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oh I love it...return the 2cents

Posted By: MQr on 2005-09-07
In Reply to: You can have mine. - Insulted

and i guarantee you it will just botch the heck out of their accounting, they won't know where to post it, probably send it back to you, you back to them and on and on and probably cost them close to 100 bucks in postage, reissuance, payroll for the geeks in accounting, all to try to resolve it.

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Don't you just love it when MQ expects the MT's to return

calls to their Supes LONG DISTANCE on OUR PHONE BILL -- but they are stuffing the money in their pockets by not providing Supes with 800 #'s !

That just does not seem fair for the MQ MT to have to make long distance calls on OUR PHONE BILLS. I have no need to call my supe, but she occasionally leaves a "call-back" for me to call her long distance !

I get it. But in return for supporting the small business the poor folk get nothing in return.
I understand why you don't shop at Walmart. You support those who support you but it doesn't work that way for me. I can go to an independent shop and by a dishwasher, pay lots more for it and get nothing in return to supplement my support of their small business. Same for all the poor folk who are shopping in Walmart trying to stretch a paycheck. I am glad Walmart exists for those folks.
Psych work - my 2cents worth
I have two psch accounts that deal with ADD and children 80%, adults with learning issues, accidents causing cognitive problems or Voc Rehab a lot lately.   I start my IC's out on these accounts because they do not demand 24 hour TAT, the reports are long -- 10 to 15 pages however I set up a lot of templates for the tests, history, etc.  A standard report of 10 pages with a 2 page letter to the patient takes about 1 1/2  to hours for my IC's to type when they first start and is between 450 to 500 lines.  I myself can do a report/letter right at one hour. (35 to 45 minutes of dictation).   This is true because I  have so many standards set up, etc.  Because the doctors gives us 4-5 days to finish the tapes, I pick up once a week on Thurs-Friday and they have to be back to them by Weds (E-mail) and I have them set up as I do, I only charge him 10.5 cpl but that is gross line and I pay my gals 0.75 cpl to start and once I don't have to proof them I go up to 0.8 cpl.  I have trained several on this account with very little medical background and they have picked up in less than a month but again I have taken a lot of time to template tests, etc.  I have had this account for almost 18 years.  Unless there is a lot of complicated work, I don't see where you will need three months training.  Also your pay is very low to me, I could see 6 to 7 starting out if you don't have much experience.    My gals do not like to give up this account once they get trained on it as they can make close to $30 an hour.   But since there is such a long TAT, I demand perfection and there is no excuse for not getting the report done or notifying me that you have had something come up prior to an hour before the report is due back.    They do that once and they are pulled from the account.   But again, the call is yours, reports are pretty standard and you can make good line counts but you also need to be paid a decent wage.   Good luck.  Patti
Return it
Return the thing before your thumbs fall off.

You could try prying off the space bar and cleaning underneath it - maybe something is stuck under there. I have found four-course meals under mine. Otherwise, an exchange or return is probably your best bet.

See Main Board for a discussion on keyboards if you are interested.
I would definitely return it and have them
as an IC how do you get ANY RETURN?
ive been an IC for 10 years and only ONE TIME got a return, which was the bush tax cut of $600.00

I never used to pay quarterleys and would get hit with a huge amount in April... and then two years ago owed like 10K in back taxes, (apparently hadn't paid enough) putting me into credit card debt, which i never had before, so disappointing.

I'd be careful if i were you!

Now I take 30% of EVERY paycheck and pay quarterleys, just not online. i need to figure that one out
LOA with return to job
Your job should be safe. You would be eligible for FMLA at the very least, I think. Nothing works better for what you are describing than time off. I had to take 4 weeks off earlier this year due to an injury, and my mind needed the rest. It is so much better now that I'm back. A mental break never hurt anyone.
Would you return to MT if.....

Here is the gist of my question.  I stopped working as a MT to homeschool my children and be a stay-at-home mom.  Hubby said I had enough to do just by schooling them so I quit my career.  My youngest will be done in three years.  I will be around 50 years old at that time....Would you go back to school or would you come back to MT?  Is it worth it?  I know it has started paying less, but honestly, it was paying less back then...can we say MQ and manipulated line counts here.....

I am kicking around the idea of going after a degree in something ?  Honestly, I never knew who or what I wanted to be in this life.  I just kind of fell into transcription.  But I am also looking at I know transcription very well....it really doesn't sound like it has changed a whole lot since the time I left, and do I really want to be going to 'school' at 50 years of age??? 

I would appreciate your advice, insight, wisdom of life learning experiences, etc. 


Thank you.

on return to MT
If you don't need to work, stay home. Travel. Do your family tree. I would give anything right now if I could stay home and not work. I would love to be able to just putter around my house, fixing things and repairing things, working in the yard. I hate being an MT and only do it to pay my mortgage and provide food. I hate transcribing so many doctors who don't really even know what they are talking about half the time and all the unnecessary tests they run when if they would use clinical judgement, they would not waste so much money and running up patient's bills. But of course that is the objective, running all the tests and as many tests as possible to keep the hospital in business. But if you should not have insurance, no matter how long you have been going to a doctor, they drop you like a hot potato. The whole health care business makes me sick.
Carriage return

Thanks, Dixie.  I couldn't even remember what the "thingy" was called. LOL  Talk about rhythm...click, click, click, fling the thingy, click, click, click...never missing a beat.  And you're right, that purple stuff would gag a magot!   How the HECK did we do it.  This has been a fun thread.  One can only wonder what stories the younger generation will have to tell when they're the "seniors."  One thing I can't figure....I used to work 6 days a week, carried cloth diapers to the washateria, didn't have a dishwasher, no a/c, etc. etc and STILL seems like I  had more hours in my 24 hour day than I have now.  What gives?

I think you have a return programmed
after the last word in shorthand. Always make sure your cursor is at the end of the last character in your expanded term and it will not do that.
I did MT before becoming a nurse, return afterwards. sm
Hated nursing. It wasn't all that I thought it would be. I found I could make more being an MT and with a heckuva lot less stress and backbreaking labor.
Return receipt sm

Years ago (many) I would have put the address, either block form to the left or tab to the middle for semi-block form and under the SUBJECT: or RE: line, I would have put Certified Mail No. 112233 or Registered mail # 112233 and then "return receipt requested" on that same line or underneath. If there is no subject, put it before the salutation. Today, I probably would put it under the initials at the bottom of the letter, in block form, just because I would like the appearance of it better, i.e.,

Sincerely yours,

(4 spaces)

Melissa M. Anonymous

MAM (or the dictator's initials and then yours)

Sent via certified mail #112233 - 3/9/06, return receipt requested.


I don't think it really matters. If you don't have a # yet, just put "Sent via certfied mail 3/9/06, return receipt requested." Don't take my word for it though, unless you don't find any samples, this is just my 2 cents.

return receipt
The office I type for requests it be under the address.


City, USA 00000


Dear so and so

body of letter
Buy a 2-way & don't use the return-it's cheaper
When I return my work to the doc - sm
I send them a list of which reports had a blank, what the blank was (i.e. Dr. name I could not locate or a drug name usually); and also a list of what patients on the list did not have dictations. That is it. The ball is in their court then.

Look at last year tax return

If you worked last year look at your tax return and see how much taxes you had to pay based on what you made.  Compare wages to this year and if they are about the same you will know how much to withhold or put aside.  If your husband works, have him over withold an extra amount or if you work as an employee at another job have them overwithold.  Be sure to take off your deductions to get your NET income and not your gross.   Good luck. 

If you end up not using the adapter, return it to
They held my return
They held my return as the name on the W2 did not match my SS#.  Had to change it.   Also with all of the problems with illegals it might even be tighter now.  Good luck, why don't you just change it???
I did the tax return myself and was more concerned (sm)
about who and how many people dealt with my return at the IRS department.
They should be paying for the return of the equipment - sm
When I worked for Diskriter, they made a call to UPS to have the equipment picked up and sent back to them in Pittsburgh. All I had to do was box it up.

Do not let them bully you or threaten you by holding your check until they get their equipment back.
I had to pay to return equipment for two jobs.
Spheris was the only one that sent someone to pick up their equipment.
I don't return....plain and simple....and if someone ask about their
When you do not return...that's where it hurts the business. They NEED our business in order to stay afloat!!
all type no return of call
i don't know. but i called 3 x and still nothing. i resent resumes this w/e cuz they say they pay up to 10 cents/line.
My #4 key is a return to pool key. Depends on how you are set up. nm
I don't like those return receipt reqsts

I don't like those return receipt requests, unless business related, (I have 2 friends who did this a lot in outlook express but one has stopped requesting them per my spewing off about it and the other has not), as when I respond to their email, THAT's the confirmation that I received their email.  If I didn't receive their email or vice versa, usually the system's "mailer daemon" will notify you in any email (keyword is usually). 

Though I will say, my daughter sent me an email to yahoo that I NEVER got just a week ago.  Guess that one got lost in cyberspace.  *L*

I mean, was it suppose to have a display? if so, then return it
If you had figured correctly, you would not GET a big return
It is your money to start with. It is up to you to figure out what you should pay. If you are getting a huge amount back, then it is your fault. The IRS does not just OWE you money. You have it figured all wrong. If people lose their homes or cannot pay their bills due to their not getting refund, IT IS THEIR OWN FAULT- they paid in too much, not the other way.
Do a revised 2007 tax return and pay what you owe- sm
I know you cna do that with Federal so I would think you could do it with your state. Go to your state web site and see.
Doctors have asked me to return their
transcription to them via e-mail, as well as to the referring physicians.
How to I get rid of the return address for envelopes
in Word? I can check the "omit" box, but I would like to leave it blank. When I erase my previous entry, it only holds for that time.
At an old job we could return work we did not want, but then they fixed their platform so you could
so it is probably only a matter of time before all companies do that, smart thing to do but yes it does cut into your paycheck if you get a horrible run of bad ESLs.
executor is responsible for filing the return.
As far as taxes due, no one else is responsible for those taxes - it should come out of the estate. I don't know how much money is involved, but if it is in any way significant, I would hire myself a tax attorney post haste.

however, and you didn't hear this from me...I wouldn't give Bush one more red cent.
They expect committment but give nothing in return
I can't believe they expect us to commit to these hours and promise nothing in return.  The work that I do have is pitiful. I used to love MQ, but looks like it is time to make a change.  I used to work weekends willingly, but now I don't even want to do that to help them out. My lines are so down it is pitiful. There is no money to be made working for the Amhert office.
I think you click on the symbol for return on your tool bar


Can you return them and get true stereo phones? Don't know
yes they are, e-mail last week said to expect my return by 1-25
Is there a space or a hard return at the end of your entry? sm
that's the only thing I can thing of that would cause this. In the "text to expand" box, hit ctrl+end and this will take you to the very end of your expansion. Maybe there's a space or something there that you can't see.

I know you've been having a lot of trouble with this lately! Good luck!
tax return-home office credit
Don't you claim a home office on your tax return. I claim a home office and I always get a huge refund at least when I was working as an employee MT and not an IC. But I can still claim my home office and should not have too pay much but no refund either.
Am I willing to accept the US government outsources my tax return? Are you nutz?

What the bleep do you expect US citizens to do?  Overthrow the government?  It's the friggin LAW the politicians made. 

Regarding identity theft - ANYBODY can steal your identity.  It doesn't have to be someone overseas.  Welcome to the real world.


How do you turn off the return symbols in a Word document?...nm
Yes it is, and we do file a joint return BUT you can offset your income - sm
on the schedule C with your expenses (mine are ~$2K) and lower the amount you pay taxes on. This is in addition to your Sch. A/B or the standard deduction.
Any Sopranos fans out there waiting for the big return on Sunday?
Can't wait.
Working on my tax return and have a couple of questions, I'm hoping

First, A company I worked for briefly at the beginning of 2008 sent me two different W2.  One lists all the pertinent boxes (wages, federal taxes paid, etc).  However, in box 15 where your state and local taxes are listed, they have the wrong state.  It is a state I used to live, but haven't lived there for the past three years.  I definitely did not live there at all in 2008.  The second W2 they sent list nothing in any of the boxes except box 15 where it lists the correct state, income, and taxes I paid.

So does this mean I paid taxes in a state that I didn't even live in?  And if that is the case, do I have to file a return in that state?  Or do I contact the company and ask they correct my W2? 

I am using TurboTax to prepare my return.  My second question is I have a 1099 from IC work I did in 2008 and after I enter the information, the software asks me for a business ID code on attachment form C for my "self-employment business."  I have no idea what to put on this line.  I looked at a list of the codes on the IRS website and there is nothing that is specific to medical transcription.  There is a code for Data entry and then under legal there is a code for document preparation and stenotype.  Those are the only two codes that even come close.

So which one do I use?

Oh, and have I mentioned, I HATE TAX SEASON! 

Yes, and I update mine every year the same day I file my tax return! Haha nm
Have my own ftp site for receiving wave files...return completed

reports to the doctor the same way... secure, safe, easy.  I purchase the space from startlogic for $90 a year. Hope this helps!

What is the longest you have gone without service? Do they return phone calls promptly?
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