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Saying you have to be "professional" to not fear about loss of a job

Posted By: GaPeach on 2006-12-18
In Reply to: My original post has been deleted, read this... - MT.IC

means all the people sending in posts about outsourcing, losing their jobs, worried about the possibility of such, are nonprofessional. I think this reaches a lot more MTs than just the "nonprofessionals." I hear their fears and know what it is, have been there before. I appreciate the post on my behalf and hope anger management is on hand for those who apparently cannot handle it. My goodness, just think about the season if nothing else...

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Fear of change is worse than fear of not being able to pay your bills? nm
Appearing "professional"
I think that people are finally realizing that the old ways of thinking that people ARE more professional if they DRESS more professional is a flat-out lie--SOME people are starting to learn that being "professional" in general doesn't mean being more moral or ethical in any way shape or form.

Look back in your past--what's the ratio of people who have ripped you off in a business deal, or who have sold you something that was unnecessary, or did their best to make you buy accessories for something that you didnít need--when they're wearing a suit and tie and make themselves look all perfect vs. the longbearded biker-looking dude with his belly sticking out?

Generally, it's the people who try the hardest to look professional that are the ones who are willing to do anything to get a buck. The exception to this is people that are so desperate to make a buck that theyíre willing to mug someone, and they usually look really really ratty.

Selling people unnecessary warranties, or used cars, or selling people a computer based on how extravagant it looks vs how it actually performs--generally itís all done by people who pride themselves in looking professional.

THAT is why looking professional has become not as important anymore, because people are starting to open their eyes and realize. People like Tia will probably continue to get sold things that they donít need, and get sold things that may be inferior quality, all because the person selling it looks professional. That is snobbishness in action, and snobbishness has its pitfalls.
My dwindling paycheck, loss of benefits, and loss of respect is all the proof I need. nm
And yet the services expect us to be "professional" and "honest" with them. Yeah right!

Oh, and there will be other MTs who post to you and say not all services are like that.  Well, the majority are and I say do what you have to do to make money.  That's what the services are doing - anything they can to pad their pockets while keeping under their thumb.

I'm currently studying to take the CCS (certified coding specialist) exam and starting in January I'm going back to school to get my associates degree in Health Information Management and test for my RHIT credentials.  I getting out because medical transcription has gone steadily downhill since I first became an MT 20 years ago.  Everyone thought the internet would just improve the industry, make it easier for us to work home, yada, yada.  And at first it was great.  But now there's a steady stream of transcription going overseas because the internet makes it easy and the independent contractor can't earn a decent living anymore.  We aren't viewed as highly educated and skilled medical professionals anymore; we are viewed as nothing more than secretaries or typists - a job that someone who barely speaks English can do for a fraction of what an MT should make.  It's just sad.  

I've become so burned out and disillusioned with my profession, it's hard for me to even concentrate on my work every day.  I hate what medical transcription has become.  I hate that I studied so hard years ago and worked so hard all those years leading up to today only to be paid pennies per line for my expertise.

I discourage anyone thinking about getting into medical transcription and encourage anyone with the wherewithal and financial means, to find another profession.


Fear Factor is a like being an MT.
Never fear, Sandy, because....
your little "problem" meeting TAT is quickly becoming solved with too much overstaffing, etc. among companies. This appears to be just YOUR problem. I would find it extremely hard to believe that an MT would deliberately try to undermine you by not working her committed work schedule. Goodness, all of this "craziness" because of one innocent question by Julia.
I am a single mom and have this fear every day
But, because I have to pay the bills, I cannot sit around. So I work 2 full-time jobs. I am eying my employee job carefully, b/c if it ever slows to the point where I cannot make rent, I will work 3 jobs and then let the 1 go which is faltering. Unfortuantely, I have been through what is happening to you but I was in a marriage. When I had to go out on my own, I realized how a person has to be secure in a job for all kinds of reasons, not just bills but self-esteem. I cannot tell you what to do nor is it my place to do so, I can only tell you where I have been and where I am now. Even if I had the ability to sit around and wait for work, I would not do it. I would first communicate and ask for full-time work. If no response I'd get a second or third job and do all until the time comes where I can judge which is the most consistent to pay bills. This is even if I did not have much sleep and raising a child alone. I am doing this now, and it is difficult, but I would rather lose sleep with a roof over my head and a good self-esteem, than sit and wait for work and let it eat on my bills and my confidence.
Sorry for the long note. Hope it helps. Good luck to you whatever you decide. PS: Listen to your heart.
Has anyone been following Psycho Fear Factor?
I don't think the Bates Hotel looks all that bad - in fact it looks a lot like MY house! So far I think the worst torture was having that newly divorced couple sleep in the same bed! I guess they signed up for the show B4 they knew divorce wuz pending, LOL.
Wow, let's see, I remember when we could play outside without fear SM
and stayed outside and played from morning until night (we only came home for supper)...

When you could be a blue-collar worker and expect to make a living wage, and keep the same job all your adult life...

When going to the movies for 50 cents and sitting in the balcony was fun...

When you could say something without fear of offending someone and getting sued...

Ah, I remember...
I fear what the future holds too...
Those three beautiful souls growing up thinking this is the normal way to live. Call your family today and start planning to leave this creep. It won't be the easiest thing you've ever done, but it will be the smartest.
Not to discount your fear right now, but didn't her doc

advise her that the risks involved with surgery would include perforation of organs, and other complications, including death. Medicine is unfortunately an inexact science, and doctors are, after all, only human. May not be a clear cut case of malpractice, may "merely" be an unfortunate complication.

I've seen many people rush into a lawsuit, only to have their lives and money consumed by them, to find out they don't understand legal concept of malpractice and even if malpractice, if the insurance company has a better lawyer, you can lose anyway.

For now, I would focus my energy on praying rather than suing...



I fear you tried the company out of Chicago?
Forgot to mention - kids need fear of someone or something sm
that is my job as a mom, to make them fear authority and always try to do the right thing! I don't care how big they are, and my one son is 6'3" tall and weighs 250 lbs, I will still kick his ass and he knows it!
don't cheat yourself out a really good experience just because of fear...sm
I went to Africa in January to volunteer in a medical clinic for 18 days. Talk about leaving your comfort zone. There were two nights in particular where I really, really, really wished I wasn't there.  But turned out to be a profoundly life changing experience. The word is "feel the fear but do it anyway."
No, that's next week's Psycho MT Fear Factor.
With FranQ substituting 4 Joe Rogan.
Not old but........Primal Fear! Excellent movie.
Complacency and fear of rocking the boat is a big

Totally not MT related, but where is the new season of Fear Factor on NBC? nm

I don't watch fear factor. They abuse animals. I also have better
stuff to do with my time then watch someone eat pig intestines.
I'm with your son, although my faves are SF Rockstar and SF Sobe No Fear. VROOOM ... lol nm

My biggest fear of doing my own file or someone else I knew doing it would be to hear

the dreaded words "obese female" and "looks older than stated age!"  UGH!!!!

I find they give the best, meticulous pt care by far. Why do you fear?
Their control obviously isn't putting fear in those that abuse the information though. nm
Fear of change. Kinda like I am when I am faced with learning a new acct.
I wanted to learn it, but I fear the learning curve would be impossible. sm

since I can't take any time off from the qwerty keyboard.  How did you make the conversion? 

No social life. I now have a fear going out in public! Working from home for 8 years now will do t
So sorry for your loss.
I'm sure your sweet Lady knows you love her, and she'll be waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.
I am at a loss too regarding this sm
I was called on Friday by my supervisor. She begged and pleaded with me to please work this holiday weekend, and I said yes (my own stupidity since we get nothing extra for doing this).

So, I came home early today to type more and........no work! DQS has nothing for me, and I do 6 different accounts. Let's just say I am a little upset. Yes, this is the Amherst office.

I certainly understand what you are going through. I lost my brother 2 years ago and it still hurts every day. We were so close, I was his major care giver for his last 2-3 years and i still find myself picking up the phone to call him! But I must say, the hurt DOES eventually lighten up a little bit. Good luck to you!
Sorry for your loss...see msg
Please grieve in the way that helps you. I know this doesn't sound like much help, but I grieve for a father I wished I had known. I lost him when I was only 16 y/o...he wasn't a part of our family, my brother and I didn't really know him at all, but when I went to his funeral, I felt so sad inside and I am now 45 y/o and still feel a profound sadness at NOT having a father in my life. My friends have lost their fathers over the years, and even though they grieve, they know I didn't have a real father at all, and they all say at least they got to know and live with their father, he was a daily part of their lives, and for that they are ever grateful. They too understood my grief.

I know you are truly grateful for the father you had in your life, someone to talk to, to lean on, to make you feel special and cared for. A girl needs that in her life. It would have made a big difference if I could have been so fortunate. Who is to say what is normal grieving time, but if you feel it is interfering with your daily life, please see a counselor or perhaps join a grief therapy group, so you can share your grief with others who can and do understand.

I understand about not sharing too much with your husband...my husband had his father in his life and lost him many years ago. But I don't think he really understands my grief for NOT having that relationship. Grieving is a solitare process, but there are others who perhaps can share that loss with you.

My prayers are with you.
loss of dad

     I too loss my father at the end of September. I think you are handling it fine but grief is differant for everyone. So I thought I would just post a small note about what has helpped me. I do not look at it as my father is gone. For me, he has merely graduated to a differant plane of existance. This plane of existance allowes his spirit the freedome from his failing corporial body, so that now instead of being able to visit occasionally, he is with me all the time. He is no longer in pain, and all those little memories are his way af saying I am still here with you, watching over you. I still talk to him and ask his advice and guidance, and usually if I am very quiet.. I can hear what he would say. Perhaps it is just my imagination or perhaps it is really his spirit making conatact. Either way it gives me comfort and makes the loss a little less painful. I hope this helps you in your time of grief. My best wishes to you.

I am so sorry for your loss

I have a Beagle that I took in a short time ago.  He came from a shelter and has had some medical problems.  Although I have never been in your situation, your post made my eyes tear up.  Pets do become such an important part of your family and you love them so very much.  Just know that you have ended the suffering of your beloved pet and a better place is to come.

God bless!

I'm so sorry for your loss.
I know what it's like to lose a pet too, and to have to put them down. I had a 16yo cat that I had to put down about 5 years ago, and to this day it still makes me cry when I think about that awful day.

Take some time for yourself to grieve the loss of your beloved friend. Time will help.

Again, so sorry you lost your friend.
your loss
I am so sorry for your loss. We had to put our beagle mix down about 6 months ago. I was sure I would never want another one. We really miss her. We have healed enough to start thinking about another one. We began to realize just how much they give and never ask for a thing back.
Job loss
I know how you feel.  My department was outsourced also.  And, to top it off they asked me to train my replacement.  I had been with my company for over 20 years.  So, I guess that did not mean anything.  Currently I work for a national; but, I plan to go back to school and get out of transcription.  It is getting harder to make a living transcribing, which I used to love doing; but, I have come to the point where I know I will have to make a career change. 
I am so sorry for your loss

When I was in the military, one of our docs read an OB ultrasound on an anencephalic fetus. He didn't bother to pick up the phone and call the OB, and somehow either the report didn't reach the OB or it didn't get read. In any case, the initial ultrasound was when the woman was in the first trimester, and it wasn't until she was well into her second trimester and had a second ultrasound that her OB became aware of the situation.

I don't know what happened with her - whether she carried it to term or not, but obviously it could not live outside the womb. And if she had found out during her first trimester, it would have been a lot easier on her physically, if not emotionally.

I had never liked that particular doctor. He always seemed like he became a doctor because of the money, not because he wanted to help people. After the incident described above, I disliked him even more.

and im sorry for your loss
i actually meant to post that to the person above you... but i must have clicked on yours last ...

I don't know what it would be like to lose my father... but I can only imagine so I hope you are doing okay!
I am sorry about your loss. nm
weight loss
I use TrimSpa (baby) it's working o.k. I am making a conscious effort to not fry, not add salt, eliminated cornbread (I'm a Southerner), etc., etc. I work a lot of night hours and this helps me with my snacking between 9 p and mid. I do drink green tea. I think it boosts my metabolism....
loss of MQ lines
You especially loose lines when you have to do the back to back to back reports like many docs do. You spend more time putting in the ADT stuff than typing and we know we don't get paid for that. I purposely have sat the full eight hours in my chair and not gone on the net, not done anything but type during those hours and still am down lines. I would love to know if we are getting paid for spaces, I know they say we are, but.........
loss of MQ lines
Well anyone can obviously tell who spends more of their time on these boards gossiping than actually working at the job they get paid to type for!
weight loss
just a general word of encouragement to everyone trying to lose weight that YOU C-A-N DO IT!!!!!   I am very small-boned, 5' 6', and weighed nearly DOUBLE my normal body weight.  Looked like nothing but a big bowl of pudding.  One day I decided to move.  Maybe it was the Nike slogan, but I just did it.  Could barely walk around ONE BLOCK.  But I walked the block.  One day, I could walk two blocks.  One day I walked a mile.  Took me two years to lose the weight, ladies, but I got skinny and toned by EXERCISE (95% walking, a bit at the gym, not much), and sensible eating.  Every single reader here knows what sensible eating is:  Eat healthy, not overprocessed food, and don't eat too much of it  PERIOD.  Deep down, we all know that.  Admit it and change your eating habits -- and walk and/or exercise, and you can do it.  By the way, I am not holier than thou, I did used to take ephedra at half the recommended dosage, every day in the early days, just to take the edge off at dinner time, when I would rip off the cabinet doors cuz i got so hungry for the deadly four: pasta, potatoes, rice and bread.  Couldn't get enough of it.  decreasing (NOT ELIMINATING) these and making myself full with veggies and water did the trick.  I eventually eliminated the ephedra.  GOOD LUCK  TO ALL OF YOU.  Nike:  Just Do It. 
hearing loss
Has anyone noticed a loss of hearing over years of MT work? A new report on the news says that continuous use of head sets can cause hearing loss. I have noticed it (and tinnitus) among me and my MT friends. Anyone else?
hearing loss
After 30 years in this job, yes my hearing is REAL bad! I'm going to start pricing hearing-aids this month, mightly only be able to afford one. Insurance companies - if they are generous might pay for one - if you work at GM I'm told. I'm certain this job has accelerated a natural aging phenomenon. I'm hoping to make it another 5 years. I can't interview for another line of work if I can't hear the interviewer!
Loss of flexibility
I haven't gotten my packet yet, but it sounds like we will have to submit a set schedule.  This is a problem if there is no work within your scheduled hours to work (which happens to me nearly every day).  Then I have to rearrange my life to be able to make any money.   It isn't going to work for me anymore.   
I don't see it as a great loss. Bye.


weight loss sm
I tried the following - a little more walking, no more white bread,(12 grain), flavored non-dairy creamer instead of cream, not water-friendly, so drank a lot of non-caffeine tea (raspberry) and Sweet & Low (don't think this is a good idea). Tried Benefiber chewable to add bulk and fiber; lean beef, 90% lean a few times a week only, sweet potatoes instead of white, only 1 at a time and generally cutting out the obvious (no alcohol, fried foods, rich pastry). Took off 15 lbs. and was able to get into an old Size 10 for my reunion, from a 14, and saved a bunch on new clothes and felt great! Hope I can keep it up. When my son was getting married years ago, I hated the "mother of the groom" puffy chiffons, so I stationery biked from Feb. to May and went from a 14 to a 10 (700 miles total) and wore a lovely silk suit. Unfortunately, I ate my way back because I felt the "empty nest" syndrome. Once you lose, don't snooze, keep it up! You'll like yourself better. This profession can ruin your body, take control by getting up and moving around as much as you can. I did not do that and suffer the consequences with my back, my right thumb is totally painful so that I can't open jars, unlock the babies' safety belts, etc., it comes upon you when the damage is done. Don't let it happen to you, exercise when you can, you're worth it!
Has anyone used LA Weight Loss?
If so, what were your results. Any info would be greatly appreciated. TIA
I tried it and lost 40 pounds in 3 months or so but it came back as quick as it went. They are VERY expensive. Currently not working on anything but GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!
Sorry to hear about your loss.
I lost my dog this year when he got hit by a car. I still get teary-eyed thinking about him. Talking about the pitbull I had a previous neighbor/family who had a Doberman that they didn't take care of. He was outside 24/7. All they did was feed him and he barked and barked and barked whenever we were outside or anyone around the yard. He ended up dying so they got another dog. This time a pitbull looking dog which I found out was an English bulldog? maybe. There are some people who just have to have a dog that has a tough reputation. It sounds like those near you didn't just have a rep. I'm glad to be moved away from them. They were nice people but I hated that they didn't take care of their dogs very well.
Hearing loss
Is there any new technology out there on improving hearing loss besides hearing aids?  My DH has a herititary hearing loss that seems to be getting worse these past few years.  He refuses to wearing hearing aids even though we have spent $$$ on them.  He is a teacher and it is getting very difficult for him to teach his classes effectively or without students making fun of or taking advantage of his hearing loss.  Just curious if anyone knows of anything before we spend $$$ and time seeing doctors that will tell him nothing.