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you might want to leave your full name off the public forum

Posted By: NM on 2007-12-26
In Reply to: I think... - hmm


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The problem with this forum is that it is a forum...
meant for MTs who want to share information, get answers, and sometimes just vent about a problem. The post about cherrypicking began with the MTs problem of having to transcribe reports that were obviously skipped over by her fellow MTs. The response was quit being a cherrypicking busybody and do your job.

Regardless of how you view cherrypicking, how is that response helpful in the least? If you do not have anything productive to add to a thread, then just stay out of it. That was completely inflammatory and characteristic of what a troll would do.

Nobody wants to hear just deal with it when they need a solution to a problem. They also don't want to hear about how perfect other MTs and if they were just like them, it would not be an issue.

In your own words, nobody likes it but some choose not to worry about it. Then don't respond to the thread. Don't be pompous. Don't make it sound like you are so superior because you don't care if you get all the worst dictators. Maybe give a positive response on how cherrypicking is good and should be appreciated.

That is the problem with this forum...the people who come here to be completely unhelpful in the guise of being a perfect MT.
I think the public would want to be alerted
that their ss#'s and all other personal information is going to another country! With all the identity theft today, whose to know what is happening over there?
Lawsuit for a public board? Who are you going to sue? nm
Grow up
We can post whatever we want. This is a public board
Public Records - Nuance


I ran across the above Federal Case Dockets while searching for something else entirely.  Anyone know why Nuance Corp. is involved in so many and what they are about?  One of the complaints is racketering.  What is going on?

I agree public outrage

I don't have the link but saved the article partial:


SPI opens BPO centre in Mangalore

Mysore, Feb.20-InSpinity (SPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Software Paradigms International Group LLC, has signed a large contract with MedQuist, the largest provider of Medical Transcription services in the world.

As per the agreement, SPI will provide medical transcription services to Medquist up to two million lines per month within the next six months. To achieve this operationally, SPI will employ and train more than 600 new Medical Transcriptionists (MTs) at its delivery centers in Mysore and Mangalore. At present, SPI employs around 350 MTs.

Headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, MedQuist Inc transcribes more than two billion lines of text annually.

To augment its ambitious growth plans, Mysore’s IT major SPI is opening new Development/BPO centre in Mangalore by starting operations in incubation center provided by STPI. During first year’s operation, SPI plans to employ around 200 resources in the IT and ITeS field.

Sid Mookerji, CEO & MD of SPI, considers this to be a validation of the aggressive growth and productivity focused strategy adopted by InSpinity.

He said, MedQuist is a very important customer for us and we are pleased to have them on board. We expect to readily deal with MedQuist’s stringent quality and security requirements along with the planned rapid growth thanks to our well established processes and training mechanisms in the Medical Transcription area.”

V. Madhukar, Vice President – Operations, SPI, addressing a press conference at Pathrakarthara Bhavan in city yesterday, announced the terms of contract between the two companies and future plans about Mangalore expansion.

He said Clinching this large deal in these times of recession is a great morale booster not only for SPI but also for the entire IT industry. SPI is adding to its headcount and wants to increase employee base of our MT division from 350 to 1000 MTs in the next 18 months which in fact is a bigger challenge for us.

In future, SPI plans to provide Medical Transcription services to MedQuist to the tune of 6 million lines per month by 2011. To achieve this target, SPI plans to ramp up its capacity to 1000 medical transcriptionists for Med

They are a public company - they cannot lie about percentages...
If they say 20, it's 20. I have never been without work and I love it there. If you think that most companies out there are not offshoring, you are kidding yourself.

I believe them when they say it will never take the place of domestic MTs. They are growing faster than any company out there - read their financials, all public record.
One thing to inform the public - Another to

come across as stalker/unstable.  As someone who BTDT with an MTSO failing to pay as agreed (but did in fact pay late), I can appreciate a fair warning about a company.  I do disagree when the warning stops being fair and starts coming across as the poster having some personal issues that this board cannot cure.

In my situation, I read this board about an MTSO who failed to pay - posted by one person who seemed to be fair in the posting.  I still took a position with the MTSO.  There was incredible disorganization with the owner and my pay was late.  I let them know that I could not invest more of my skills until the pay was rec'd.  They got it to me and I returned their equipment.  The warning had me prepared not to lose my shirt, but did not keep me from giving the MTSO a fair shot.  I have seen that MTSO move into a more trustworthy category than when I had my experience with them and would even like to think I had something to do with that.  However, I do not feel that would have happened if I had come across in a fanatical manner or if I had in fact done anything but acted in a way I could be proud of.

Just saying, I don't see that happening with this poster about this particular MTSO and this particular situation.  Just saying, is all, that if an MT wants others to give fair consideration to an allegation, that MT has the responsibility of behaving in a way that would keep people listen and giving credence to the facts.  People stop listening when the postings become unbalanced and start projecting that perception towards the original poster.  Just saying, is all.  Good luck with whatever the OP decides, but I hope that poster finds some balance in his/her life.

I agree public should know. I think drs. know but choose to ignore.
answer crafted by public relations?

It gives absolutely no information yet attempts to close the subject. I asked how is the work load, pay rate, etc.? Anyone else care to comment or is it a no-no to speak about this company.

Public board, remember? Just like to stay in the
If it is a court case, then it is public knowledge
butt out. LOL. It's a PUBLIC board that you've
its not on their PUBLIC web site, it was an internal explaination for the email they sent around.
If you post on a public board, must expect replies
Public board. I am free to respond to any post.
Public board. Free speech, and all that. If it bothers
There's an old saying in life, justme- a wanna-be public defender...
it's better to be silent and be thought of as an idiot, than to speak and remove all doubt. Now, you removed all doubt.... 
As a MTSO, why would he/she feel the need to come to a public board and complain? Unprofessional in
The problem with posting a question like that on a public board is that you could get inaccurate inf
I asked a question about a company I worked for, received 5 responses all saying the same thing, that we were paid for a holiday, which was wrong. I counted on it and was in a bind because of it.
If your facts are true, make them public. You've nothing to lose and everything to gain.
How can you be putting your head on the chopping block when you are anonymous here?

Details have not been given in your posts. Please show us ALL the details.

Why would you be putting your head on the block by pointing out supposed anomalies in the raise structure?
Any recruiter can give out that information because it's the same for everyone. Any MLS can go to the website and see it. I have it here in front of me. I would like to see you defend your statements, because I'm not seeing the proof here.

Why would you be putting your head on the block regarding incentives?
Any recruiter can give out that information, if it exists. That information also can be seen in the job boards and on the website, as it's public knowledge. I sure don't see any out there, nor have I for months.

Why would you be putting your head on the block regarding enticements?
You say they are readily viewed on job boards, but yet you can't give details. Any recruiter can give that information, too, as they post the ads on the boards. They can also be seen on the website. However, looking back over a lot of weeks of posts on various boards, I don't see one "enticement," so we're going to need YOU to point them out to us.

If the enticement is the pay structure, then you're benefitting the same as everyone else. If the enticement is the ads, well, you get the same opportunity for shift differentials, the same CMT pay, the same benefits, the same production incentives, don't you? What don't you get that you deserve?

Also in regard to enticements, I've got to ask for clarification on a statement you made:

"...look at past and future ads on MT Jobs, etc."

Do you have details on what the company is offering in the future? If so, let us all in on it so people who don't work at Transcend know what to wait for.

Finally, no one should need to email you, because all of YOUR information should be made public IF IT EXISTS, and you shouldn't fear making it public, IF IT'S TRUE. Having people email simply allows you to privately promote your version without having to publically defend the truth of of your claims.

If you can't back up your claims, then please concentrate on making the best out of your own situation, okay? It's not right to make statements that can't be supported with facts. It doesn't help the company and it doesn't help you. If you're a loyal employee you should be trying to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Maybe you could offer your assistance on the quality council.
they are on the FORUM, as I said
I guess you need to look harder.  Just because you dont see them does not mean they arent there.
Not really, but I would not put it on this forum without
The company website then the MLS forum. Not sure if it extends to the MDI-FL side or not.
new forum
As unscrupulous as they are at this company - please verify that you are not the current owners, or tech support. I know they are crafty enough to set up something like this to get the scoop on names of those speaking about them. They are in a jam, everybody is lying about us mode and are inane enough to think that if one person says something about them that they can confirm who the players are they can get them for slander. Of course slander or defamation of character is something that someone says that they know to be false.....have not heard a thing that cannot be proven - bad checks, no pay, etc.

I would love to join this forum, but confirming who I am is not giving me much relief that you are not them, and that they cannot join - I mean who knows more about their crap then they do?

Also how long before you respond to a sign up?
Thank you - that is what this forum is for!
MQ forum
Ahhh, wish you could too! One thing I can say,it is never boring. :)
New Forum
Not a bad idea. It's about time we turn the tables and take control of the industry. After all, they cannot serve clients without qualified MTs, and we should have a right to all the information we can acquire about them without blindly giving out our personal information. OMG, one company even wants the SS # in order to apply. I like your idea.
New forum
I ran across a fairly new board that you might be interested in at FOSTonline.com - maybe we could start one over there?
but, on MQ forum the other day
somone posted they were editing reports from india, the fourth time around as a matter of fact, and if the US MT submits too many in for QA they were on performance management. 
MDI forum
So, are you saying that people loyal to MDI wouldn't be welcome? Do you just want a forum for people wanting to leave or for all MDI MTs? You could set up something on Yahoo groups and people could set up anonymous Yahoo emails to come in and I think the group administrator would have to allow or not allow people to join. Just wondering what kind of group specifically you want to start.
I don't think you have enough MTs to warrant your own forum.
forum here at mtstars........nm
Try posting on the MDI forum and
and ideas from the MDI MTs who post there. 
pretty soon KS will need their own forum like MQ
bullies on this forum....they are all over the....sm
boards lately. What gives? Can't anyone on these boards treat anyone with any amount of respect? It's no wonder most of the friendly posters aren't seen here anymore.
We almost need a Heartland forum on here like MQ! nm
Somebody wrote in the forum that they did
See post under on this forum
About being on-call
Why isn't there a Technical Forum here? Could use one - nm
Do you mean the forum on the portal? nm
Look on their very own forum page and see for yourself!

I guess it is all in how you look at it.  Everything you see on that page is neg, very little positive.  They are very strict about keep to your appointed scheduled.  No deviation incidentals like (Thunder and lightening, tornadoes, etc.).  They expect you to make it up.  Working in a pool from across the country.  Rarely in a primary account for more then a few jobs every shift.  Pay rate might be okay when compared to across the board with other companies, but what you have to put up doesn't make up for that.  Then, there is whole sale of the company thing, won't go there.  I personally do not want to work for a company that will eventually go completely to Indian workers, mabe not this week, but in the long run it will. 


I think you would get a lot of people telling you to run as fast as you can.  Read the board for yourself and make your own informed decision.

Good Luck in your search.  

Transtech forum
What is transtech's forum site address?  Also, does VR work at Transtech usually pay better than transcribing?  I'm thinking of training for that.
I propose a new forum (sm)

In thinking about all the comments made about us making a positive change for this profession, I thought of one suggestion.  What if we ask for a new forum on this board called Recruiting, to actually help those of us who are looking for jobs.  We can post questions, and the recruiters of various companies who post jobs on the job boards can frequent this board and give us true and honest answers to those questions.  This way, we would have direct access to finding out the facts, rather than just relying on what sometimes ends up just being Run away fast type of answers posted by disgruntled MTs.  They can answer questions about platforms, hiring processes, etc. If companies have nothing to hide, then they shouldn't shy away from such discussions.  What do you all think?

Go to the Medquist forum. nm

Sometimes this forum is really embarrassing. SM
Irritated (and others), FYI, I don't get those messages.

And as MT pointed out so correctly, checking demographics is part of what we are paid to do, but if I ever felt I was being cheated I'd quit and look for work worthy of me elsewhere. Go for it!
Read around the forum first...
See some comments regarding Focus. There are many reasons to think long and hard before asking questions about that company.
What's the the point of a forum if one
can get away with unethical behavior.
I disagree also that 'anything' can be posted on this forum. Why are then so many comments deleted right away? And people banned to post on this forum?
Keystrokes Forum

Is there a forum or board for Keystrokes employees?  Just wondering.  I am starting in a few days.


How can a message be confidential if it posted on a public message board? nm

Read the Transcend forum

and see what they did to a great group of people.  This company is going down the tubes fast.  I don't want to work for a company like this any more, and I'm spending the day sending out resumes.