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...maybe incentive pay like OT or payment for bonus

Posted By: lines over normal production? nm on 2007-08-25
In Reply to: Probably means chars. AND spaces, but possibly not extra spcs - to get paragraphs in, etc. Dunno about ICP. Incent


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Incentive Production Bonus
I have worked several in-house transcription jobs in my 20 plus years as a medical transcriptionist. I have been paid hourly for each one. I have never received a production bonus. In fact, I had never heard of such a thing until I started working for a national at home. I did get overtime at time and a half for working over 40 hours a week, which is more than a production bonus would ever be. Good luck with your project!
working 3rd shift and weekends sometimes gives you bonus incentive pay. nm
Wait until we get a lower base rate and incentive and no work for incentive.Should prove interesting
because everyone will probably have a lower base rate than now. As I say, should prove interesting.
No, there's no pay incentive ... but there may be other incentive worth considering.

I'd give anything to have the radiation oncology department of a hospital I used to work at .. the reports were lovely 3 page affairs that, while not conforming to a "normal" conformed to a standard template that made the 3 pages fly by .. the dictator was a tediously slow (but clear) talking earnest young doctor .. and a small handful of his reports  could rack up 500 lines with little agitation. ... a few sighs, but...

I think in the current state of the business, it is worth tackling a speciality or two ... OP's first, of course, but then whatever presents itself.


The two benefits will be seen in hiring and in work being available when the other easier stuff is all gone. Oncology patients generally are older and have more history to be documented, etc.  While a great ER account is a truly wonderful thing ... when that's all gone, having some long winded, backedup accounts are a god-send, imho.


good luck.

No payment
Would her name be Nina? If so, I can help with contact information. Please e-mail me at ellen1@mindspring.com with MT no payment in the subject line
One payment

Look at your 1040 and you will see that your taxes owed include SS and Federal.  So when you make your estimates it is only one check. 



non payment

infovision software, Kolkata, is not paying my dues (salary + others), resigned during Feb, now it April, Can any good fellow suggest anything?  Not only me there are at least 50 MTs i know , who are also not paid after working with them.

payment for VR
So the account I work on has just purchased a voice recognition software.  I see that a lot of the VR is paying about 4.5 to 5 ( and higher ) cents per line.  Does this include the whole line or just the editing corrections you actually do for them?  Please tell me that it is all the lines on the page.  How could it be calculated any other way?  I actually don't know yet if I will even be getting the installation as there are a lot of MTs working on this account & don't see how there could possibly be enough room for all of us.  I might just have to work in another part-time job.  Thanks.

Just wondering what alternatives there are when you don't get paid for work that was done and it's been months!!!!  Two people (individual MTs) owe me money from back in February and I can't get them to respond, etc.  HELP!!


Just ask for payment - with interests
1 .If you have no contracts - you have been doped.
2. If you have a contract -
Use it legally.
3. Stop all transcriptions at once until they have paid.
4. Report to the AAMT the incident with the contract, work loads, time and date.
That is my mortgage payment alone - sm
Our expenses for the month are about 5-6K per month.
MTSO payment
I am a very small MTSO as most are aware and I always pay my gals prior to mortgage,electric or anything.  But I also want you guys to know that all of these fringes that you guys want, 800 numbers, direct deposit, etc. cost us money and the more money we have to put out the less money we can pay you.  I do not feel that you should be so upset about direct deposit, if you get you checked maile don time and it takes the mail 2-3 days you have to allow for that in your budget.    I do  not make that much off my IC's 2 to 3 cents per line and I put in a lot of work to make that 2 to 3 cents per line.  We have expenses to cover also.  If we charge our accounts more, they will look elsewhere or over to India they go.  So we have to charge fairly to the accounts and pay you guys fairly also.  Remember the saying -- until you walk a mile in my shoes, don't critize.  I am seriously thinking about cutting back to working only for myself, making enough to cover my bills and retirement fund and let go of a couple of accounts and gals as it gets quite hectic balancing the amount of work -- either too much or not enough -- payments,  QA, decent help and just keeping my sanity.  So that is where I am probably headed after the first of the year.   I think I simply want to be responsible for just me in this coming year.   Hope all have a Merry Christmas. 
It is a scam. I got one that says I never sent payment and they
are going to report me, but it doesn't say what the item is.  I've also gotten one where someone says they are trying to Paypal me money but it won't go through and I don't have any items pending.    If ever in doubt never click on a link in an e-mail but go directly to the website and enter/view any information there. 
On my larger accounts I close out on the 25th to 28th, since I keep daily line counts in an Excel program, I print that out, do my bill in Quick Books, get the bill to clients by 28th to 29th, I give a 1% discount on my larger accounts if they pay within 48 hours and they do so I have my checks always by the 1st.   I have two smaller accounts that I bill on the 15th so I have cash flow throughout the month.  I have never been stiffed, they have never been late, they never question my line counts and always write thank you on the invoice.   This works for me.  I know everyone says don't give away 1% as a discount but it works for me so I do it. 
Non or late payment
Just giving all MTs out there that a company called med-tech is not paying or paying their employees late.  I have done some research on them and have found severla employees complaining of this.
Non or late payment
Gosh! We work hard enough for peanuts as it is!
with what you are getting in terms of payment...


Then outsources like us are getting ripped off...

I barely make $5 for 8 hours.. you think that's fair. .. cause I sure *&%# don't.


Thank you!! I did request a stop payment and a nm
wire transfer or overnight but have had no response yet but it hasn't been that long either. Waiting for a response. I did email someone else who also works for them but no response from that yet either. My point is exactly as you said, being a week late, i am in deep trouble and it has costed me a lot as i go from check to check so like me and my kiddos are starving waiting on this check, lol. on the other hand, i make good money with this acct and don't want to tick them off as i love this acct but i am in a bind needing my money.
Payment to Santa's House
Here is the transaction number that Paypal gave me ...
December 2, 2005, $10.00 to MT Stars for Santa's House
# 1AF41998N6331691A.

Thank you
I agree but ask for full payment
good luck
Should I make the car payment, pay the electricity, or
buy a few small Christmas presents for the kids? Of course, the electric company won't wait one more week to get their money.
The Jan. 15 payment is for last quarter in 2007.
I ask for partial payment upfront if they were

i've always had a problem with what they refer to as incentives! never logical and as you so precisely put it, INCREDIBLY CHEAP!!
What incentive does she have to tell?
Just curious.  Afterall, they may never know.
I call that incentive honesty. What do you call it?
What will we make if we do 2,100 lines per day?
plus incentive....
incentive pay
I would like to know how icentives usually work. If your base rate was .10 per line up to 10,000 lines per pay period, your incentive was .15 above 10,000 and you typed 15,000 lines, would you be paid .15 for all 15,000 lines or just .15 for the 5,000 lines over the minimum and .10 for the first 10,000?
Same here no incentive when working in house. You got done what you got done. The only time I have really heard of an incentive is working as an IC at home and that is by the line.
because of incentive pay
You start producing more line that is more per hour and they can slow you down to keep you from getting those extra lines. Every time I would get to my line count up, the slower it was to get the same type of work done. I even complained that it was too slow and I wanted another account and he said "I can set your speed up a little. We turn it down to keep from crashing the system." I worked third shift so how many are there working third?
Make a tax payment every pay period online.
I use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System because I also am incapable of saving money. When I deposit my paycheck, I immediately go online and transfer a percentage of my check to the IRS. You can do it weekly, biweekly, quarterly--anytime you choose. It requires setting up an account with your SS# or tax ID#. Then you designate a bank account to be debited. They snail mail you a password and PIN about a week later. As soon as you receive your PIN, you're set to go. When you make a payment, you're given a confirmation number. The system records each payment and the date it was processed so you have a record of all your payments and the date the payment was made when you organize your tax info at the end of the year.
My mortgage payment is nearly that much. Ten year loan.
You have no obligation to assist in college payment.
I don't understand why so many parents these days insist on handing their kids an education while going into debt over it. My nephew had to work and find scholarships to go to college. My Dad worked the railroad to pay for his college. I'm still paying for my own college, and I've got a kid ready to start college in two years. I told him I'm not paying for it. He needs to get his grades up, find some scholarships, and work. You don't appreciate something you don't earn.

Your son will get a reality check when his bills are due.
Dud you send a demand payment letter? sm
You can find a sample one by Googling.

If you do win in small claims court, the judgement will give you legal ways to collect. For example, having the sheriff put liens on bank accounts, using a collection agency, etc.

Good luck to you. I have been in your shoes and, fortunately, the demand payment letter worked for me.
Mortgage late payment question. sm
I have 18 months left on my 30 year mortgage, roughly 4K left.  If I don't pay my February 1st payment until March 2nd, is it likely they will demand the whole 4K immediately?  Just broke right now.   
Beg, borrow, or steal not to have that payment be late!!!
It does not matter how little you have left on it.  Late is late in my opinion.
agree - haven't had a car payment in years
paid $6000 cash for a 93 Volvo wagon back in 2002.  Too many people think they need a new (or pricey) vehicle and really have better things to do with their $400-600 per mo. Every time I look into getting something new or simply newer, I decide that I neither want to take that much money out of savings,  nor do I want to have such an outrageous car payment.  I would totally prefer a brand new car, but it seems like such a waste of money. 
Try calling back about a payment agreement.

deal with compared to my state department of revenue!  I owed taxes over $10,000 in taxes two years in a row to the IRS, so over $20,000, and they let me make payments on it and I got it paid off.  I also got the INTENT TO LEVY notices, but when I called and set up a payment agreement they stopped with the threats.

Right now I owe the IRS about $5000 and when I called to set up payments I asked them if I could make payments of $150 a month and they accepted that without question.  I was a little afraid to suggest such a small amount, but they took it.

Now my state department of revenue is much meaner than the IRS.  They told me to pay what I owe them in six months or else.  They put a lien on my house.  They will only accept payments if I take the total and divide by 6 and pay that amount each month (impossible for me to pay that much) so I am just in a holding pattern seeing if they are bluffing or if they really are going to do something.

I'd say if you really have nothing of value the IRS can get, then it is to their advantage to work with you.  I think you just got a bad agent.  Call back and try to get another one that will work with you. 

How I solved the late payment issue -

- with most clients I started subtracting a certain amount (or free of charge) for each report that I turned around late (far and few between) even for circumstances out of my control, while at the same time charging them late payment fees.  I also started accepting credit cards.

Thank you. As long as we accept payment like that, they will continue to do it.
If we do not accept jobs that pay without spaces, then they will realize that we are not going to continue to do something for nothing. How many of you do several things throughout the day at no charge? Now this...
Prepaid Visa Card for payment

Has anyone used a prepaid Visa card for receiving payment for work?  Is this safe?  Thanks

I just was hired with the new SE pay/incentive!!!!!

I must say I am very happy and I think other SE's will be, as well!!

I hired in at 9 cpl and can earn up to 2 cpl in incentive on every line I type!  I'm excited!  I can hardly wait to get started!!  Though I am only obligated to do 6000 lines in a payperiod, if I type 16,000 lines in the payperiod I get my extra 2 cpl and that makes for $1760 just for that!  I think that is pretty good.

My training is next week and I hope to be able to reach that with my first check!!

If all would please be calm, I'm sure that the new SE pay/incentive plan will soon get out there!!!  You'll be very pleased! 

actually - I was told what my pay would be, as well as the incentive - sm
it was a little bit of a decision for me to make. But I based it on a few things, one being the time spent on the phone with the recruiter, questions asked and answered, etc. I'm happy with the choice I made.

Prior to this I had been emailing my resume to companies and waiting, email some more, wait some more. Then I posted my resume and I had emails and phone calls within a two week period. I couldn't believe it! The exact opposite worked! Go figure.

Anyways, it's just my 2 cents
Incentive plan?... sm
Curious how common it is to have an incentive plan at your company.  Does it make a difference if you are an employee, SC, etc.?  Currently, employee at 7.5 cpl with benefits (vacation, holiday, health insurance, etc.).  No incentive plan.  I have almost 20 years experience.  Minimum requirement is 1200 lines per day, full time.  Thanks for any info! 
I wouldn't do it without incentive
I make $30/hour now on lines
When I was in house there was no incentive.
You got done what you got done. No reward for pushing to get extra done.
Production incentive

The last hospital I worked at paid an hourly wage, no incentive, and had a minimum line requirement per day of 1200. 

The problem with this scenario is that there is no incentive to produce more - thus the term * incentive *.  If work became backed up, we were offered overtime.

When I worked in-house for a service, we had a line per day requirement of 1200 and anything over 1200 lines per day was paid at 6 cents per line.

The incentive should be for ALL lines sm
transcribed, not just the ones over 1100.  That is cheapskate bonus.
Oh, joy, yet another incentive weekend. . .
and there's not even any work in my BOB.  Why, oh, why, are all the people that run everything are the ones with no common sense?!
There is little or no incentive to learn and use
all these shortcuts, when one knows that the cpl will maximum be 4 cents.