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Sheri...does that mean that the job seeker's board will have sm...

Posted By: mt on 2006-01-23
In Reply to:

companies posting jobs that off-shore transcription?  I am trying to find an office that does not off shore due to the difficulty of the reports left over for the US MT, so I need to be careful if that is the case.  Thank you!

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They must, just saw an ad on the job seeker board for it, but
its too bad they don't offer their current employees an opportunity to learn it, or at least announce the job internally if someone is interested.  This is the WORST company for any kind of promotion and absolutely no communication with its employees.  Once you are put on a platform or on an account you will die there cuz they won't let you move.  Team leaders suck, too. 
Job Seeker's Board.....
Radiologist Transcriptionist Needed.  Thanks. 
They have an ad on the Job Seeker's Board here. sm

just look to the left of your screen towards the top and click on "job seeker's board".  Scroll down and you will see an ad for WMX ER work.  Good company, good bennies, good people, been with them 5 years. 

Ignore the grumpies.  I don't like the search function here either.  To get more current stuff you can click on the "related" link in blue on each message or go to the top of the last few current pages of the Main board or the Company board.  Do Ctrl + F to bring up the search box .  Good luck.

There are some on the Job seeker's board sm
but many are old and quite a few are base in India
There are some on the job seeker board.
I just went up from MT to QA about 3 yrs ago.

That is the red note on the job seeker's board.
Did anyone see the posting on the job seeker's board with
the ortho emphysis? 
Check out Job Seeker's Board

should have read except on job seeker board
except solicitations on Job Seeker boards here for MT/coding etc. 
Job seeker's board question please

What happened to all the jobs in the "job bank"?  There's only one in there. 

Also if you open the adds up and click on "for information" it goes to the info for that one companythat has the add, not even the right company. 

Is this normal pay? On Job Seeker's board (sm)
They are looking for an Ortho QA Editor and after training they are paying $11.50 an hour? $11.50 an hour?  $11.50 an hour?  Why not just work in fast food?
jobs on seeker board

I am wondering, are most of the jobs at http://forum.mtstars.com/seeker/ for at-home positions? As opposed to working on site?


The job seeker's board has a lot of local jobs
advertised all over the country. I don't see her making that kind of money as a home-based MT, but she would not have travel expenses, etc. Good luck.
I believe they are posted on "Job Seeker's Board"
CHS Acct Mgr posting on job seeker's board
I have a sneaking suspicion that this is Ascend.  If anyone finds out what company this is, please let us know!
There's a link to post resumes on the Job Seeker's board. nm
I agree, you need to a lot of research. I would start with the job seeker's board and see who S

is advertising and research the companies that seem to have the best to offer and find out if they truly are the ones with the best to offer.  In this business, there are a lot more considerations when looking for a job than just cents per line.

Good Luck!

Post about Companys on the Company board, post job ads on the Job Seeker board
No, I'm not Sheri.......but........
You asked this on a public forum. Do you honestly not expect any kind of response from others? Are you so single-minded that you actually believe that? Gimme a break.

You may choose to celebrate or not celebrate Christmas Day as most living humans do. That is certainly your choice. No one told you NOT to. So, why in the world would you post something like this, in this period of goodwill toward our fellow man, here?

Why must there always be someone who wants to start a conflict? Can we at least call a truce for Christmas, for Pete's sake? (And, yes, I know Pete and he has given me permission to use his name involving "sake"!)

Thank you, Sheri.
There is so much subterfuge and backstabbing with some of our jobs these days, that it is rare and refreshing to have someone come and explain their views in a professional and thoughtful manner.  You are right, I guess it is inevitable that offshoring is here to stay...it just makes me feel really sad when I see what has happened to our industry.  We never did really receive the recognition that we deserve for the complexity of our profession and now, any faint remainder of dignity is completely gone.  I am just downhearted about the whole state of affairs.  Where does one go after wasting 30 years of one's life in a dead-end job?  I'm tired of fighting for the respect that never did materialize after all....
Thank you Sheri for not catering in....sm

to the small percentage of people that have decided to try to take CHRIST out of Christmas.  Gimme a break.  I got an e-mail from a friend who recommends that everyone who believes it should be CHRISTMAS, not "happy holidays" or "holiday tree" etc. to send the ACLU a  CHRISTMAS card and tell them to leave our holidays alone.  Their address is: 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004

If people who want to celebrate CHRISTMAS flood them with cards then they'll have to open them - after all, they want to see if there are donations in them, correct?  Let them spend some employee time opening cards!  Also I wonder if the ACLU employees are required to work on Christmas?  How about New Year's?  After all - I'm sure that with every federally recognized holiday that someone out there is *offended" and therefore the ACLU should never be closed right???

For anyone who reads this and is offended by CHRISTMAS -  I supposed you're volunteering to work on December 25th so that those who do celebrate it can take off correct?  I get tired of people stating they don't think we should celebrate CHRISTMAS but yet they're often times the first people to request to be off on December 25th.  Double standard! 

I'll get off my soapbox now and get the fingers moving again!

Thanks Sheri for your good
old-fashioned values.  We need more of the same.  Hooray.
Question for Sheri (only)

I am only interested in her response, since she is the moderator, and it is her response that will decide what I do next.

If I respect anyone who celebrates December 25th as a religious holiday, will I receive the same courtesy in return (to not celebrate it as a religious holiday)?

I haven't celebrated December 25th as a religious holiday since I was a kid. I don't see it that way. I've also used the "Xmas" spelling since my early 20s, along with the spelling of G*d, and "JC."

Will I be allowed to post my messages with these spellings, or can I expect them to be blasted (like last year) or deleted?

Like I said ... I'm not denying anyone the right to believe as they do. I'm only asking the same courtesy in return.

Sheri from MT stars

Sheri, I just wanted to let you know that I have not received an e-mail giving me a chance to draw from the gift bag.  I made a donation using paypal on December 2nd and have not heard anything.  I do have the reference number for verification.

I'm with you 100%, Sheri, and am very proud of your
Why are you speaking for Sheri?
Who made you team leader of the hijack news?  This gets more strange by the minute.  I feel like I'm watching an episode of LOST.....cause I'm LOST!!!!
Paid, thanks to MT Stars and Sheri
I had an issue with an MTSO who had ads on this board. I contacted Sheri (board owner), who made haste in getting in touch with the MTSO. As a result, I was paid today.

Many thanks to Sheri and MT Stars for your support, concern and willingness to get involved!!!!!!

Thankful MT!!!!!!!!
WAY TO GO, SHERI STEADMAN!! I just now saw your post
Merry Christmas, Sheri!
I'm tired of all the anti-Christian sentiment in this country too.
Is there a reason you answered for Sheri

I think *that* shows a lack of respect for someone. I also said Sheri ONLY was to answer the question (because she is the administrator of the board).

And in terms of "when in Rome do like the Romans do ..." Just call Rosa Parks.

Hurrah for you, Sheri. I agree!!!!
Sheri, can you at least file a claim
for the automatic $100 of insurance UPS has? I know it won't help immediately, but perhaps you can recover something.
I think that's a very fair compromise, Sheri. nm
ER work seeker
I am seeking IC status also typing ERs.

Seems like since I've switched to DQS, production has gone down. Not able to use normals like before on Word... it's frustrating.

Job seeker says "premium" pay for ESL - that's
If you look under job seeker's on the left
lots of posts.  Don't know why you need a job bank AND those posts. 
Keystrokes has an ad on the job seeker's
board.  It pays 8 cpl.  You should check it out.  I'm not sure if they do voice recognition, but if you can avoid those companies that do, you'll make better wages on straight transcription.  Just send your resume to some of the companies that are advertising and see what pans out.  Decide a rate for yourself and don't accept anything lower than that.  Decide if you want employee status or IC/statutory. 
I got the cool T-shirt! Thank you, Sheri. It was a pleasure to participate. SM

I commend you on making the world a better place!

how do you know for certain that Sheri is not an honest person? and Dr. Ahmed is from Pakistan, the
or is there any owner here. No one answers any of my questions. I have been posting all day.
I am assuming you are talking about Sheri. What answers of hers are not lining up?
What info do you have that I do not or others? Never heard of you either, American regular MTstarser??? Strange posted by if you ask me.
I disagree. I think the site was sold to Sheri and she was screwd
deleted because the new guy doesn't want people to think maybe she's right and he isn't. I still think if Sheri put her phone number on her site then maybe she's telling the truth.
so true, but she could post on Job Seeker's
Board for a job not yet really available like some MTSOs do, and then give you the runaround when nothing is available. It's happened to me a couple times, now I'm suspicious about that.
I must be a bitter MT..Check out the ad on job seeker's

Obviously Indian-based, but they want to train you to be an MT..check this part out..

Transcription is fun for the right person as it allows you to write and if you love to write, then it is an enjoyable career. Some people who do not like writing because they are not creative still enjoy this medical online profession. Even people who hate writing like this profession because it allows for working at home on a flexible schedule.

OKAY.. what planet are they from..Since when is transcription fun LOL...and I'm sure glad it lets me write whatever I want, because I just love to write..LOL and I get to use my creative ability also to write whatever I like. People who hate MT-ing just do because they hate to write and are not creative LOL. I'm sorry but this just cracked me up. I've thought a lot of things about transcription but FUN was never one of them. Lucky for me though, even though I don't like it, I get to stay at home and have a really flexible schedule..NOT.. lol...


5000 lines per day on job seeker's ...
You gotta be kidding, some say it was on before and required more than one person but why submit it as if it were a "job" offered to one? Perhaps I am "slow."
I've read the statement; think sheri sat on this and lost it for both of them out of spite
matches her personality.
Search the Job Seeker's and Company boards. Also mtjobs.com...nm
And its gonna kill you to post on the Company board rather than the main board?
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Ask the Dr. board. OP please repost on that board. Thread locked.
Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. OP, respost on that board. Thread locked.