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24 and very thankfully divorced before 30!

Posted By: sm on 2005-08-12
In Reply to: how old were you when you got married? sm - curious Georgia


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Thankfully for me, this has not been my
decide if doing gargabe was worth more than finding a job I could make a decent wage at. 
Thankfully, yes
There are so many kids and stay-at-home moms that at any given time there could be up to 15 kids outside of all ages with at least a few adults who look after all the kids. It's definitely a family neighborhood here, everyone watches out for everyone. I'm also right by the front window so I'm constantly looking out and seeing what's going on. I pop out every once and a while to chat.
Thankfully I'm not thin-skinned.
I quote: <>

My understanding was that she didn't want to search blindly for schools, and I think it's convenient how there are links right here to some of the best schools, because their websites give you an EXCELLENT idea of their courses. When anybody asks me about schools, that's all I give them, the web addresses, because I think they are self-explanatory. I have no idea if the OP ever noticed those links were there, and I doubt you knew (if he/she did), either!
Thankfully in Georgia it's unlawful for a teenager to....sm
have anyone in the car with them other than an immediate relative for the first 6 months they have their license.   Other than that  there is no way I'd put my child into the car of basically a stranger since you don't know this boy well.  While all may be innocent at first you never know when it might turn otherwise. 
Yes, I do come first, thankfully. I have a good man with his priorities straight! sm
Marriage is a difficult road sometimes with many obstacles. We just have to have the patience and strength to get over them or move those obstacles out of the way. I think early in our marriage, I was not #1, as his mother had a very tight hold... but I am now and have been for about 10 years now. We were married for 18 years November 14th, and the first 7-8 years were very tough at times, but it is smooth sailing now!

We remind each other that before the kids, it was him and me and we take at least one night a week for each other to be together and romantic.

He does put be first above all and won't make plans without asking me if it interferes with our family plans or schedule. The best thing of all, every day before he goes to work he always kisses me on the cheek goodbye, even when I am half asleep. I open my one eye just to acknowledge him and go back to sleep! I just love that.
Thankfully we are no longer classified as just clerical.

"Medical transcriptionists have finally achieved a separate job classification. The revised Standard Occupational Classification (SOC), published by the Office of Management and Budget, includes a separate line item 31-9094 for medical transcriptionists in the general arena of health care. This is something AAMT has been promoting since its inception over 20 years ago. In the previous (1980) SOC document, medical transcriptionists were grouped with court reporters and stenographers under "Clerical and Other Administrative Support Occupations." This separate classification is truly noteworthy. Having an ID number, medical transcriptionists can now be studied like any other occupation. Statistics can be gathered on numbers of MTs, salaries, etc."  (from the AAMT website)

This is one of the good things AAMT has done for us and hopefully their continued work will elevate our profession further.  We are now an apprenticeable occupation also (and only DOMESTIC workers can be apprentices --heh heh!). 

Thankfully, self-employed so I don't have to deal with the likes of you.
What an arrogant bitchy know-it-all you think you are. You are laughable. I'm sooo beyond you. Later.
True, but thankfully in my case, I have great dictators.
I was married to a guy like that once. I divorced him.
Most selfish, insensitive, clueless human being on planet earth. Good riddance.
not to be unkind, but how did you get divorced without
Did your husband divorce you by publice notice and that is why you did not know about the court order?

I am not trying to start a flame...just asking.
I'm with you on this one, but I divorced hubby....

How about married and divorced 4 times
He likes to lecture people about *the sanctity of marriage* and goes on and on about gays. I guess it only applies to other people and not himself.
I divorced mine 15 years ago and he....sm

He has not changed those passive aggressive ways......he got remarried about 5 years ago and I feel very sorry for his new wife.

However, I stay far, far away from him........passive aggressive men can be and some are very dangerous............

oh and horses don't change colors.............LOL

17, lost him to Hodgkin's; 24 the next time, divorced him then
36 the next time, happily married for 4 years. Third time is the charm.
If you know the county that he was divorced in, do a google search
for that county's public records website. Where I live, I can access the county's public records via web and lookup by last name and first name and these are free searches as they are public records. If he had any prior record of domestic violence, it will show up there.
Why does it seem that all divorced women are so bitter? It is not ALL men that are rats. You just
found one that was.
I was in a similar situation a few years ago, I got divorced. nm
I'm divorced because my ex-husband cheated. Simple as that.

I trusted him and he took advantage.  I don't appreciate you insinuating that my mistrust issues are the reason I'm divorced.  My ex's dishonesty is the reason I'm divorced.

51yo female, divorced, 20yo son, 35 yrs in health care

Like that's so easy? Divorced bud of mine at 51 graduated college w/her BS last year ...