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30, now at 9 years and 2 great little girls-nm

Posted By: Laura E. on 2005-08-12
In Reply to: how old were you when you got married? sm - curious Georgia


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I was skeptical but it was great...I saw the old one years ago
and those who can should watch it first. LOL
I had them - GREAT! Wore them out in 3 years. nm
Great!! I have years of experience as a transcription
Absolutely OPs only! Great pay and line count - been doing only Ops for 12 years now! nm
sounds like a great career move...30 years ago!
I'm glad they screened you well and did not notice you had already paid your dues, so to speak (and I'm not talking about AAMT dues). :)
i too use it daily for about 3-4 years; no problems. great program and best of all FREE!!!!! nm
Have had Hughes for 5 years (used to be Direcway) great internet service sm
but truly hate if I have any kind of problem and have to call in. Luckily that is rate to nonexistent.
Shorthand is excellent--had for 5 years, does everything but diaper the baby, NO problems. Great pr
sad for you girls
sounds like you ladies are finding your boys in all the wrong places.  MEN don't cheat.  BOYS cheat.  You need to find a MAN and then you will find yourself in a REAL relationship like never before and you will be HAPPY and have TRUST.  It CAN happen as it happened to me.  Good luck. 
My girls like me
Well, my girls like working for peaNUTS. Oh golly, my sense of humor has gotten the best of me, bad boy Frank.
mean girls
hope you never find yourself in a bad situation - you have no sympathy or regard for other humans
The girls are going down . . .
Kelly was soo bad. I think and hope it will be the three boys remaining. Katherine's dress was a little much wasn't it? She had visible panty lines. Chris was very sexy.
Mean Girls!

Well, here I go! Gotta vent.  We use IM to talk to the QA person and the boss for the small MTSO I work for.  Many times the boss will turn "Busy" on, so you can't ask her anything.  If she wants to talk to you, she will, but if she does not, she won't.  Same goes for the QA.  Sometimes I feel so small! I do not bug them unless I really need something, but apparently they feel I am bugging them too much.  Days go by that I never IM either one, so its not like every day I bug them! I feel very insignificant when they do this! Am I overly sensitive? 

yep...little girls are the best!! Glad I have 3 of them! Have fun! nm

re: View girls
I cannot stand the View girls. Who do they think they are! They act so high and mighty, especially Star Jones and Meredith whatshername! Please!
I think the girls forgot to ask you
if you were married and if you'd post a picture for them?  Just kidding....  It's just kind of funny to see how many responses you got from your post while new MT females get maybe one or two.  I know of a couple of dude MTs.  We had one in-house.  Poor guy. 
RadGuy not into girls
So what? Is there a problem with that?
Hey Crafty Girls
My niece wants to get into a hobby or do some crafts in her side time, but does not know where to begin.  She is a modernistic woman, age 30, not into the country motif, but wants to be crafty.  Any suggestions out there of where she might start or a craft kit I could get her for Christmas?  Thanks for any and all suggestions.
Several girls I work with do...
One has one on her ankle. Another has one in the small of her back. Another has one on her arm (like men usually do)...Personally, I think the one in the small of the girl's back is the cutest. Its just above where her low-riding jeans fit. I dated a guy who had one on his tush... a rose. He said he went through a bad divorce and then had it done thinking to himself some day he'd be somebody's rose...Now that I think back, shouldn't that have been the other way around??  LOL...Anyway, good luck, they say that hurt a bit, but they don't regret getting them. I, myself, am not into pain! LOL
26, 4&2 y/o girls, due with another girl 3/16
I was a nurse first with a neuroticism about spelling and documentation, so this was a good career move for me. It's not because I was chasing the work-at-home dream.
My boys were 3 1/2 and my girls were 2.

Cheerios in the toilet worked for me.  SINK THOSE BATTLESHIPS!!  :)

But both boys were 3 1/2 at least and when I was just about ready to give up, they just started using the bathroom as if nobody had ever told them a thing.

Pressuring and scolding are the 2 worst things you can do.  Just be laid back and all of a sudden one day, they are diaper free.  None of my 4 have ever had an accident or wet the bed since the day it kind of dawned on them.  Sort of like the day they learn to ride a bike without training wheels. :)

This too shall pass like water under the bridge.  No pun intended.  Now I'm buying diapers for my grandkids.

we are not all girls...but Bose is the best
Maybe she is only talking to the girls. (nt)

The Golden Girls...
I love the Golden Girls...though it does come on Lifetime I think like 5-6 times a day...I love that show!
girls just wanna have fun; nm
Girls and women
That, in my humble opinion, is what separates the girls from the women. With all of the references we have at our fingertips (Google is WONDERFUL), if you know how to search, you can find what you need. As a success story in MT for over 35 years, I can honestly say that from day one (and yes, I had to learn over the years), I did my very best never to ask for help UNTIL I had exhausted every means available to me and had come up empty-handed. I realize that is much easier to do this when you do not work by the line and every minute is money in your pocket...or not if you are spending a lot of time looking things up.
Stop it. I can't leave you girls alone for a second. sm
I sure am glad I don't have to work with you all who post these PMS/menopausal rantings. 
yep, I go to Old Navy and look at their clothes for my girls
Or Wal-Mart and look at all the stuff I want!  that does it for me!
What's for dinner tonight girls?
Guess what, all three kids are GIRLS! and ....
the two youngest ones are in early puberty, so we have hormones dripping from the walls around here.  My husband threatens to move into a tent in the backyard once we're all "cycling"  LOL
Want to know what's for dinner tonight girls
I am making that 20-garlic recipe from below with mashed taters and salad and some homemade bread.  Yum. 
Done..also got girls in my office to sign
mine were both girls - and I even had to have a psychiatrist for - sm
one of them. Of course, you know how psychiatrists can be - always blaming the parents for the social dysfunctions of the beagle!
The teenaged girls in my neighborhood are

having a race to see who can have the most babies.  It's horrible.  They think of the babies as little pets or dolls, then dump them on their mothers to go out and party.  None of the girls has a high school education, job, driver's license or anything.  They have police records, too.  Four of the girls were over here one day wanting to use my phone, and one of them wanted me to feel her stomach to see if I thought she was pregnant.  She was disappointed later when she found out she wasn't.  I got onto soapbox mode telling them to finish their education or at least get a GED so they could support those babies.  Life's not easy being a young, uneducated mother.  They use the excuse that they have bad home lives, they just want someone to love them, they'll get a regular income with WIC, foodstamps, and welfare checks, or maybe even get their own house when low income apartments become available.  My goodness, their thinking is so messed up.  They don't even have a single clue in their little heads.  This isn't even the inner city.

I keep telling my boys to stay away from girls.  Save it for marriage or you're going to get trapped into fatherhood.

Eleven-year-old girls...
Boy, I guess they're all different.  My almost 18-year-old was a piece of cake, still very much a little girl at 11.  But this next one is totally different.  Sweet loving girl, good student, very attached to her family, but so bent on growing up faster (maybe it's having the older sister effect).  A few months ago her younger sister ratted on her that she was at a school function and was putting on eye make up.  So we had a talk with her about how she had symptoms of a disease, a disease called untrustworthiness, and that if she was going to sneak around and do things she knows we don't allow, then she wouldn't be allowed the privilege of doing certain things.  Today (speaking of lunch boxes), I was emptying out yesterday's lunch box and found a tube of lipstick out of my bathroom.  She said it was for her friends (which this experienced old mom doesn't buy for 2 seconds), then admitted it was for her too.  I know this is small potatoes now, but as Barney Fife used to say, you have to NIP IT IN THE BUD.  So I guess I better let my DH know and figure out what to do.  Today it's lipstick, tomorrow it's something much bigger. 
Anything that "The Girls Next Door" say

Little girls that age have been saying this forever. Don't worry! nm
Anyone see Gilmore Girls tonight? My VCR
I saw right up to the part where Rory went to April's mother's store and then nothing! 
Now, now,. No gold stars for little girls and boys
who have an ugly attitude. You might have to sit in the corner.


HAHHAHA GIRLS.... Thats why I love this board
THANK YOU ALL!!!!  I find it just deserts for Yuckie duckie dew that she has been spoiling our board all day and FINALLY poor Yuckie is not having so much fun anymore. 
And baby girls look adorable with earrings!!
Hey girls, this must a foreigner...see the incomplete sentence. No comprende.

A lot of girls growing up with privilege like she had turned skank.

If your definition of skank is a female who is openly promiscuous with no regard for others, low morals, and is proud of it, there are a lot of them.  Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchey, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson (claims to be a religious girl -yeah right), Jenna Jamison, etc...there are a lot of them out there. 

i'm neither greedy or uncaring. i just have so much time in the day and to get atta girls and no
is a waste of my time. i use my money to help others who are not as fortunate as i am so it's not about stock piling cash for myself. you are a very poor judge of character and in the meantime, for every supportive e-mail you get from a supervisor who gets paid to send you the e-mail, we are that much further from getting a raise. they pay some dumba$$ to tell you are doing fine and don't give you a raise cause they have to pay a dumba$$ to tell you that you are doing fine. how much sense does that make? don't you have family and friends to reinforce you - for free?
For mom with teen girls, what type of dance classes sm
are appropriate for learning moves to try out for drill team?  my daughter is 14 and has never been in any dance classes.  i am puzzled by the jazz, hip/hop, etc. and have no clue where she needs to start.  she wants to try out for the drill team next year.  TIA!
I think the boys did a much better job than the girls -- I really like Taylor's style of singing
let's face it, I just enjoy everything about Ace!  For the girls, I like Paris, and what's not to like about Kelly?
Careful girls, this is NOT the religion board as pointed out above!
My conversation with you is over. You sound worse than a pack of 6th grade girls.
didn't mention boys or girls - but what about Dorothy, scarecrow, tin man and the lion from SM
Wizard of Oz.  I
Just slang for girls, from a long time ago. Lots of them.. Dish, Broad, Chick...
I did it girls. I tossed my old headset in the trash and bought Bose. I've got a long