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MQ checks

Posted By: MTin FL on 2005-09-07
In Reply to: These MQ checks must be a joke. - Insulted

Well, based on my base rate, I figured I must have transcribed about 600 lines (or 39,000 characters)that they did not pay me for. I want to find out what this is for exactly,what time period it covers, etc. Does this letter, in essence, acknowledge wrongdoing on their part? Should we all run to join one of the numerous law suits taking place right now? (Change that to class action law suits!)

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Bad checks
When I worked in a small vet.clinic, we would get bad checks from people who I am sure made a living off of bad checks.  If you don't want to be embarrassed, don't write the bad check in the first place.  I take great care to maintain my good credit, there is no reason not to be financially responsible for your actions. I have no sympathy for people who think they can get something for nothing and don't have to follow the rules of society like the rest of us.  The clinic I worked at wrote off hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in bad debt every year.  In the long run, that is costing me and you more in higher rates because those costs are ultimately passed onto the rest of us. So their name is on a wall, big deal.  They are still getting the goods or services for free while the rest of us have to pay.
about the checks from MQ...

...mine was for $14 and some odd cents - now the question is, they actually took out all taxes and it comes to $3.63. 

Pardon me for not knowing the law, but I always thought you could not take out taxes under a certain dollar amount.  Anyone know if that is a law, or at the employer's discretion? 

I appreciate the moneys owed; however, there is no 'real' explanation.  Since I no longer work for MQ, and the check is only for $3+ dollars, I think I will hold on to it and wait to see what is going on.


MQ Checks
My question regarding checks is. . was there an actual discrepancy and if so, does it also apply to other companies using the same platform (which is owned by MQ) including DSG & Accuscribe of SC. . .should we be expecting "reimbursement" from them as well???
SS pay checks
Do you have direct deposit or do you get your check by mail?  My direct deposit was on time and I got my pay stub a few days later.  Did you try sending the email to human resources?
pay checks
This is extremely sad..  I am an MTSO but I still transcribe...I always pay my MTs everyother week, even if it means going into a line of credit.  Everyone does not do this, though...since you are so hardworking, you should find someone else who would pay you on time..
Well I don't have that problem as I stated to a few of the other comments. I do not use "checks".
How do you pay if not checks??

Even with direct deposit there is a check statement that shows what that person made, so that should be proof.  At least with my direct deposits I get a statement showing what was deposited.  Anyone can make out a 1099 and that is not proof that you paid that person.  You have to have some type of paper path that shows this person was paid.   If she says that she did not get it, then you need to go back to your bank and ask where it went.   Even an electronic check or transfer shows in your statement.   Am not sure what kind of business you are running but without a paper trail, the IRS would love you. 

Yes the people on DQS will get checks only.
These MQ checks must be a joke.

According to my taxes last year my salary, which had remained at a very stable figure for the past 6-7 years, suddenly decreased almost $11,000 dollars in 2004 after beginning DQS at the beginning of the year.  There is no way in hell that this check for $140 bucks is going to make me happy.  How convenient that there are no dates on the letter indicating what the time frame is on this "incorrect compensation."  Love the general "Dear Medical Transcriptionist" - cannot even humanize us by putting our name.  Such jerks.  I am furious! 


MQ checks & lawsuit
Let's not forget, the checks can not be 100% reimbursement for all lines jipped out of, they only cover an error on DEP, a LOT of the issues with the atty's go back to 1998, before DEP was even a thought process, so it really can not be for the cheated lines totally.
I go by who signs my checks...*l*..nm
Credit checks

I totally agree.  One's credit is personal bussiness and should not be a deciding factor of one's employment.  I had several jobs fall through because of credit problems that I did not cause.  My Identity was stolen some 15 years ago and I also had a child abducted.  I have spent the last 10 years searching for both, my child and my life.  I can live without my life, however without my girl I am finding each and every passing day harder and harder to live.   MY credit score is now in the upper 600's (took 6 years to fix) which is not great but heading in the right way.


Are your checks being mailed? If so,

check the date it was postmarked. Check with your company and see when they mail your checks, then count the days it took to receive it.  If it is taking too long, complain to the Post Office!!!

We are having a problem with our checks. My husband's checks get mailed on a Friday, but he may not receive them until a week or later, if he receives them at all!!!  As of today, he is missing another check that was mailed 12/31. Four checks have been lost in the mail since they put the new rates into effect. Of course, his company stops payment on them, costing them more money, and then re-issues another check.  He used to get them a day or 2 after they were mailed before the new rates. This puts us in a bind, too. His checks come from 45 miles away.  

I finally went on line and placed 2 complaints, as I was missing 2 checks during the past few months, too. Mine come from 11 miles away.All our mail goes to a central post office, 50 miles away and that is one of my complaints I placed. Three days for a letter to go from my home town to my home town is ridiculous.

So, it may not be your company's fault, but the good ole post office.

background checks
If the company uses the information found in background check so verify identity, its okay, but if they do it to check for convictions of certain crimes, I think they should not use crimes that were not computer-related against individuals. If you got arrested for shoplifting when you were a teenages, I dont think it should be used against you 30 years later. Is there anyone out there who has ever gotten let go because of information on thier background check that involved a conviction??
Are they separate checks (sm)
totalling 12,000+.  You'd have to check the court system, but that may actually be over the amount for small claims court and you'd have to go to the next level.  Has she made ANY attempt to pay any of it?  Do you have any "demands" for payment in writing?  If not, I think I'd get that in the mail today.  You need to establish a papertrail.  Formal demand asking for payment in a set period of time by cash or money order.  Send it cert mail with return receipt.
bounced checks
What steps would you take if you had three bounced pay checks? 
They don't issue checks.
They just said that they do not issue checks.  They said that other MTs are paid with the prepaid visa cards and everything works out for them ok.  I asked for names of these MTs but they did not give them to me.  That is why I asked on here if anyone knew anything about these cards.  I don't trust giving out my bank account numbers for direct deposit or I would do that. 
talked to an atty about the MQ checks

Nope, go ahead and cash them as I already have.  If they had anything to do with ANY kind of settlement, it would clearly have to say so.  It just says adjustment, period.  He also said that since the class actions go over many different platforms dating back before the days of DQS, no way it could be a settlement.

Go shopping he told me, it does not state anywhere it's a settelment.  He says just like any other legal document, "by signing the below or cashing this, you are giving up your right to yada yada yada.

I agree. my last 3 checks were shorted
and I'm pretty much screwed because I can't afford to take a job outside the home right now because I can't afford all day daycare pluse the clothes I'd have to buy to have an office job not to mention everything else that goes along with it.  I've been looking for something that isn't MT because I'm sick of being screwed and it's only getting worse. 
They are. Many of them get social security checks for
mental illness or other issues. Some of them spend their social security checks the day they get them on booze and gambling. Some people CHOOSE to be homeless, if you can believe that. There are programs out there for them if they apply. I got to know the homeless population of our city pretty well at one of my former job. I could tell you some stories about some of those characters. One guy is homeless, but he could have his house and bank account, his military retirement, and his social security. Instead, he pushes a cart around town and sleeps on park benches. One woman runs down the street in nothing but polyester pants pulled up to her armpits in the bitter cold of winter. She has shoes and a coat, plus welfare and social security benefits.
They have NEVER done credit checks. I have worked
with them for going on 8 years. I know this as fact. They do a background check on anybody but if you knew what you were talking about or if you had applied, you would know what kind of background check this is and it is not a full background check.
I'm glad you don't make out my checks! It's
$12.00 a day, $1.50 an hour. 
Show the checks were cashed.
(From a different company )I got receipts showing I was paid too. How convenient that the check was "lost" in the mail.
Need checks, not labor denial
The labor board only DENIED because it DOES NOT deal with this and not because she was INNOCENT.  So I would want to see cancelled checks, front and back, signed and see what account they were deposited into for me to consider her innocent.  Easy enough to prove.  But if she proves that the labor board denied the claim that does nothing it just states that we don't deal with IC's and does not clear her at all.  It is very simple, get copies of the checks front and back and then I guess you could ask the person who was supposedly have been paid to produce that month's bank statement showing that it either did not did not get deposited there.    All the time she has spent arguing and defending herself, she could have proven herself innocent by now.  This is one word against the other and one has to be right and they need to produce the proof.   
Can you view your cancelled checks on-line?
If your cancelled check posts showing correct amount you are okay and it was obviously a scam, but worth contacting your bank and your note holder for car loan to verify.  
what I meant was that I have had small checks before, and have been told...
they do not take out the taxes on such a small amount 'earned' as you say, which was only $14. 

my boyfriend got a check for under $30 for something or other, and was told they would not take the taxes out because they thought he could use the money.  we all get taxed at the end of the year...that I do know...whether it comes out in the paycheck or not.  MQ still reports how much one earns, I just do not understand why they had to take them out on such a small amount...

does anyone know what I mean?   why would they take it out on a check for $14, and is that a law or up to them to do it?

thank you.
Background checks on MTs fro third world countries?? LoL. Are you serious? nm
job checks - 25% into "their" account and 75% into college.
She was horrified to discover FICA (LOL) but thrilled to see her college account blossoming. Just works for us. No allowance and they have a set group of weekly chores to do.
JC and AAMT. They dont sign my checks.
McAfee checks every website with green
check marks if ok and puts a question mark in case it is questionable and a red exclamation mark if dangerous. So we, the paying subscribers, know which one to open and which not.
I did not get an answer from TechSupport why he/she does not recommend McAfee. What reasons do you have that you do not care about McAfee?
I agree. Physicals, screenings, and background checks.
Be honest! If you did not think there were random checks on your reports by QA, would you work
I always strive for excellence in my reports partly due to patient care and then there is my own obsessive-compulsive need to be the best, but having said that, are there those MTs who might not try as hard if they didn't have QA breathing down their necks.  Be honest now.
Criminal background checks just verify that you are who you are for the most part. I do them for

a company and believe me, it is only checking that your SSN is yours.  It is not a credit check or anything else.  If you don't like it, don't work for a company that does it.  I did it and I don't care.  I have nothing to hide.  You have to give the companies your SSN anyhow if you work for them, so to me there is no big deal. You might miss out on a good company by not doing them though. 

If you don't write bad checks and pay your debts on time it is a non-issue.nm
You can accept checks or money orders, but it's more convenient

to use PayPal, BidPay, or some of the other services.  You don't have to sign up for the premiere or business account on Paypal that takes fees out.  In fact, I use Paypal for bank fund only transactions and don't accept credit card payments. 

It's pretty easy to sell.  I find that I have better luck by including a digital picture, starting the auction low, and being completely accurate in the description.  I used my scanner to do pictures for a while before I bought my first cheap digital camera off of ebay.  ebay has tutorials on their site so you can read up on how to do it.

If your MTSO bounces checks or pays late
along with facts to back up your statement. If an MTSO bounces checks or pays late, we all need to know who they are. There are no rules that say we cannot list the name of a company.

There is absolutely no excuse for MTSOs who jip us out of our hard earned money. Because we work from home it's much easier for them to do this to us. In most cases we live in an entirely different state. I'm sick of this crap. I'm sick of the run around, the delays and excuses. There is no excuse.
TransTech FedExs the first few checks until your DD kicks in. I was included in the
For what reason do companies/hospitals want to do credit checks for MTs? nm
many businesses are doing credit checks before they hire. Some of the reasons are
for example, an employee with a very bad credit rating, carrying a lot of debt might be deemed to be a greater risk for financial problems, such as embezzling. Also, if one cannot handle one's own finances, tends to show that perhaps they can't handle other responsibilities, particularly supervisory duties. Just what I've heard in the business columns...
I think that on background checks, companies are usually looking for felony convictions. SM

I could be wrong.  I know that I have passed background checks and I have an arrest for bouncing a check back when I was 20.

My DH had an assault arrest on his record for about year when we first got married (for a drunken bar fight, MEN!).  He was sentenced to a year probation and thent he assault would be taken off his record.  Anyway, he was a licensed paramedic and he tried to get a part-time job at a riverboat casino as an EMT/Security Guard and they did a background check and told him that with the assault on his record, they couldn't hire him.

So, basically I think they are looking for felonies and serious crimes when they do a background check.  Plus with jobs like MT, I don't think the background check is all that extensive.

By the way, my DH successfully completed his probation and now has a clean record and he has grown up considerably!  Didn't want anyone to think I was married to a loser. 

Agree, checks not definitive proof of payment.
It is because, stamps, cost of checks, envelops, staff time
i agree -- lines counts are correct and include expanders per my checks.
In every company I have worked for that pays via mail, they mail the checks on payday. sm
Depending on the distance you can get them anywhere from 3-8 days later. Right now one takes 3 days, the other 3-5.
sure i was. i'm making fun of the people who are making a case for background checks, etc
to do medical transcription at home as if they may do something AWFUL with the info they receive. So if you want an invasion of privacy let's REALLY invade it and make sure fat chicks don't transcribe because they are so busy eating they can't get the work done, they mess up the keyboard with food and if they are provided health insurance they will raise the rates for the company sky high because their health risks are higher than others. Then there are the psychological issues overweight people bring to the table. After we eliminate fat people, we can go on to eliminate diabetic people who may have low blood sugar while typing and go into a spell and type the wrong thing. I could go on and on through the process of elimination. How about prescribed medications that may cloud your thinking? So you take Ambien to sleep but you have an Ambien groggy hangover when you are transcribing? Should they transcribe. How about your teens are on your last nerves and you take a Xanax? Should you be allowed to transcribe?