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A lot of MT companies do. I'm not giving any names. Check archives.

Posted By: If you like being a maid and cleaning up people on 2007-08-12
In Reply to: I would like to edit Indian work - SCMT


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Did you check archives? It seems like I saw something about
them within the past 2 weeks and it wasn't good, but I can't swear to it. 
OTI. The best. Check archives. nm
CHECK the archives on this.
thanks - did check archives, but

did not really get enough good info to make a decision, so am looking for any other MTer's who have had experience with these. 

Check the archives
HUGE discussion that lasted for days just a couple of months ago on this very subject. I think there are even links to a website regarding unionization of MTs, if I'm not mistaken.

Get some coffee and be ready to read for awhile; pros, cons, neutrals, etc., it's all in those threads!
Check the archives and then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
Check the archives on this company.
If you check the archives you'll find
this same question has been asked numerous times, but basically most have felt it a waste of time and wouldn't recommend them. 
Check company board for archives.
Could be....are you familiar with these companies? Archives brings up MedScribes.....nm
Search the archives and check the Company board
hmmm, guess I could check the archives and see how many "original posters"
with similar questions have posted their names? I also don't think the names I posted are that uncommon, and only those who work for DSG would know whom I'm speaking about.  My post certainly did nothing to hurt their reputations--quite the opposite, in fact. 
We need to know the names of these companies.
There are too many that pay late or do not pay on time and some are very popular services
You can't post the names of companies. The powers that
be always delete them. I know I had to answer some questions concerning a Pell grant I got at a local technical school once. I don't think this is so far fetched.
Mind sharing the names of the 2 companies?
Maybe you could just put your past supervisor's names with the companies phone number?
I know exactly what you mean. It's hard when you work at home and don't really work closely with anybody or with anybody other than your immediate supervisor and QA people who actually get to see your work.

Have you ever worked outside the home? Maybe you could put previous coworkers or supervisors. If you don't have a number, just put the company's number on there.

Good luck and God bless!
Which companies fastest to pay 1st check? (sm)

Someone said Proscript was fast (invoice period ends Saturday, direct deposit the following Weds/Thurs), but they're not hiring.

NEMT pays weekly, but a friend said it is several weeks until the first check, and they pay with paper checks.

Anybody else know a company that pays fast?  I'm good!

The owner should check out "factoring" companies
In order to pay employees on time, while waiting for accounts to pay MTSO. I think PRN Funding is supposed to be a good one.

I'm afraid that kind of pay situation, being as ''imperfect'' as it is, indeed, is likely to keep a lot of good, qualified people away.
Doesn't bother me either about the FBI check. I do take issue with companies
that want credit checks as that has nothing to do with anything.
A good MT is hard to find. Check back with those 2 companies
Check around your local area for clinics or transcription companies
That's what I did. I first started out working for a very small MTSO and worked at their office for a couple of weeks and then they moved me home and I started working on a single speciality account. I'm still working for the office after 5 years (altough the MTSO closed her business).
When people use last names for first names.
You can't tell what sex the person is, and it just sounds so pretentious and stupid.

Hunter, Tyler, Taylor, Cameron, Morgan, Parker, Porter.

Really soap-operaish and annoying.
in the archives for SS
and we will see how jazzed you are. Line stealing, lying, demanding, worst company out there. Been there, done that!!!!!
where do I go to get to archives?
I thought if you did the search above using the MTStars option, that was the archives??? LOL

Sorry I'm no help.....
If the newbies are making $7 and not admitting it..shame on them.  We all had to start from somewhere.  Moreover, you people with your smart-butt replies to honest questions make me sick.  What's wrong with a polite reply, say, something like, We just discussed that recently.  Why not access the archives....etc....but NO, ya gotta have a wise-crack answer.  Shows your mental age real well.
Don's use the Archives, just use the
"search" box just above the postings, not the one at the time that you have to check web or mtstars.
I'm not giving up

Fortunately, even once I return to work outside the home my child will not be going into daycare.  Even if I  did MT at home and he wasn't there, my family-my mom would take care of him.

I'm not giving up,  i'm just not willing to put all my eggs in one basket right now.  I'm sure I will keep my day job, get my MT training and try to find something PT for 3-6 months.  It will probably take me longer to find a PT job at home for a newbie, but this way I can get some experience under my belt and still be able to have a stable income.  Once I have gained the much need experience, I'm willing to do this FT.  I think I will have my mom keep him 4 hours while i'm working and then do 4 or more hours of work while he is asleep or napping.  I think this would work better for me.


You will end up giving him away if you don't
You need to train him to accept being in his cage.  If you don't do something about this situation, I can betcha you will soon be looking for a home for him.  Which would be more humane?  Taking the time and energy to retrain him or give him away to strangers?  Also, neutering him may help.  He is at that age where he is beginning to notice girls, and this may be contributing to the problem.  ALso, when you try to find him a new home, it will be easier to give away a neurtered male.
For those giving up MT
what will you do next? Is medical billing the next logical step for MTs, or is that a bad gamble as well?
I checked the archives and there isn't much on TRS.
do an archives search

They totally suck!  Very unprofessional group of people.  Surpised they are still hanging in.

read the archives.....they do
it was posted in the last couple of weeks
If OP had checked the archives on any of these
companies she would have found all the info needed.  I've posted in minute detail many times about SS when asked, so the information is there. 
search archives.
Search the archives for yourself.
try searching the archives

This has been discussed several times in the last few months.  You should be able to find some answers there.

I myself have posted in archives about this man..
here's one fave from my archives...sm
i had a young neurosurgeon dictating an extremely complicated brain surgery while on his cell phone in his sports car...all of a sudden i hear the engine screaming (sounded like a ferrari!) and him saying, "sh**...I gotta make this light, hold on..." which was followed by nothing but ENGINE noise for a few seconds, then a brief pause, and he calmly continued dictating his complex report...talk about multitasking...i'll never forget that one. :)
Thanks will search the archives
did you run the company name through the archives
here?? Problems like this usually have a history, and a long one at that.

Try the archives for this. Not too long ago
there was a discussion, not sure what board it was on though.
Please help....everyone always says "look in archives" BUT...
when I look in the Archives for let's say Amphion....it only brings things up from 2007? Explain this to me.
How do I search the archives? sm
For instance, I try to find info on TTS in New Hampshire and I put it in the search box at the top of the page and click "mtstars" for searching rather than search the web. I get only stuff from 2006 when I know there is more recent info. It happens to me with everything. What am I doing wrong?
how is giving you that information

She isn't giving you the whole story on pay...
There are many different account levels. Each level pays a certain rate per line for transcription and per hour for training.

If she's at 6.5 cpl, she's on an account so easy you could do it in your sleep, literally.

Account levels go as high as just over 10 cpl as a base rate.

Spheris wants a certain level of knowledge whether you are new or not. Not all accounts have positions open at all times so you may well have 10 or 15 years experience but if the highest level account with an opening pays 7 cpl then that's what you get hired into. You can always bid off on other positions and even other platforms once you've passed 90 days.

I have 3 accounts...one I rarely type on. I switch myself back and forth on my other 2 accounts. One is easy and the other a little more difficult. While the easy account doesn't pay as much, I can do a lot more work on it with no effort so I make better money on it.

And, 127.5 lines per hour is how they base what you should be doing to get your lines in the minimum hours you can work for your status. Even at 127.5 lines for 20 hours a week as PT, you're making $8.28 an hour. That's NOT minimum wage. I agree, it isn't what I want/need to make (and I make much more than that), but you're statement that "...what you're talking about is not even minimum wage..." is completely wrong.

If you're going to give the story - get it right and give it all.
giving notice
Depends - either wait until you have a new job, if that's what you want; or, just tell them you quit and do they want you to finish out the week or? I guess I don't see the problem. If they wanted to fire you, it would be "bye bye now."
Giving Notice
I feel you should treat them the same way they treated you. Did they try to work with you or did you ask them/tell them their reports weren't your "cup of tea"? Myself, I am very professional, but an MT's job is different than an office job. They're like McDonald's; either they won't even replace you or they probably have 50 resumes to pick from and hire the same day. So my answer is no, don't give notice if they were tacky. I wrote an email and asked for a shipping label form a large company. They finally sent the slip after two requests and are open to hiring me again!! So I feel any more, MTs are a "dime a dozen." If you are ethical enough to sit there and type two more weeks while you could be spending your time finding a decent company to work for ASAP, I think it would be stupid to waste your time on them ... depending on your circumstances of which I know nothing about.
RadGuy, you are giving your age. I was only 11 and had no
Giving up? That's their fault then!
Sorry, but where survival is concerned, you don't "give up". There's always a way. I've scooped dog pens, I've delivered phone books, I've cleaned houses. That's a lame excuse and people like that don't get any pity from me.

I eventually went back to school and am out of debt, own my home and both my kids are college educated, with me being the next to graduate from a major university.

I've been kicked in the butt financially, health-wise (lost my job, got fired because I had cancer and chemo made me "throw up too much"), divorce due to domestic violence.

I never gave up. I will never give up.

Life is YOUR responsibility. If you give up, that's up to you but there's no one to blame but yourself.