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...up to you to see if you can make more per line at home versus going

Posted By: in-house somewhere at possibly a lower rate. nm on 2007-10-24
In Reply to: It is, but doing a Monster/CareerBuilder search shows that inhouse jobs - ARE being offered in the $10-13/hr range. Up to yo


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65 character line versus gross lines versus pay by word

I am checking into other options for transcription.  Can anyone tell me how to compare all of these types of lines & also payment per word?  I know companies use different scales, so I wondered how they compare.  I have been paid on a 65 character line with spaces, but I may be making a change in the future - don't want to get burned.

Thank you in advance!

Gross line versus character line....Sm please

I am thinking of taking a job that pays by the gross line and not a 65-character line.  I have never worked this way.  Does this literally mean if there is one little word on a line you get paid for it?  I have not pinned her down on a line rate but I am just thinking I am going to be comparing apples to oranges and am wondering how to accomplish that. 

Thanks for any help!

Home versus in-house
Let me answer before I read everyone else's responses. I worked at home and for awhile it was great, but I had kids underfoot, that didn't work out. So back to inhouse. It's nice having a regular paycheck and not having to worry about taxes, they're taken out. Also health insurance is a big concern. But I'm sick of the nitpicking and being treated like a child. I hate being spied on and I hate office politics. People are in close proximity when I'm transcribing and there is a lot of loud talking in the small room. Plus when the other people are crabby, it casts a dark shadow on the whole day.

I may soon have no choice but to work at home again, as my place of employment is rumored to be upgrading and at all other facilities owned by this company, that has meant shipping our work overseas. I don't dread returning home though. Just got a brand-new Dell computer, found and loaded my Instant Type and imported my PRD files. I will switch to my husband's insurance which is a kind I'm not crazy about but it's better than nothing. I have a tax guy now and I'll stay on top of taxes with my estimated quarterles. And there's a company I've been working for on and off for years that treats me like gold and will take me on anytime!

I'm the type of person who doesn't like being constantly monitored by an authority figure, particularly an ignorant one! It may soon be time to get out of the in-house and back to my home! We'll see. For now, I'm in-house. But maybe soon, I won't be.
Home versus Hospital - sm
Speaking as one who was a unit secretary for many, many years, and now an MT working from home, I personally would NEVER, ever go back...but, the benefits of working in-house are much better than most MT companies offer. AND, your point of steady paycheck is a valid one. This is something you would have to sit down and write all the pros and cons, with your feelings included, to make a decision based on what is best for you. Good luck.
Positives and Negatives of working at home versus inhouse.

When I first went home to work, I did think it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I got so tired of being stuck to my desk all day long and being asked to work overtime with no overtime pay.  No incentives anymore either.  The money is the biggest issue here and benefits at a good price.  .... So I decided to go back in house.  and believe that I found a great place to work.

Of course, there will be the usual bad side of working an inhouse job... dressing up.... which I honestly miss.. but maybe not every day, paying for gas to drive to work... but it's actually only 10 minutes away, the cafeteria--enough said :D... plus I bring my lunch and have always done so..., office politics--which I have found exist at home or inhouse....,  dept meetings--which I have found exist with at home jobs also... of course they are "account" not department meetings and communication! which is a really important thing and was the straw that broke this camel's back--got sick of sending emails to a myriad of people from the top to the bottom and getting no response back... or responses days later...

Can anyone add any other positives/negatives?

The pay will be worth it all no matter what, but I was curious to see what other things there are to consider.   

Please no flames. 

Thanks in advance.



Forget "per line." Your take-home pay should be taking home SM
roughly what it was before. If it is not, is it because your current pay rate for editing (which in many companies keeps changing as the VR system is developed) is too low or is it because your talents and skills are more for speed typing than speed editing?

If the first, discuss it with higherups, and go get a new job if you don't get the response you need. My last MTSO was secretly refiguring how production was counted to pay us less. I can accept hard reality, it was the secrecy that burned. Sometimes, though, it's just that the learning curves of individual editors and that of the system aren't in sync, and you end up temporarily making less.

If the second, though, recognize it as soon as possible and change to straight transcription work, in your company or a new one, for as long as you can find it.

As for why we aren't paid more for a higher skill, that's just the way the labor supply ball bounces. Best wishes.
line versus report sm
There is just no way of knowing until you're there.  It's crazy.  I used to work for a company that paid by report, but they were all MRIs and specials.  Then I worked at Spheris for a few months being paid by the line and could never get my line count because #1 the platform sucked (copy and paste.. it took longer to save a report than to type it) and #2 I was getting a lot of short reports.  A lot of companies pay by the line on certain accounts and by the report for others. So you just have to try it.  If it's not working out for you after a month or so, it's time to look elsewhere.
Per page versus per line
Does anyone know how to compare a per-page rate versus a per 65-character incl. spaces rate?
per word versus per line

I have never been paid by the line before, and I was wondering before I go any further, what would be the minimum requirement of lines per day for most services?  I want to be full time and have benefits.



Pay by line versus pay by characters; what is
pay per dictated minute versus per line
which is better being paid per dictated minute or paid per line? 
Gross versus 65 char line
Can someone tell me how a gross line is calculated. Thanks.
QA Pay Preference -- hourly versus per line? SM

I've been offered two QA jobs; one that pays $15 per hour and one that pays 4 cpl.  I'm told that I can make more than $15 per hour on production because you get credit for all lines in a report, even if you make only one correction.  So I figured that to make the equivalent of $15 per hour, I would have to QA 3000 lines a day.  So here's my question, is 3000 lines of QA in an 8 hour day feasible and is it possible to do more lines than that in an 8 hour day?

Both offer employee status, benefits, etc.  Benefit plans are pretty much exactly the same down to the same health insurance company. 

It is not MT versus MTSO we have a bottom line too, & right now it is -
byte count versus gross line-sm

Does anyone know how to compare byte count versus gross line pay?

Thank you

Line rates gross versus 65-character

I recently had a call for family practice dictation and I offered 12 cents per line.  Have always charged by the gross line and was charging 14 cents, which I thought was too high, so lowered it to 12 cents.  However, the more I am reading I see that 65 character seems to be the way everything is getting billed.  I also realize at 12 cents per line I lose a lot going to 65 character lines. 

I also realize with family practice that they might have a lot of times where there is one or two words on a line and probably wouldn't be too happy about paying for gross lines. 

I guess I'm looking for advice on charging.  Is charging for gross lines unheard of anymore? I have already quoted the 12 cents, so that will have to be my charge.  But as far as gross or 65 character, I haven't been asked that yet but would need to have that absolutely straight with them before starting.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.  I know I'm a little behind the times and am trying to catch up and stay competitive also. 


I don't make 0.08/line.. I work for no less than .13/line. nm
The bottom line is doesnt matter what they pay if there is no work you make no money. Bottom line.
If you make more at home, then no, but if you do not - sm
Then I would think that is pretty good. If I wanted to get a job outside and was offered $15 I'd probably go for it as I make $9-12 at home. Even with gas, day-care, etc. it would probable be worth it for me, but you need to figure out what your out of pockets costs will be, gas, daycare, lunch, clothes, etc.
I make more now at home than
I did 17 years and I say that like it was incarceration because it was.  I learned a lot, yes, of course, I did, but I sure did give more than what they were paying me to do.  The at home 3 days benefited them more than me.  And to thank me, for all of those years of service, they outsourced to CBay and wanted me to set everything up so it would be easier on CBay.  I resigned, and they are still after 2 yeras trying to figure out why CBay is making so many errors in the reports.  I don't really think on-site is the answer.  The hospital I worked for only gave 2 weeks vacation and you earn it as you go.  Be careful thinking you'll get a lot of vacation because that is simply not true.
Currently from home I make
anywhere from $23 to $25 an hour. Unless the hospital has an incentive program along with your hourly rate, I really don't think you will make more. Twenty years ago when I worked in a hospital, they did have a production bonus on top of my hourly rate, but I am still making way more at home then I did inhouse.
Why not? What difference doe it make if home
I tried to make the switch from clinic to home
and I've got 30 years experience. I guess it all depends on the company you work for at home, i.e., what type accounts and dictators. The company I work for has a good mixture of good and bad, but due to having to look for addresses of referring doctors, account specifics and doctor specifics, it's hard to make any money. Some days, I make much less per hour than I did in the clinic. Of course, this is just my 2 cents. Also, to consider, I don't have any kids at home distracting me either.
I have to disagree. I make more money from home
The issue doesn't have anything to do with inhouse or outsourcing.

What is the going line rate for a doc out of your home?
Along the same line, does anyone do coding at home or only in house? Does it pay well? nm
Have to agree. Kids do make working at home "different" (sm)

Mine are grown, but the grandchildren occasionally are over.  The oldest one will play his Gameboy or some cube thing all day and only occasionally ask to be fed.  However, when the youngest one can't go do daycare for some reason my world is turned upside down.  The granddaughter has it in her head that when I ask her to be quiet it means come over to my desk and whisper.  All in all, it isn't too often that I have children in my house when I work.  My hat is off to those of you who do it on a regular basis, you are queens of organizational/concentration skills. 


I make very good money at home with a small MTSO

Wireless router with your home phone line?
Is it possible to use a wireless router and your home dial up phone line so that you can be mobile around your house with a laptop? 

Sorry, don't post here often and not familiar. I was saying I make great money and stay at home w
Where do folks get these odd ideas?
If you have gas heat/appliances in your home, PLEASE make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector!
Apparently our stove is not burning the gas properly and it built up inside our house.  We are lucky we only need the stove repaired.
Not true. There are times that renting a home and leasing a car make more sense.
than outright purchase. Do your homework.
RE: I totally agree!! I work at home can came make upwards or $25+ per hour (sm)
Where outside of my home could I make that money, not have to pay gas, buy extra clothes, etc.  I am very happy right where I'm at.
How much do you make a line as well.
That along with the dictators makes all the difference.
Make an income on 0.6 a line?
Been offered an IC position for 6 cpl. Good dictators, header/footer, demographics, bold, etc. is counted, WP 5.1, and bountiful work. Too date, I have only worked for a hospital at an hourly wage and now for a service with benefits for 8 cpl. Not happy with the service so am looking elsewhere. Is this real, or can money be made?
I make .05/line on one platform and 0.04 on another
and I will take the 0.04 platform any day as I can get almost twice as many lph. Just like typing, editing depends so much on the platform that I don't think you can always just look at a blanket line rate to tell.
I make 8.5 cents per line sm
The incentive is 2 cents per line for anything over 300 lines per hour.  That equates to 10.5 cents per line, because I consistently do over 300 lph.  That equals minimum of  $31.50 per hour.  I would never work by the hour.
Per line - could never make much per hour.
I do 350-400 lph at 12 cpl - no one will pay me what I make by the hour! Per line is the way to go, plus keep your flexibility.
Make sure you use sm (see msg) or nm (no msg) in the subject line, too. nm
ICs - how much do you make per line and do you work for ...sm
a large company, small company or have your own contracts?
Don't most make more than 5 cents a line??
I do not agree with you at all!

right, make a little more per line, but also pay more taxes.
I work for NTL and make .12 line
You can make more than that per line, but at 125 lph, not a good living. Have to do at least 300 lp
Is it possible to make a living off of 4 cents a line?

If there is anyone out there new and still considered a mentoree and able to work full time and make rent please tell me because I need some encouragement.  I want to quit the day job to be able to do this fulltime but when I do the math it just doesn't add up to the rent:-)

Any words of encouragement would be helpful.

MI MTs who posted line rates, would you make
In WordPerfect, could someone please tell me how to make a line break
so it keeps the justification?  Ctl+shift+L just moves down another line and does not justify.  Thank You. 
what do the middle people make per line?
I may be negotiating a contract directly with a radiology business, but I"ve only done independent contractor work up until now.  I'd like to enter into negotiations seeming like I know my way around the block:  what do companies (who hire transcriptionists) tend to make per line?  How would I find that out?
How long does it take to make decent line count?
I am considering joining an outsourcing company. Can you tell me how long it took you, as an experienced transcriptionist, to get up to snuff that you were making a decent wage? And what is your average rate per hour when paid by the line of 65 cpl?
I guess so! I betcha make your new line count!! NM
I make 0.725 cents per line after 5 years with the same company - nm
I make 0.725 cents per line after 5 years with the same company - NM