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Are you currently receiving any type of

Posted By: perkymt on 2008-11-13
In Reply to: Exactly and I can't get that through their heads. sm - CrispyCritterMT

assistance or benefits through OVR (Office of Vocational Rehab)?  That could be a motivating factor for this counselor to get you to take a job that is obviously beneath your qualifications.  I would hold out.  She can't force you to take it. 

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Better ask on the receiving end. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. nm
If you are receiving 8 cpl, how much do you think

I think other way, for receiving not sending
Looks like that's only for sending, not receiving?
Not receiving any assistance. sm
I wanted financial help with going back to school for coding. The only training they offered was at a JVS school or a IDT type school as a medical assistant. Then the funds for training were cut. They offered (and pushed) this job assistance program which I thought was going to be more in depth than it is. I thought I would be sent on interviews they had arranged. Basically I meet with the counselor once a week and she gives me leads she found on the internet and I send in my resume. She supposedly knows the area and was going to provide local job leads. I lost one MT job in June due to VR and on my own found the job I have now in about a week. Yes I probably need another job in billing/coding so I can make more money, but now is not the time to be giving up a job you already have. IMHO
Unbelievable! And to think at MQ we are bellyaching at receiving...sm
only 80% of our regular line rate for editing. It sounds like clinic notes, dr's office notes, maybe just a few docs, nothing complicated, lots of canned text etc. Still 2 cents a line, I don't think you could speed up the sound enough to make any money at that rate unless there were no mistakes whatsoever.
I would be afraid of receiving a lethal
sending/receiving dictation
I am looking at taking on another account.  My account I currently have I did not have to set up the send/receive aspect because it was already done for me.  My first client uses a software called Send-It.  They upload the handheld recorder tapes onto the computer on thier end and it transfers to my FTP site.  Now they do not make this software because it is not compatible with XP.  Is there any software out there like this that is compatible with XP so I can let my new client know where to get it?  He wants to do a call in situation, but I know nothing about this and would like to keep both clients the same.  Thanks for any information!!
Is that right? The MTSO is receiving the same rate
and paying the MT less for editing. That is a horrible thought. I was under the impression that the MTSO was also charging less for editing. Sure, we may in some instances be able to edit twice the amount of lines, but in reality we are still doing double the work for less the money. Makes no sense that we would have to do more work for less money. If this keeps up and we keep getting our rate cut, soon we will end up like one of those down and out person on the street that you see with a sign that says, "Will work for food."
the grand total is 3 so far from the emails I am receiving....thanks everyone - nm
Since you aren't receiving any response via the e-mail,
I think you should telephone her.  This is possibly the only real way you could find out what is going on.  Certainly after 3 times of nonpayment, I'd do no more work until all behind monies are paid and then in the future only allow 1 payment to be late before not doing work for her. Good luck to you
trouble receiving Daily Digest??
Can anyone tell me why I am having trouble re-signing up for the Daily Digest.  Have not been receiving now for about a month and cannot seem to re-sign up - keep getting error message??  Thanks - I miss it.
Do you want a birthday gift too? Christmas is for giving, not receiving.
Christmas is for giving, not receiving.

What have you given your work place?
Make sure it's ok on the receiving end to enlarge. Sometimes it screws up the printing
Express Scribe and receiving the voice files...

I have been using Express Scribe to transcribe notes from voice files that are sent to my AOL mailbox.  I was told that AOL mailboxes will only allow smaller sized voice files and that they will not accept larger files.  Does anyone have information regarding this matter?  Is there a better server I should change to so I can receive the larger voice files?


I was also wondering if I should instead use one of those MT platforms where the docís email to that specific platform and the MT picks them up there.  For the life of me, I cannot recall the name of that site.  If anyone knows of the site, can you please let me know. 


All advice appreciated, thank you.    


Need Help receiving encrypted files through Express Scribe!

Is there anyone out there who could tell me how I could listen to encrypted files in my Express Scribe which I receive through email???  I am able to receive and listen to them just fine when not encrypted, but cannot figure out how to set ES up to use a password.  When I click on the voice file in my inbox, it now takes me to ES, but displays an ERROR box stating  - unable to open DSS file, this means the file might not be a true DSS file or the file is corrupt.

Yesterday, I posted this on the wrong board, but did receive some response anyway and thanks!  Still now working though. Someone told me that I needed to get the User Id # from the clinic's software program they are using.  The person I subcontract for thought that the User Id from her Olympus DSS software would work, but I am not so sure since the files originally come from the clinic. 

I would rather not have to purchase the Olympus program if not necessary.  I would think there would be some way to receive these encrypted files with their password.  I have also tried to leave the User ID area blank or enter 0, but this does not work either. Keep getting the ERROR message as above.   

The files are coming from a dss program called Olympus if that matters.  Any insight would be greaaaatly appreciated!!!

Has anyeone else had a problem receiving x-rated emails? sm
It started a few weeks ago, and they come in with the name on the email as my husband's name, but it's my own email address. They are usually lewd subject lines, talking about male size, and crap like that. I accidently opened one and they all have to do with drugs like Viagra and Cialis. They had a website to link to to get off their emailing list, but I can tell that they have somehow just glommed onto my system.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a virus or something? Any ideas on how to get rid of it? It's not like I can block my own email address or my husband's from coming into my email box, which is exactly how they're sending them, like they're coming from myself!

Any ideas, please? I've been deleting something like 25 emails a day from these, and I'm getting ill just having to read the subject line that pops in with each one.

Many thanks, in advance, if anyone has any info on this scam.
Have my own ftp site for receiving wave files...return completed

reports to the doctor the same way... secure, safe, easy.  I purchase the space from startlogic for $90 a year. Hope this helps!

She probably cares because as long as she is on 100% QA, she is receiving a lower wage, in addition
to holding up her eligibility for benefits (if she is entitled to them).
I have found that honesty is always best. I've quit a job right after receiving the equipment S

because a better offer came along.  I have always just been honest, tell them that I've decided to accept another position.  I apologize for any inconvenience, ask them to instruct them on how they would like me to return the equipment, and then I always ask that they keep my resume on file.  They are usually pretty diplomatic about it.  They'd rather you tell them up front than waste their time and yours in training for a job you're not going to be happy with.

The program is being determined by the file extension you're receiving. sm

If you're receiving a voice file that's opening automatically in MediaPlayer (which is what I think you're trying to say), then you will need to change the program that is automatically associated with that file type so that it will open the program you want to use.

The easiest way to do this is to open Explorer, locate the voice file, right mouse click on it and choose Properties. On the General tab in the first "block" where is says Opens With, click the Change button and then choose the program you want to use from the list that appears. This will change the program that opens ALL files with that extension.

To change

Care to share the charity that doesn't pester after receiving a donation? x
Some emails that are sent do not warrant a written reply, so receiving a read receipt would
ensure that the information sent has been read/received.
don't type double spaces. Type single. Then no one will be cheated.
I can type with wine, can't type with coffee, though...too jittery.
That is, type the code above before and after what you want bolded in the text-to-type box. nm
For me it isn't an account type but a dictator type ...
and that would be oriental. An oriental dictator (hahaha, that kind of sounds funny...hahaha) is the most challenging for me.
No, you don't type directly into ES. You type in Word -
or whatever their platform is, just like you did with your tapes.

Then you do your line count in Word or the platform.
You should type them. I usually type them in parentheses following the diagnosis.
remind me, type what they say, type what they say, type....
"He indicated that at the beginning of the year he complained of health problems recently but has gotten better."  C'mon doc, which one is it?????
Shorthand users: Is there a way to type a word, use a slash and then type another word..sm

immediately following the slash and have it expand.  For example if I needed to transcribe mass/sebaceous cyst, is there a way to use my expanded sebaceous cyst without having to back space after I type the slash mark?  TIA

Right above where you type (SM)

There is a "T" with a colored block.  You can highlight the text you want to color, click on that block, and then click on the color you want to make it. :)

I hope your kitty will be around for more years to come.  I know 19 is very old for a kitty.  :(  It's hard to think about losing one of our "babies."

Take care,


TV on while you type?
Do you keep the television on while you type?  I think I would get alot more done if I would stop watching TV and stop surfing the web!
If you don't know what type you have,

you probably don't have an FTP server.  You would have to know that to set it up and configure it. 

FTP stands for file transfer protocol, which just means that it's a way to upload and download files from a server using the Internet.  If you'd like free FTP software for a potential job, you can download CoreFTP for free from Download.com at the following link.


how would you type this?

How would you type "section 8 housing"?  Would it be Section 8 housing, Section -8 housing, Section-8 Housing or Section 8 Housing?


Tabatha in Charleston, SC

you type what?
Ummmmmmm, okay! LOL!
you never type don't or can't but only do not and cannot etc...lol

If all you have to do is type....
and they do all the rest (if you are subcontracting through a service), after the 25% take, they are paying you 9.75 cents per line and that is better than most national companies. Plus, hopefully, you do not have to learn 100 or more dictators! If this is the case, go for it!
Does anyone have any info on USA TYPE?  Thanks
Has anyone heard back from USA type after they have tested for them?  thanks
usa type
I think she must have gotten a big response to the job post and hopefully is just sorting things out.
usa type
How long after you took the test were you called?
usa type
that's interesting . . . sheri told me herself last January that she was selling her medtrans business and wouldn't be hiring any more. . . . .
type it
it doesnt matter if it is someone you know. you still have a job to do while adhering to patient confidentiality.
we have to type it out now? aw man
Just my type ....
Believe me, he'd approach me in a bar .... Just like the late 60's fella with the hot pink sport jacket, rug on his head, and POLYESTER black slacks .... and this was not THAT long ago!! LOLOLOL
type OP.
Type what they say
I was taught to fix them a little bit if needed.  Of course, I work in a teaching hospital and you can do that.  With the foreign docs, they don't make any sense sometimes and get words wrong.  We can fix them, but if they are hard dictators, we just type what they say and let them worry about it.  I have been thanked for doing this for 19 years. 
Is it Type 2 or Type II?
I have been typing Type 2 because I thought it changed but just got corrected. 
Type 2
It's Type 2.  At www.diabetes.com and www.diabetes-facts.com they both have it as Type 2.  Even if you search for Type II and logon to their site they have it as Type 2.  The main thing is how your MT company or physician prefers you to type it.
Type 2
AAMT (2nd edition) shows type 2 diabetes mellitus