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Are you wanting an FTP server or just user software?

Posted By: ETMT on 2006-12-29
In Reply to: Ideas for FPT site? - mt47mtm


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If u need server software, try guild ftp. If just user software
then try cuteftp, coffeecupftp, or wsftp. They don't charge a line rate and I believe guildftp server software is still free.
Do you think it's more from the Meditech software or the server? (sm)
Thanks for the information! I went to the Meditech website, and of course they act like it's the quickest thing since greased lightening.

By archiac functions, do you mean it doesn't use a mouse? May I ask what company you are using it with? I'd be happy using ShortHand, but I would also want to load other programs unless it is already loaded up with everything. I may return to acute care, and if I do I'll want speed and tools, so I don't want to jump aboard the wrong ship.

There is a difference between SOFTWARE and SERVER.

Software is the computer program which interfaces between your computer and the off-site computer that "holds" the voice files and documents. The off-site is called a server and secure space is not usually free--you will have to pay some sort of usage fee for uploads/downloads, usually based on the either the space or bandwidth used.

There are other free sites like www.xdrive.com or www.box.net but they do not require the use of FTP software to upload/download. Box allows 1GB but does not appear to be secure; Xdrive allows 5GB and claims to use 128-bit encryption.

Hope you find this helpful.

User software

user software

Download FTP SERVER software (it can be found free). Then have the docs
upload their files to YOUR server. There is no cost to you or the doc to do this. Someone does have to pay for the recorder, which I have chosen to do for 2 docs. The other one purchases his own when needed (twice in 7 years). One picks up files on FTP server. The other 2 still want theirs printed. Since they are not in same city, I mail them via snail mail and they are happy with that. I also do fax any stat reports to them at no charge simply because I have unlimited long distance.
software that is user friendly (sm)
I'm not sure of the difference between software and a platform, but I just want to work for a company whose program is easy to work on, not a lot of glitches, freezes, server problems, etc. etc.  That defeats the whole purpose of what we were hired to do - TRANSCRIBE.  Also when there is a problem, it would be nice to have someone be able to help you quickly.
Filezilla is the software used to transfer files to an FTP server where the files "reside".
Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Turn User Account Control OFF
Yeah, you're right. Who cares who licenses your software? Heck, I use all pirated software anyw

why pay for anything, right?

Except that is AGAINST THE LAW!!!

A friend of mine got one and she is finding that some of her software, specifically her ISP software
FTP Server

Can anyone tell me what FTP Server is, and how I can find out what type I have.



FTP Server
Does anyone know who might rent space on an FTP server?
FTP server
I have been using an FTP server since 2001. There was absolutely no cost (as I said above I found the software on a free site as it was new). The FTP server software is located on my computer so a webpage is not needed. They upload to that computer from their office by plugging the recorder in. Once plugged in, it automatically connects to my server and uploads. Not difficult at all.
You are most likely on their server.

either your ISP is not working or MQ server is down.
Call tech support.  They may need to reset your ID.  Right now I'm on DQS.
My expansions on MQ's server
Conditions at my local MQ ofc have deteriorated to the point where I am ready to throw in the towel and look elsewhere.  My question:  I am using my own computer.  Is it possible to retrieve/print out my Expanders and shortcuts that I made up myself before I leave.  I've only worked for MQ, and imagine I've accumulated over 2000 of these shortcuts.   I know they are on my hard drive, but I have no program that will enable me to access them.  Does anyone know of any such animal?  Secondarily, has anyone ever left one MQ ofc for another, or just plain asked to be switched to other accounts.  TIA
server issues
I work for a large national and we have servers down, programs down, instand messager down pretty often.  And, no we get paid nothing for downtime even when it's the company's fault.  Really sucks! 
Server problems
We have the same issue on our hospital lines using Citrix.  Too many people on and it gets really slow, locks up, and kicks us off.  Every time they work on Cerner or Citrix I have problems. 
Silly me. It is the server. Still would like
I don't believe this is a secure server.

Having said that, if you encrypt any files BEFORE uploading to their server, you should be OK. There is a webpage where you can ask specific questions--the link is below.

Call in server
We are looking for a call in system for a couple of doctors. Does anyone know of a place that will rent space on one? or any suggestions?
No coffee yet this morning. You said it was on the server.
On the one hand, if it's on the server and not on your computer, perhaps your supervisor only has it installed to make sure nobody is hacking the system.  Maybe your supervisor doesn't even know it's there, but I doubt that.  I'd want to be sure it didn't get on my computer, but you sound savvy since you're already running anti-spyware software.  How would I feel knowing my supervisor was spying on me?  Well, I have nothing to hide.  I would never do anything I shouldn't be doing on her server.  Then again, I'm not some infant hacker that needs to be monitored.  (I'm not a hacker at all, for that matter!  LOL  Oy....Where's the java?)  Most of my former employers used to monitor what we did with our computers with regard to email and the Internet.  I have nothing to hide, but if they can't trust me, they can bite me.
Curious about a server as our office is getting one

Is the main reason to get a server to monitor employees on the internet? I know there are bound to be other reasons, but our boss is getting a server for our office and says that is the reason. He's a real jerk, by the way. He didn't even want any of us to have email. He really doesn't want us working in the 21st Century mode and he is a computerophobic! I'm curious as to all the advantages of a company having their own server. He tried to take the internet off my computer because "you are the only one doing transcription (PHI) on the computer" which was bull in itself, but he's afraid of "someone getting into our info" even though we have protection.


They are stored on both the local server you..
work from as well as on the hard drive in your PC.  You "should" be able to access it when you sign in with your ExText UserID on another PC...however, I have seen it happen to people before..either in the process of switching PCs and/or even just a glitch in the local server that causes a loss on their end of the file, it is always best to save a copy of your entire .esp file to a disc.  If you use it regularly it probably has a ton of entries and you would be very sorry to lose them all, takes forever and a day it seems to re-enter everything.  (Been there, done that)
Deleting files from FTP server

The company I work for uses an FTP server.  I am supposed to delete the files I pull after I upload them so another MT wont do them.  No matter what I try I cannot get the files to delete. When I right click on them, there is no option to delete in the drop-down.  I have also tried highlighting the file(s) and pressing delete on my computer.  Neither one of these works.  These are the 2 ways my QA said to do it, but it just wont work.  Any suggestions?

Thanks :)

P.S. If you've never connected to this server before sm
there is a lot of info you will need...your MTSO will have to supply that.
It may just be the server...I have been running slow
for the past week or so and it is the server located at the hospital. I try to work when the traffic is not as heavy with dictators and transcribers.....Lots faster then.

Do I need both a client and a server for this to work?
I am a little confused. I get how FTP works, but not sure what I need to do to make it work...if that makes any sense.
they can set how fast/slow the server is s/m

I talked to someone in tech support one night and told him that the server had to be clogged or something and asked if they could reset the server or something.  I was only making 70 lph.  He said well I can turn your speed up.  I was like ?what?  He said we turn everyone's down so they dont clog up the server to keep everyone running smoothly.  I had to call every night for them to change it and I eventually just quit. 

I thought that was just wrong.  I never could get past my expected production.

Server issue question
Do those of you who work for MTSOs have much trouble with connection loss or other technical issues?  Just wondering how common it is.
Any MTSOs out there use a server for their transcription workflow?
I am thinking about going internet with my service.  Currently on a call in system and thinking about getting a computer company to set me up on a server and interface the call in system so I can have the transcriptionists work over the internet.  If any MTSO currently uses this method, I would love to know if you find it efficient/easy to work with manage, etc.  Is it worth investing money in? Thanks in advance.
Please post the name of the free server that you're using.
It would be helpful to both this poster and other who may be looking. Is it some kind of a secret that you can't share or what?
There is a cost involved to have FTP server space.
If you have your own webpage, there is FTP space available to you, although it may be limited. Additional space can be had for an additional cost.

My experience has been that the doc's office doesn't want to/care to understand or work with FTP so I found an easier solution using a secure web site.

Bottom line, make it as easy and user-friendly as possible so that you can "sell" this doc (and possibly other accounts) on using this method.

As an aside, the digital quality is superior to the tape quality.
You would have to leave the emails on the server and dl them to both computers.
thats easy.
That happens sometimes..probably temporary problem with your mail server (NM)
Not a problem if working on secure server
My company uploads/downloads work from a secure server, not an open Internet connection (as in web browser). Work does not travel over Internet, but directly from me to server to client and vice versa. Records are not kept on my computer, but the server. If that is the case with your setup, I'd think it would not matter if you are typing in New York or Timbuktu.
Bare amount of work for two days. They say the server is down.
Thank goodness I have a PT job or I'd be a mental case. This is not a good time to not be making an income, when the economy is in such a vulnerable state. I have just disconnected my second telephone line. Now, am going to buy a cord of wood to keep warm this winter as I doubt I'll be able to heat the house with natural gas from what they are describing the bills to be like ($800-$1000 per month).
Due to constant increase in traffic and server load

Due to constant increase in traffic and server load, we are performing a major server upgrade.

We are trying our best to keep this transition smooth, but you MAY experience accessibility problems to the MTStars.com site from Oct 6th to Oct 10th, 2005.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

MTStars Support Team

I believe so. If "backend" means I'm cleaning up what comes out of the voice server.


Are you wanting to know what it says?
That is not at all what I was wanting!!!
I came here for honest advice...positive and negative. I got that...and I am very glad for both views. Now it is just up to me to decide.

I have never expected to just graduate and make BIG money....I have NEVER said that or thought that. It is very obvious that most MT's don't get rich. Like I have already said...I am looking to supplement my husbands income....and I came here to ask all of you your opinions on the business....good and bad. That is all.

And thanks to everyone for that!!!!! I am sorry that a lot of you are getting discouraged about the MT business...It is worrying me too! Which is why I may not even spend the money to go to school. I have a lot of time to think about it....and that is what I will do!!!!!
Why are they wanting you to take it??
Will it mean an increase in your pay? If not, I would not waste my money. I was a CMT for 15 years (15 years ago). In the part of the country I lived then, it made a difference -- we were paid another 1 cpl, but once I moved back to the south central part of the US, nobody cared.
You cannot download files via your c-phone. You will dial into the dictation server SM

with the C-phone and transcribe live.  Do you know what kind of transcription platform you are typing in? 

that is the same thing that was happening on this board too, not a virus, server problem. that's
if you check your vault - there is probably nothing in there.

The article is old but bares all. the woman did devious things that brought the house down on her and she lost this site.

Now she pulled her junk on Google and she is in trouble with them...so stirs up trouble here.

you can ignor it or research her through all other MT boards. Not quite a legend, must say.
wanting to know more about Transcend.

I have been curious about them as well because I have thought of applying to work for them.  I am with a company now but feel I need to make a change for the better.  It is a small company and I feel I need to be somewhere else.  I just was not sure about the company.  I would welcome any input on this matter



Not wanting to start a war but sm
it just really gets old reading the same ole, same ole about SS.   As far as I'm personally concerned, there are usually 2 sides to every story.  If  I happened to be in SS's shoes,  I believe I'd be talking to a lawyer about something called "slander" and I'd be telling some folks to put up the proof or shut up.  Nope, I don't work for SS, never have and probably never will.  If I happened to be in the market for a new job, I believe I would give them a try just to see if they're really that bad.  If they were......well, I'd move right along.
wanting to go digital

and I am totally clueless!  Had a call from a cardio group today and they want to send me transcription via WAV files, guessing I need a WAV pedal??  HELP

Also, I am tired of the old tapes and want to "go digital"  I have heard of 800#'s for a call in system, but dont know of any websites.  Any help is much appreciated!!




They OFFSHORE and are wanting to do even more.
Pay not that good.  I have 20 years' experience in acute care, can do ESLs and was only offered 8 cpl. 
Just wanting to know if any IT users

would care to share tips on getting started with Instant Text, especially the best way to go about customizing the glossaries . . . just received my IT and I'm anxious to get going, but it does seem that there is a learning curve and takes some getting used to.


Thanks to all!

Re: wanting to work MT
Check w/ Diskriter. They have at least one account for a hospital in Florida. I have been w/ them for 1 1/2 years, plenty of work and OT. Hired in as hospital employee.
wanting to go digital

I have had my own transcription service for several years now.  All of my doctors are local and everything is dictated on microcassettes.  I am looking into going digital and I have heard that there are phone in services that you can go through for a charge every month.  Does anyone know who would be a good service to use or how this works?  If anyone has any info on this I would greatly appreciate it.