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Accepted a job with a new company, gave two weeks notice to my old company..

Posted By: SM on 2008-02-11
In Reply to:

Old company, let me go before two weeks was up.  New company, said they were having trouble getting me set up and my equipment ready, but they would pay me while I waited.  It's been a month, still no check from new company even though I was told it was "in the mail."  I have no income and am at a loss. 

I have a signed offer letter from the new company, contracts, etc.  I applied for unemployment, but old company is saying I quit and technically I am currently employed with the new company!  New company is not returning calls or answering email.

What should I do!?!?!?!

I started sending my resume out today, but the process of getting a new job will take at least two weeks and I need money now to catch up on what I'm behind!

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Does the first company require 2 weeks notice?

If yes and they opted to waive it in your case, they should pay you for the two weeks.  You were only following their rules.   Good luck. 

No one ever gave me 2 weeks notice when I was let go
so why do we owe anyone this courtesy?
I gave two weeks notice... but stopped doing their work FIRST
Since they refused to give me a raise after 7 years of loyal service to 3 doctors full-time, i gave me 2 weeks but didn't do their work in my 24-hour TAT window because I was SO p*ssed. I got it done "on my time" at that point. I have a hot head i can't help it... plus it was a huge slap in the face when not only they weren't giving me a raise, they expected my paychecks to decrease because they were mad they were paying for templates! we seriously were like a little family... that was three months ago and im STILL hurt about it...
accepted IC position with another company

I took their QA test, passed, was offered a position.  I accepted and have been waiting to train and get going for a week now.  My understanding is that their trainer only trains 2 days/wk and now her PC is in the shop. I understand things happen so this is not too big a deal to me.  I'm still working with another company so it's not as if I have no $$$ coming in.  Now here's where I'm starting to get second thoughts...

Apparently, the admin has already added me to her email list because I'm getting daily account information, status of out of TAT files, etc. No biggie. BUT along with those emails I also recieved an email going to everyone stating that she is sorry for the delay in paychecks because she is JUST now getting paid and has JUST sent out 1099s. FYI, they pay monthly.  I'm concerned because if I'm only getting paid once a month, I definitely can't afford to be waiting even longer for a paycheck. I really wanted to get started on this job, been wanting to do QA again for a while but I'm starting to wonder if "delay in pay" is a regular thing with them. I could ask her directly but I doubt anyone would honestly say "yeah, sure, we're always getting paid late" to a new IC.

I was going to quit my current MT company and go fulltime QA'ing but now I'm thinking I should stick with the MT work (even though I really wanted to get away from it) and do the QA PT instead.

Funny...as I'm writing this, it kinda seems like a "duh" question.

If a company gave out my IM info SM

to people they  have working on the same account I am for me to help them, I'd stop working for that company.  I work for myself, my rate is for typing the company's work only, not for assisting another transcriptionist.  The only way I'd do that is if I subbed work to another Transcriptionist myself.


There have been a lot of MTs leaving a large company the last few weeks. sm
It might be a little more difficult than usual, but there's always a shortage of qualified people. Check your resume, make sure it is selling your best points. Are you using your current place as a reference? Could that be a problem? Are you testing with companies, or do you not get that far? Have any of them offered you a reason for not being interested?
I just gave notice at my job and all I gave them was when my last day would be. SM

I don't think they even cared why I was quitting.  I called the supervisor to tell her in person and she simple said "I need it in writing and when will your last day be".  Personally, I like things quick and painless. 

You gave notice to your old job w/o knowing
what your line rate would be? Am I understanding that correctly?
I gave them about 6 weeks.....
I kept thinking it would get better and after about 6 weeks when it was getting worse I just quit.
But you gave tthem notice at 11 cents - sm
so if they want you to stay, you have to ask yourself, 'What's in it for ME?' And then as them for 12 cents.
I've always given 2 weeks notice
and worked until that 2 weeks was completed. Never was dumped. I don't like to burn bridges just in case I might need them again one day!
Always OFFER 2 weeks notice if at all possible
I recently gave my 2 weeks' notice at the national I'd been with for a couple of years. In my letter I simply stated that because of recently being moved to a new account, I could not afford to work due to having to absorb 100% of the learning curve expense, as my paycheck was cut by almost 50% due to learning a new account/new specialty. I expected them to give me the option of leaving immediately, so I had another job lined up. However, they called and asked what they could do to make me change my mind. I thought about and called back the next day and let them know what I'd would work for me, and I'm happy to say that I'm still there and very happy. I had a new job lined up and had even started before I gave my notice, though, as I always like to get my ducks all in a row before I start shooting. : )

Good luck with your decision. I know how hard it can be.
You're so right - I gave my notice - 5 more days & Im back home!!
I worked at home 9 years - back in an office for a year -cannot WAIT to be back home again. Office politics and BS, silly little rules that make no sense, traffic, hours less in each day because you spend that time commuting, people who care if you have a $200 purse or not...when you work at home you can still have friends, but you get to choose who you spend your time with!
No reasons. Give 2 weeks notice.
They will probably let you go immediately anyway.

Never give anyone more information than is absolutely required in any situation. You owe them no explanation, either legally or morally.
I would give minimum of 2 weeks' notice
and would not want to burn any bridges so would let them know I would be willing to work a little after that if they got in a pinch but would not take the usual amount and only in an emergency type situation.  Have been in this biz long enough not to burn any bridges and keep all contacts if possible - you NEVER EVER know when you might need work again. Good luck!
I think you should behave professionally and give 2 weeks notice. sm
I just think it is tacky to not give notice even though you feel they have been worse than tacky to you. Professional behavior makes you look good and feel good. Feel free to flame me to a crisp!
If this was posted at the beginning of th year, it has taken 3 weeks for anyone to notice. nm
Early in my career I worked for a service in the office. I gave my notice after almost two years...

with them because I got a job with a hospital that paid better and had better benefits.  I gave my notice and the office manager made my life heck for my remaining two weeks.  He gave away my desk, my chair, my transcriber (we were still transcribing cassettes back then).  I spent the next two weeks shuffled between workstations and using the crappiest equipment they had.  He also refused to give me any help on my account.  It was a huge family practice from which I would get at least seven 90 minute tapes a day from them.  Before I gave my notice, I was the lead on the account and had three other people helping.  When I gave my notice, he couldn't spare anyone to help me and I got several tapes behind.  I kept telling him I was behind and he would just say do what you can.

Long story short, he tried to stiff me on my last paycheck because he said my account was way out of turnaround time and I had cost them money.  He had told the owner of the service that I had never asked for help and that I purposefully held tapes back to screw them.  I ended up taking them to small claims court to get my money.

Some people are just ugly people that take EVERYTHING personally.  You can't win with people like that.  They are unprofessional.  I wouldn't worry about your boss' attitude.  In a couple of weeks, he'll just be a memory.

I gave 2 weeks because was told if I didn't do that I would not be eligible for rehire in future.
You can give 2 weeks notice, but be ready to leave right then if they suggest it.
Good luck to you!
Once you give notice and quit working, how many days/weeks/months

are you covered by your medical/dental insurance?  My employee handbook does not mention this.  Is there a "standard" period of time that you remain covered?  TIA for your reply. 

What Company is This? I have been hired by a company that is sending a foot pedal.. Don't want t
The company cutting cpl, the company stopping paying for headers
Good of the company? As IC, I am my own company. Not my problem if she has problems as long as I do
You don't want to work for this company. Call your current company and
tell them that you have decided against the new position and tell them that you would like to stay. It is cheaper for them to let you stay than to train someone new. A company who could be so tacky as the one you just spoke of is one you do not want to work for. You can rescind your resignation. If you are a good MT, they will be glad you did.
With my company, ICs use their own emails, employees have company email.
COMPANY INQUIRIES belong on Company board, please!
....3 months later my old company rehired me; can you return to your 1st company?
Local radiology company, not transcription company
who has only 5 transcriptionists and are not hiring at this moment. We all work at home and get great benefits, no insurance out of pocket and 22 days paid vacation in the first year, after that it goes up. I feel very fortunate to have found them, but again I chose them because they did not do production, so now that they are, I'm a little disappointed.
I think it varies greatly from company to company...sm
I was hired five months ago by a national straight out of school at 8 cpl. I think it just depends on your knowledge level and ability, and of course, what the company is willing to pay.
i think it varies from company to company and/or location

VR company? Not when the MT company owns its own VR equipment. n/m.
I have my own company email with my new company.
I can't answer your questions in your original post, I can tell you that with my new company, I have my own company email account, and I much prefer it. My old company had us use our personal email accounts, and they listed everyone who received emails in the cc line. They really never maintained those lists, and I received emails from them for a full five months after I quit - that despite my repeatedly asking to be removed from lists. Because the list had been passed from one person to the next in the company, I kept having to block sender after sender. Finally I replied to all, for each and every email I had gotten over a month's time. Well, that pretty much ended it.
I like to keep work and personal separate as much as possible.
It can vary from company to company.
If a company is on one coast and you on the other it can affect shift time, meaning usually if you want to start work 9-10 instead of 11 you could for 3rd shift, etc. 
Buy your own... company computers are for that company only!
some of what you want to know varies from company to company,
client to client. The services each have their own QA grading system and you will get a copy at hire that tells you everything they deduct, and for how many points. This usually also includes formatting, such as wrong dates, right exam/wrong patient, etc.

You will need to know your punctuation and grammar first and foremost and use it properly, this is what you do. THEN if the client requests garbage in/garbage out (usually because they don't trust leaving anything up to us), you give it to them even though it hurts -- and should not be marked off QA for it.

Where do you study? Colleges with the 2 yr transcription course in my state make you take a year (or 2) of English grammar. No offense, but it's pretty much a 5th/6th grade review (is vs are, doctors' vs doctor's).

blanks will be limited, usually to 2, before you cannot send the report to client.

Wrong shortcuts - pay attendion to detail.
Varies from company to company
My first company I chose specifically because I knew they had a mentoring program and you had 12 weeks of "mentoring" to get up to speed. The training was very thorough. The first week was all training classes. There were very limited samples (1-2 per doc if at all). I worked there 6 months and never made their production quota, but they didn't care. When I asked my account manager about it, she said they knew the account was very difficult 95+% ESLs) and she wasn't worried about my production, that I was doing well.

I have also worked with companies that just did a training over the phone (usually about an hour) just to learn the platform. Then they did full QA for a day or two and then I was on my own. For both of these companies, I could review all the past reports of the doctors on the platform. That was really nice. I didn't have production requirements with these positions, just a daily schedule that I had to stick to. They just wanted to know when I would be working.

My recent company gave me a 10-minute training over the phone and gave me a couple of samples of a couple of the harder docs. I then had to submit 3 reports to the account manager to review, and then I was off on my own and was required to meet production immediately.

So it all depends. Each company is different. Good luck on the new job!
Try the company board with name of company.
for what god gave her in beauty, the devil gave her in insanity.
she is one scary chick to be raising kids.
My company did
They accessed and I watched what they were doing. It was an odd occurrence for me to watch...amazing, actually. I was amazed at the technology, but I suppose everything was okay, cause not had any problems from it. Like I said, I could see everything they were doing. It was like they had control of the mouse and I was watching with them sitting beside me!
My company did....
I was having major problems and they had to gain access to fix it. He told me that after our session, access could not be gained again. My husband (who is a computer nerd) confirmed this.
the company is e-Tranz out of Snellville GA
which company?
There is Transcription Solutions, Inc. in Texas and there is Transcription Solutions of South Carolina. 
a company I got a job with
They say that as an IC I should carry insurance due to if I type something wrong or whatever they will not back me unless I am an employee and the Dr. or client can sue me......
What is it you want to know about them?
You could try this company.

Try Beyond Words - I worked for them for a while and they are exactly what you are looking for.  I don't know if they are hiring or not, but it can't hurt to try. 


I have recently started working for JLG Medical. They pay good line counts for acute care. I was informed they are looking to hire over 100 MTs. So far, I am very satisfied. They do assign you to several different accounts so that you do not run out of work, but if that does not bother you, this is a company you might want to look into.
Just My Company??? Any others??

Is my company, Medquist, the first one to get set up with a convenient auto link in our posts, set up by MTStars, and not the posters, to direct readers to MTStars "review" site, where they get to inform everyone of whatever info they choose -  outsourcing status, bad press, bad reviews, and all the negatives in one easy click??  I've only seen the link for MY company to date, as well as even further linking their transcription platform.  Lots of other companies below with no cute link to "bash" them provided by MTstars. Is MQ by chance just your first choice of this new "change"? Company board has no such handy links for other companies either.  While I work for MQ, and certainly have HUGE issues with them, this board will now be a true conflict of interest for MQ employees to even post on, as the board itself has now taken an aggressive stance of being anti-Medquist. So, do we support a forum that could help Medquist lose accounts, while helping their MTSO friends gain accounts, via a slanted info display? It was camouflaged before, the favoritism of certain companies, while flaming others, but still obvious to those of us who hang here, and still denied by Admin. But this is openly helping steer everyone and anyone to a preselected list of negatives, handpicked by MT Stars.  Though, naturally, I will be told via "private email" that they are working on posting the positives. And, as dismal as all things MQ may seem, there ARE positives. Not gonna post them either, nor the negatives, as that is not my beef.  While I am waiting to see what the courts decide regarding MQ, there are still 10K MTs employed by MQ, not to mention countless innocent tech support people, etc., so for MTStars to aggressively campaign against MQ using this board as their tool is NOT fair for the MTs.  And Gee, isn't that was MTStars always said this board was about? The MTs, no matter who we worked for?  Well, I can't give my suppor to a forum that is threatening to take MY income away as well!I know - nobody will miss me, good riddance, etc. But the point is - just wait til its YOUR precious company being negatively impacted. Pretend you work for Transcend, or Spheris, or Medware, or MDI, or Diskriter - (by the way, in fairness' sake, when I post this, all these company names should now have been converted to hyperlinks). If they are - fair. If they are not - slanted and NOT fair.  If someone even posts negatively about your companies, some of you get foaming at the mouth - we all can relate that while we ALL are unhappy about something with our companies, its another thing to sit back and watch them being slammed with one negative after another.  Imagine now if MTs and any reader can be directed via link from your very own post to some "review" section that just lists all the crap about your company. Not cool. Not impartial and will negatively impact the life of this board, and the honesty and credibitily of any referrals. This board is censored, but not openly. That is the WORSE censorship there is!  We all know companies like KS have negatives get removed - POOF! not hard to figure - MQ's negative stay til eternity - preserved better than a can of SPAM! and it is NOT just about offshoring. That's just an excuse and 1 piece of the equation.  Period.  So, where are all the links for dirt on all the companies??? Probably won't be watching, cause I am so disgusted with this garbage.  This isn't a place for MTs to share and support each other. Its a forum that is supposed to fool us perceived stupid MTs into thinking its for us, but its a tool for someone to pursue their one agenda. Which is fine, but be HONEST about it.


Has anyone worked for Breitner Transcription?  Are they a good company to work for.



RE: company
Searched archives for Breitner and came up with: Documents 1-50 of 74 displayed; i.e., a total of 74 posts, albeit, dated 2004 for the most part.
only company that has not been
trashed on here. I am just VERY unhappy with my current company.