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Are you wanting to know what it says?

Posted By: Insulted on 2005-09-06
In Reply to: Letter should be sent ahead of the 09/02/2005 ipay statement so - MQ untimely fashion with correspondence


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That is not at all what I was wanting!!!
I came here for honest advice...positive and negative. I got that...and I am very glad for both views. Now it is just up to me to decide.

I have never expected to just graduate and make BIG money....I have NEVER said that or thought that. It is very obvious that most MT's don't get rich. Like I have already said...I am looking to supplement my husbands income....and I came here to ask all of you your opinions on the business....good and bad. That is all.

And thanks to everyone for that!!!!! I am sorry that a lot of you are getting discouraged about the MT business...It is worrying me too! Which is why I may not even spend the money to go to school. I have a lot of time to think about it....and that is what I will do!!!!!
Why are they wanting you to take it??
Will it mean an increase in your pay? If not, I would not waste my money. I was a CMT for 15 years (15 years ago). In the part of the country I lived then, it made a difference -- we were paid another 1 cpl, but once I moved back to the south central part of the US, nobody cared.
wanting to know more about Transcend.

I have been curious about them as well because I have thought of applying to work for them.  I am with a company now but feel I need to make a change for the better.  It is a small company and I feel I need to be somewhere else.  I just was not sure about the company.  I would welcome any input on this matter



Not wanting to start a war but sm
it just really gets old reading the same ole, same ole about SS.   As far as I'm personally concerned, there are usually 2 sides to every story.  If  I happened to be in SS's shoes,  I believe I'd be talking to a lawyer about something called "slander" and I'd be telling some folks to put up the proof or shut up.  Nope, I don't work for SS, never have and probably never will.  If I happened to be in the market for a new job, I believe I would give them a try just to see if they're really that bad.  If they were......well, I'd move right along.
wanting to go digital

and I am totally clueless!  Had a call from a cardio group today and they want to send me transcription via WAV files, guessing I need a WAV pedal??  HELP

Also, I am tired of the old tapes and want to "go digital"  I have heard of 800#'s for a call in system, but dont know of any websites.  Any help is much appreciated!!




They OFFSHORE and are wanting to do even more.
Pay not that good.  I have 20 years' experience in acute care, can do ESLs and was only offered 8 cpl. 
Just wanting to know if any IT users

would care to share tips on getting started with Instant Text, especially the best way to go about customizing the glossaries . . . just received my IT and I'm anxious to get going, but it does seem that there is a learning curve and takes some getting used to.


Thanks to all!

Re: wanting to work MT
Check w/ Diskriter. They have at least one account for a hospital in Florida. I have been w/ them for 1 1/2 years, plenty of work and OT. Hired in as hospital employee.
wanting to go digital

I have had my own transcription service for several years now.  All of my doctors are local and everything is dictated on microcassettes.  I am looking into going digital and I have heard that there are phone in services that you can go through for a charge every month.  Does anyone know who would be a good service to use or how this works?  If anyone has any info on this I would greatly appreciate it.


I have been wanting to rant too
When they start talking before the system is recording. Is it REALLY so difficult to turn it on BEFORE you talk?
Not wanting to work
I know this happens at every company, but why is it that when the work is there, nobody wants to get it done but when work is slow, they are always the first to complain? Do they not realize that by letting it be late that they are harming the company and could eventually lose their jobs? Or is it just Spring Fever? Anyone else going through this at the moment?
wanting to go digital
Please send me information on how to go digital.


We aren't the only ones wanting
more flexible chairs for work:

Bro wanting to use my disc to get his PC
re wanting experienced MT to answer q's
go ahead and e/m me if you want.  I've been at this since 1975; will help you if i can.
Most companies are wanting a Sunday through
Thursday schedule, Tuesday through Saturday, so you would still be working 5 days, but would always be working 1 w/e day.  If you just rotate weekends it depends on the company what days you would have off during the week, whether they would dictate the days you took off or you would be able to choose. 
Wanting psych work
Looking for psych work.  Will work any hours or days.
I had lots of people wanting her, just most

not good homes based on what I required.  Tried the lab rescure, but everyone had all they could take and they would help me find her a home, I just had to keep her until then and I just didn't want to get too attached.   All the other various rescue groups had reached their limits too and taking her to the pound wasn't an option.  Even though I felt she would be adopted quickly because she was so sweet, there is absolutely zero screening and anyone that fills out the paperwork and pays the $$ can get a pet.  When we adopted the cats we were fostering there was a grandmother in there dragging her grandson by his upper arm and she balled her fist and threatened to punch him in the face.  This was not a home I would want my lab to go to. 

I'm not 100% comfortable with the family she went to, but I told them if it didn't work out we wanted her back.

We are going to build a dog lot and dog house in the event we have another stray. 

For the person below wanting brochure--sm

samples, check out the enclosed link. Tried one and did not see where there was a charge.  You will need to modify with your personal info.


hope this helps.

Job posted wanting EMDAT exp..what's that?
wanting to start using laptop
Hi all! I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I'm attempted to use a laptop this weekend to work and be away from the house, but it would not recognize the wav files. It has Windows XP office, all the same stuff my home computer has on it, but I cannot figure out why it is not working. Any ideas? Thanks!
Are you wanting to use normal headphones
With a dictaphone?

I got an adapter for about 20 bucks from Executive Communication Systems. They have an ebay store, here's a link to an auction for the adapter.


Hope that's what you need!
If they are newbies wanting to get into the field

they really haven't a clue.  I have a major case of burnout, but I have also been doing this for 20 years.  I haven't had a raise in 5 years.   It isn't that I can't do the work, I can do whatever is thrown my way, but I certainly don't enjoy it anymore.  My options are just limited right now because I have to be at home, but I sure am exploring my options. 

Everyone's situation is different.  Some may be having to take care of sick/elderly parents or have a child with special needs who requires lots of care, etc.  All these things suck up your energy, but you still need a paycheck.  Someone who has children in school all day or has grown children and doesn't have any of the other issues above can focus on their job, get it done and not have to deal with it until tomorrow. 

You can't know what someone else's situation is and it isn't fair to say they can't do the job. 


That depends on why you are wanting to be a transcriptionist. sm
If you are looking for a lucrative field and an easy lifestyle, don't do it. Transcription is the hardest job I have ever had, and I've had several. I could teach if I wanted to. I choose this.

You can make a living as an MT. A good MT can still make $20-30 K a year without killing herself, but she has to work, and it takes several years training after school to reach this. I don't think that will change in the near future. Unless the US completely changes its medical policies and facility standards, I don't think transcription will be eliminated, at least for many years. You have much more freedom in your life as far as scheduling, etc. If you have children, that's worth a lot. If you would rather not be around people all the time, that's a plus.

However, if you need benefits, raises, PTO, and job security, you might want to look into another field, such as PT, radiology tech, etc. JMO
She is wanting to take a transcription test without
having to log into a company site (in which case she will be graded).  She just wants practice. 
Wanting PT QA work, is it worth it?
I'm currently a FT MT (many years now) and getting very bored with the work. It's so bad now that I'm finding myself constantly distracted (perhaps too willingly) thus not producing enough lines.  I'm more than capable...just bored.  I was wondering if doing QA PT would be worth it, on top of my MT work?  I just need something to do other than MT work to break up the monotony.  I've done QA work before but that was quite a while ago and don't know what the pay standards are anymore.
Sadly, while you are not wanting to spread the name...


...Some other unsuspecting MT is signing a contract with these folks. 

Believe me, I felt the SAME exact way as you back when I was fooled by D&L.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt for over a month, and actually believed payment would be sent to me.  I didn't talk badly about them, well not until PA Dept of Labor decided there was nothing they could do for me as an IC.  Here it is, 1 year later, and I still haven't been paid...either have 20+ others who were all just suddenly *let go.* 

The only loyalty you should ever have in this business is to yourself, your pocket and to a fellow struggling MT.  Don't be scared to let others know the name of a company to avoid. 

Good luck dealing with PA courts/magistrates/Dept of Labor, etc.  I hope you get your pay.

They are just wanting money (kickbacks)
Very see-through. But, they may have gotten more kick backs in the old days when MTs made the money. Now adays, they are just plain laughed at, I am sure, by all. This is like an advertisement, and extremely tacky. So, why don't they pay for us to get credentialed, have the government fund this so-called program, and then have the government set true guidelines on pay scales for MTs. LOL. Just a joke IMHO. I have been in this over 25 years, and after the grandfathering joke, the credentialing business was an obvious way to make money by the organization pushing for it.
Thanks everyone for your help. I am wanting to go wireless and am clueless.
If you are wanting to make it bigger, but
not affect the final report, look on your tool bar and there should be a box that has a number/percentage in it. Mine says 100%. You can increase it there so it is bigger on the screen, but does not change the "font" of the report. This is in MS Word.
Not to discourage you, but wanting to work at home

just to be with your baby is the wrong reason to get into this career field.  If you want to be a stay at home Mom, be a stay at home Mom.  If you need to work, you need to get into a field that interests and challenges you.  Otherwise, you'll find it difficult to sit down and make yourself do the work.  The ads are overwhelming about making big bucks doing MT while your children play quietly at your feet, but that is far from reality.  There are other work at home jobs you can do that don't paying for an education, like selling yard sale fodder on eBay.  I don't mean this as a slam, but I've BTDT with the babies at home while trying to work.

You should be good with grammar and English, have an interest in the medical field and a good ear, and be able to sit for long periods of time.  You might have to put your child in daycare if your first job is inhouse, because most companies don't hire newbies to work at home.  You might have to use daycare anyway if your child is demanding on your attention at every moment.

new here/wanting to leave MQ/seeking a better place!
That's right, MQ has finally really, really gotten to me after eight long years!  I have told and told and told myself that it's okay there are major lawsuits against the company that imply terrible wrongdoing, it is okay that MQ seems to change CEOs every few months, it is okay that I haven't had a raise in two years, it is okay that I do a brilliant job without anyone caring... and finally, finally, it is just not okay.  I am talking to Medware who apparently won Employer of the Year in 2002 and 2005.  Can I get a witness?  Anybody work for them?  What about Spheris?  Flexibility of schedule is utterly crucial to me, and I have to have benefits, so no IC work.  Where can I go where they'll appreciate me?  I'm a former high school English teacher with 15 years as an MT (8 in acute care) and some QA experience.  Help???
religious reasons and not wanting to live together in sin
What's wrong with brokers wanting refunds?

Ameriplan advertises a refund if not satisfied, but then fails to do so when requested.  That's blatant lying and cheating people.  And why are the brokers dissatisfied?  If it was a good product sold in a fair manner, there wouldn't be this many complaints.  You can try to defend them until you're blue in the face, but the facts are that you're soliciting and Ameriplan cheats people out of their money with false claims.

You can't fault someone for wanting to make a living.

Outsourcing simply means that big corporations show bigger profits and the CEOs get bigger bonuses.  They claim that it's good for the economy because the companies and CEOs have more money to spend, gag me with their trickle down economics theory, but they refuse to see what it does to the working class people.  It's going to be interesting to see what happens in this country down the road as more and more working class people lose their jobs to offshoring.  What, are we all going to sign up for unemployment and welfare?  Will crime go up as we all start stealing just to put food on the table?  I wonder what's going to happen.

Wanting to buy used Word,(is this legal? ) only have works.
Leave it the way it is unless they come back to you wanting to re-negogiate. nm
If you aren't wanting responses, do not post. (SM)
Certainly, you won't make friends here by lashing out at them because they did respond to you.

Perhaps you should seek your medical advice from a medical professional, i.e., 9-1-1, a hospital emergency room, physician, etc.

Wanting to land my own local account

I am currently working part time IC for two different people, I have a little less than one year transcription exp, all in family practive or GI...I have been thinking about trying to get my own account locally but not sure about some of the "in's and out's".  Those of you who do this, do you have someone who covers for you when you have to leave town?  I have always had someone to QA my work, so if I do my own account and have a question(blank) do  you call the office and ask or do you leave it blank?  I am kinda back and forth w/ the idea, I know I would make more money, but not sure if I want ALL the responsibility. 

Companies wanting MTs with IC status but not following the rules...

According to the IRS (and I'm going to double check my information on this) there is a fine line between employee, statutory or otherwise, and independent contractor.  I especially love companies/hospitals who want the benefit of not matching social security, paying unemployment taxes, benefits, and adhereing to wage determinations so they hire "independent contractors" THEN, they start dictating how and when the IC is going to perform their work and at what volume in what period of time and mandatory weekends is an especially nice touch. And the evidence of it is all over this site and others like it where jobs are posted.

I had a guy I worked for one time who went so far as to refuse to write my check out to me, had to be to a company name... then proceeded to break all the rules differentiating between employee and IC.  I would ask if these people had a clue but I already know they don't.

You're not a failure for wanting to quit.
If it isn't working for you, for whatever reason, it doesn't make you a failure.

Individuals cannot be failures. Failure is a process, an action. You are a person.

You know, typically it is considered professional to give a working notice of 2 weeks. What about offering a 2-week notice with an altered schedule?

Generally, employees who do not give a 2-week notice are considered ineligible for rehire - an important question when others may call them for past employment information. Usually all that is asked/given are dates of employment, compensation, and whether the employee is eligible for rehire.

Wanting to buy EX125 Voice system
I am looking to buy a EX125 Voice Turnkey System, with at least a 6.5 build - prefer 7.0.  Anyone have one they want to sell?     Just found this site and thrilled to see it -- please let me know if anyone has such a beast available. 
Are you wanting an FTP server or just user software?
Wanting to make providers accountable
Love your message! I have done some writing and other things, but it is still the same and, in fact, out of control now. I wish we could post a list of all providers and companies who are outsourcing so we could know who to avoid. Is there a comprehensive list yet? I find it relatively easy to find out who transcribes for individuals in my area, but not the hospitals and clinics and I have lived here for years and years. It is some "big secret" or something. I wish we would share information in order to avoid having our personal information doled out to foreign sources. I would choose the hospital or large clinic staffed by Americans.
OMG - I have been wanting to go to Lake Tahoe for some time now!!! Tell me more......sm
where did you stay, how fun was it?

I want to go and just chill, do some fishing and boating, and fine dining.....

Good for you....I am so jealous right now!

Wanting encouraging, up-lifting friends who
make me a bad person.  Sometimes it is better to be a friend who stands firm in believe MT can help herself than to be a bleeding heart that just keeps MT down by agreeing nothing can change, the situation will always be hard and why try to change it.  If I was in a bad place, I would need friends to help me be brave and do what I had to do to change things.
Wanting to leave MT to be a medical assistant
I'm not sure where to post this but here it goes...I have been an MT now for a little over 2 years, I got into it because it was the only legit profession I could do at home with my newborn baby, definitely was not thinking long term career when I went for it, just something to bring in money while I was at home with the baby.

Now my newborn is going into kindergarten and I have been truly unhappy with the company I am with. So now I am looking to work outside the home and really what I would like to do is be a medical assistant (not CNA). Nursing would take so much schooling, time and money that I don't think I could handle going that route but just something in the middle where my transcription skills would come in to play and I would be working with patients, physicians, paper work and working outside of the house (which would be soooooo nice).

My questions is, does anybody know anything about medical assisting that I should know? I understand it is pretty low pay but then again I am not willing to go to school for 4 years so that is to be expected.

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
When your family calls you wanting medical advice.

Once I got over needing/wanting to talk whoever on a daily basis, I liked not to - sm
For years (my 20s) I felt I had to talk to my SO every day for 5 years....finally broke up for good...took 3 times to work. Next SO was much more laid back, talked to him 3-4 times a week maybe, saw each other maybe 3 x a week. Helped me a lot in getting over the previous jerk/SO. That lasted about 20 months....then met DH. We did not talk every day at first even though we lived 100 miles apart....later on we did. I moved in with him though 6 months after meeting him so it became a mute point then. But even today he calls me usually 1-4 x a day which at times gets to be a bit annoying actually. Though when he does not call I do worry and wonder if he is okay....he did not call yesterday and the roads were icy so it gets you worried when your DH/SO does not stick to form. The only way to get over being annoyed is to call him and ask him if he called and hung up and to next time please leave a message. Or be stubborn and wait and get angrier if that makes you happy.
I am with you..When I was hired I was very up front about wanting vacation time...sm
during the holidays. I told my boss when hired 1 1/2 years ago that I would be taking the last two weeks of December off. I have four kids and they are always off for Christmas break at that time. Also, my husbands company has a two week shut down at that time, so I take it also. We have done this for about 9-10 years now. It makes the holidays so much more enjoyable. I am sure I will get some flack for this and about how someone has to pick up my slack for two weeks, but honestly I am not to concerned about it. Everyone has the right to schedule their vacation when they chose...mine just happens to be at the holidays. My boss told me to enjoy, relax and have fun...and that is what I did. Happy Holidays!
You're just wanting to argue and point out flaws.
Go on and wonder and murmur.