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1700 during the week, 2500-3000 on weekends

Posted By: DD on 2007-02-25
In Reply to: A poll...What is the line count you... - mteagle


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Depends -- usually 2500-3000 lines per week - sm
though where I work does not have a minimum, but they are considering changing that shortly. Still won't be a firm # as they go by minutes, but the min. will be 60 minutes a day which will be approx 500-600 lines a day.
2500-3000 lines daily. sm
I found my comfort zone and awesome account, finally. After 25 years in the MT business, I can honestly say, I am happy doing my job! I have an awesome account, wonderful people to work for, and an excellent line rate.

I have not set hours, no special quota to meet - just get the reports done with utmost quality, keep them in turnaround time and keep the docs happy!

Sometimes, I don't even check my line count. I just work until my account is caught up.

There are accounts/doctors/hospitals out there who will appreciate you, your knowledge and work ethic, who will treat you with the respect you so deserve!

I happened to find one - all MTs can do the same; it just takes a little effort. Believe me, I have been around the block in this profession, working for smaller MTSOs, large nationals, and having my own accounts. It was not easy, but I finally have found "paradise" in the MT profession!

2500 per day, 7 days a week. nm
1700 lines a day? That's all? nm
I do anywhere between 1700 - 1900 in an
8-hour day, depends on the dictators.
1600-1700 straight transcription (nm)
I average 1700 - 1900 in an 8-hour day. I
have also been doing this for 25+ years and have hundreds of Expanders and bunches of normals/standards that I have created. I am also on only 2 accounts from the MTSO. I also find that Ops are my favorites, and can literally fly through those while maintaining a 99+% accurace rate. It takes time. 16 months is not a long time in this business to increase your speed. My goal is always 200 lines an hour and I usually take a 10 to 15 min. break every 2 hours just to get away from the computer. It can be done.
1000 to 1700, depending on work type
on the slow days, its usually because I cannot get myself motivated!  I think it really depends on the work type as well and the doc.  If you are straining to listen hard to every word and have no idea what he is talking about, then you aren't going to make a good line count and if you have those kinds of reports throughout the entire shift, well, there you go. 
Is there engineer week? Astronaut week? Veterinarian week?
I don't have a typical day, one day I can do 2500

lines in about 12 hours and another day I'm lucky to get 1000 in 8 hours.   I have an expander, have a few templates but don't get those dictators on a regular basis.  I do NOT have to enter any demographic information or look up addresses, etc.   I  work in batches, don't have to save each report separately.  I have enough experience that I rarely have to work up anything, but also will spend 30 minutes searching for something rather than leave a blank.  

I get up frequently.  I try to apply myself for at least a good hour or more and then take a short break.  My feet swell really bad and I'm getting butt spread so I try to get up and move around.  I never thought I was a particularly fast typist, but did the time clock thing and found that I was averaging 270+ lines/hour.  Some days I work 6 hours/day, some days 8 to 10.  I may have a superduper day where I make 3000 lines/day, but the next day I only do 1000, because I just can't routinely do 3000 lines/day and have a life.

The thing that has helped me most is limiting my time on-line and having my e-mail so that I can't see/hear when a new one comes up so I don't stop typing and check e-mail. 

I routinely do 85+% ESL, but maybe once a month get a day where I have lots of normals and that spoils you. 

2500 lines ???
2500 lines in 5 or 6 hours - I've never heard of anyone doing that in my 25 years of transcribing!
2500/wk PT or 5000/wk FT
basically breaks down to 500 day PT, 1000 day FT.
2500/wk PT, 5000/wk FT
that's all my company requires. Plus we get tiered incentives for anything over 1000 per day.
2500 a day??? And your work is perfect?
Talk about bragging about what must be crappy work. Quality must really suck, or you work, what, 18 hours a day? LOL
I get 2500-3500 with a 10 hour day!
Don't assume it is not possible. I work for a small MTSO with a very good account. Don't assume that we all work for a national with a lot of crap work and crap ESLs.
$2500-2600 not counting entertainment, doc/dentist

That's just rent, phone, electric, car, car ins., gas, and food.

I've been on Escription for four years and I have rarely hit 2500 lines a day..
Yes, when I have good reports I can do 500 lines an hour, but unfortunately, that does not happen consistently in my day. I can cruise along for a few hours and then hit some ESLs, which just mentally slows me down and then I struggle the rest of the day. If, I was able to sit there 8 hours straight NO interruptions or breaks and easy reports, then I could hit 2500 lines but that is not my reality. Some of the reports are good but I'm telling you.. A LOT of them have to retyped, thus slowing your line count down an hour..and you've just basically done straight typing for a mere 4 cpl.  I truly think that editing needs to pay more. I am like you.. I am requiring at least $100 a day.. sometimes I can do it in 6 hours (no breaks and good reports) and sometimes for various reason I have to sit there 12-15 hours (interupptions, ESL, and just bad reports)..So add that up..$100 in 12-15, that's like $8 an hour.. Wal-mart here I come LOL
job seekers board -- one from 10/13 that says IC - op reports/genetics etc -- I talked to her  -- is looking for weekend people.  :}  Hope helps.
I think it's because everyone prefers M-F shifts and there just aren't enough people to pick up the load on the weekends.  Personally, I get on and transcribe as much as I can but my kids aren't here, they're in college.  Makes it tougher if you have little ones at home.  I think it would be wise if you can for the money and especially now with the holidays coming up.
I had to have a bowel resection for a Meckels diverticulum and the surgeon charged 2500 and got 1500
and the hospital bill was 27,000. Until that surgeon gets done paying malpractice, his office costs, taxes, etc. I bet he doesnt get one third of that money plus all the visits I had while in the hospital for 9 days and fu visits. I did have insurance thank God.
I LOVE weekends........sm
Weekends not only pay more, the work is mostly ER.. chests, bones, etc. After MRI's and Specials all week, it's like being on vacation!
I do over 3000 per day but I know others
a lady I used to work with that could do this, before VR, straight typing so it is possible. Mine is with combination VR and straight though not just straight. The only thing is, the person who typed this much wound up not being able to transcribe, hands went out. I also worked with another lady who I think probably did well over 3500 a day so I do think possible. Wish we all could do that much.
Been there, quality is key, BS is more like it. Go slow and quality pays.
I do about 3000 per day but that is
keeping my foot on the pedal as fast as the dictation will go. I do VR and very little straight and I do not really see how you can get to 4000 a day. I have worked at this for years and years and know the dictators (17 years with this place) like the back of my hand but have never gotten to 4000. I would doubt that also.
Anybody know of a place you can work just weekends (sm)
With going to DQS looks like the OT/bonus is gone.  Personally I can't make it without the extra (supporting 4 on one salary). Need to fine a place to work weekends only.  Anyone have any suggestions? 
Who loves working weekends?

I DON'T!!!!!

IC being asked to work OT weekends
I'm new to the IC business, always been a employee in the past.  Can a MTSO ask you as an IC to work overtime on the weekends if that was not what you signed up to do originally?  Do labor laws require an employer to pay overtime over 40 hours a week?  With the summer months and the other MTs obviously on vacation, we are backed up  at work but I don't want to work every weekend when I've put in a 40 hour week (my regular scheduled hours).  I have always volunteered but its getting old and since they cut our pay scale for ICs 6-7 months ago, I'm really not motivated to break my fingers as it were.  Does anyone know the legality issue of an IC being asked to work more hours?
I work graveyard on weekends
I can't say there's any real way to prepare for graveyard shift other than going to bed earlier the night before, this way you are well rested for your shift.

I work day shift and evening shift Mon-Thurs, but come 3 pm on Friday, it's bedtime for me. I work graveyard shift on weekends, and I love it. I don't really have a problem adjusting my schedule, as I have massive sleep deficit accrued all week.
The problems that I do find are with:
Family not getting it through their heads that I wake/work early on weekends.
Deliveries (UPS, FedEx) normally take place during the hours I would be sleeping.
Phone usually rings during the hours I sleep.

Other than those outside factors, no problem for me adjusting back and forth between shifts.

Poll: Who is going to be working weekends more

It seems like there is more work on the weekends, and I guess this question is for SE/IC, more than employees, though it may apply to employees too.

Lots of companies seem to be advertising for mainly weekend and evenings, or shifts over the weekend, or actually giving preference on a bigger workload to people who do decide to work weekends every week.  Who has decided to go for that, since the work is there and so is the money? With the economy the way it is, this MT was just wondering if it makes sense to just grab the work when it comes in and less worry about the bills and the holidays. 

Thanks in advance for your conversation on this topic.  This MT wonders because it is hard to get a gauge what is going on outside of this MT's company and wants to see how people are handling their workloads/wallets.

Have always worked weekends and second shift. nm
Me too. We get called all the time, especially on weekends....
It seems some people do not want to work at all on weekends, but if everyone would just get on and do 300-400 lines, the ones at our MSO would not be called every weekend.
Of course 3000/8hr. is possible, with 3-page
templates and fill-in-the-blanks, word expanders, and same docs over and over.  Oh, and not getting the docs on a daily basis who finish a sentence, go back and correct it 5 times to the point you have no clue what he/she is trying to say.  In any case, good with the bad, I still average 200 lph.  Sometimes it's not how good or fast YOU are, but how good or bad they are at dictating. 
3000 lines a day
I have been a MT for 35 years...CMT for much of that..an IMT, since the 70s, with my own business...and a FAST transcriptionist...but it is not possible to type 3000 lines a day.  You can and I have done it - but you will kill yourself.  Today, more and more keystroke/characters are being taken away from us and in my opnion you would have to TYPE YOUR BRAINS OUT and still would not make it.  After two or three days at that pace you will be ready to blow yourself up!   I am only max-productive six hours a day, after that it is down-hill..I slow and my quality suffers.  Don't try to type 3000 lines a day, find an account that will pay you well instead - they are out there. 
3000 lines per day??
On voice recognition pay that's not much money (about $12 an hour) especially for those of us who don't have the luxury of husbands helping bring home the bacon!
3000 lines
Thanks everyone for your input.  Hopefully I'll have an easy account and will be able to get a lot of lines once I get used to the account.
3000 lines a day with VR?
Does anyone want to share their line counts when using Escription VR?  At 4 cpl a line I would have to do over 3000 lines a day (8 hours mind you) to even begin to make what i did before.  Is this possible??  I just don't see how......
wants to work weekends and they need weekend coverage.
Most companies now are going a Tu-Sa shift of Sun-Thu.   Clinic work usually is M-F.  
If they want to pay me 20 cents a line to work weekends.. I'm
and no I'm not making it up or exaggerating.. with 26 years experience you really CAN make excellent money in this business.
I'd be alot more interested in working weekends, -
overtime, holidays, etc. if what I got in exchange for that actually made any difference. Unfortunately it does not.
10K for 12 hour weekends, work privately

I won $3000 at the casino the other night! sm
That was after I received a forwarded e-mail about the leprachaun and luck of the Irish. I passed it on and it worked! Yippee!
Microsoft wireless 3000

I've been looking.  I'm working on one now.  I LOVE the touch and it's VERY quiet. I hate clacky. I've worked on ones that I couldn't hear the dictation for the clacking; had to keep stopping and starting, listening while not typing.  ack! anyway, I LOVE the touch and non-sound of this but it isn't split, and I'm having a hard time with that.  I'm gonna keep looking


There's a 4000 too, with a hump in the middle.  It's not quite as quiet and the touch isn't quite as easy.

Making 3000 Lines Per Day?
Is it really possible to make 3000 lines per day? If so, how is that possible? I am a very fast transcriptionist, and I use shortcuts to the max;I cannot fathom how 3000 lines in 8 hours is possible. Is there a WAV-to-text conversion program out there that I am missing out on, or what? What is the key to this level of production? I can't figure it out, and it is driving me bonkers.
3000 VR and straight combined
with just straight 2000 per day and that was different accts but like the person below, using Expanders and loads of shorthand, cannot type without it. Just keep your mind on wanting a certain amount, that is my deal.
I always volunteer to work holidays, weekends, etc. because my husband is off
so he can watch the kids while I earn incentive and holiday pay.  Plus, I'm the one who has to cover so the childless women can go on cruises with their latest boyfriends or husbands, or they didn't show up for work because they met a guy at a bar and have the bottle flu.  Oh, poor you.  Life's unfair.  Suck it up and get over yourself.
How does it work full-time to have rotating weekends
My brain is fried with all this job hunting and I can't think.  All MTSOs want weekend commitments now.  If I offer to do rotate every other weekend for Saturday and Sunday, what does my schedule look like so that I still have two days together off, and without working 7 straight days (hope this makes sense...I'm so tired :(. 
Probably people aren't too thrilled about being sick on weekends either. nm

I prefer weekends. I find most cherrypickers also avoid
weekends, so I at least get a decent selection of work to do.
I also work from tapes and pretty much plan my day/weekends the way you do. sm
Agree with posters below-you owe nobody an explanation/excuse. It is your business/career to do as you see fit. Good luck.
working 3rd shift and weekends sometimes gives you bonus incentive pay. nm
Check with your CPA--a $3000 tax credit may apply!
We're looking into this as well. Even if we don't go with the hybrid, a purchase of a new, more fuel-efficient auto may result in a $3000 tax credit (versus a reduction, so a wonderful thing) for the 2006 tax year!