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Which companies fastest to pay 1st check? (sm)

Posted By: Help! on 2006-03-18
In Reply to:

Someone said Proscript was fast (invoice period ends Saturday, direct deposit the following Weds/Thurs), but they're not hiring.

NEMT pays weekly, but a friend said it is several weeks until the first check, and they pay with paper checks.

Anybody else know a company that pays fast?  I'm good!

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The owner should check out "factoring" companies
In order to pay employees on time, while waiting for accounts to pay MTSO. I think PRN Funding is supposed to be a good one.

I'm afraid that kind of pay situation, being as ''imperfect'' as it is, indeed, is likely to keep a lot of good, qualified people away.
Doesn't bother me either about the FBI check. I do take issue with companies
that want credit checks as that has nothing to do with anything.
A lot of MT companies do. I'm not giving any names. Check archives.
A good MT is hard to find. Check back with those 2 companies
Check around your local area for clinics or transcription companies
That's what I did. I first started out working for a very small MTSO and worked at their office for a couple of weeks and then they moved me home and I started working on a single speciality account. I'm still working for the office after 5 years (altough the MTSO closed her business).
I have only had the fastest DSL, but my ISP
has a speed test on-line that will supposedly show the difference in the various high-speed services.   I don't do VR, so can't say how that would be affected. 
N is the fastest, but it isn't

widely available ye.  Most are backdoor compatible with each other, so that if you got an N it would be compatible with b and g.    I don't know that all are backdoor compatible so check to be sure.    I definitely wouldn't get anything less than a g. 

The FAQ's on this thing say the fastest
Don't think so.
Ops and ERs -- my fastest money-makers. NM
Easiest and fastest way is to Google sm
once found, click on the manufacturer's website. That way you will always have the correct spelling, etc.
Fastest typist in the World
Transcribing speed and typing speed are two different numbers.
Interesting link below.
fastest/cheapest way if you already have MT stuff
Set the mini handheld recorder to play in front of your computer mic and record it digitally to a file  - play the voice file back on your MT equipment/foot pedal and transcribe - done this a few times for a PRN tape for a local doctor, works great!  (no kids home, no barking dogs though!)  Otherwise you have to get a mini-player with footpedal (about $250 for a cheap Sony at Office Depot).
Fastest/safest way via Excel
- your physician names in a table / list with firstname, lastname, specialty, address1, address2, etc. in their own columns?
- you are able to sort / modify the data
- you are interested in having a better way to find the ESL / "difficult" spellings

a. Which tool to use for list management?
I strongly recommend you keep the raw data in an Excel table for safety and speed of sorting. I just ran a test with just over 14,000 rows in a Word table - for sorting by specialty/last/first name. In Word, it crashed once and took more than 3 minutes to sort the second try. Same function in Excel is stable and takes only seconds.

b. How to most safely sort the list?
You can use VERY simple macros within Excel to select the entire list then sort by:
- last / first / specialty
- specialty / last / first
- etc.
Then, assign each macro to an on-screen button labeled according to how it sorts, e.g.:
[sort by specialty] [sort by lastname] [etc]

c. What about "difficult" last names?
You could add a column to the list for "sounds like" and as you encounter new physicians whose names don't look like they sound, enter what the physician says -- or what you would guess -- the name sounds like. You could enter a representation of the whole name, or just the first couple of syllables, e.g.
- for written Wojcicki use a sounds like of voychits or voychitski

If you are interested in getting these (or some variant) into practice, reply here or contact me off list, I'd be glad to help further.
MTSO just wants work done by fastest, most
the reason it is the fastest growing sm
industry is because of the schools out there selling MT training! The schools don't know what they are doing, they are just ripping prospective MTs off.

This profession will NEVER be something that can be learned totally in a classroom setting. If you go to school then you have to be willing to work in a facility for several years. you ahve to be willing to learn to transcribe any and everything and the worst of the worst before you EVER EVER go home to work especially on a production basis.

I don't care who it ticks off but at least it can't be said I didn't tell you the way it was.

The poster "hot pink" is telling it EXACTLY how it is but she words it better than I do. Im sorry for the folks who are losing their jobs (especially the MQ folks) to VR and India etc. But I think alot of the MQ employees used MQ as their very first job and didn't get the experience they really need. MQ should have been after you have worked for several years in a facility. With the training in every kind of work type and every foreign accent, etc. etc you wouldn't have a hard time finding a job now. They are still out there.
Siren, I find googling key words fastest and most helpful. SM
After that, my medication software, then my dictionary software rarely but valuable when needed. For books, I still use my Stedman's equipment book and Sloan's abbreviations/eponyms (invaluable when needed). As a new MT, I purchased most of the Stedmans books, plus many other books, and found them invaluable then, but now as a skilled MT they mostly just gather dust as doing a quick search with hands on the keyboard is much, much faster.
Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
Check the connections from where the cable originates to wear it comes into the house. Also check t
had a similar issue with TWC and they had done some upgrades and the modem I had was no longer compatible.  The tech knew what the problem was the minute he saw the modem, only it took me about 3 months and threatening to cancel for them to get out here. 
No brainer here. Stop payment on first check before you issue 2nd check.
I have had a check bounce over a boo-boo in the check book...NOT A DEADBEAT!!
DID you check with Social Security& does your son receive a check???

Go to SSA.gov and research the payee options.  You may have to use the search engine, but your answer to this particular issue should be there.

I am disabled and while my kids were minors, I had to fill out a form each year on how I, as the payee spent each and every penny of the money they received.  I don't see how his mother can justify how she spent his money for things that you normally would pay.

That said, he is getting Social Security right?  Is your son receiving a dependent check?  Under law, if a parent is disabled and has minor children, each and every one of those children also receive a check until they turn 18 or graduate from high school, which ever comes first.

The check is a percentage of your husbands, so for 800.00, your son should receive at least 350.00.  If you have not been getting this, they would pro-rate it back to when your husbands disability started and that in itself, could solve a lot of your financial problems.  You can also find this out on their website,  HTH

MT companies negotiate with the insurance companies until they get what they want

It is strictly up to the agreement between the employer and the insurance company.  Your new employer can tell you what the pre-existing clause is in your new policy.  Some require proof of insurance for the past 12 months.  It may say something like if a diagnosis has not been made NOR treatment received within the last __ months.  Not good when companies negotiate with a pre-existing clause in order to get a lower rate.  Better check with your HR with your new company before doing anything.  It really gets hairy !

no - don't check out wildblue. check out hughesnet. sm
i was on wildblue. i absolutely HATED it. i paid $400 for install and equipment and bill was $51.51 a month for smallest plan. no bills, had to be direct debit from credit card or bank. wasn't a lot faster than dial up and i frequently went over my download limit so i had to upgrade to the $80/mo plan. speed was no faster on their "fastest plan". they had a 1-yr contract and only 1-yr warranty. well 20 days (kid you not) out of warranty my tria (the eye on the dish) went out and it cost me a total of $275 for replacement and tech call (had to wait a week and a half before tech could come and then he no showed and rescheduled for the next day stating he didn't have the equipment he needed to fix me and the repair order had been in for over a week by that time. no call to say he wasn't coming either, just no showed). they TRIED to sell me the entire package all over again to get me locked into another 1-yr contract and i declined. it was best in their book so your warranty and equipment would be "new". i had to tell them for 5 months to change which credit card to debit from, never could get it right. had to tell them for 3 months when my phone number changed. i could not wait until the day my 1-yr contract was over. have heard really good things about hughesnet. i think it is a tad more a month, but supposedly a lot faster than wildblue and not near as many problems from what i have heard from others. wildblue was down for an entire week at one point throughout the year i was on it. always got lost signals and page cannot be found multiple, multiple times throughout the day. i used wildblue with VPN (with transtech) and could not keep a connection enough to get a decent line count as i was dropping signals too much and it did slow it way down. i finally got clinic work rather than acute care where time and speed wasn't a factor. research message boards for complaints about wildblue and hughesnet before deciding. also hughesnet i think told me a 2-yr warranty rather than only the 1-yr with wildblue.
Check the classified board here and check
E-bay.  Some companies will provide them for free or a small rental fee. 
Most companies do no use their only files (HIPAA). They use files provided by other companies, serv
If you can get through the test files, then the sound quality on the actual company files is better. And, the dictation is never as bad as the test files, plus you have QA to help with hard blanks.
MT companies
Hi, there are many MT companies out there, and there are some that you should steer clear of. The one company who scammed me real good for 2 years was amatrans-am out of Valrico, FL. If you see an ad for them run in the other direction. Or just check the BBB. They have really scammed a whole lot of people unfortunately....but there are better ones. But just stay away from the ones that ask you to do like 1,000 lines a day. You won't be able to do it, or if you could you would be dragging yourself off to bed, only to have to get up early the next morning to begin it all over again.

After a couple of years, I am now working, but mind you, I am really a semi-newbie, and I only make 4 cpl. The money won't make you rich, but the experience can be very rewarding, and what you learn keeps your mind working. If you want any more info, feel free to e-mail me brooklyngirl1112@hotmail.com
Are all companies like SS?
I think I will stick to my day job god....
Why is it okay for other companies
to be informed about and not this one. My heart bleeds for these MTs. Obviously, it is not just one employee posting here. Can you imagine the frustration of watching your fingers move more and more and your paycheck go down without being told or informed why. They have a right to vent and warn. I want to be warned ahead of time before I make a mistake. No slander involved, facts are facts and that is it.
What companies, if any,
. . . hire and actually promote professionals who have forgotten more than many MTs know, have years and years of experience, work when needed, don't rock the boat, and produce excellent work?  At my company, the editors and managers usually have just a few years of experience as an MT, if any, and many have no management experience.  Some managers have never even seen a typed document.  That doesn't make sense.  What companies give one a chance to actually grow with them?  Any of them?  How do the promotions go to those who took an on-line class and have been an MT for 2 years?  Kudos to anyone who could answer this . . . Bewildered 
USA companies only for me.
 USA   Overseas.

What are some of the best small companies that you have worked for?  Does anyone live out in the sticks and is on dial-up?


do u like working for this company.  Do they treat you fairly.  I was told to download and they will give me first files to fit me with proper account.  They have been great.  Does this continue?  Please let me know.  While on the subject does anyone have any information on Amphion, Medware, QTmedical, Orion and Transhealth.  Any information appreciated.

Does anyone have any information on smaller companies hiring at this time.




What it is with these companies?
I am now on my third job since deciding to work at home August 2005.  What is it with these companies?  Don't they realize that without us (transcriptionists)  they have no business????   I have been lied to, nit-picky QA'd to death, had money taken away from me, treated like crap, and received nasty emails.  Every time get familiar enough with account to start making some real $, guess what?  Get switched to another account.  I have always worked for hospitals, clinics, etc. 20+ years and never have I encountered such treatment.  It is just amazing, actually no, it is pathetic.  This third job is it.  If this does not work out, going back to the hospital.   I have a lot of admiration for those of you who tough it out and are still working for these amazingly unprofessional companies.  Maybe that is why there is so much outsourcing.  Workers in other countries will take their CRAP. 
MT companies
Does anyone know of any Canadian medical transcribing companies that are looking to hire people to work from home??  Thx

MT companies
I'm from BC.  How about you?
which companies use
I had asked on the company board and no one answered.
Thank you.
There are companies to go with...
There are companies to go with that are at home business that are selling a product and making money without having to put a lot of your own in it. Tell them before they try this company to go TheFreshAirShop.com
Why do companies always do that?

Don't they realize the more familiarity an MT has with a certain dictator or group of dictators, the more accurate they are going to be in their transcription and the faster they will be able to produce lines?

Or is it that transcription companies simply don't want MTs to make a decent living?

I don't get it. 

if so many MT companies are bad...

i.e. don't pay on time, lousy platforms, too many ESLs, etc., how on earth do they manage to stay in business?

Ever wonder how companies
come up with their minimum requirements of experience, 1 yr, 4 yrs, 7 yrs, etc. Is there some sort of table/formula they use? ;-)
Yes, and a lot of companies are
at least trying it out. There is a board here called voice recognition and you can also look at the jobs on www.mtjobs.com - usually you will see a posting for "editor" which is a little deceiving because sometimes they are QA jobs and sometimes voice rec jobs. You will always be able to tell by the line rate though :-) I have see an average about half what you normally might expect for transcription.
There are a lot of companies like this. They

live in feast or famine.  It's better for them when it's famine because the work is out fast (too bad for us trying to be consistent, huh).  Top that off with people who don't work the whole pay period, just towards the end which is when the work tends to run low (too bad for us trying to be consistent, huh).  So during the time when these don't work, you get overloaded and need to work as much as you can to make up your time (too bad for being consistent, huh).  I know, I live in those same shoes, buried and then scratching and scraping for work to do.  Gotta love it!

Does this sort of thing happen a lot? I was just curious. I am a student in Medical Transcription, and I was just wondering if anyone had some good tips for job hunting. I don't think I want to start from home. That is something I would be interested in after I have had some experience. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.
MT companies
Hey, don't be discouraged by what you're hearing here. Disgusting. So, SOMETIMES, in my experience, yes, companies are constantly looking for MTs because they are a bad company and can't keep typists. Sometimes their standards are impossibly high, sometimes they are rude to the employees, etc. SOMEtimes it's because they are vibrant and expanding, but beware that some companies expand too fast, and can't keep up, and end up folding because of it. CONTACT them, ask them, go fishing. The only good advice I heard in the whole post thing is, keep looking. You need to be able to evaluate each company based not only on postings and web site evaluations and word of mouth, but also by personal contact. YOUR evaluation will be different from MINE, and you might be comfy working for a company I would hate. So, in that respect it is personal. And the "good" company of today, can fold tomorrow. The terrible company of today, can change it's spots. Find the fit for YOU.
Run away from those companies. sm

I paid $350 a month through Consumer Credit Counseling for over a year and they sold my accounts to Money Market Management and never told me.  They never paid a thing on my Sears bill because they were still waiting for Sears to accept their proposal, which Sears never did.  I was never told that either. 

I don't know where all of the money went because when I dumped them, my $200 Home Depot credit card bill was suddenly almost $600. (Late charges and over limit charges).

Work with your creditors.  It worked for me, at least for the most part.  Sears doesn't usually budge, but you'll find that in this day and age, creditors are willing to work with you and settle for a certain amount a month if you are willing to do direct debit (even $20 a month) from your bank account.

Good luck.

I would like to use this - what companies
What companies
Being a Christian, I would not work for any of them because the antics I have seen displayed in the industry would be at odds with my ethics. I will be consent to raise my child and leave the boardroom to someone else.
I mean getting other companies to allow
us to bring them to the office!
Best companies
Me too.  I'd love to hear about some place that treats their MTs well.  Is FOCUS a good company    ?????
The best companies are . . . (sm)
Transcription at its Best Get Back Jack BestPRN (Florida) ProScript (Florida) AccuStat (Wisconsin) In general, these are all companies with fewer than 100 MTs, so they treat their MTs like humans. The downside is you will frequently have to invest in a specific foot pedal or FTP program or even, ugh, C-phone and long distance. (See, that's what the IRS means when it asks whether you can lose money at your business.) These smaller companies also require a lot more communication and better work ethics than the big nasties do. If you can't do your assigned work, you'd better find a sub that can that very day. If you don't like communicating with the service owner frequently and keeping fences mended, you're better off with the big anonymous you're-a-number-to-us services. Best advice? Search through the old pages of the Company board and go to mtjobs.com and search the old listings. The companies who have just advertised are working their way through the average of 300 to 500 resumes that each ad produces. (Makes you wonder about those big nasties who keep advertising, doesn't it? Why so much churn?) I've had excellent results both with that and with "cold calling," meaning cold-emailing these days. Make your resume short, sweet, and effective; design an effective cover letter, and don't forget the outstanding subject line. Research the service and emphasize those of your qualities which exactly fit what they're looking for. Bonnne chance!
Some companies do.
You may want to try and find a company who is willing to work with a new MT. There are companies out there who will help new MTs gain experience and not pentalize them for their errors.