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20 and still married with 3 boys, 25 years later nm

Posted By: mlstoo on 2005-08-12
In Reply to: how old were you when you got married? sm - curious Georgia


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I was married at 21, been happily married for 18 years now.
Have 2 teens, 16 and 13. Love my soul mate!
I had a family doctor who was a D.O. - delivered my boys 38+ years ago

married at 27; am still, 23 years later.
Married at 19, same man for 23 years

18 and still married 27 years later. nm

24 - married 8 years on 08-09
24, married 26 years now.
He was 27.  We only dated 7 months.  Although both knew what we wanted, and did not hesitate, I would recommend a longer dating period.  We went into it with the idea that divorce was not an option.  I know that everyone's situation is different.  My brother and sister are each on their fourth go around.  But people just don't think about marriage in the same way that they used to. 
24, will be married 18 years on 10/3/05. nm
After being married for almost 19 years....its even better!

My husband and I have been  married for almost 19 years and our sex is better now than it ever has been and there is no downloaded porn involved.  4 times a week after being married for almost 19 years is a good thing.  But for the others remember its not the quantity but the quality that should count. 

What makes you think that your love life has to fizzle just because you are married so long?????

Married almost 20 years

My first gut reaction would be NO, but it would depend on the circumstances. I think I would have a very hard time trusting him again and forget about the STDs that could be involved.  OMG.  So, I guess. I might be able to forgive him but the marriage would probably be over.

19 on wedding day, still married 16 years later.

18, will be married 26 years in 2 weeks.
I also don't recommend 18 yo's get married these days. They are JUST TOO YOUNG. MY HOW MY MIND HAS WARPED over the years.
28 and will be married 6 years on the 22nd

I was 18--so very, very young! Still married though after 31 years!

18, be married 15 years in 13 days

21 and married for 20 years and two days.
P.S. They were married for 12 years and she was about 38 when she got pregnant -
Married fo 7 1/2 years and loving it!
I really love being married, have a wonderful husband. Best of luck to you and your fiance. Take it one day at a time and enjoy it!!
Not a problem. I have been married 19 years and

my maiden name is on my Social Security card as my middle name, but I NEVER use my maiden name and use my middle name instead. 

I've never had a problem with my taxes. 

39yo female, married, 3 kids, MT for 20 years. NM
Yes - Elton John just got married to a "Man" whom he has been with for many, many years.
I don't understand why you're shocked! He has been openly "gay" for upteen years & they have lived together for said upteen years! If you knew anything about Elton John, you wouldn't be "shocked." Where have you been ??
56-years-young, married, one 29-year-old beautiful son...
... and going to school to get into law someday - age is not a concern, it's a blessing!
EXACTLY describes my hubby. Will be married 11 years in September :-) nm
Oh my.. we have a lot in common.. We got married there 5 years ago. We LOVE to eat at the Bellagio a
in March for Nascar, which we go to every year..and then normally we go in the Fall because the summers are too stinking hot. If you are familiar with Laughlin, we just bought a lot to build a house across the river in Bullhead City. We love Laughlin too..We'll be able to see the whole casino skyline from our house..Thank goodness we wont be there FT for a while though..summers get like 120 degrees there.
Don't complain! I spent years married to the coldest fish around....
19 years old...married 26 years. nm
They look like boys. That's why the OP
liked Jude Law.  Boyish charm.   That's why I think they are a bit effeminate.  They never got past boyhood. 
THREE boys.
I also tried eliminating sugar, reducing caffeine, exercise, and even going braless because I heard the underwire could be causing it.  Nothing has helped so far.  There's also a website out there where women are pulling together because doctors aren't informing us of the side effects of tubal ligation.
I have boys, too.

They've had girls chasing after them since kindergarten.  The notes from girls that I find in the laundry were just too much.  I love you, I want to marry you.  Goodness!  Last year, my 11 y.o.b. had a girl threaten to kill herself if he didn't "go out" with her.  He took it really hard because we had just lost a family member to suicide, and he felt like he had to do what this girl told him to do or she would die.  She even told him her parents had lost custody of her and she had to go live in another state to be adopted.  Compulsive liar.  I had to go in to the school and nip it in the bud with the teachers, school counselor and principal.

I told my boys they would not be dating or "going out" until they were in high school.  Even with that, my oldest boy had a girl who wanted to sneak around behind her mother's back and lie to see him because she wasn't allowed to date.  I told my son no way, you're either straight up with the girl's parents and introduce yourself to them, or you don't date.  He told her that, and she dropped him like a hot potato because she didn't want to date an honest boy.

BUT, not ALL little boys do this.....
mom of 3, soccer mom, basebal mom, footbal mom, teacher's helper, preschool daycare provider, 2 brothers, 20+ male cousins and NEVER saw anything like this.
Then why are they after little BOYS???
Being there for my boys
You nailed it! When I first started, it was purely by accident, trained on the job (1987), and way long before being married/kids. People would say to me "you can do that at home cant you"? Oh no way I said! I never expected to even stay in this profession, I was going to college. But then when I found myself having my kids at 36/37, I realized I did not want to got back to work, so the same hospital I worked for hired me to help at night from home. Who would have thought that my transitional job would be my savior so that I could afford to stay home with my boys. It was truly a blessing, and sometimes when it seems unfair, it's beats having to wake my little guys (4&5) and take them to daycare for 9 hours. Would not trade it for nothing!
when my boys were little they use sm
to come to my office and they said they also said mom sounded like a machine gun typing. The old wheelwriter typewriters, I really did like the sound. It relaxes me for some reason!
ALL little boys do that. They think it's funny.

Boys' language and social skills are also slower to develop than girls.  Wait until they have a name writing contest outside in the snow on the school playground.  Speaking from experience, sometimes teachers have personality clashes with students and do pick on them.

No, ALL little boys don't do that. Watch your
Yes, I have a son.
What about moms doing the same with little boys?
Ya know that's done more than the former!
My experience with my own boys
was to teach them the fine art of respect and acknowledgement in such events.

For a family member that was not distant in relation, I had them attend. They did not have to approach/view the casket, but they attended. They learned to sign the guestbook. They learned how to order flowers, sign cards, and I spent time showing them the funeral/visitation process.

I had a class in high school on death and dying and it taught me quite a bit I was unaware of.

Most of all, I wanted them to be prepared and as comfortable as possible with their roles and expectations placed on them when these painful situations happen.

My boys were 3 1/2 and my girls were 2.

Cheerios in the toilet worked for me.  SINK THOSE BATTLESHIPS!!  :)

But both boys were 3 1/2 at least and when I was just about ready to give up, they just started using the bathroom as if nobody had ever told them a thing.

Pressuring and scolding are the 2 worst things you can do.  Just be laid back and all of a sudden one day, they are diaper free.  None of my 4 have ever had an accident or wet the bed since the day it kind of dawned on them.  Sort of like the day they learn to ride a bike without training wheels. :)

This too shall pass like water under the bridge.  No pun intended.  Now I'm buying diapers for my grandkids.

Those boys need to be exposed to camping LOL!!
plus 2 (monsters)boys, 4 and 2 at home
I agree that boys are not any easier.
I have raised 2 girls and am now raising a 13-yo boy and 2 11-yo girls. I think boys are worse, although the girls are no picnic.
Well, I have 3 rambuncious (sp), bull headed boys. sm
Of course, they knew everything then and know everything now. I couldn't pick their friends but boy I sure pounded into their heads that as long as their friends were at my house, they abided by my rules and my boys were responsible for their friends' behaviors. If their friends acted out of line, my boys were responsible for telling them to get the hell out--didn't have much trouble when I gave the kids that responsibility. Sometimes their friends weren't the cream of the crop or came from not very well to do families, but they always acted appropriately at our house, then and now. Have earned a lot of respect from my kids' friends that way. Sometimes, they spent more time at our house than they did their own. My kids weren't angels but they didn't turn out to be felons or junkies or drunks, either.
Now, now,. No gold stars for little girls and boys
who have an ugly attitude. You might have to sit in the corner.


Think this through. 5 hours in a car with two boys aged 2 and 4? I think your husband might be
on the right wavelength here. By the time you get there, you would all be tired and crabby, he has been working 13 days straight so he is probably tired and crabby and then you have to do the reverse trip in just a day? Maybe if the boys were 12 and 14 but at 2 and 4, the 5-hour drive could turn into 7 hours with stops.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. My husband goes fishing with the guys for a week each summer and I think it does us both good. It is like a vacation at home too and we do goofy things like eating cake for dinner just to make it "fun" and not a whine fest for the kids.

Be grateful that you have a husband who obviously has a great job and who is thinking about you (although it might not seem like it).

Take the 5 hours each way and do something fun with the boys instead :)


Happily Married but not joined at the hip
I forgot the bathroom - me and I have 3 boys (10, 5, 2) and a husband - YUK!!


And I thank the mothers of boys who have raised them to respect women.
Blind boys are being taught MT now in Indonesia or someplace like that. Was
I think the boys did a much better job than the girls -- I really like Taylor's style of singing
let's face it, I just enjoy everything about Ace!  For the girls, I like Paris, and what's not to like about Kelly?
Following the bible is a form of repression. Why do you think priests sleep with little boys?

Your taste runs to slender effeminate boys. That's the way it is and how Jude Law
makes a "living" as well as Justin Timberlake.  There are those who aren't attracted to manly men and enjoy seeing a pretty boy.  BTW, Toby Keith has some excellent tight jeans and long legs and I don't see doughboy but it is relative if you prefer the looks of Jude Law/Justin Timberlake/Leonardo DeCaprio.  And he appeared w/o his hat on many times.   Not bald by any stretch like Garth Brooks.  But having said that, Garth Brooks, dough-boy and balding was hot in his day.
I think I used Maalox when my kids were small. Poor things, both youngest boys had them everywhere
It was 100 degrees out that year. They spent a week in the house in the tub with Aveeno and more Benadryl than I think they had in their entire lives.