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And here in the south we would say...

Posted By: GaPeach on 2006-12-18
In Reply to: Who is scared? Who has bitterness on their - There ya go!

Bless your heart, in other words you don't know any better and I feel sorry for the venom you are spewing out. You must really be one angry person! You assume this and that about the job I am doing. I format no work, keep no records, no copies. There are a lot of people out there who read these posts and it seems like you have just called a whole host of them unprofessional with the term "any professional peers" not beubg worried about their jobs. I think most of the people worrying might object to that. Just go back under your rock and I hope things pick up for you. Again, bless your heart.

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south where
Church retreats, bus tours. Casinos. (Tournaments for pinochle)....
where in the south are you?
some schools here started today, but mine started LAST Monday! It's kind of a relief, but I miss 'em already! Have a good first day of school!
I live in the south.
I was raised to be prejudiced.  As I became an adult I learned better.  Now I have mixed children on both sides of my family.  I really hurts me to see these children, who I love dearly mistreated.  Although the crime in the Holloway case may be a racial issue, I do not see that the media sensation is.  She was an American tourist in a foreign country.  People are interested.  That sells newspapers, magazines and time on TV news.  That says a lot about the American people.  Missing children and teenagers in the U.S. are, for lack of a better term, "old news".  Not to say that a parent of a poor missing child in this country is not just as devastated, I am saying that this is the way we have become. 
South Florida, been there
eight years, IC until this May, now Employee
Hey, I WAS born in the south and I don't get it either.
But then again, I guess south Florida is not considered "The South," right?

I live in conservative N FL now and well, it's different..

You and msbeanctr are right on target and very eloquet.
have you ever lived in the south?
If not, then don't make negative comments about people you know nothing about.
I did South Beach also -
and lost the tummy area first.  I was absolutely amazed how I was never hungry and didn't crave chips, ice cream and chocolate!  I found it time consuming preparing the meals, but the results were worth it.
Goin South
That line was the funniest in the movie! (That and "Where's my bride?!" when he meets the 80-year-old who saved him from hanging.) Now I have to get out my old VHS tape & watch it again! LOL
Transcription South Inc
All these days I was told that TSI is a "do not outsource company" but I was shocked to find this claim on the net by an unknown Indian company in their site "SSAPL, parent company of ISPL has recently acquired Transcription South Inc.(TSI), in Florida which is now a sister concern of ISPL and has been serving hospitals from Tallahassee to Miami for over twenty five years." (infovisionsoftware.net) Can anybody shed some light on it
Do you either live in the south or
where brought up the south?
Transcription South
I worked for them 6 years ago. The owners are nice people. The wife is a MT. They were partners with Dictaphone at the time and had some problems with the work and the relationship with them and did not have enough work, so I went elsewhere. Don't know what they are like to work for now, but the owners are really nice people.
It is pointing south, but ...
it has to be aimed directly at a particular satellite. There is evidently an arc of them to the south, but we are aimed at one that one of the techs admitted they were having problems with.

I am a little south of Atlanta
probably about 20 miles or so, used to live right in Atlanta but the living where I am very, very reasonable now. What part of NC to be so expensive?
I'm in the south and it is hot and humid
which makes me puffy.  If I eat anything with more than a sprinkling of salt I swell up.  I use No Salt, but if I have prepared food with a high salt content it bothers me.  Sitting on my butt or hours at a time will do it.  Increase your fluid content.  I occasionally take Lasix and I have issues with potassium loss if I take too much Lasix, but I've never had issues with dry skin/mouth.  Try propping one foot up while typing and after a while switch feet.  If you're overweight that will contribute to.  My feet used to swell so much I could barely get my tennis shoes on, would have to loosen the strings so much that there was barel enough to time them.  After a day off from work or getting out and walking I was having to tie my shoes tight again.  I have lost 40 pounds and now my feet/ankles only well if I have too much sodium.  
That's what ours cost a year ago! Where in the South are you?

I wonder why it's so much there than everywhere else.



It was not about the south, but the people on that board. get over yourself.
Not necessarily. She was in the south where christianity came first
in the white man and black man's eyes no matter the color of skin. Was racism wrong?  Darn tootin.  But, had Rosa Parks been aetheist, buddhist, mormon or any other religion she would have gotten NOWHERE.
Yes, happening right where I live. I am in South
Jersey, and a local hospital here, along with ortho surgeons, has been using these nasty parts - supposedly unaware of their origin. Lots of local folk have been called in and given the news...Met a lady in a doctor's office the other day who has been sick for a long time - high fevers, shaking chills - goes to ID specialist, but still don't know what she has, but now they know the source - rotten cadaveric spine implants. In NJ, the source of all this mess is a funeral home up in North Jersey. I believe we are not to post identifying info - especially in NJ - I watch too much Sopranos, but the hospital is in South Jersey - the recipient - and the source was a funeral home in North Jersey. A Google search should give all details! Ya just never know...
South Beach Diet
I have had this same problem! I gain too much weight with each pregnancy, then when I finally get it off I have ended up prego again. HA. Well, it won't happen that way again. Anyhow, I did the South Beach Diet between my last 2 kids and lost 54 pounds in just a couple of months (a little over 4). I actually lost my weight in this area first. I am just starting it up again for the same reason, and because I know it works--I have done it before. The first 2 weeks are kind of hard to stick to (at least for me as all my teeth are sweet teeth), but it goes by fast actually and you won't believe when you step on the scale and each day your weight is down and you drop clothing sizes. Just typing this is enough motivation again for me to do it. I didn't exercise the last time and the weight just melted off, so I don't know about any exercises. Good luck to you! :)
South Beach Diet
When I did it the last time they only had the blue book out, now they have cookbooks too and the foods at the store so it will be even easier to stick to. I just bought a treadmill and am sad to say after 15 minutes I am dying! HA.

I have even seen the South Beach books on ebay for cheap. :)
south beach d question
would someone tell me please a few examples of 'good' carbs and 'bad' carbs, and/or what causes them to be good or bad?  Thanks.
Going to be hot in the South. Too hot to cook. We're having


Love Goin South! Not many
people have seen or even heard of that movie, but I think it has got to be one of the funniest, well-written, movies EVER!!  I have the VHS and have just recently recorded it to DVD so I NEVER lose it.. "I can do this all day long, I mean ALL day long!"    Sometimes I think this line while I'm working!  lol
South Beach Diet sm
beel ala orange with brown rice and broccoli, carrots, and bamboo shoots...only thing is, they forgot the brown rice...I am still hungry. yarrr.
Sorry but truck driving is going south also
Also had hubby as truck driver, as well as done team driving --the rates there are going down as many are coming over the borders and able to drive for less.  So that profession has dropped 50% as well or at least held its own over the past ten years which is not a progression at all.  Even owner-operators are seeing a decline.  So it is hitting everywhere. 
I am so against ebonics and I live in the south
Here close to Atlanta it is ridiculous to hear all the time. It is so different from what you describe above. I would rather had a very fast, slurring of words physician speaking than to hear a professional using English wrong. I actually was having a very big problem with it before moving from Atlanta and hearing it day in and day out on the news channels. I really had to tune it out, that is how bad it was. I did not allow it spoken in my home, ever and by the way, it was being offered in the lower grades in school. Some blacks, as in my post above, consider speaking without ebonics, speaking white. What a shame!
I just know people move to the south a
lot and especially my town because the conditions are so much better here- not for the lower wages- that would be idiotic. As far as the wages here, my husband is in the union so we do not know about lower wages. I saw nothing in my post back to you that would set you off, though. People who donít know about southern living often just make assumptions. Oh, I do have a cousin who is in Boston now, professor at Berkley that is moving south when he retires next year, the cost of living is more reasonable and something he can afford rather than be overpriced for what, a little lean to shack there. Those are his words, by the way.
I'm an IC for a mid south rural hospital...
Although I get paid per minute of dictation, I have done the math and I make 10-11 cents per line.  Patti is right, it doesn't matter per line or per minute.  Its what you make per hour.  I do radiology and the basic four every day with the same dictators with a new one thrown in every now and then and have been doing so for 13 years and make anywhere from $20-35 an hour working average 5-6 hours a day.  Did not ask for a rate increase until my 8th year in which they balked at and began looking elsewhere.  Two years later asked for another rate increase in which they readily agreed to but keep better track of what I do.  Better to start low and become valuable to them than start too high.
South of St. Louis, Missouri....
I have been on the hospital account for 15 years and a couple years ago started doing vacation fill-in for doctor's offices. The word got around that I did this and I was getting more calls than I could handle. I did have to run to the clinic's office to download work on Flash Drive stick then come home and upload it, but I now have DSL and can type directly through their VPN site. It's so much nicer.
? does anyone know anything about a company Transcription South (sm)
Just curious to know if anyone has worked for them and whether you liked or did not like them. Thanks for any help
Definitely Co.name Transcription South, Clearwater FL
Transcription South - Clearwater
I used to work for an subcontractor they used. I spoke with them directly a few times for IT and QA issues. They seemed really on-the-ball and from the limited few people that I actually dealt with they were really great. It's been a few years so I don't know if much has changed. I thought they were a great company and great people to work with.
Are you in the south listening to southerns or
somewhere else. I am smack dab in the middle of the south and I hear none of what I would consider southern drawls. Mine are really fast and lots of ESLs.
depends on what part of the south sm
you retire to. Where I live it is mainly "retiree, tourist" and I think its expensive. I am originally from the Detroit area, been here 24 years. Based on teh wages that folks make here, the housing market is absolutely RIDICULOUS! I can't afford to sell my house and by another even after living here all taht time!
$2.09 in Tappahannock, VA, about $2.26 in Mechanicsville, VA (35 miles South)
There has been talk on the news about gas rationing in the south
A lot of the refineries that supply the south are in Louisiana.
I'm not in CR, I'm in a small south central town. nm
3.99 in newnan georgia, south of atlanta.
3.99 in newnan georgia, south of atlanta.
Good grief! Housekeeper in the South? SM

If you are set on housekeeping, I do know people who clean houses for a living and do very well. One woman even went on to own her own business. But in a HOTEL? I'm sorry to say this, but are you nuts?

If your MT skills need polishing, there are different tapes and courses and WHATEVER you can use. Perhaps someone here can assist you.

As another 50 something year old woman, who works for a National, so far I have made $30,000 this year. I realize that is not a lot of money, I'm not exactly busting my behind, but you can make money. Please stick this thing out. Housekeeping is not an option, except in one's own home.

North & South Florida are radically different...

I grew up in the Miami area and agree with all of the negative posts here.  It was always hot  and humid with lots of BUGS!  There was maybe 6 weeks of pleasant weather in the winter.

I've been living in northern Florida for many years and love it.  It is like a whole different state than south Fla.  We do get hot and humid summers but that weather lasts about 4 months or so.  We have a couple of months before and after summer where it is hot but not unbearable.  Then the rest of the year is gorgeous.  We get hard freezes a few times in the winter and the leaves change color (December and January) here.  We experience the seasons without snow (once every 15 or 20 years) and have ice and frost only occasionally.  Definitely wear coats and sweaters.  Instead of palm trees everwhere, we live in a forested area and have oaks, maples, elms, etc as well as the pines.  We are inland a bit but the beach is about 30 to 40 minutes away.  Being inland, I never worried about hurricanes before.  I just don't know any more though.  These last 2 years were awful.  Anyway, I'm rambling.  Good luck with your move and I hope it is well north of south Florida and Orlando.

My mom is from the south. Thanks to that I have no problem with southern accents. nm
Have a nice day (in the south) like they really care and "closure". Enough already

South Beach sounds good - sm
I have actually bought some of the South Beach foods at the grocery store and really like them.  Did you buy the book or what did you go by when you started South Beach?  I don't have a treadmill anymore, but do have an elliptical machine...I wonder about that?  Thanks for your information....
You'd give a heart attack to everybody I know down south here. lol. sm
It is just not done. I don't know how close the friends are that will be invited, but if I were you I'd just get people to spread the word somehow that you don't want gifts. Lord, my grandmother would roll over in her grave.
Deep south, educated, experienced too
I think the $12 is very low wages. Would make more than I do now except most hospitals outsourced now and nationals have taken over. I do fine with mine, though. Oh. we are well rounded here in the south.
Anybody go south for winter and continue working?

Hubby and I are thinking of going south for the first time this coming winter.  I've found some sublets with internet access, mostly wireless, one wired.  My work uses DocQScribe and internet based.   I use a desktop computer for work but have a laptop capable of the job. 

Have any of you done this?  If so, what was your experience?  Any tips or precautions as far as wireless internet security?  At home we have a wired network with a hardware firewall/router so no experience with wireless.  I'm not high tech but not a complete novice either.

As for paying bills and accessing cash in a different locale, did you use online banking and ATMs or some other method?  I confess some hesitation about online banking even though most of my friends and neighbors have used it for years!

Thanks to anyone who can help. 

Line Rate in South Florida
Does anyone know what the going rate is in So. Fla? Whenever I tell prospective accounts 0.10 per 65 character, I never hear from them again. I think this is a VERY reasonable line rate. I am not going to work for free. Any advice is appreciated.
I meant South Asian, of course, not East.

Uh YEAH, I do...because I live in south Arizona and WATCH THEM!