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We almost need a Heartland forum on here like MQ! nm

Posted By: NiceGirl on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Heartland... now what do we do? - NiceGirl


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The problem with this forum is that it is a forum...
meant for MTs who want to share information, get answers, and sometimes just vent about a problem. The post about cherrypicking began with the MTs problem of having to transcribe reports that were obviously skipped over by her fellow MTs. The response was quit being a cherrypicking busybody and do your job.

Regardless of how you view cherrypicking, how is that response helpful in the least? If you do not have anything productive to add to a thread, then just stay out of it. That was completely inflammatory and characteristic of what a troll would do.

Nobody wants to hear just deal with it when they need a solution to a problem. They also don't want to hear about how perfect other MTs and if they were just like them, it would not be an issue.

In your own words, nobody likes it but some choose not to worry about it. Then don't respond to the thread. Don't be pompous. Don't make it sound like you are so superior because you don't care if you get all the worst dictators. Maybe give a positive response on how cherrypicking is good and should be appreciated.

That is the problem with this forum...the people who come here to be completely unhelpful in the guise of being a perfect MT.
they are on the FORUM, as I said
I guess you need to look harder.  Just because you dont see them does not mean they arent there.
Not really, but I would not put it on this forum without
The company website then the MLS forum. Not sure if it extends to the MDI-FL side or not.
new forum
As unscrupulous as they are at this company - please verify that you are not the current owners, or tech support. I know they are crafty enough to set up something like this to get the scoop on names of those speaking about them. They are in a jam, everybody is lying about us mode and are inane enough to think that if one person says something about them that they can confirm who the players are they can get them for slander. Of course slander or defamation of character is something that someone says that they know to be false.....have not heard a thing that cannot be proven - bad checks, no pay, etc.

I would love to join this forum, but confirming who I am is not giving me much relief that you are not them, and that they cannot join - I mean who knows more about their crap then they do?

Also how long before you respond to a sign up?
Thank you - that is what this forum is for!
MQ forum
Ahhh, wish you could too! One thing I can say,it is never boring. :)
New Forum
Not a bad idea. It's about time we turn the tables and take control of the industry. After all, they cannot serve clients without qualified MTs, and we should have a right to all the information we can acquire about them without blindly giving out our personal information. OMG, one company even wants the SS # in order to apply. I like your idea.
New forum
I ran across a fairly new board that you might be interested in at FOSTonline.com - maybe we could start one over there?
but, on MQ forum the other day
somone posted they were editing reports from india, the fourth time around as a matter of fact, and if the US MT submits too many in for QA they were on performance management. 
MDI forum
So, are you saying that people loyal to MDI wouldn't be welcome? Do you just want a forum for people wanting to leave or for all MDI MTs? You could set up something on Yahoo groups and people could set up anonymous Yahoo emails to come in and I think the group administrator would have to allow or not allow people to join. Just wondering what kind of group specifically you want to start.
I don't think you have enough MTs to warrant your own forum.
forum here at mtstars........nm
Try posting on the MDI forum and
and ideas from the MDI MTs who post there. 
pretty soon KS will need their own forum like MQ
bullies on this forum....they are all over the....sm
boards lately. What gives? Can't anyone on these boards treat anyone with any amount of respect? It's no wonder most of the friendly posters aren't seen here anymore.
Somebody wrote in the forum that they did
See post under on this forum
About being on-call
Why isn't there a Technical Forum here? Could use one - nm
Do you mean the forum on the portal? nm
Look on their very own forum page and see for yourself!

I guess it is all in how you look at it.  Everything you see on that page is neg, very little positive.  They are very strict about keep to your appointed scheduled.  No deviation incidentals like (Thunder and lightening, tornadoes, etc.).  They expect you to make it up.  Working in a pool from across the country.  Rarely in a primary account for more then a few jobs every shift.  Pay rate might be okay when compared to across the board with other companies, but what you have to put up doesn't make up for that.  Then, there is whole sale of the company thing, won't go there.  I personally do not want to work for a company that will eventually go completely to Indian workers, mabe not this week, but in the long run it will. 


I think you would get a lot of people telling you to run as fast as you can.  Read the board for yourself and make your own informed decision.

Good Luck in your search.  

Transtech forum
What is transtech's forum site address?  Also, does VR work at Transtech usually pay better than transcribing?  I'm thinking of training for that.
I propose a new forum (sm)

In thinking about all the comments made about us making a positive change for this profession, I thought of one suggestion.  What if we ask for a new forum on this board called Recruiting, to actually help those of us who are looking for jobs.  We can post questions, and the recruiters of various companies who post jobs on the job boards can frequent this board and give us true and honest answers to those questions.  This way, we would have direct access to finding out the facts, rather than just relying on what sometimes ends up just being Run away fast type of answers posted by disgruntled MTs.  They can answer questions about platforms, hiring processes, etc. If companies have nothing to hide, then they shouldn't shy away from such discussions.  What do you all think?

Go to the Medquist forum. nm

Sometimes this forum is really embarrassing. SM
Irritated (and others), FYI, I don't get those messages.

And as MT pointed out so correctly, checking demographics is part of what we are paid to do, but if I ever felt I was being cheated I'd quit and look for work worthy of me elsewhere. Go for it!
Read around the forum first...
See some comments regarding Focus. There are many reasons to think long and hard before asking questions about that company.
What's the the point of a forum if one
can get away with unethical behavior.
I disagree also that 'anything' can be posted on this forum. Why are then so many comments deleted right away? And people banned to post on this forum?
Keystrokes Forum

Is there a forum or board for Keystrokes employees?  Just wondering.  I am starting in a few days.


Read the Transcend forum

and see what they did to a great group of people.  This company is going down the tubes fast.  I don't want to work for a company like this any more, and I'm spending the day sending out resumes. 

I just looked at Transcend's forum,
and I do not see these happy people who posted 2 messages today about how happy they are?  Are you sure you work for the same Transcend I am refering to?  I do not see all those posts you are referring to.  I am looking for them now and do not see them--where are they??!!
I saw your post on the forum board.

And to you and anyone else who read it, did you go back and try to read it again, only to find that it was GONE?  Um... yeah.

Every single thing you have said is true.  Every word of it. 

Time to jump ship or drown.

Forum helped with my decision about OSI
OSI didn't tell me they outsource jobs to India in their job offer, and I refuse to work for a company that does this.

Thanks to this forum, I learned about this and chose to go with a company that does not outsource. I ignore some of the inane comments, but to do nothing but praise a company here is unrealistic. I read all the proof I needed to help me make a decision.

Why would it be so difficult to simply remove crazy things like, "Oh, you are nuts if you work for them," and leave comments such as, "I have had no work on this account for one week," and she soon learned on this forum that it was because the jobs were sent to India. I don't know why you believe it is necessary to remove the entire string.

Thank you.
Forum for posting my resume?
On MT Stars where I can post my resume.  If anyone has that link or can tell me what forum that would be, could you please post it again?  Thanks!
This forum is to network with fellow MTs and to ask
questions.  Many times, MTs have already searched references and will ask questions here and that is alright. And, while people should attempt to look to their own references first, sometimes a question can be answered quickly and that's ok, too.  Policing of who should do what, when, and where is not really necessary on this site other than by MTStars moderating team.
But, NOT on a casual discussion forum. I have said this a

thousand times. THE GRAMMAR POLICE IS NOT NECESSARY.  This is supposed to be a place where MTs can let their hair down. Afterall, they are not getting paid to post, so if it's not perfect, so what? 

Daphne, I emailed you privately.

There is a huge forum on page 2
on this company. It does not seem good at all. Many people are leaving.
Is there a TransTech message forum once you
Then what kinds of questions should we ask on this forum?
Yes, TT deserves their own forum if not the whole page
Ethics? On an anonymous forum? (sm)
It's too much to hope for wanting people to be ethical on an anonymous forum. Just take everything you read with a grain of salt and post what you know to be the truth whenever you see flagrant bull being posted by unscrupulous people. Unfortunately, that's about all you can do. People do unethical stuff all the time in business. Sad but true.
It's common forum language...

It means:  I totally agree.

Oh it is not common forum language...

Within the context of this forum firestorm
Especially since the posts have been running pretty much 98 to 2 in favor of her viewpoint. You must have been following the thread with blinders on to have missed the tenor of the posts she was responding to. It's that garbage in/garbage out phenomenon that is pretty much status quo on anonymous forums such as this.

BTW, without spending another 45 minutes or so reading through all the muck, it is next to impossible to determine which question you are referring to that you think she is answering since she is the one who started this current thread. Pardon me for pointing out that relegating someone to the bottom ofthe heap of humanity does not exactly qualify as civil discourse and can easily be construed as talking down. Never say never.

Market forces that exert downward trends in cpl rates (subcontractors) have a tendency to make MTs scream and complain regardless of how long they have been transcribing, and with good reason. We already have taken a 20% hit since 2005. There is not a whole lot of wiggle room left at the bottom of that barrel. If we go any lower, we won't even be making the same cpl rate that they get in India.

You made some good points in the remainder of your post, most of which I agree with. Everything you said is more than familiar to me as I too have been transcribing since 1974. Though most of what you said is right on (need to be broad based, MTing can't be learned in school, in-house vs working at home and the whole 9 yards), unfortunately it is highly unlikely that any of those good ideas will ever come to pass. Those days are long gone.

Subcontractors such as TTD would have ICs (new or seasoned) making LESS than FT employees. Because of their lack of benefits, wasn't it just a few years back that ICs made MORE than FT status? That train is going in the wrong direction.

BTW, those prima donnas and all that screaming and complaining? That IS the new reality of MT. That's why I do not see how x has said anything here that is more objectionable than, say, MT for example.
You are absolutely correct, this forum is

For you and anyone else to post your opinion or opinions as many times as you like and it should be done without being bullied.  However, I think that some are so miserable with their own life that this is the only way that they can feel better about themselves. 

I have over 27 years of experience and like probably most everyone else on this board, I have worked LOTS of nights, weekends and holidays.  There are a few companies out there that do pay more than 7 cpl and have Mon-Fri schedules, the problem is that they are few and most MTs are smart enough that if they get hired on they stay.  Just keep looking, do lots of research, watch the ads VERY closely and hopefully you will get lucky.  I wish you the best of luck, as I wish all of my fellow MTs, even the ones with the most negative responses. 

Bad karma on this forum had to rise
I have been amazed and pleasantly surprised at the CIVILITY and support that has been given on this board yesterday and today to MDI MTs, of which I am one. I have had several great interactions with posters offline, some of who work for MDI, some who do not. I mentioned that I had stopped coming to MTStars with any regularity, because there are so many nasty negative attacks made on MTs, totally unwarranted. This is the experience of many of us. It hasn't been worth it to wade through the crapola and mean-spiritedness on this board to glean info. But, once I saw CB had posted here and this was The Forum for MDI right now, I cringed... then happily realized I was wrong (was this a new board, or what) and felt so supported by the posts from MDIers and non-MDIers. Until now. Anyway, figure it had to happen, that the nasty people out there just couldn't stand seeing how well MDI MTs treated each other and how that evoked in kind responses from other - and had to fire some nonsense nastiness out there. So, MDI-MD MTs, it just goes to show and is all the more obvious what a good team we were and what good stuff D had. HAD. I hope to work with you all somewhere down the road...javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
I'm not exactly sure - feedback from those who would join an MDI forum?
I don't know that I can answer that directly. I know I would be interested in participating and (maybe) even trying to set it up... I was just trying to encourage all of us to come up with something, as I thought the original poster had a great idea. Your idea sounds like one that would work.

So the poster who got the thread started seem to want to be able to talk privately without any mgmt of MDI being able to see. But, even with a Yahoo group and using anonymous emails, really there is no way to monitor who is who. I'm not sure I would want to be the one excluding anyone anyway. The bottom line, it seems to me, that even with the most private of groups such as this, what we share still may make it out of the privacy of that group, and all would just have to be aware.

Feedback from others who would join - What kind of group would be ideal? Would you feel any more safe to share in the kind of group mentioned above?

They should make a forum called sm

FRUGAL LIVING on the company message board so we can all exchange tips on picking through other people's trash, shopping at Salvation Army and navigating the welfare system.

This is absolutely the stingiest company I've ever worked for and I'm done with it.  I'd rather get a job at Target than stay chained to this computer trying to eke out a living with this place.

The MQ forum was set up several days ago. The reason you probably could not see the links
in the left hand column is because you need to refresh your browser (F5). 
Has anyone from MDI-MD visited the discussion forum at the new web site? sm
I checked it out awhile ago, but I guess it is still too new as there are no real discussions.  I do not think that D or any of the liaisons monitor the MT Stars boards, but surely they will look at their own.  Maybe if all of the unhappy people post their concerns there, the issue will be addressed in a manner more satisfactory to everyone.  Just a thought ........
What happened to the Voice Recognition forum? nm
personally, would like to see a lawyers' advice forum