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And how much do you pay out of pocket for AHDI dues? And required CEUs?

Posted By: RBD on 2009-03-18
In Reply to: I receive 2 different CMT incentives. - Multi-MTSO MT


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Dictate into computer, hand held, pocket pc or even palm pocket
Go to http://www.nch.com.au and see their dictation and transcription software. Works great, priced great, never had a problem with it!
In a perfect world, dues would be enough; however, the Olympics is not about dues, it's about sm
winning.  There are lots of athletes through the years I rooted for who were good but not good enough.  Is Michelle good enough?  Should she bump another more talented younger athlete from the team?   Sentimentally, yes.  Realistically no.
CEUs are NOT FREE!!!! nm
CEUs don't cost that nowadays!
About paying out-of-pocket for meds
I don't know what state you are in, but Wal-Mart Pharmacy has a great plan in which you only pay $4.00 for generic medications. I think that Target has a plan comparable to this as well.

Also, there are Patient Assistance plans that are available through some of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, which covers the majority cost of the medication if you are within a certain income bracket. For example, my daughter takes a medication, which is about $150.00 for a 30-day supply (there is no generic for this medication yet). I cannot afford it; so we applied for the Patient Assistance plan (which I had to research on the Internet to find out what/how to do this because NOBODY offers info on this sort of thing for some reason). Anyway, being that the MT industry pretty much pays their MTs at poverty level these days, we qualified for the patient assistance program. Now, I only have to pay a $5.00 copay for her medication.

I know how expensive medications can be. I hope that this message offers you some sort of relief in knowing that there is some help out there -- you just have to look for it. Hopefully, you can get some assistance some how.

I wish you much luck!
Nothing was missing. She did not take a purse. She only had her ID (to drink) in her pocket.
Everything else was in the hotel room.  If she drowned she would have become shark or crab food. 
Anyone try Express Dictate or Pocket or Palm
I did pay my dues
I did pay my dues but got into this when it was a good field to pick up own accounts and they have stayed with me, some for 18 years.  But through this I have a few that did not pay, was not the right fit, etc.  But now  I pick up the little accounts, 1 to 2 docs with tapes still but it has treated me good.  I still fight traffic once a day (I chose the time of the day) but I enjoy getting out of the house and seeing the gals at the office.  I have 6 to 7 years full-time until I can quit and then will do part-time.  I know it could change tomorrow and so that is why I appreciate what I have today.  I have learned that I worry too much about tomorrow and was not enjoying today and changed this a year or two ago.   I put in about 35 hours a week with pick up and delivery, have two part-time IC's. 
are you current with your dues?
'Nuff said.
Everyone must pay their dues....we experienced MTs sm
worked in the office in the beginning of our career. I am not as old as one might think, 38 years old, but I started MT while still in high school in the 10th grade on a typewriter. I paid my dues many times over before I could have a career at home. I have to tell you, the experience and knowledge gained in that time is priceless. Yes, we learn something new every day, but in the office you have the doctors, nurses, OMs, and other MTs to offer their assistance. If you don't know a word or can't understand it, you go right to the doc himself. So, the next time you hear it, you know what the heck he/she was talking about. That is how you learn. Sorry to say it, but an office job or MT job in one specialty is where you should start. These schools tell you that you can work at home after you finish their course. That just is an outright untruth!

Just had to give my 10 cents worth.
Sounds like union tactics, dues and all.
They have to make money somehow since they have declining membership dues. nm
Make off shore work illegal (to send to), lower dues, better pay - nm
No, you are not required to do this. (see m)
However, be sure to deduct the portion of your electric bill, heating bill, et cetera that apply to the square footage of your office. These will not trigger any depreciation reclamation on sale.

The only way you get into trouble on selling the home is if you have deducted a portion of the mortgage payment as a business expense. That's the only time depreciation would enter the equation. Stay away from that and you will have no problems.
IC not required

Also not required if hiring an IC.  You can get your own private disability insurance.  Some business insurance will also cover this for sole proprietorships. 

I am required to have one. sm
The county that I live in requires me to have a business license since I am an IC and considered self-employed.  Doesn't cost much and is tax deductible.
I am required to have one. sm
The county that I live in requires me to have a business license since I am an IC and considered self-employed.  Doesn't cost much and is tax deductible.
Yes it is required
Believe me or don't. I really do not care. I didn't post here to be burned at the stake. I was asking for opinions and I am sorry that I did. I cannot change doctors as our insurance states where we must go and we have few choices.
No notice required
Since you are still in the learning the job stage just inform them that you are resigning effective immediately. Usually the first 90 days are a trial with employee and employer and no one should take offense. They could let you go with no reason either.
ALL dictators should be required to take a
dictation class taught by an experienced MT. This would surely help this problem.
Exp. not required, but recommended.

Actually, AAMT has restructured the CMT exam, and MTs are no longer required to have 2 years of experience to sit for the exam.  However, they strongly recommended to have at least 2 years of experience in the acute arena. 

Check out the AAMT web site - they are working on a new certification exam that is geared more towards those new to the field and new graduates.  I believe this is the RMT credential already discussed here.  According to the web site, those eligible are recent graduates, MTs with less than 2 years' acute experience, and MTs working in single- or multi-specialty clinics.

Hope that helps....

Theresa Leppert, RHIT, CMT

Unfortunately, the license is required sm
I have never had to have one, but the clinic I am going to work for requires it. It is a lot of hassle, and I can't wait until it's over and done with :)
Are you required to keep a log sheet?
Im just wondering if this is common. I have to keep a log sheet on my current account and it is a big PITA and waste of time and money.
I'm not required to but I do and thank goodness! sm
I've received emails over the last two days from doctor's offices asking about missing reports. I had sent the reports they were missing...I just sent them again...QA said it was probably on their end...well it would have to be, because I had everything completed that I was assigned and turned in before the required time.

Lines required for FT

Hello.  I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how many lines companies are requiring at minimum per an 8-hour day. From a few of the ads and my last "in-house" job, it looks like they are asking for about 1200 lines a day equaling 6000 per week. Does anyone know if this is about the average?  I am researching this to know what to discuss with a local physician regarding transcribing his work.  Thanks to all for any information.  Have a great week.      L. Dickin 

Lines required for FT
Thank you for responding.
If you are required 8 hours a day on each job, and are
alternating back and forth you are not working each job 8 hours, more like 4 on each.
Required overtime

Advice needed!  Boss is pushing for us to do overtime, but the last time I worked overtime I got paid LESS than a regular check!!!  It all went to taxes, and the way they calculate holidays, etc.  So, I told her for this reason, I don't think it's fair for me to work overtime.  She said, "Too bad for you, but we are backlogged, and everyone needs to pitch in."  I want to be a teamplayer, but working for "free" really gets me down.  Especially when I do at least 600 extra lines every day!  Please help me handle this tactfully.

A SS card has ALWAYS been required
for jobs--if nothing else, to verify it for tax purposes. Go to your local SS office and apply, have to do it in person as they require ID.
Anyone required to have bus. license...sm
to work as IC?  Was going to work for company, but require I have a business name and license.  Also pay per page and not per line.  Never ran across this before.
The state is PA and yes it IS required here.
Breast exams are required for driver's permits now in my state. They have been for several years now.
I had been a member of AHDI, but when I had a problem with a MTSO not paying I contacted them. The reason I contacted them was to ask in their assistance, not in my instance, but to protect their membership from this type of company. They completely ignored the context of my letter and referred me to local agencies. My thought was that with this industry being so new and unprotected online, that they should take an interest in have legislation passed... went right over their heads. Thus, I did not renew my membership.
SO well-said! I think AHDI should be
what is AHDI and sm
why are only 1/4th of them medical transcriptionists?

Wouldn't you think they all would be?


I started a thread below about the government stepping in and making the MTSO companies step up to the plate and conform to a standard form of counting lines for US based medical transcriptionists and to perhaps have a baseline pay so that MTs are not sitting all day long waiting on one more report to try to make a count that is making the MTSOs richer. While not everybody agreed with my points, let me say that there are probably far more MTs in this country who are not independent contractors and who are trying to support themselves than not. ICs would almost be classified as (mini) MTSOs. Not everybody has the luxury of negotiating what they will work for. That whole conversation is moot when we are talking about the industry as a whole. ADHI has spoken for years that they support standardization but when they were recently asked about "policing" the MTSOs methods of counting lines, they dropped the ball. This is just my opinion, but there definitely needs to be an accountability to the U.S. worker concerning this industry. While on one hand we are described as highly skilled workers with a wide base of knowledge, we are then described as home-based, bunny-slippered, pajama mamas.  It cannot be both ways. We are highly skilled and do have a wide base of knowledge and we need to band together. I do like the name United States Medical Transcription Association. Works for me. 


I am not sure it matters who is behind ADHI or their corporate sponsors. The reality is that the U.S. based MTs need to quit taking a knee jerk reaction to them. ADHI started small. Your comment about the displaced workers just proves my point that the government and the Dept of Labor do need to be involved in the restructuring of the MT Industry.  When a major MTSO company can initiate a program whereby it cuts the salaries of thousands of it's employees for its own gain, there is a problem there. In the area where I work, there was an article in the newspaper about the outsourcing of the radiology dept on weekends to Australia so that coverage was 24/7. This is a U.S. owned company who employs radiologists from Australia. I am betting those doctors over there do not make less than their counterparts over here. So, it is up to us, the MTs of the U.S. to start to organize in order to reinstate the true value of the work we are entrusted to perform day in and day out.

Completely with you. making almost minimum wage for over 30 years of work. mostly because of account specifics, slow platform, always blaming it on the Internet, awful audio.
AHDI: BOS...............
Yes, it is:
For instance:

AHDI tells us:

5cc's was injected.


1. Why has there to be an apostrophe cc's? It is just only the plural of cc, css is right, like MTs, the 70s, etc.....

Why 'was' injected; ccs is plural, consequently 'were', this is the right grammar.

But, AHDI says:
'NO, you have to look at it as a UNIT, 5ccs, is a UNIT, so you have to type 'was'. BS!

And there are a lot of these examples.

Yes, but AHDI is quite the
wishy-washy change horses in midstream type - maybe they will smell conflict coming and hop on the no-outsourcing bandwagon if too many MTs lose interest in AHDI membership.  At any rate, it will be fun to see what happens.

I have been reading the posts here for many months and I agree with everything said above regarding AHDI.  I resigned as treasurer of a student chapter after realizing they seemed to care more about foreign MTs than us here in the US.

Now all US transcriptionists have an option.  There is a new organization "American Transcription Association", ATA.  The mission of this organization is to bring to the forefront the situation here for out MTs and all the off shoring to India and elsewhere.  This organization will only accept US transcriptionists.

Check it out at www.ataus.org

Maybe we can make a difference!


We were required to get up once an hour for five minutes
to stretch, walk around, do hand exercises, etc. Our hospital was very much into preventing repetitive motion strain injuries. I still do it at home. I type for 45 minutes or so, then I get up, fill my beverage, throw a load of laundry in, run out to the mailbox, ride my exercise bike, whatever.
Question: How long have you been on DQS? They have required I be on

now require the DSL. 

They had said the other program/platform would not work with DSL and thus required I stay on dialup.

They keep me so confused. 

At my hospital, even 25+ years ago, you were required SM

to type 1100 per day. That was with NO spell check, NO expanders. Nothing. Everybody typed a lot more than that.

I think the trouble that you describe must have something to do with working on some company's lame platform. I work in Word, I make my own expanders, my own everything, and work 5 hours a day, if I have 150 minutes to do. That is about 2000-2200 lpd. It is not a problem, because I do what's fastest for ME. The people at the hospital do some kind of merge thing and put everything in their system.

Working on a platform that is designed for anything other than MT will only cost you money. They make these systems to help coding, discharge, everybody but us. I'll never, ever do it again. I'd rather work at Wendy's -- Just kidding! Just kidding! Don't get THAT started.


Access code is required...sm
This is what it says when I try to get to that site:

Welcome to MedAbbrev.com, the premiere website for medical abbreviations and more.
New users please have your Access Code ready and click the Register button on the left (Access code can be found on the inside front cover of your printed book). If you do not have a copy of the book, please click Book Order Form.

Registered users please enter your username and password on the left then click the Login button. Thank You.

is giving notice required?

I'm having a debate with my husband right now. 

I know when you're an employee that it's customary to gives two weeks' notice, but what about when you're an independent contractor? One of us says that two weeks notice is customary whether you're an employee or IC, but the other says that you don't have to give any notice if you're an IC. Who is right?

The loser pays for a dinner at Olive Garden.  

Maybe notice is not required, but it's the right thing to do. nm
Insurance required by employee

I am reqruied to have insurance also by my contract employer - I found a great deal $89.00 a year.

They  require it because someone wrote an article, which I did see, and wished I had printed fron the internet, that stated (in faver of the employeer of course), one way to prevent being sued by an independent l contractor,, is requring them to carry insurance liability.  It is a definite distinction between self-employeed and employed...

What a waste.


125-150/hour minimum required usually
Yeah, company required it.

It seems like eons ago, but I don't think I bought it myself....I think the company purchased them and took the $$ out of the check for them.  Don't quote me on that though.  I'm referring to it all the time for stuff.  It is interesting though how they do change things over the years from one version to the next.  Being the conspiracy theorist/anarchist that I am, I'd say this most definitely is a survival/money making tactic on the part of AAMT.  It's kind of like how I feel many companies ensure you keep buying their products...they specifically design pieces parts to break or wear out. 

Yup. It's required reading, as far as I'm concerned.
I see WAY too many MTs just sort of doing their own thing (usually incorrectly). Several places I've worked at require using the BOS as your guideline. I know I would if I owned my own service or were the manager of an MT department. It gives us all one common language, one standard.
Has she downloaded the required audio