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19 on wedding day, still married 16 years later.

Posted By: DIWKS - dual income with kids on 2005-08-12
In Reply to: how old were you when you got married? sm - curious Georgia

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I was married at 21, been happily married for 18 years now.
Have 2 teens, 16 and 13. Love my soul mate!
married at 27; am still, 23 years later.
Married at 19, same man for 23 years

18 and still married 27 years later. nm

24 - married 8 years on 08-09
24, married 26 years now.
He was 27.  We only dated 7 months.  Although both knew what we wanted, and did not hesitate, I would recommend a longer dating period.  We went into it with the idea that divorce was not an option.  I know that everyone's situation is different.  My brother and sister are each on their fourth go around.  But people just don't think about marriage in the same way that they used to. 
24, will be married 18 years on 10/3/05. nm
After being married for almost 19 years....its even better!

My husband and I have been  married for almost 19 years and our sex is better now than it ever has been and there is no downloaded porn involved.  4 times a week after being married for almost 19 years is a good thing.  But for the others remember its not the quantity but the quality that should count. 

What makes you think that your love life has to fizzle just because you are married so long?????

Married almost 20 years

My first gut reaction would be NO, but it would depend on the circumstances. I think I would have a very hard time trusting him again and forget about the STDs that could be involved.  OMG.  So, I guess. I might be able to forgive him but the marriage would probably be over.

18, will be married 26 years in 2 weeks.
I also don't recommend 18 yo's get married these days. They are JUST TOO YOUNG. MY HOW MY MIND HAS WARPED over the years.
28 and will be married 6 years on the 22nd

I was 18--so very, very young! Still married though after 31 years!

18, be married 15 years in 13 days

21 and married for 20 years and two days.
20 and still married with 3 boys, 25 years later nm
P.S. They were married for 12 years and she was about 38 when she got pregnant -
Married fo 7 1/2 years and loving it!
I really love being married, have a wonderful husband. Best of luck to you and your fiance. Take it one day at a time and enjoy it!!
Not a problem. I have been married 19 years and

my maiden name is on my Social Security card as my middle name, but I NEVER use my maiden name and use my middle name instead. 

I've never had a problem with my taxes. 

39yo female, married, 3 kids, MT for 20 years. NM
Yes - Elton John just got married to a "Man" whom he has been with for many, many years.
I don't understand why you're shocked! He has been openly "gay" for upteen years & they have lived together for said upteen years! If you knew anything about Elton John, you wouldn't be "shocked." Where have you been ??
56-years-young, married, one 29-year-old beautiful son...
... and going to school to get into law someday - age is not a concern, it's a blessing!
EXACTLY describes my hubby. Will be married 11 years in September :-) nm
Oh my.. we have a lot in common.. We got married there 5 years ago. We LOVE to eat at the Bellagio a
in March for Nascar, which we go to every year..and then normally we go in the Fall because the summers are too stinking hot. If you are familiar with Laughlin, we just bought a lot to build a house across the river in Bullhead City. We love Laughlin too..We'll be able to see the whole casino skyline from our house..Thank goodness we wont be there FT for a while though..summers get like 120 degrees there.
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Don't complain! I spent years married to the coldest fish around....
19 years old...married 26 years. nm
wedding, to go or not go - sm

I have been invited to my 2nd cousins wedding.  I really don't want to go because I do not know him or the bride.  However, that side of the family is apparently having a get-together of the first cousins around the same time and I had planned on going to that.  Now I feel I "should" go to both or neither one.  What would you do?  Thanks for the help.

Yea, he does. Met him at the wedding
walked in I thought I would fall over There were other stars there but all I saw was him.  Did meet him and he was nice and funny.
we had fountains at our wedding

We just had 2 chocolate fountains at our wedding- they were amazing! The fountains came with lots of goodies to dip them in. They used to cost about $5 a person but now they have significantly gone up in price- i think they are at $12 pp now.

In a way, as far as amount of food, it seems you get your money's worth but on the other hand, since everyone has already had their meal & there is the wedding cake for dessert, you end up having a lot of food left over in the end so in some ways, it can be a waste of food.

I think it also depends on who you rent it from as far as pricing and what comes with it. At our wedding, the company that provided the fountains took care of setting them up & running the fountains.


Has anyone seen The Wedding Crashers. If so what do you think?
Need to go to the movies and looking for something good.
Black at wedding
Black is stylish and I love it. I would suggest not wearing black stockings, etc. Do you have any bright colors you could add such as a cloth rose (very stylish)or some bright jewelry to offset the black. Try a thrift store for a bright bag or shoes. I just did that and found a pretty pink bag with black trim for a couple of dollars. That should offset the black. Just try not to go "totally black" but if you have to, so be it. Just wear a "smile" and have a great time! Life is temporary, enjoy it.
the last wedding I went to was in the evening and...sm

most of the guests were wearing black.  Of course, it was elegant dresses, with sequins and sparkles.  It actually made the pictures turn out wonderful, very classy looking. Black can be fun, if you dress it up. If you are wearing say a black skirt, pair it with a flashy top, sequins, etc, if the wedding is at night.  As for daytime, I think I'd steer clear of black and opt for something bright or neutral.  Of course, this is JMHO, of course.  Anyhow, the most important thing is to be there to support the new couple and, most of all, have fun! Best wishes to the bride and groom!


According to the wedding channel..
(from the site):
It is now acceptable for female guests to wear black to weddings, especially in the late afternoon and evening. Black choices, however, should be more ornate than reserved, to give off an air of celebration rather than mourning. Sometimes, adding a little color (vibrant flower pins and scarves work wonderfully for weddings) rounds off the somber look well.

I attended a wedding where even
It was absolutely beautiful! White bride's dress, black tuxedos with red roses, black bridesmaid's dressing with them carrying a red rose, and the bride's huge bouquet of red roses. It was very classy!
hey, sounds just like the wedding I went to...sm
Hummm, was it in November? In Georgia? Wow, that would be weird, wouldn't it?
Wedding attire
You could pick up one of the Bride magazines and see dozens of options for wedding attire. According to tradition, the veil symbolizes virginity, while a white dress symbolizes a first wedding. Neither is required for a bride on her wedding day. Someone where I work wore a pink wedding dress despite it being her first marriage. There really are no rules these days, and most wedding directors are just hoping to convince brides to cover all tattoos for their big day!
Wedding Cake

Could anyone direct to me some good web sites with wedding cake pictures?  I have found a few, but it seems they are all "cookie cutter" and I am looking for something original, but not crazy.  Am having a smaller wedding (under 100), outdoor.  Any links anyone could provide, I would be majorly appreciative!  (I have cake appointments next week and need to provide some ideas for them.)

wedding announcement
I just went thru this last year with my daughter...I think it would be appropriate to add where the bride is registered...
wedding announcements

Really, no, girls, this is very tacky, either in an announcement or in an invitation.  Please, let's stick to traditional etiquette. 

Wedding gift
If you already have two households of "stuff" you obviously don't "need" the money either, especially since you are going to have a yard sale. Two terms come to my mind - trailer trash and greed - if the shoe fits - put one of them on and leave me off your guest list. Personally, I would make a donation to the children's home, as I no longer send flowers to a funeral when a charity is listed. I send money to the charity and the family receives a card saying that a donation has been made in the memory of the deceased person. Since you don't seem to mind asking your guests for money - may I ask your age and the age of your fiance? Just trying to put this in perspective
What to wear to a wedding-sm

I just can't decide.  It's an evening wedding, outside in a park.  Apparently the bride is going to be barefoot and the groomsmen are in khaki pants.  That's about all I know.

Could I wear slacks and a casual top? Or go with my original plan to wear a dress and sandals?  Or does it matter at all?  Lol.

wedding attire sm
Dress any way you please, I hate it when people say I'm "overdressed". I love to dress up, just be sure your shoes are comfortable and like the others said, outside can get very cold, so bring a nice sweater, shawl or whatever. Just have fun!!! However, sounds like these people could care less what you wear, they sound like they have their own minds, good for them!
Wedding Reception

I was married last month.  I had the reception right next to where the wedding took place.  I know this isn't always possible, but I wanted it to be as easy as possible for my guests.  They just walked right on over to the reception.  I also booked rooms at a hotel right next to that, so they could just walk over to the wedding and then walk back to the hotel after the reception.

I alloted about 30 to 45 minutes for the pictures after the ceremony.  It only took about 30 minutes....but I arranged for the caterer to have a punch fountain and servers to pass around a few little nibbles, while the guests waited for us to arrive.  I cannot imagine leaving them there for a long period of time, especially with nothing to eat.  The bar was also open for them (host paid for beer and wine - they had to pay for any hard liquor or mixed drinks - I thought that was fair).  Anyway....it all worked out very well.  I think it is very rude to keep guests waiting.  It sounds like just poor planning and no thought given to the guests.

wedding gift
I need some ideas please.  I have a very close friend who is getting married for the third time, and this will be the second marriage for her fiance.  Of course, they have everything they need, and probably more.  But I don't want to go to her wedding empty-handed.  I'd like to get her something nice, even if just a little something, so does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks very much.
wedding gift
These are all such outstanding gift ideas, and I appreciate each and every suggestion!  Thank you so much! 
My dad had one at his wedding, but the caterer's did all that, so I have no idea - sm
It did not look complicated though and the kids absolutely loved in.  I think my one daughter alone ate about 30 strawberries (dipped in chocolate of course).
One gift per wedding per spouse.

You do not have to buy a gift for this and that and the other.  ONE GIFT.  No more.  Oh, and you have a full year from the official date of the wedding to get them something.

Shoot, I cut my brother off after his third wedding (to three different women).  I'm not buying him any more wedding presents ever.  LOL  Especially, now that he's on his third divorce.

If they are like wedding announcements, you do it AFTER the event - sm
if you are inviting people to attend then I would think 3-4 weeks prior to the event.
Flamingo and wedding in Vegas
My daughter got married at the Flamingo last summer. It was very nice...no complaints.
Our wedding was small, just family, and we got
married just 5 months after we met, but the last couple of days were nerve wracking.  I took Valium. 
Off the subject - wedding reception -sm
So the wedding season is upon us.  I went to a wedding this weekend.  It was an afternoon wedding with reception "immediately following" but it turned out the reception did not start for 1-1/2 hours after the ceremony ended.  I thought it was a bit rude to keep the guests waiting without even as much as a glass of water on the table and no announcement about where the bride/groom, bridal party was.  The reception hall was only a few miles away.  Was it just me, or was this a long time in between the wedding and the reception?