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here's one fave from my archives...sm

Posted By: flybye...oh yeah :) on 2006-06-01
In Reply to: Anybody had this... - cant stop laughing

i had a young neurosurgeon dictating an extremely complicated brain surgery while on his cell phone in his sports car...all of a sudden i hear the engine screaming (sounded like a ferrari!) and him saying, "sh**...I gotta make this light, hold on..." which was followed by nothing but ENGINE noise for a few seconds, then a brief pause, and he calmly continued dictating his complex report...talk about multitasking...i'll never forget that one. :)

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My Fave?
Arkansas cake (banana cake with no frosting!)  Ooooyum!  It's rip roaring good!! Wash that down with some mountain Dew and you got one of the best taste treats that would rival any five star restaurnat BAR NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ops are my fave
Years ago when I worked inhouse and was training to do MTing, I was literally scared to death of ops. My boss lady did me the biggest favor of all. She noticed I did not pick the tapes (yes, tapes) for the ops, only choosing others and 1 day I think she was a little upset with me and put me exclusively on ops for about 3 months. Can I say thank you now! I can yo-yo on ops, I don't have any saved so most of my are word by word but most of the physicians I transcribed say the same thing over and over. I have now worked on the same acct for 18 years and I just about know what they are going to say next. Easy money for me. Don't care for H&Ps nor DS, they only slow me down.
Who's your fave Beatle?
John, Paul, George & Ringo - my fave is John. So creative and brilliant - such a senseless loss...
She's my fave, too. I don't force anyone into my car either.

What is your fave browser?
Mine is Firefox - love how fast it is, plus tabbed browsing rules! Much better and safer than old Internet Explorer, I must say. BTW, the newest version of Firefox comes out today (free download) which is supposed 2B even better!
My fave's VEGAS!

Anything Vegas is romantic to me......

Go there and find the best suite you can at one of the finer hotels; i.e., Bellagio, Mandalay Bay,  Wynne, and then make reservations at some of the five-star restaurants - then top it off with a fine show, a few hands of black jack, a couple of Black Russians, and a helicopter ride over the strip at night, then if you have time, go to the top of the Stratosphere at their lounge and have another Black Russian.  That view is TOTALLY romantic!  

Whereever you choose, though, I have you have a totally romantic time!


My husband's fave........
A good steak and angel hair/broccoli/shrimp on the side. I make it like a scampi and pour over the angel hair/broccoli. Bon appetit!
ER reports are my fave

They are always different and therefore interesting, and the docs always seem in a hurry so they talk fast and I fly through them which makes the line counts rack up really fast. 

What's your fave Beatle song?
Hey Jude 4 me!
my fave: How to lose a guy in 10 days (nm)
also the wedding planner.
Very HOT!!!!
my fave movie too....but not for Costner...nm

or this one is my fave tons of work..

There usually is for thre first three months at most..then nothing.  I have no problem working on the hard accounts, but when it gets down to $30-$50 a day at most, it gets very frustrating.  One spends all day logging in a looking for work to find one or two jobs.  When you can't pay your bills, you have to move on.  I want to find a company that consistently has the work...have yet to find it.....

I want to learn Spanish so when go to my fave
Smoky Mtns are my NEXT fave place in US!..sm
Spent a lot of time in TN, Smokies back in the 80s, when my child was little....Dollywood, biscuits and gravy, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, I love TN and NC.  Probably my 2nd fave place in the US. 
Who R your fave music artists/groups?
I looove Joni Mitchell, Karla Bonoff, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Dixie Chicks, Elton John, Beatles, Eminem...
This is my all-time fave. You can do partial names also
and it will list all the doctors with the same names, and then you choose the appropriate one. I cut and paste the doc's name and addresses into letters. Super easy.

Christmas tree blobs are my absolute fave. Send some to me. nm
Yes, Live, his fave group - and the lead singer is his *idol*.
Works great for me. Fave voice file player is an
Candy corn is my fave, but not the Sam's Choice stuff. Eww. The only chocolate I really love is S

what's on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I always wonder what it is that they do to their chocolate to make it so good.

dinner at her fave restaurant, with LOTS of camers, and everybody bring their own ideas.

in the archives for SS
and we will see how jazzed you are. Line stealing, lying, demanding, worst company out there. Been there, done that!!!!!
where do I go to get to archives?
I thought if you did the search above using the MTStars option, that was the archives??? LOL

Sorry I'm no help.....
If the newbies are making $7 and not admitting it..shame on them.  We all had to start from somewhere.  Moreover, you people with your smart-butt replies to honest questions make me sick.  What's wrong with a polite reply, say, something like, We just discussed that recently.  Why not access the archives....etc....but NO, ya gotta have a wise-crack answer.  Shows your mental age real well.
Don's use the Archives, just use the
"search" box just above the postings, not the one at the time that you have to check web or mtstars.
I checked the archives and there isn't much on TRS.
do an archives search

They totally suck!  Very unprofessional group of people.  Surpised they are still hanging in.

read the archives.....they do
it was posted in the last couple of weeks
If OP had checked the archives on any of these
companies she would have found all the info needed.  I've posted in minute detail many times about SS when asked, so the information is there. 
search archives.
Search the archives for yourself.
Did you check archives? It seems like I saw something about
them within the past 2 weeks and it wasn't good, but I can't swear to it. 
OTI. The best. Check archives. nm
try searching the archives

This has been discussed several times in the last few months.  You should be able to find some answers there.

I myself have posted in archives about this man..
Thanks will search the archives
did you run the company name through the archives
here?? Problems like this usually have a history, and a long one at that.

Try the archives for this. Not too long ago
there was a discussion, not sure what board it was on though.
CHECK the archives on this.
thanks - did check archives, but

did not really get enough good info to make a decision, so am looking for any other MTer's who have had experience with these. 

Please help....everyone always says "look in archives" BUT...
when I look in the Archives for let's say Amphion....it only brings things up from 2007? Explain this to me.
Check the archives
HUGE discussion that lasted for days just a couple of months ago on this very subject. I think there are even links to a website regarding unionization of MTs, if I'm not mistaken.

Get some coffee and be ready to read for awhile; pros, cons, neutrals, etc., it's all in those threads!
How do I search the archives? sm
For instance, I try to find info on TTS in New Hampshire and I put it in the search box at the top of the page and click "mtstars" for searching rather than search the web. I get only stuff from 2006 when I know there is more recent info. It happens to me with everything. What am I doing wrong?
I found the 106 messages in archives
Click on the See Archives link above.
Try searching the archives. Some of us get tired of

answering the same old questions for people who can't be bothered to research what we said about that exact topic only last week.  Besides, only the people making big bucks answer the polls.  You don't see any of the newbies who are only earning $7 an hour admitting to it.

Nevermind...looked in archives...sorry.
Search the archives - lot of information nm
Check the archives and then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE