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Not true. There are times that renting a home and leasing a car make more sense.

Posted By: Financial Guru on 2005-12-10
In Reply to: leasing is same as renting a house, never the best financial choice...sm - Car owner

than outright purchase. Do your homework.

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leasing is same as renting a house, never the best financial choice...sm
bottom line is somebody is making money off of you leasing. If they didn't make money off of you, they wouldn't lease. Same thing with renting. Renters always cover the mortgage and repairs on a home while the owner reaps the benefit of building equity. Now cars are a little different as they definitely depreciate while homes do not (usually!) but as I said, if they weren't making money doing it, they wouldn't do it. You can easily find a traded-in used vehicle with 50,000 or less at a dealership. Get one of the yearly reports from Consumer Reports and you can find which cars are the most reliable (for example, Buick LeSabres - those things run 4ever). Best financial move is to buy it from a private party with cash. I mean showing up with the whole offer in $100 bills. Few people can pass that up. If you can't get the money together to buy a car outright, you will for sure never get ahead driving someone else's car and paying them for the privilege of it. And you are just kidding yourself if you're driving around in a "new car" that you can't even afford to buy.
leasing in like renting - paying someone else for the privilige of driving their vehicle..sm
with the low mileage you put on vehicles, you would have an easy time selling outright to a third party. Crunch the numbers.  figure out what you would pay for leasing, including deposit. Figure out what you could buy that same car for. If you hold it for 5 years, you can get an idea of how much cars depreciate by checking blue book prices on the current model and a 5 year model. Use that to figure what percent it would depreciate. Then add your leasing costs all together. Add your car payments all together.  Then subtract from the car payment what your car would be worth in 5 years, because you'll get that back, ya know. IMHO leasing is done by people too lazy to figure out the numbers and by people that it's important to "look good" to the neighbors, regardless of what your bank account actually holds. Hope you don't mind my honesty.  
Yeah, men have no sense at times - sm
as for the plantar warts they can take at least 3 months of repeated treatment to go away. I have had them twice. I used mole skin treated with muratic acid both times. The first time took about 3 months of repeat applications. The second time worked a lot faster (about a month), whether it was stronger the second time or I did it better (I was 14 the first time) who knows. The acid ate away the warts and my foot is fine now. I hope you don't have to have them burned off, and I hope your son heals up well. Did you explain to you Ex that burning in this case means using liquid nitrogen, not heat? Totally amazing, too bad your son did not tell him to go burn himself with the knife and see how it felt.
You spending 3K in gasoline to make 4K plus all that time on the road?That doesn't make sense Pat

Make sense

She didn't send her daughter off anywhere.  The girl was 18 right???  She is an adult and can go wherever she wants at that age.  What could her mother do?  And how do YOU know if you would shoot your mouth off or not if YOUR child was killed and taken from you?  How do you know what  you would do? 

She will never see her daughter again.  Hello, of course she is handling it badly.  GEEZ.  HELLO??????

LOL you make sense (sm)
I was just needing to vent so much, and almost gave a little more specifics which would have given it away what happened was very recent.
You make no sense to me. (sm)
Here is a professional discussing a problem with our profession ... and it is a problem. Not only don't you want to talk about it, but you seem offended that anybody else does?

It seems like you are confessing to be somebody who has a lot of feedback from QA, and it makes you mad, and they should stop because you don't care. Are we supposed to think you are smart and wonderful, and we should drop the conversation because you don't like it?
that would seem to make sense
Because you are now having to pay your own taxes. My husband and I figure 30% could go to taxes.
That does not make sense
if your salary slashed, what does that have to do with retaining quality blah, blah, blah. Not retaining, did they let everyone go, is that how the pay slashed?
right, that's bad and it does not make any sense!...nm
That did not make any sense..what are you talking about?
Your emails don't make sense
Not trying to be rude, but that does not make any sense to me. sm

If you are fast, the company would probably much rather pay you by the hour than the line.  About 7-8 years ago, I was making $16/hour and killing myself.  Now that I am paid by the line, I average $34/hour or so. 

Sorry, that didn't make sense! I mean
I put yo in the abreviated and replace with year-old. So then when I type 15-yo, it replaces yo with year-old and is perfect!
This doesn't even make sense - sm
Why are you getting these reports? Were you told or asked to do this? I don't get this at all, especially since you aren't QA.
What didn't make sense to me is the first
woman was shaking in fear, yet this bomb is supposed to be so delicate that anything will set it off. You see her arm shaking. Then she pulls her hand out, and what? the other woman happened to put her hand in there and is now clasping the bomb! and shaking.

I didn't last til the end. It just disgusted me too much. Kudos to you for hanging in there. It's good when you've got a show you really like and look forward to every week, so if that's yours, more power to ya! :)
What doesn't make sense? ..sm

From what the OP said, she wouldnít have even known about the call if her husband hadnít shared the information. Why would he create suspicion where there is none?

The only thing the OPís husband did was answer his phone and tell his wife about the conversation. How many times a day do you answer a phone? How many times do you mention a call in conversation? He may have only mentioned it because he was amused by his friendís childish ways. If the OPís husband doesnít want his friend using him as an answering service, then he needs to discuss that with his friend. It is between the two men.

What did the woman who called do wrong? She was given a number to reach someone at, and she called the number. If someone gives you a number to call, you assume it is okay to call that number. She may have even had a legitimate reason to get in touch with the guy.

Calling the friendís wife would only humiliate and embarrass her. If her husband is a cheat, and there is no proof that he is, she knows. When she is ready to accept that information and handle it in her own way, sheíll do that. It is also possible that her husband isnít cheating or that she doesnít care if heís cheating.

This situation has obviously caused tension for the OP. Maybe this is bothering her so much because she already has suspicions, if so, she needs to figure out if her suspicions are valid or if it is how own insecurities. She should then discuss her feelings with her husband calmly and rationally; freaking out or getting loud doesnít make anyone hear you any better, in fact, the opposite is true. Just because someone elseís husband is a skank doesnít mean her husband is a skank. It isnít fair to convict this man of anything other than answering his phone and having a friend with poor judgement.

What? That doesn't make sense. sm
How would the house be worth less than she paid in legal fees to keep it in the divorce? Even if she paid $20,000 in attorney fees, she still came out the winner. These houses look beautiful, and it sounds as though she enjoys hers very much. Did you actually look at the photos, and read her description? You said you didn't think she's be able to give it away much less sell it, and that statement is just crazy.
this does not make sense to me as the IRS site clearly says
If you do not pay enough through withholding or estimated tax payments, you may be charged a penalty.  If you do not pay enough by the due date of each payment period you may be charged a penalty even if you are due a refund when you file your tax return. 

You must pay estimated tax for 2006 if both of the following apply.

  1. You expect to owe at least $1000 in tax for 2006 after subtracting your withholding and credits.

  2. You expect your withholding and credits to be less than the smaller of;

    • 90% of the tax to be shown on your 2006 tax return, or

    • 100% of the tax shown on your 2005 tax return.  Your 2005 tax return must cover all 12 months.

  3. So according to their own site, the only way you can pay yearly is if your husband has enough extra withheld that it equals what you paid in tax last year. Or you owe less than $1000...

Wouldn't it make sense to just ask QA
to explain their decision to you? In my experience, every single time an MT has a hissy fit over something, it was their mistake all along. How can you just assume QA is wrong? If you write and ask politely, you will have all the proof you need either way - if you were right, you have proof of your challenge of it, and if you are wrong, you may learn something new!  And you must not have even contacted QA, as otherwise you wouldn't have to ask your question at all!
Wouldn't make sense to me.
You'd have to go to school and try to learn a gazillion things that you perhaps aren't able to focus on because you have a cool new baby. So spend 9 months and $4000 on the education ... you might as well have just stayed home and enjoyed your baby and saved the child care, right?
That doesn't make any sense then
I can't believe the trees would make any difference beaming to a satellite especially if you are able to get Dish Network.
doesn't make any sense--sm
explain "in the year you reach full retirement.." and "until the month you reach full retirement." very confusing.

it doesn't make sense (sm)
Do you really think Stedman's is going to make everything available for free?

This person has posted this link at least twice - who knows what it might be putting on your computer.

I haven't clicked the link and don't intend to. It can't be a legit link.
That doesn't even make sense. You don't
think newbies do MT? What? Well then what do you call all the newbies out of MT school who get jobs?
Its just an unwritten rule and common sense; you better home Amphion is not watching - sm
I am sure they can put 2+2 together and figure out who you are and withdrawal their offer if they so chose. It's just not good business to say who has what.
I don't know what you are talking about. Try again tomorrow when you might make sense.
"edit my reports with eyes closed"? what has that got to do with anything?
I'm not sure which is right, but either way, seems like it doesn't make sense to rebuild
Yeah, you make a lot of sense! Stupid.
Yeah, we are immature. I find it funny that you think people who enjoy their jobs are immature and have multiple personality disorders. So wake up ugly and go find a shrink.
Your comment doesn't make sense.
Maybe you're not talking about the same India/Indians, but what ytou said doesn't make sense. If they outsource most of their work to India, how do they "not" pay Indians? Explain, please.
Wouldn't it make more sense for the company
to hire someone for that shift, and that person could be a "stat" person in addition to typing a regular account?  Nah, I guess that would be just too simple!
U make no sense. If paid per correction, why
This message doesn't make a lot of sense.
If you owe $$ to the state, that has nothing to do with how fast you tax return will be done. You pay when you file, simple enough. If you want to pay and then file, then write the check today and stick it in the mail. Since you don't say what state you live in, I'll assume that your 2007 quarterly tax deadline is the same as everyone else's--1/15/08. If you have no idea, then the last place to be asking for advice on this matter is this board. Go to your state's website and check their revenue page.
Your post doesnt make much sense. Were you
no offense, but that really doesn't make any sense
6/cpl is 6/cpl and that's 3 cents less per line than 9/cpl.
This part of your posting does not make any sense...sm
You say:

'....Shouldn't be working production if you are not expert at the profession yet.'

Sure, a newvie is not an expert.

Only working production will make you an expert.

How else?
Boy, does this dictator have a way of putting things to make sense.

A 24-year-old married Hispanic male who does not speak English but we used an interpreter for him during each session who has been married 6 times with 3 children.

Still doesn't make sense content-wise.
A flax is gonna take care of the patient? I'm not comfortable that is correct.
it does get easier and eventually things make sense to you even when you can't understand -
I was doing a Irish doctor, I could understand the medical terms pretty well, it was the easier, more normal words, I had trouble with.  Because of the lilting and very fast way he said it "three arteries and a vein" nearly drove me insane. 
No offense, but your post didn't make any sense whatsoever.
Maybe you didn't explain it right, but I read and re-read and don't understand a thing you just said.
Busy MT, your statement doesn't make a lot of sense. First of all, if US staff did walk out, MQ

one, because they don't have enough people in India to cover a large walkout and, two, their QA staff put out about maybe on a good day 70% quality.  Even the quality that gets back to the client I work for now is horrible because there are certain MTs who apparently some not too bright supervisor thinks is producing work that is good enough to go to the client without being checked over and the hospital is having an absolute fit over it.  I say, let em walk!

so he claims, but kennebunkport, ME and CT is true home...nm
That may be true, but it doesn't make it RIGHT. - sm
I think honesty and quality in the workplace should be more important than the Almighty Dollar. Especially when the people making MOST of the Almighty Dollars already have far more of them than they probably really need, and the MTs don't have enough of them to survive.
Just because she said it doesn't make it true! LOL
"Boredom comes from within." Well, what does that mean exactly? Yes, I'm sure boredeom does come from within because deep down inside I want to be challenged. I want to use my brain and find a career where I forget that I'm even working because I'm so engrossed in the task at hand. I don't think that job exists. Do you? Or maybe it does, but I just haven't found it yet. MT certainly isn't challenging any more. The only challenge for me is keeping a decent paying account that doesn't go to VR or offshore.

At job interviews, I always tell the interviewer that I like to be kept busy. Otherwise, I start clock watching and thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done around my house. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ADD because I was the same way in school. If the topic interested me, I was there. If it was boring, like government or history, I would totally zone out and not be able to concentrate. I guess we're all like that to an extent, right? It's just difficult to concentrate on MT lately because I know it's just another report with the same old physical exam section, the same diagnoses, the same plan. It's never going to end as long as I do this job. Every day, there's more work, more of the same old, same old. Yeah, I think I need to get out of MT. I don't even know if editing or QA would be challenging enough for me.
not true, I make good $$$ and manage to come
That's just not true... I make 16/hr PLUS incentive, including
If you make more at home, then no, but if you do not - sm
Then I would think that is pretty good. If I wanted to get a job outside and was offered $15 I'd probably go for it as I make $9-12 at home. Even with gas, day-care, etc. it would probable be worth it for me, but you need to figure out what your out of pockets costs will be, gas, daycare, lunch, clothes, etc.
I make more now at home than
I did 17 years and I say that like it was incarceration because it was.  I learned a lot, yes, of course, I did, but I sure did give more than what they were paying me to do.  The at home 3 days benefited them more than me.  And to thank me, for all of those years of service, they outsourced to CBay and wanted me to set everything up so it would be easier on CBay.  I resigned, and they are still after 2 yeras trying to figure out why CBay is making so many errors in the reports.  I don't really think on-site is the answer.  The hospital I worked for only gave 2 weeks vacation and you earn it as you go.  Be careful thinking you'll get a lot of vacation because that is simply not true.
Currently from home I make
anywhere from $23 to $25 an hour. Unless the hospital has an incentive program along with your hourly rate, I really don't think you will make more. Twenty years ago when I worked in a hospital, they did have a production bonus on top of my hourly rate, but I am still making way more at home then I did inhouse.
When I first started out I was renting a duplex and had a CPA do my taxes.  It allows you to deduct the percentage of the sq footage that is used for your office, i.e if you have 10% in an office then it deducts 20% of your rent from your IC wages.  Say you have 1000 sq foot home and your office is 10 x 10 or 100 sq feet. which is 10% of your total sq footage.  If your rent is 700 per month it will take off $70 per month for your office or 840 per year.  There is no property taxes thast can be deducted as you do not pay direct property taxes -- just in your rent. 
Why not? What difference doe it make if home