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For Cripee's sake! The question was

Posted By: Yup on 2006-12-18
In Reply to: I agree with you....here is my advice.... - MT.IC

whether she had to work on the holidays if asked to do so. IF this person even had the slightest idea of what being an IC meant, he/she would never EVER have had to ask a bunch of strangers what she had to do! Basic running-your-own business 101. The IC is the one who calls the shots. Does The Donald ask his cooking staff if he has to work on Christmas? Does a CEO call his secretary and ask if he should work? ICs are ICs - the entire point is that YOU are your own boss and call the shots - not vice versa. Thus the danger to our industry for the REAL ICs - those who are so ignorant of this basic business practice are nothing more than employees, allowing the doctors to slack and not pay taxes, etc. And that is the antithesis of being an IC.

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That is exactly what I meant. Evil for the sake of evil, not for the sake of satan
who is the essence of evil in Christianity. Call evil what you want it exists in every nation and every culture.

Having said that, did not the terrorists call America the Great Satan after their attack on 9/11?
Oh, for Heaven's sake -
I would do it again for my kids' sake, but sm
not because I enjoy it. If I could ever figure out what else I could do at home as a professional of some sort (rather than selling something), I'd be back to school to do it.
For heaven's sake! It's not THAT bad!
You can go to CareerStep, one of the "top 3" schools for about $1,600, and if you work at it you should be able to finish it in 9-12 months. As for purchasing equipment, you'll get a foot pedal with your course and Express Scribe (the software you'll use to actually transcribe) is free. You will have to buy a few reference books and some fairly cheap software--that all shouldn't run you more than $400-$500, tops. I'm assuming you already have a computer, or else how could you have posted this note?

Now, there are jobs being taken over by software and being outsourced to other countries. And there ARE doctors who dictate TERRIBLY. But there are still some decent jobs out there and decent doctors as well. If you work at it and sell yourself well, you should do okay. Good luck!
For Heaven's sake... don't do what I did!
I accepted a position with another company, turned in my resignation when I received the acceptance letter from the other company.  Friday will be my last day on the job, and I have not heard from the other company as to downloading software on computer and my first day is supposed to be Monday.  My employer has already hired someone in my place, so I can't ask for my old job back. The past several days I've sent out about 5 or so resume's to various companies.
for sanity's sake
I have been an MT/homeschooling mom for 7 years now. I work from 5:30am-9am and then from 7-10pm. We school from 9-12:30. I actually sit with my kids the whole time. They will do reading and some independent work in the evening(homework). From 1-5 is our park time, ballet, karate, etc. Fridays we have off for co-ops, field trips, and errands. This works great for us. Try finding a homeschool support group in your area so that you can get more involved. Your kids need it also. I am in Florida and here kids are allowed to participate in public and private school extracurricular activities. If you have older kids this may be a good option for them as well. But by finding a support group it will give you some interaction.
Please, just for my own sake, what money
do you think you would make as opposed to what you make per week now? Give me a ball park figure on your salary, do you work full or part and I will get back with you on this and let you know what I make doing VR, ok?
And for heaven's sake....

don't dictate in the bathroom.  That's waaaaaay more than we want to hear!

For Pete's sake!!!
English is our official language. People should speak English fluently before even being hired for a job here unless it is of course labor, but even those people should be required to be in school learning English before being promoted to anything that has any level of responsibility!! I agree with the original poster and that does not make me a bigot. I am married to a Mexican and have half Mexican children but my husband was in school learning English when we were dating and I could type his dictations all day long if he were a doctor because he learned it fluently or I wouldn't have married him!! It gripes the heck out of me when I hear MTs make excuses for these people, and I am not talking about all foreigners. I am talking about the ones who speak such horrible English that it does not even sound like English and I would say after 9 years of doing this that equals about 2/3rds of them!! They should not even be allowed to practice medicine here. Would you want one of them operating on you?? Come on let's get real here!! Even my husband agrees so don't be calling anyone bigots when we are just being honest and real!! Also, if I were a business owner which I have been in the past I would never hire someone who did not speak English that is unintelligable and then I would probably be sued for discrimination, what a joke!! Don't you people realize that they are also affecting our business community, our economy??? Businesses cannot operate when there is bad communication or miscommunication, etc. Haven't you had things messed up because of getting an Indian on the phone from New Delhi and having to force them to put someone else on the line that can understand what you are even saying?? I had a plane reservation messed up for my 15 year old daughter flying across country because of a man screwing it all up because he did not speak well enough English to understand what I was saying. I won't name the airline but you never reach an English as a FIRST language speaking person and I will NEVER fly with them again!! People this is not just about our jobs, this actually can be dangerous!! I ALSO have discontinued all business with any of the other companies I did business with previously who when I call are Indian. That is a whole different issue though, the outsourcing, but they both gripe the heck out of me and it has nothing to do with them personally. I love everyone equally. I don't care what nationality they are, but you have to look at this practically not emotionally......
Oh for pity's sake
How about Americans get used to the fact that their country is a mixture of different peoples/culture/languages and try just a little harder to understand and be understood?

Or would that interfere too much with the American Arrogance factor? :)
For Pete's sake, let it go

Seriously.  Let it go.  See my post above re paranoid nuts.

I use that phrase all the time and my African American girlfriends call me Casper I'm so white.


Glad you have your own space for your sake SM
Lots to discuss and now you can do it without us peering over your shoulder and commenting right and left. :) Good luck to all of you!
Oh, for Pete's sake, just hire another MT...sm
to cover the account if you want to take a vacation. If you are working as an IC, you should be able to pay more than enough to make it worth her while. Ideally, you get enough work to hire one more person to work with you, and the two of you work together to cover off times and sick days. Honestly, can't anyone think their way out of a paper bag?
For heaven's sake, where is your lawyer?
Your divorce is final in 2 weeks, and you're asking this super important question to MTs on a message board? PLEASE ask your lawyer.
Oh for heaven's sake...if she knew how to...
do that, she wouldn't have a question!  Anyway, what platform do you use?  Most of the time you will find a folder in the "My Documents" folder or in the hard drive (go to "My Computer" and click on your hard drive--usually C:) by the same name as your platform.  Inside that folder will be your templates.  When you get there, you can press Ctrl and F together.  A screen will come up asking what you want to search for.  Click "All files and folders".  Where it says "All of part of the file name:" put "*.dot" (without the quotes).  This will find all of the templates within that folder.  Hope this helps. 
It was a joke for goodness sake. Get a sense of

What's the problem?  You don't like jokes, you feel the need to defend George, or someone steal your thunder?  Sheesh. 

For goodness sake, this has nothing to do with MQ it is about a totally different company I am
looking into. Geez.
Get marital counseling for the sake of your children.
You probably could stay there your entire life and manage but the kids deserve better.
Oh, for Heaven's sake - if you don't like it just don't reply. Grow up.
Oh, for cripes' sake. I just voted Thumbs Down
I guess you have to vote Thumbs Up to get the 10 votes to have it removed (Reason drop-down: Solicitation of business, or something like that ... I can't vote again now to see what it was)
For goodness sake, if you're going to drag the Bible into it
you might read the part about man being created separately in God's image. In the Old Testament, there are distinctly different punishments for killing a man and killing a beast. Now, no doubt God loves animals and they will be in heaven, but I can assure you, God has not created man and animal on the same level.
Oh for Pete's sake! Had Internet access long?
For Pete's sake, if you're too sick to work,
call in sick!!
This past week I've had chronic sinus drainage and a nagging,constant cough that has kept me up most of the night. Felt okay during the day,(although typing speed decreased significantly).Was able to take cat naps off and on during the day to make up for lack of sleep, otherwise,I wouldn't have hesitated to take a day or two off.
If I'm "really" sick,I call in for a sick day without hesitation!!
I've had a sniffler - blow your nose for heaven's sake!

It's CHINA for Pete's sake, where they still kill girl babies. Do you think
they have some sort of dog euthanasia patrol of paid government employees?  Puhleeeze yourself.
HIPAA is a joke, The majority of reports go to 3rd world countries, for pete's sake. nm
For Pete's sake, you're not terminating a pregnancy, you're just typing a report after the
It's already been done before you even hear about it, and NOTHING changes regardless of whether you or someone else types it. Sheesh.