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As an IC, you should have had a contract that outlines your expectations and theirs. SM

Posted By: Tinks on 2006-12-16
In Reply to: What contract? - GaPeach

Usually when working as an IC for a service, the service has the IC sign a contract.  I'm kind of surprised they didn't have you sign your life away when you started working for them.  However, not having a contract may actually work in your favor on this issue, because now you can negotiate your terms for working holidays or working extra on your days off.  And you can in a nice way say you've been meaning to get them a copy of your standard contract and now would be a good time to go over everybody's expectations.

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If the contract does not state expectations
I offer to continue to provide services for two weeks. I have had a company that wanted 30 days, but I think that is just in case they need the coverage. With the couple of companies that I have left, though it was on good terms that I left, none have needed even a two-week notice.
Google contract samples, basic contract examples, etc.
Then you have very low expectations for yourself
Reach for those stars - wow!

   Based strictly on what you've posted, it sounds like the Co in question either had a change in agenda and you were conveniently in a position to be moved out or they were not entirely clear with you on your performance to date.

     If an MT is doing the job and getting positive feedback and then loses the job over a single initial effort on 1 provider, something is wrong, no matter how many years experience you have or don't have.  It might be that their needs changed and a decision was made to throw you off the deep end to see if you could handle it.  When you could not, they made a decision not to invest any more time in you and to go with someone more experienced.

     If this is the career you really want, you need to really learn from this experience, keep banging on doors and be willing to sacrifice to get another good start.   When that next position comes up, ask lots of questions about how you are expected to progress (since you are less experienced) and if they have specific goals for you to meet as far as difficulty level and production go.  Be open and willing to try any whatever they want to throw at you (it really is part of the job), only with the mutual understanding of whether you are expected to be proficient instantly or will have a learning curve for the more difficult dictation. 

        Chances are, this loss was not as much about you as the company and its lack of clarity.  If that is the case, quitting your career choice over it would be a real shame.  Let it make you stronger.


Not to worry! You met my expectations!
Teachers and their expectations...
Isn't it crazy that the teacher would expect you to buy one of these things for a project? I don't know how much they run, but still...geez! My DD has a lit teacher that always comes up with crazy things to do, which always means something crazy for me to go buy! Feel like telling her if she'll supply it, we'd be happy to comply! Good luck...
MT schools and expectations. sm
What do you say to people who believe the hype the MT schools push?  I'm having an exchange on another board with someone who absolutely believes that after a 4-month course she will immediately be making $60,000 a year while working at home with 5 kids one of whom is a special needs child.  I tried to tell her to be realistic, but she won't listen.  She basically insinuates I don't know what I'm talking about even though I've been in the field for 30+ years.  I have nothing to gain by telling her the truth, however, the schools have a lot to gain by propagating these unrealistic expectations.  What do you tell someone like this?    I really have my doubts this person will even make it through the course even after paying $2500.
and your lack of expectations for yourself is showing.
Realistic Income Expectations??

Hi guys!


I am a mom who currently runs a very financially successful home daycare business.  I am looking for a change and considering MT.

After much research I am still unsure about the REALISTIC income that can be made doing MT.

I will be working 6 hours a day - no kids, no interruptions etc.  How much can I really make a year as an independent contractor from home?  I am very familiar with medical terminology etc and plan on taking an MT course.

I would really appreciate a response.  I don't want to give up my daycare and spend money on a course only to find out later I have wasted my time and money.



You are correct in your expectations. I know the answers to these questions.
This is information a recruiter should know by heart.
It takes me three months, then I catch up and exceed the expectations.
Also, takes about three months to decide if you even enjoy the work, company structure and your team members. If not happy, change teams or if it just does not fit, change teams until you feel at home. Being worried about your performed, feeling somwhat discouraged and even temporarily anxiety ridden is not unusual traits of a conscientious employee and valuable employee, by the way.
This sounds like my kind of relationship! No great expectations and you can relax
I always have a fear of disappointing people. It has caused me to isolate myself...
Does your employer offer incentive for exceeding quality expectations?

On the flip side, does your employer have any kind of disciplinary (for lack of a better word) procedure in place for MTs who consistently fail QA reviews?

Finally, what do you think the consequences for constantly failing QA review should be?

Thank You!


Contract/no contract -- same rights
You do not have to have a written contract to take them to court.  All you have to do is to prove you have been providing  work to him, past statements/invoice will do that,  you just fill out the small claims forms and go to court.   But first of all I would personally go in and talk with someone about it.   Could be the office manager/bookkeeper and not the doctor that is not paying you.   He may not know anything about it.   And please do not  make the "joke" as above mentioned, that is very LOW class, tacky and not professional at all.  Especially if you are in a small area -- you need to conduct like a professional.  But call and make an "appointment" to talk with the doctor either in person or through a phone call.  Some doctors do not know what is going on in their office and perhaps the office manager wants to be paid first.  If the doctor does know, then in person or over the telephone inform him that you have no other choice but to pursue the debt just as they would if someone did not pay their bill and if that involves going to small claims court, then that is the route you must take.   Good luck.  I did take one to court without a contract and won. 
Hence, the need for a contract
and put it in writing that they have to give at least 2 wks notice or pay up! Wouldn't that be right? Business is business. I bet they wouldn't want someone doing them that way!
No contract
Actually I do not have a contract and usually do work whenever I want, just received an e-mail about the holidays and was not sure if I was actually "required".  Have worked for them for 3-1/2 or 4 years but have never received an e-mail about holidays.
My contract

gives me a 72-hour turnaround time.  I'm a contracted employee; therefore, responsible for my own taxes.  I download the reports on a disk and do not print them out. 

This may have been around for a while, but I have never heard of it before.  Also, I would think it would be more of a local jurisdiction situation than state jurisdiction if you are working for the local police department.  I do not see what the problem would be ... you have a confidentiality agreement, just the same as with medical.  I will say, he went through the city attorney and others before proceeding. 

If you have more questions, please feel free to email me.

I've got one I've used for years,just fill blanks with all the necessary info. I could e-mail or fax it to you.
I have been doing this nearly 20 years and have only used a "contract or agreement" once and have never had a problem with any of my accounts with payment, etc.  Guess I have been lucky but it has always worked for me.  The one time that I did one, they did not adhere to it and we still parted ways.  Now a days contracts are easy to break and expensive to fight. 
I wonder if you would mind sending me a copy of your contract at radtrans@comcast.net

Thanks much!
If you did have a contract
with this doctor, then you should enforce it. You should not just sit idly by and LET him do this to you. It isn't right and it isn't fair. Doctors thinking that most people don't have the money or the time to take them to court is the exact reason that they do things like this. You have to stand up for yourself. Don't be a doormat!!
IC contract

I recently received my yearly contract in the mail.  I am to sign and return it.  They have the amount per line filled in.  I was a bit disappointed to see that the rate did not change.  In other words, no raise. 

I will probably just sign it and return it but for future reference how can I ask for more money and how much of an increase would be reasonable?    I am lousy at speaking up for myself!

I have only had one contract in the 18 yers of doing this on my own and all that did was state what I provided and gave us a 30 day notice if either were to wishing to get out of using the service or providing the service.  And my accounts have been with me for 6 to 18 years so guess I am doing okay. 
What's an oil contract for?
I've never heard of such a thing.
Oil contract
We heat by propane and our bill, too, was going to go through the roof. I pay a little more for "will call" but we installed a wall propane ventless heater and it heats almost our whole house (one floor plan). The rooms that are cold get an electric heater; our little storage building has a wood burner. Like you, where does it stop???
Oil contract
This is a contract for a year's worth of fuel and the company locks you into a certain price, guaranteed. Otherwise, you usually have to pay more if you just call the company to fill up your oil or propane tank whenever you need it. However, you can beat this somewhat if you conserve and don't take their high priced budget deals. My budget was $80 last year; this year it was going to be $165 a month--for only ten months! I said no and we were very conservative here in Ohio, had a mild winter, though, and only used less than half of what we did the year before due to use of a ventless wall heater, electric zone heaters.
I don't understand your question about the contract ? ? I had to ask for a copy. They kept promising me a copy and promising me a copy. Finally I got one.

As far as their divorce...they were not married very long when the show was taped. I have no clue if the show aided in their divorce or not. Kym and I are friends, but not that close of friends.
No Contract
I never signed anything when I started the job.
I do have a contract
I do have a contract that says I will be paid on the 1st and 15th. I agree that where they go and when they go on vacation is not really my business, other than the fact that I personally feel if they can't pay their bills, they have their priorities out of order. When they cannot pay their bill as contracted, their lack of priorities becomes my business. Yes, my obligations and financial commitments are my problem -- but it would not be a problem if they upheld their end of the contract. But, I agree that I will return the work in a normal timely manner so the monkey is on their back, so to speak.
A contract may or may not help you much.  I have worked both ways and all in all if the business goes belly up even with a contract you are basically out of the money.  When I have done a contract I simply state what I will and will not provide, time in which it is provided (TAT), etc.  I state what I expect from the company, what they will provide (paper, etc.) and make it very simple.  Again basically there is always an out if they don't wish to abide by the contract or want to break it or just not use your services anymore.  And in order to enforce the contract you will be in court just like you would be without a contract.   But it does make some feel better working with a contract - but again I have been lucky with my accounts and my IC's and we all work togeter and get the job done.   I always pay my IC's before myself and if there ever would be a problem they would know about it immediately even if the check is just one day late.    But just state what you want in the contract and you really don't need all that legal language a simple contract will hold up in court if it ends up there.  Only you know what you expect from your MTSO.   Good luck.   Patti
What contract?
Do not have contract....
I don't have a contract

After working for a small practice for about 2 months, I was abruptly told one afternoon I wasn't a team player, they were letting me go, but gave me the transcription to do at home--I was and am grateful for the work.  I did have presence of mind to ask if I would have a contract, as this is all new to me--have mostly worked in-house, except for a short part-time job.  The office manager's reply was, "Oh....we trust you--I don't think we need a contract," which really irritated me--what about my trusting them?!  Now I wonder just what category I'm in.  IC or what??  I suppose I just don't want this office to think I'm a dummy and of course, need to protect my interests--this is my bread and butter--not a sideline job.

I started looking for a sample contract here on MT Stars, but I suppose the required wording varies from state to state.  Does one have to have more than one client to be considered IC? 

Appreciate any help!



My contract
My contract tells my docs that I am off on all holidays, including Christmas Eve and the day after Thanksgiving.  It also says if those holidays fall on a weekend, I will take either the Friday before or the Monday after as a holiday.  If they request transcription on those holidays, I charge double per line.  I've never had them complain to me on this at all.  I once had a STAT dictation on a holiday and the doc included a $100 bill in my envelope "for me being a pain in the butt," as he wrote on the note. 
? about an IC contract

I am signing a contract for work as an IC.  It says Executed by Contractor at _____________, on ____________, 2006.


I get the date part but what goes int the first blank? My address?

If you are an IC then the contract
you signed should stipulate how much notice to give.  If not, I would ask.  You may want to use them on your resume for future jobs. 
Need an IC Contract example...

Anyone have or know a website with IC Contract examples.  I need to type one up by tomorrow, and I am at a complete loss.  

Thanks again!  This forum is awesome!  



Need an IC Contract

Hi. Anyone know a good contract form to use for Indepedent contractor status using line count or hourly?





What does your contract say? If no contract
I have never signed a contract as an employee that I can remember, contracts are for independent contractors, thus a contract.

Even with a contract if they find your work "unsatisfactory" they can nulify the contract.  Even with a contract there is no reassurance that they will keep you and should they fire you unjustly do you have the money to go to court and what will you put in the contract to offset the fact that the "let you go before the expiratioin of the contract."    Even with a contract the one doctor might still "pick" as it seems like it is his nature so why take that with less money and still no reassurance that they will keep you.   I used to work with contracts but each time it came up for renewal there were negotiations, etc. and several times it prompted them to look elsewhere.  Now for the past 15 years have worked without one and barely lost an account to someone else, only death and retirement.  If this doc mainly picks at the bill just document all the work and stick by it.   Good luck

Its a shame what these so-called companies do.  I really hope you are able to get the money you worked for!  I don't see how they sleep at night, but I guess they are okay with it as long as it does not effect their paycheck.  I recently had one lady hire me as an IC, but when I asked about a contract, she kept saying, "I'll get it to you in the morning, in the evening, sometime this week, etc." She wanted me to start working without a contract!  Then got angry with me when I refused to starting working without a contract!  I can't wait to get out of transcription full-time.  I still love the transcription itself, but I hate these companies with the bait and hook, practically begging for a raise, the broken promises, etc.  Sorry to go but its just really old.......................and you guys are the only ones who understand how it is.
In your contract, specify exactly
what you are going to charge them. If you would like the client to pay for the phone charges, then by all means, add it to their contract. Everything and anything is negotiable. Do not devalue your worth.
Did you sign a contract with the first service stating you were not allowed to work for anyone else while working for her?
Contract age?
The only thing I can think of is if you are an Independent Contractor you may need to be 18. In most states, contracts are not binding with minors.


Can you please send me a copy of the contract that you use? I am also interested in obtaining more clients. I would appreciate it -



I found when I had clients, especially private physicians, they were NOT agreeable to any contract. They usually feel like they are giving you a gift by just allowing you to type for them. Honestly..
Then I would get a new contract.
What does your contract say???? If
it specifies which line count you are to use, then that is the one you use. Also, does it say you will have deductions for blanks? Read your contract.
What exactly does your contract say?
Usually there's an out clause that describes how either party needs to handle it if one wants out of the relationship.  You have a non compete?  That's the first I've heard of one in this business.  Go back to your source - your contract.  I've had some experience with non competes in the insurance industry, so feel free to e mail me if you want.  I may be able to answer some generic questions.

Twice in my life I've had contracts like that.  The first time, it was a company that promised a wonderful account, blah, blah.  Long story short, it was not what I expected.  The contract also indicated that it was good for one year.  When I decided to quit, I gave 2 weeks notice and received no response, but my ID was immediately deactivated.  I sent another letter letting them know that I expected my final pay in full and on time or I would have to take legal measures.  I received that final paycheck on time and in full.

The second company where I had a similar contract and found a similar situation.  There were non-compete clauses and the contract was good for one year.  As far as the actual job, there were big promises, but it was an awful account, slow platform.  This time, I lined up another job first, provided 2 weeks notice of intention to quit, and actually worked very little for the final week, as there was a one-week overlap with my new job.  I received an email asking me to elaborate on my reasons for quitting, which I took the time to explain in great detail.  I made it very clear that I expected my final pay in full and on time.

At no time did I ever intend to seek a contract directly with any of the clients of these MTSOs.  I never had a problem with receiving my final pay or having any other problem with regards to quitting, as I made it clear what the consequences would be if they tried such an action.  As far as I was concerned, each of these companies had breached a trusting verbal contract, as the accounts and working conditions were misrepresented to me during the recruitment process.  The first position was as an employee, while the second one was as an IC.

Don't be afraid, but don't stay where you are unhappy.  I doubt that they will try to force you to stay OR try to withhold any of your pay; it wouldn't be to their advantage to do so.