciate any information anyone has. Thanks very much.
There is a company called Documed, but I don't
think they are in TN.  Never heard of a company with the spelling you give. 
Does anyone know of DocuMed outsources overseas? nm